Lake Quivira’s Molly Born is born to run

0716 born 1By Dawn Gabel
Molly Born, daughter of P.J. and Amy Born, is an outstanding athletic talent who has quickly risen to the top of the state’s rankings early in her high school career.
At the end of freshman year, 2015, she won the 1600- and 3200-meter runs at the state track meet for 6A schools and the 6A title for cross country. And subsequently, her sophomore year, she held her place as the winner of the 1600- and 3200-meter runs.
She was a winner with the spectators also. After the 2016 state track meet, there was an on-line competition for spectator feedback, which included voting for best performance, and Molly received second in the spectators’ choice.
Although Molly seems to be a natural born runner, neither of her parents were runners when young.
“My mom runs a little bit now, but was not involved in school,” said Molly. “I started running in middle school in the seventh grade and found some success all through middle school, and that is what made me work harder. I truly enjoy running with people and getting to know them. I also like the team aspect.”
Molly’s mother, Amy, saw an early affinity for running in her youngest girl. “She has two big sisters to keep up with, and she could usually outrun them without difficulty. Amy recalls the summer before starting 7th grade, Molly went with a friend to a practice for Team Swanson, the middle school cross country team. She enjoyed running with her friends and became dedicated to logging miles.
The consistent dedication to training is one of Molly’s favorite parts of the sport. “I like the correlation in running of the amount you put into it and what you get out of it and the results from the hard work,” she said.
Molly attributes her success to her coaches. “My middle school coach at Trail Ridge was great, Justin Stigge, and my high school coach, Van Rose, is also amazing.”
Both of her coaches were athletes in college and love the sport. Molly believes this is something that comes across in their teaching and is part of why she also loves the sport. “My coaches’ greatest similarity is their joy in running. They both shared that with me. With coach Rose, I can tell when he is really happy after a race and he will give me a hug. I know then that I have run really well.”
Amy concurs that her daughter’s coaches have been a wonderful influence, but adds that her running is based in relationships with her friends and her ability to commit to the work. “Molly has gotten so much from running. She has met a great group of friends, and she has also learned about hard work and discipline. She runs six days a week all year long, as well as all the other cross training activities to stay in shape for the fall. She has high expectations of herself and sets her goals high and has been fortunate to have wonderful coaches.”
Molly will be at Shawnee Mission Northwest for two more years, and she is a well-rounded student. She enjoys the sciences, especially biology and chemistry. Although her interests are high in the sciences, Molly has not decided on an area of study at university level.
Lake Quivira has provided Molly and her siblings with an active lifestyle. “I know we watch less TV and stuff since we live here,” she said.
Molly has been on the Lake Quivira swim team since she and her family moved here six years ago, and she was an avid youth soccer player. Soccer may have been the reason Molly was able to move so quickly into championship level track her freshman year. “Soccer is a running sport and I played for many years. I also swim and that builds endurance,” she said.
Being a member of the Catfish is a favorite part of summer for Molly, “I really enjoy being on the swim team. It is fun to cheer on your team members and the five meets make it so you are keeping up with training through the summer without realizing you are working too hard.”
The Born family members have a lot on their proverbial plate with four children who all have active lives. “We have four kids who each excel in different sports and activities, so it makes it exciting, says Amy. “My husband P.J. and I work as a team to get to the kids’ activities, support and cheer them on. It is busy, but we love seeing our kids work hard, have fun with what they do and hopefully have some success also.”
Molly trains with her track mates throughout the summer. “About twenty of us meet up and run through the summer in the mornings so it is cooler to keep in shape for the season.” The varsity team members are a tight knit group, and even though it is not required, they enjoy each other’s company and stay ready for the next season. “We are like a little family. There are all ages on the varsity team, and we talk are together for at least forty minutes a day and really get to know each other.”
Running is not work for Molly. “I feel great when I run. It is just something I love doing. I never feel it is something I have to do, said Molly.
Molly said time goes quickly, especially when you are with people: “When you run by yourself it can feel like it took longer, but not when I am with other people. I have fun and am not competitive on training runs. I have learned you can hurt yourself if you are competitive in training, so we are more social and I really like that. “
Molly has never had an injury in sports and attributes that to not pushing too hard. In addition, she gets new shoes often.
She is excited about competing someday at the collegiate level, and she enjoys the cross country and the longer distance runs. “It seems as though with all the training I have had so far my body is comfortable in the distance runs,” she said.

