Fred Braun Day/Earth Day at Lake Quivira nets tons of trash

0516 gomer kids relax on dock by Leslie Treas
Between work details, Fred’s grandkids catch some rays on the sailing dock. Photo by Leslie Treas









Margie Braun (left) reconnects with  former Quivira friend  and neighbor, Pat Wahlstedt. Photo by Leslie Treas
Margie Braun (left) reconnects with former Quivira friend
and neighbor, Pat Wahlstedt. Photo by Leslie Treas









Trolling for trash - Photo by Susan Hidalgo
Trolling for trash – Photo by Susan Hidalgo

















One team finds bundles of KC Star newspapers from  January 3 under a bridge. Photo by Susan Hidalgo
One team finds bundles of KC Star newspapers from January 3 under a bridge. Photo by Susan Hidalgo

Artist demonstrates ‘taste of what’s to come’ as Beach Grill undergoes transformation

By Bruce Rimbo, House Committee

What used to be the Beach Grill. Photo by Dieter Kinner
What used to be the Beach Grill. Photo by Dieter Kinner

Artist Michael Potts says, “The “true definition of art as I see it is a VERB!” Thanks to his efforts and those of the Lake Quivira Culinary Department and House Committee, there will soon be a lot of “action” in what used to be the Beach Grill.
Used to be the Beach Grill?
That’s right. The old Beach Grill will be renamed with the help of Lake Quivira residents, who will be asked in the near future to participate in a survey and submit ideas to give the Grill a new name to go with its new look and its new offerings.
Potts will be a big part of giving it a new look. He appeared on the Terrace on April 22 to entertain diners and give them a taste of what’s to come by painting three exciting, colorful, original art pieces while Matt Shoaf played his special brand of guitar. Potts will be painting several pieces to adorn the walls of the new-look Grill.

By Dieter Kinner
By Dieter Kinner

A former Army medic, Potts had no formal art training. He always liked drawing, but never dreamed he could do it. “My parents went through a divorce when I was young, and I can remember sitting in the court room and just drawing,” he recalled.
Potts eventually took that love for drawing into the world of art in a unique, fun and entertaining way. “Most people with no experience in art, fear it,” he said. “The world can be tough on the average joe who is interested in art, but has no experience in art at all.
“Art requires a level of commitment one takes in exploring their own creativity,” Potts said. “It’s the ability to dig deep down, express yourself through a plethora of medium, and have the courage to be confident in what you find there is genuine.”
Potts, who can be found at his website, has spent the past ten years traveling the country and performing his brand of creativity in front of guests just as he did on that beautiful evening on the Lake Quivira Terrace.
He placed a totally black board on an easel in front of all the guests and began creating with strokes of mostly muted tones. Soon it became apparent that it was a scene from the famous Muhammad Ali/Joe Frazier championship heavyweight boxing match entitled the “Thriller in Manila.” Eventually, Potts added splashes of color to bring out the true excitement. reflecting not only the original event, but also the richness of the art he had just created.
Forty-five minutes later, Potts brought out another black board and began a new piece that would become a local favorite–Kansas City Royals star Mike Moustakas. The third painting was a large piece, brilliantly colored, that turned out to be the great B.B. King, the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, and the man known as the “King of the Blues.”
House committee member Bryan Albers was able to convince his good friend Potts to do several original pieces to transform the old Beach Grill into a “VERB.” “I’m not sure yet what we are going to do,” Potts said. “There was talk about a super hero theme, but we’ve also talked about themes of all the fun things that happen here at Lake Quivira. So I’m not sure which way we’ll go yet.”
There will be no surprise in what to expect in the way of food, according to House Committee Chair, Mary Linda Boling.
“A new frozen yogurt machine has been ordered along with some other modest equipment changes that will allow us to have a more varied and exciting menu,” she said. “Chef Michael has been working on some new ideas that will be refined over the next few weeks so we’re ready to hit the ground running when summer begins.”
Watch for more information in future weeks regarding the new Grill and what to expect from artist Michael Potts, Chef Michael and everyone associated with the culinary department at Lake Quivira.

By Dieter Kinner
By Dieter Kinner










By Ron Bower
By Ron Bower

















By Susan Hidalgo
By Susan Hidalgo

Marketplace – May 2016

DON’T LET YOUR BOTTOM GET SCUMMY THIS SUMMER:  Dock mounted floating boat lift for Whaler or other small boat.  Keeps your boat out of the water and clean.  $400. Call 913 461-4465 for details or to view.
FLYER DELIVERY to all black boxes in LQ (385), $35. Sam Welch, 901-7193 (better to text than call).
FOR SALE: BOSTON WHALER w/ motor and trailer. Call 9`13-631-2067. $3700. 5/16
HOUSE CLEANING, ALSO PET, HOUSE TENDING IN YOUR ABSENSE: 20 years experience, residential & commercial, Q references. Burma Mealor, supervisor. 913-579-4730. 12/16
HOUSECLEANING! Servicing the Johnson County area since 2002.  LQ references/licensed/insured.  Please call/text/email today! Virginia Burnham, Owner V’s Cleaning. 913-271-3181 or 6/16
LAWN MOWING & YARD WORK: College student home for the summer. Free Estimates. Able to start work May 9. Zach Nason, 913-648-8740. 5/16
NEW MEMBER WOULD LIKE TO RENT DOCK. Would like to buy a pontoon boat. Would like to rent golf cart storage. Call Scott Fuller, 913-268-3398.
OFF LAKE MEMBERS LOOKING TO RENT DOCK FOR SUMMER: References upon request. Please call Josh Heinrich at 816-868-1492. 5/16
PIANO TUNING: Call Bob Lee, 913-488-5807.
PROFESSIONAL WINDOW WASHING: Over 40 years experience. Insured and bonded. Free estimates. Gene Jackson, 913-593-1495. 10/16
SUNFISH SAILBOAT: $750. (913) 631-6880. 5/16
SWALM’S ORGANIZING SERVICE: Let Me Help You Get ORGANIZED! Garage, Basement, Attic, Shop Spaces, Office, Storage Units. Items sorted, boxed and labeled. Trash bagged. Donations taken to donation centers, cardboard & paper taken to recycling. 20 years’ experience. Listed on Angie’s List. For photos of current work:  913-375-9115. Tillar Swalm. 8/16
WANTED- HOUSES TO MARKET.  Will help you professionally market & sell your home (smile). Call Ellen Kelley,  Kelley Real Estate Professionals/ReeceNichols. 913.488.8798

Lake Quivira Community Ministry: The Little Church with the Big Heart – May 2016

Bing Hull
Bing Hull

By Barb Prater
Do you know what a Good Sort is? In New Zealand, there is a television station that gives a weekly prize called the “Good Sort Award” for someone nominated by a neighbor for being an all ‘round really good person, living their life in a giving way and never tooting their own horn. When I saw this segment last week, I thought about Bing Hull.
Howard “Bing” Hull grew up at Lake Quivira and has lived at the Lake for the majority of his life. He has been a Christian man all of that life and has attended LQCM for over twenty years. A few years ago Bing invited Lake Quivira Community Ministry, his family and many friends, to his 90th birthday party. Being a nonagenarian does not slow his participation in every Bible Study or his contributed insightful comments. His life career in accounting and his astute financial mind have helped LQCM distribute mission funds to many needy organizations; local, national and international. Doing for others has led him to volunteer his time at both food kitchens that we serve, CrossLines and Lazarus Table. Now he dishes up the food or pours out milk for the children, always with a smile and true concern for his fellow man. He is my idea of an all ‘round Good Sort.
Although many people joke that Mother’s Day was established by Hallmark Cards to sell more product, it was actually first celebrated at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church in West Virginia. In 1905, Ann Reeves Jarvis, who had been a peace activist, passed away. For three years, her daughter, Anna Jarvis, worked to create Mother’s Day as a holiday to honor all mothers. As you enjoy a day of relaxation, phone calls, beautiful cards, brunches, lunches, dinners and family time, take time also to give a little thought and time to someone whose son/daughter/husband/etc. isn’t here. What could you do to make a memorable Mother’s Day, May 8, for someone?
Rev. Pam and Rev. Ira are splitting the schedule this month. Rev. Pam has the first two weeks.
May 1: Scripture: Acts 16:9-15; Title: “Listening Lydia”
May 8 MOTHER’S DAY: Scripture: Acts 16:16-34; Title: “Thou Shall Not Block Commerce”
May 15: Scripture: Acts 2:1-20, Acts 2:41-47; Title: “The State of the Church”
May 22: Scripture: Romans 5:1-5; Title: “Optimism and Hope”
May 29: Scripture: I Kings 18:20-41; Title: “Showdown at Mt. Carmel”
Many blessings to you. For more information, contact David Simms, LQCM Lay Leader, 913-248-8400,