An Open Letter from Deffenbaugh Industries to the Lake Quivira Community

June 30, 2016
Dear Lake Quivira Residents:
The recent odors from Johnson County Landfill are unacceptable–to our neighbors and to us as well–and we have taken immediate additional steps to address this issue:
Yard Waste Odor Control Measures: As Johnson County’s regulations do not allow the disposal of yard waste, Johnson County Landfill is required to manage this waste material separately, by processing the yard waste and placing into windrows. Unfortunately, this process produces odors. Deodorizers continue to be used to control odors around the perimeter and at the yard waste area. We are also now deploying the deodorizers to the yard waste several times per day prior to processing this material to help mask any odors generated as part of the required grinding process. We are also deploying additional deodorizers on the east and south side of the facility as additional measures to control odors from our operations.
Yard Waste Operations: We have purchased a different grinder that will be able to process a larger volume of material per hour. This will allow us to grind the yard waste at a rapid rate and move the ground material into windrow phase of our operations allowing it to break down. Placing the material faster into windrows is an effective method of managing odors from the yard waste operation.
Trash Odor Control Measures: As the landfill accepts trash for disposal 24 hours/seven days a week, we are utilizing additional deodorizers on a daily basis at the area where trash is buried and increased the frequency of placing soil over the trash to mitigate odors.
Johnson County Landfill Weather Station: The facility has installed a weather station ( ) to monitor wind direction and speed for best optimal conditions for processing yard waste while remaining fully in compliance with our permit.
Odor Study: The City of Shawnee is conducting an odor study and we have pledged to work with the City on this independent study to be conducted over the next 90 to 120 days. We believe it is important to identify all odor sources within the vicinity of both Lake Quivira and Shawnee.
Odors from our facility are not a health hazard, but we certainly acknowledge they are irritating for you, our neighbors and residents of the community. Please contact us to report odors: Please provide your name, contact information (email or cell number) and a brief description (i.e. odor smells like yard waste/trash/sewer) and time and location of day of odor detected. This information is critical to help us resolve any odors associated with our facility or potentially identify other sources of odors in your community. If you would like to report odors via phone, call 913-745-1931. We have designated Lisa Disbrow as lead for responding to odor concerns from your community.
Johnson County Landfill and Deffenbaugh Industries would like to assure you that controlling odors associated with our facility operations is a top priority. Since the purchase of Deffenbaugh Industries, Waste Management continues to invest in improving the collection and landfill operations. Earlier this year, we invested over $1 million to expand the landfill gas collection system and this system is working successfully.
We greatly value the relationships in this community and are committed to resolving the odor issues associated with Johnson County Landfill. For additional information on the facility, please visit our website:

Mayor’s Report – July 2016

By Mike Olson, Mayor, City of Lake Quivira

Here’s a recap of where we are in our discussion with Waste Management, the company that operates the Johnson County landfill:
When I addressed the issue with them last January, they acknowledged the abnormally bad odors and explained their plans to eliminate them by drilling more than 30 wells to extract the fluids and flare the gas.
After the plan was implemented in February, the number of complaints decreased.
Strong odors returned in May, at which time I met with Waste Management again. They blamed the problem on decaying yard waste that had accumulated on their site. I also spoke with the mayor of Shawnee who encouraged me to attend the Shawnee City Council meeting to express our frustration.
Along with many of you and armed with a petition signed by over 100 residents, I attended the June 13 meeting. In response to the concerns raised by Shawnee and Lake Quivira residents, the Shawnee Council tabled their vote on the Special Use Permit (SUP) submitted by Waste Management and ordered an odor study. The study will identify the source of the odor so a plan to fix the problem can be developed.
On June 27, representatives of Q-Inc. and the City met with Waste Management once again. They outlined an aggressive strategy to eliminate the yard waste and the associated odor. I asked them to submit an article to The Quiviran that outlines the problems and the solutions. The article is to include a phone number and email address that you can use to voice your concerns.
I am confident we will resolve this issue.
Now for some other new – topics discussed at our June meeting included:
A motion to allocate $8,000 to evaluate burying the power lines along Holliday Drive did not pass.
The Council approved up to $50,000 to resurface a section of Renner Road from the west gate going north.
The Council approved the purchase of a radar sign for approximately $2,500. The sign displays the speed of approaching vehicles. It will be placed at various locations around the City to raise awareness about exceeding the posted 20 mph speed limit.
To be prepared for medical emergencies that might occur due to the increased use of the nature trails, Police Chief Fred Grenier and Fire Chief Mark Stephen suggested purchasing an all-terrain vehicle for police and fire use. Chief Grenier will research options and present them to the Council in the near future.
Our next meeting is Mon., July 11, at 6:30 p.m.. Your attendance is always welcome.
I’ll see you on the water!

President’s Report – July 2016

By Patrick Pribyl, President, Q Inc. Board of Directors

We’re back! Our European family vacation has come to an end, and it is time to roll up my sleeves and get back to work, both Lockton work and Lake Quivira work. I assure you, continuing to keep Lake Quivira the safest and best place to live and play is at the top of my priority list, both selfishly as a member and as your club President. Note, I expect high levels of service when it comes to community and club experiences. I am extremely grateful for the many talented associates we have staffing these jobs as we seek ways for constant improvements. As summer progresses, please continue to provide input on how the club is performing. Your Board of Directors continues to focus our attention on these topics, as do the committees assigned to these areas of operations.
We expect a very welcoming experience for you, your guests and family members at both the front gate and the Clubhouse. We also recognize the need for safety and making sure anyone using our lake and traveling on our roads is properly licensed and insured. While things are not always perfect, your Board listens and is committed to making changes and modifications as needed to respond to the needs of our members.
To date, we have experienced solid financial performance so far this year. The Finance committee, led by Dave Starr, conducts an annual review of capital spending and needs for maintenance, repairs and replacement of current assets. With your support of annual “cost of living” dues increases, we are in very good shape to manage these efforts. You will notice fewer weddings toward the end of this year and next. In an effort to safeguard our private status, we are no longer advertising in The Knot publication. The longer term outcome of this necessary position will be less revenue from wedding events, but will allow our members to enjoy the patio and Clubhouse uninterrupted on more weekends.
We will continue to be good stewards of your dues, making sure we spend those dollars as if they were our own.
Ron Chapman has advised me of his pending resignation from the Board, effective the end of June. Ron has been an outstanding Board member and long-standing advocate of the lake and surrounding common areas. We wish him well as he and his wife will be spending more time in Florida. I have asked Laurie Walker to join our ranks, and upon Ron’s retirement, Laurie will be our newest Board member. If you recall at the annual meeting, Laurie came in just behind Thomas Brown in votes and as such was next in line should an opening occur.
The Board has been reflecting on all the dedicated and talented members we have relied upon over the years. Ron Chapman’s resignation serves as a reminder of the need for constant attention to our continuity needs. We have all benefited from Tim Perkins’ efforts as the City Codes Inspector. We have also benefited from the years of service and knowledge that Chuck White has brought to the Restrictions Committee. Both of these members have their homes for sale.
The Board will be taking a proactive approach to make sure we don’t miss a beat on our safety, Clubhouse service, security, lake preservation and codes enforcement efforts. All aspects of these services are being reviewed to make sure we are doing all we can to enhance your membership experience. This includes adding and adjusting staffing levels as warranted.
I would like to recognize the efforts of Mayor Mike Olson and Councilwoman Betsy Vossman for their handling of the odors coming from the landfill. I was invited to a meeting on June 27, called by Mayor Olson with the three senior executives from Waste Management, the owners of our area landfill. By the time you are reading this article, a complete update regarding Waste Management’s efforts and odor reporting information will have been sent to each member. Waste Management continues to invest heavily in odor control procedures. Let’s all hope they work.
I hope you and your family have a great and safe 4th of July!
Submitted with much appreciation – Patrick