Member welcomes development of LQ’s natural resources

Without getting too windy, I feel it would be appropriate to publicly acknowledge the efforts of Dr. Mike Cooper, Giovanna Michaelis and Mike Michaelis. Within the past year, they completed mapping The Lake Quivira Nature Trail System. With a list of over forty members that have volunteered to make this thing happen and now a sizable donation to complete The Waterfall Trail, support for the effort is rapidly expanding.
While there is the continued discussion of expanding our amenity base, focusing on what we do have and what makes us truly unique is a refreshing point of view.
Enhancement and development of our natural resources could very well be the golden goose we want to carefully nurture.
-Ernie Block

Thanks to community for support (Letter to the Editor)

The family of Paul Brown would like to thank all our Quivira friends and neighbors for their cards, visits, food, thoughts and prayers in the loss of our wonderful father, husband, grandpa, brother and friend.
We so appreciate the members of the Lake Quivira Funeral & Marching Dixieland Jazz Band gathering to celebrate Paul’s memory. It was one of his favorite things to play his washtub bass with those talented guys. Thanks to Bob Lee for organizing and getting so many of the original group to play (Bill Casassa, John Cox, Norm Estes, Ted Holdahl, John Maultsby, Bob Lee, Tom Mullinix, and John Vani)
It is very heartwarming to live in a neighborhood with people who care and give their support in so many ways. Paul will be missed for his kindness, giving spirit and loving ways.

‘You’re Ups’ takes first place honors at Women’s Bowling award luncheon

By Dolores Ford
Yes, another bowling season has come to an end. Before I give the finals I want to advise that we do need bowlers for the new season beginning in October. We started out with six teams in October of 2015, but ended up with only five at the end of the season. The old saying “The more the merrier” holds true– even in bowling. If interested, please contact Carol Brent, Secretary, at 631-3746, or myself, Dolores Ford, Treasurer, at 268-7304. There are no requirements–just looking for some socialization and a little exercise.
The Awards Luncheon was held April 6 at the Clubhouse, where everyone enjoyed a beautiful spring day in a very pretty setting, a nice menu and wonderful fellowship.
Starting out with Individual Awards: Individual; HI-10: Lauren White with a scratch score of 188, H’Cap-62,Total 250; Genny Rosenau, scratch score 168, H’Cap-81, Total 249; Cindy Bichelmeyer, scratch score 185, H’Cap-44, Total; 229. Individual Hi-30: Dorothy Torres, Scratch Score of 512; GeGe Rieke, Scratch Score of 496; Lynn Wenski, Scratch Score of 484.
The Most Improved Bowler was Lynne Wenski – 116.5000 last year to 128.2857 this year, an increase of 11.7857 pins. Most Consistent Bowler was Elaine Dunn at 12 weeks with a 116.6667 to 117.4028, a difference of 0.7361 pins. Games of 50 pins over average: Genny Rosenau – 168 (78 pins over); Lauren White – 188 (77 pins over); GeGe Rieke – 187 (56 pins over); Becky Johnson – 182 (51 pins over); Judy Stanion – 177 (51 pins over); Cindy Bichelmeyer – 185 (54 pins over); Lynne Wenski – 184 (52 pins over) and Elaine Dunn – 167 (50 pins over).
Surprisingly – there were NO 200 games this year!
Team Placings: 1st Place Winners – YOU’RE UPS – 62 Wins (Lauren White, Dixie Waters, Carol Brent and GeGe Rieke).
2nd Place: LUCKY STRIKES – 54.5 (Genny Rosenau, Linda Vielhauer, Geri John, Dorothy Torres).
3rd Place: 4 – 4 FUN – 54 (Becky Johnson, Judy Stanion, Nancy Hyde, Sharon Cormack).
4th Place: GUTTER STRUTTERS – 52 (Lori Barrett, Cindy Bichelmeyer, Lynne Wenski).
5th Place: SHUDABN – 45.5 (Dolores Ford, Elaine Dunn, Donna Williams, Helen Steffy).
6th Place: ALLEY CATS – 20 (Karen Folsom, Peggy Coughlin, Ev Bates).
Congratulations to all! Have a great summer. Looking forward to seeing you in the fall. Hopefully, we will see some new faces.