A Summary of the June 28, 2016 Board Meeting

President Pribyl opened the meeting by inviting attending members to share any statements or questions they wished with the Board. Mayor Olson reminded all in attendance that due to governmental restrictions placed on the City, it will be necessary to close all traffic across the dam beginning at 11 a.m. on July 4. The west gate will be used throughout the afternoon and evening as an EXIT ONLY. Additionally, restrictions dictate a safety zone of 700 feet from the dam be maintained, which will go into effect at 5 p.m. The Board decided the lake will be a no-wake zone beginning at 5 p.m.
The City will be repaving Renner Road from the west gate entrance to Quivira, Inc., proceeding approximately 100 feet south up the hill.
Mayor Olson stated a recent meeting was held with Betsy Vossman, Erin Leckey, Patrick Pribyl, Steve Sestak, Dennis Nighswonger and hiMs.elf with representatives from Waste Management. Mayor Olson made it a a point to let the representatives know the issue was no longer a nuisance, but is now at a stage requiring action to control odor from the landfill.
Waste Management promised to work around the clock to minimize this situation and continue diligently to seek a method to eliminate the odors. The City of Shawnee has reached an agreement with them for a third party to do an in-depth study to determine the source of the problem. Deffenbaugh will be sending a letter to the residents, which will be placed in The Quivirian, giving information on how to assist them in identifying when odors occur and contact numbers to directly communicate with the company. When a resident responds, Waste Management will send an individual to Lake Quivira to investigate and attempt to identify the source of the odor as quickly as possible.
Speeding – The police department has been requested to be more vigilant in writing citations to individuals speeding in Lake Quivira. In addition, the City will strategically place a speed monitoring device in various locations in the community to make people aware of their speed.
Golf Committee
Mr. Markley reported the last committee meeting was literally held on the golf course to review suggested changes, hole by hole. Fairways, green surrounds, greens and tee boxes were individually scrutinized as to past improvements and recommended future changes to enhance the course. Cool green grasses have been installed around numerous greens, providing a significant positive impact.
Continual beautification of the course, as well as installation of several new tees remains a top priority for the committee. New tees will provide the possibility of a course measuring over 6,700 yards, and with new tees, shorten it to approximately 4,200 yards for higher handicap golfers.
Lake & Residential Committee
Mr. Chapman made a motion to approve a request from two members desiring to trade dock sites. Adrian Delaney, #214 and Craig Friesen, #256 were approved by the Board for the switch.
Recently the lake has experienced an unusual phenomenon in the form of several hundred carp found floating in the lake. Mr. Chapman thanked volunteers who undertook the arduous task of removing the fish over the course of several days. Chris Rhone has sent specimens to a facility in Arkansas to have the fish analyzed in order to provide answers on the cause of death. It is believed this condition was the result of a koi virus affecting only carp, but the tests will give specific results.
Mr. Chapman discussed the need the Natural Resource Committee has to be reimbursed for expenses associated with developing the trail system funded by the Lake Quivira Foundation. The accounting will be handled by Quivira, Inc. and approved by the Foundation prior to reimbursement. Currently, the only trail approved by the Quivira, Inc. Board of Directors is the “Fred Braun Waterfall Trail.” Ms. Bowker made a motion to support the Foundation by approving $3,000 for project development expenses associated with the Trails. Motion approved.
House Committee
Ms. Boling informed the Board of a decline in wedding reception bookings in 2017 due to the recent decision to discontinue marketing the club in The Knot. Currently, five receptions are booked, which is substantially less than the same time last year. This reduction in bookings will have a significant impact on Clubhouse revenues for next year. However, fewer events will offer greater opportunities for members to enjoy one of the best amenities on the lake, the beautiful patio.
The Beach Grill has opened with a new menu and for the first 20 days of the month revenues were up 79 percent compared to the same period last year. The Chef is exploring ideas on how to promote bulk iteMs. for member purchase for special occasions, and more information will be forthcoming. The contest to rename the Beach Grill has been most successful, and the winning name will be announced over the July 4th weekend.
John Welter announced the resignation of Jacob Honeycutt, Dining Room Manager, and the subsequent hiring of his replacement, Susannah Mason. She has worked as a server at Lake Quivira Country Club since last summer. This was a popular choice with the existing staff as she has proven to be a valuable asset during her employment, and she is well respected by everyone. He believes the members will quickly appreciate her desire to improve service and provide the utmost in special attention to detail.
Restrictions Committee
Mr. White informed the Board he is aware of three fences recently installed by homeowners which were never submitted to the Restrictions Committee for review and approval. Changes to fencing, new wall construction or any additions to an existing property must receive approval from this committee. Should a structure be erected not meeting building codes or without Restrictions Committee approval, there is a chance it will have to be removed by the homeowner.
Should homeowners have questions pertaining to a project and whether a permit is required they should contact the Quivira, Inc. office for clarification.
Additional discussion centered on what is thought to be a missing link in ensuring accountability on construction projects and being certain homeowners are held to the plans as approved by both the City and Restrictions Committee. Ms. Boling commented there is currently no one on the Quivira, Inc. staff who routinely drives the community observing the various projects, and Tim Perkins is only spending part of the year at Lake Quivira. Several Board members felt it would be in the best interest of the community to secure a Property Manager as part of Quivira, Inc.’s management team. Following several moments of deliberation, Dennis Nighswonger was requested to begin the process of searching for such an individual to fill this position and will work in conjunction with a sub-committee.
Marketing/Membership Committee
Ms. Bowker began her segment by sharing the latest membership counts: Foundation Members – 393; Country Club Members – 123; Social Member – 43.
Six new members have joined Quivira, Inc. since the last Board meeting, and year to date 29 new families have joined Lake Quivira. Seventeen homes sales have been recorded with three pending.
In June, real-estate agents hosted a day of open houses at Lake Quivira. Thirteen homes were on the tour, and the attendees were area agents, many of whom were not familiar with the amazing community inside the gates of Lake Quivira.
Marketing efforts continue to focus on the website, as well as social media. Recently, one of the new members joined the club based on all the fun activities seen on some of the various social media postings. Lisa Phlegar, Marketing Director, continues to improve the website and is currently developing brochures to be used for upcoming club events.
Lisa has been assisting Country Club members interested in securing a dock sites by running ads in The Quivirian. Two connections were made last month allowing these members to utilize the lake with their private pontoon boats. Foundation members considering the possibility of leasing their docks should be mindful they still have total liability for the dock regardless of how the lease is construed.
Ms. Bowker also shared the ongoing questions received from prospective members pertaining to golf club and cart storage, as well as a desire for larger lockers to accommodate the needs of off lake members. Mr. Sestak commented on his desire to see improved services provided for both members and guests. Suggested services included club cleaning and having staff available to meet arriving guests with a cart and other assistance.
The Board agreed these services would be more in line with better golf operations, but staffing is the issue and will need to be addressed during the upcoming budget process. First impressions on the part of guests are vitally important in the Club’s attempts to attract new members, and these services would certainly enhance this impression.
The Marketing Committee has made the decision to take advantage of a chance to promote membership opportunities on a billboard located at I-35 & Lamar. This is a digital board with three scrolling ads, and both the location and price is thought to be affordable and provide great potential to attract new members. The billboard will be leased for thirty days sometime in the next couple of months.
Safety & Security Committee
Mr. Sestak reminded the Board his committee had submitted a change to the call-in procedures last month pertaining to family members calling in guests. This proposed change was posted in The Quivirian. The current rule limits the privilege to members and their children living at home under the age of 25. The proposed change allows all children and relatives whose primary residence is at a Foundation member’s home to call in guests; motion was approved by the Board.
Golf Cart Safety – Lately, there have been several occasions when members’ children under the age of fourteen and without a learner’s permit or safety class, are driving golf carts on the streets. Letters have been sent to the parents of these children advising them of the rules violation and reminding them of the safety concerns involved with underage children driving golf carts.
Mr. Sestak also reminded the Board that all motorized vehicles must observe the basic rules of staying in traffic lanes and also observe the 20-mile-per-hour speed limit. Also, every golf cart used in the Lake Quivira community must be properly registered with the Quivira, Inc. office.
Substantial discussion took place pertaining to July 4th and the various changes being made this year due to safety concerns. The dam will be closed to traffic following the cart parade at 11 a.m. Additionally, the Board made and approved a motion to instill a no-wake policy on the lake starting at 5 p.m. each July 4th.
Tennis Committee
Ms. Boling informed the Board she was seeking approval from the Board to have Kevin Kowalik, head Golf Professional at Homestead Country Club, participate on the committee – Board approved. Kevin brings valuable resources and experience which will be most welcome on many levels of the committee. The announcement was also made that Tim Oberhelman accepted a position with Kansas City Racquet Club. The committee will make a determination in the near future if the hours he will be available, based on the new job, will be agreeable for next season.
Mr. Braun is leading the charge to determine the extent of crack repairs necessary on the tennis courts. A contract has been signed to begin repair work very soon. It has also been noted that the basketball courts are badly in need of repairs, and Mr. Braun will be following up on this detail as well.
Lake Quivira’s first-ever Pickleball clinic will be offered July 1. Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States, and the club is very fortunate to have the head of the Kansas Pickleball Association offer his services to teach everyone this exciting game. The Club has purchased one set of equipment for demonstration purposes with the hope the game quickly catches on and more equipment can be made available.
Strategic Planning Committee
Mr. Sestak disclosed the committee is researching member demographics and industry trends around residential communities and other country clubs. Ms. Bowker hosted a realtor roundtable with several agents to obtain more insight into the information they obtain from prospective home buyers regarding homes and amenities at Lake Quivira–questions such as, why do they decide to buy and what are some of their negative perceptions about the community.
The next step in this research will be to create venues for member input sessions. The premise of these neighborhood meetings in a host home will be to gather information as to what members would like to see in the future of Lake Quivira. These meetings will begin the week of July 18 and continue through the month of September. This will be a listening stage where the committee can listen to what’s most important to the members and what they feel will be important to future residents and members in coming years.
General Manager’s Report
May was the first month in 2016 where budgets were not met or exceeded. This was principally due to several days of inclement weather. Two of the club’s more significant golf tournaments were rained out and fortunately rescheduled for a later date. The Shawnee Chamber of Commerce tournament was moved to June 27, and the Catholic Charities Golf tournament is now scheduled in August.
In addition to the impact of the golf tournaments, the weather also greatly deflated activities and revenues on a couple of weekends, Memorial Day in particular. Total revenues for May of $383,000 were $42,200 less than the budget of $425,200. Banquet revenues, tournament food and beverage, as well as Memorial Day beach activities were all drastically reduced by the weather. Clubhouse revenues fell below projections by $29,000. Year-to-date the Net Loss remains less than budget by $16,300; however, this number is more than a $43,000 improvement over the same period last year. Additionally, Pro Shop revenues for May also fell below budget by $7,400 as a result of reduced guest play due to bad weather.
Total Expenses of $377,200 were less than projections of $399,000 or a positive variance of $21,800. Net Operating Income for May was $5,900 compared to a budget of $26,200 or a difference of $20,300. Year-to-date operations remain $34,700 ahead of projections.
Closing Remarks
Mr. Ron Chapman announced his intent to resign from the Board of Directors due to the significant amount of time he is now spending in Florida. He stated it was unfair to the Board and the community for him to continue serving when only limited segments of time were available for him to be at Lake Quivira.
President Pribyl announced that Ms. Laurie Walker would be finishing the unexpired portion of Mr. Chapman’s term.

Alex Vani wins $100 credit and bragging rights with ‘Catfish Grill’

Alex waves to his fans after being announced winner of the  name-the-grill contest. Photo by John Vani.
Alex Vani waves to his fans after being announced winner of the
name-the-grill contest. Photo by John Vani.

0716 catfish grill 2By Mary Linda Boling
At left is a mock-up of the new sign that is being created for the beach grill.  The winning name was: “The Catfish Cafe” by Alex Vani.  He will get $100 credit at the new Catfish Cafe.
It’s a play on the name of our swim team and the design is a ‘spoon’ lure used to catch catfish.  The hook will freely move in the wind. Also the same design will appear on the doors of the new Catfish Cafe.
We had over 60 entries but this name was the unanimous choice of the House Committee.
Congratulations to Alex!
The winner was announced on July 4th at the beginning of the games on the beach. The announcement banner will be up until the new sign is completed.