Community Center at LQ? You decide!

Building Exterior
Building Exterior

By Landy Boling for the Strategic Planning Committee

The best way to describe Lake Quivira is “community.” It is a sense of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common core values, interests and goals. Community is a primary factor driving members to Lake Quivira and causing them to stay. It is also what is missed most by members who leave. The purpose of a new Community Center is all about “community.”

Aerial View
Aerial View

The proposed Community Center could become the focal point of our community, a place where members gather for group activities, social support, recreational activities and other purposes. This year-round, indoor facility would encompass a Recreation Center, Wellness Center and Youth Centerm offering something for every member of Lake Quivira–young, old and in between.
Envision each day. Young parents drop their children off at the Preschool and join friends for their choice of exercise. Whether it’s weight or cardio training, fitness classes, laps in the exercise pool or a walk around the mezzanine track, all are possible. A stop in the well-furnished locker rooms, equipped with steam and sauna rooms, to freshen up could follow. Then, a casual visit with friends in the lobby area to grab a quick refreshment and share the day’s stories could complete the experience.

Recreation Center
Recreation Center

Throughout each day, retirees and other members arrive to do a quick work-out and grab a cup of coffee while visiting with their friends. The recreation center is full of activity with structured times for indoor tennis, pickleball, volleyball, basketball and other sports.
The multi-purpose room becomes a common meeting location for social clubs, family events and additional youth activities.
As each day ends, the late-night crowd trickles in for some well-deserved personal time. We are a community of active people who love to run, walk, hike

Cardio Level
Cardio Level

and swim–we could make that commitment to wellness year round right here at Lake Quivira.
The proposed site for the Community Center is the area currently occupied by Tennis Courts #1 and #2, the Hitting Wall and the Basketball Court. This area was selected due to its declining grade which would best suit the height of the Recreation Center and the ability to capture lake views from the top-floor cardio level. It also offers a natural drop-off zone for children, away from traffic, leveraging the current circular drive near the dam. Located next to the main parking lot for ample parking, it is also a quick walk to the Clubhouse to grab the next meal.

Main Floor Plan
Main Floor Plan

A full-time Community Center Manager would operate this new facility. Staffed throughout each day, along with regular programming and scheduling of fitness trainers, spa services and teaching professionals, someone would always be there to help. Additional office space is provided for a future, full-time, racquet-sports professional. Unlike other outdoor amenities, this facility would be open year-round for those who call Lake Quivira home throughout all seasons of the year. No more driving “out of the gate” for these sorts of activities.
To fund the building of this new facility, members would be offered the option of either a one-time, advanced payment or incremental monthly dues. Operating and maintenance costs would be additional, but the recruitment of as few as 20 additional Country Club members and 45 additional Social Members (both within our established limits) would fully cover these annual costs without any additional charge to the current members. Other area clubs that have made this sort of investment have experienced much higher levels of membership growth. The benefits to home valuations and fewer days on market to sell our homes should more than offset the required investment.
XXX-XX-XXXX DIAGRAM TEMPLATEAll of this (and more) can become a reality at Lake Quivira. And, it can all happen “inside the gate” with the proposed Community Center. But, it can only happen with your support. Please vote on November 27.

Series of budget review meetings offered prior to Annual Budget Meeting

In order to properly prepare you to vote on each ballot, a series of Budget Review Meetings have been scheduled to review each budget and answer any questions. Each of these meetings will be held in the Clubhouse Great Room on the following dates I times:
• Wednesday, November 1, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
• Saturday, November 4, 9 am – 11 am
• Wednesday, November 8, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
• Saturday, November 11, 3 pm – 5 pm
• Wednesday, November 15, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
All members are encouraged to attend at least one of these meetings. This is your opportunity to understand what is included in each of the proposed budgets and how each of the proposed dues increases was determined. All questions are welcomed.

A Summary of the October 24 Board Meeting

President Sestak opened the meeting and invited attending members to share comments and questions.
Leanna Walters requested permission from the Board to have historical copies of the Quiviran digitized and posted on Once digitized, the documents would be preserved and accessible from their website for searches. The Board thought digitizing the papers was a good idea, but requested some time to think through implications of public access to these documents.
Mayor Olson stated the repaving of a section of Renner Road would begin October 24, and work on the spillway would begin on November 16. Another large item pickup is scheduled for November 4, and that evening will be the Fireman’s Ball. Mayor Olson will develop a list of what is and what is not acceptable for the pickup, and the list will be put into the black boxes.
New Business
Mr. Sestak stated the main topic on tonight’s agenda is the Operating Budget. Each Department Head presented their proposed operating changes for 2018 to improve member experience and address past service deficiencies. Mr. Sestak explained these sorts of improvements will result in increases to the Operating Budget next year. The Operating Budget will continue to be reviewed and refined this week. The Finance Committee is scheduled to meet on October 31 to approve the Operating Budget, then it will be reviewed with the members at a series of Budget Review Meetings starting on November 1. The Operating Budget will be approved by the Board of Directors at the Special Board Meeting scheduled for November 10, then sent to all members for additional review prior to the Annual Budget Meeting.
The Annual Budget Meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 27 starting at 7 p.m. in the Clubhouse. Meeting packets and ballots will be sent to all Foundation Members at least ten (10) days prior to this meeting, and advanced voting will begin on Monday, November 20.
Committee Reports
President Sestak asked each committee chair to keep their reports short and focus on action items only. No action items were reported by the Marketing Committee, Finance Committee, Golf Committee, House Committee, and Tennis Committee.
Lake and Residential Committee
Mr. Nelson presented a dock site licensee guide and asked the Board to review it. This comprehensive guide will establish some important guidelines for dock site maintenance, floating dock maintenance, boat mooring, and winter storage. The final document will be easily accessible, i.e., on LQ website, for members to be able to access and review.
Restrictions Committee
Mr. Braun made a motion to have additional text added to an existing rule under Construction Regulations, Site Grading and Surface Water. The text would give the Committee more authority to request a professional drainage study and other analysis to ensure proper storm water management when improvements are made to residential properties. Motion approved unanimously and will be posted in the Quiviran for any member notice and feedback.
Safety and Security Committee
Ms. Walker spoke on the broad range of dog issues. Mr. Goss stated we will follow and post the Ordinances of the City of Lake Quivira regarding dogs and encourage the people to call the City regarding any violations.
Strategic Planning Committee
President Sestak noted the recent Member Meetings were very well attended. The next step is to put the finishing touches on the Master Plan. This plan will be presented to the Committee this Thursday for approval, then sent to the Board of Directors for review. Approval of the Master Plan and the proposed 2018 Strategic Projects will be sought at the November 10 Special Board Meeting.
Mr. Braun inquired which projects would be included on the ballots for the Annual Budget Meeting in November. Mr. Sestak indicated that the projects would include the Community Center and the Golf Practice Facility. Additional ballots are required for the Beach Pavilion and the Nature Center since these structures are located on Dedicated Areas.

Proposed Rule Change: Construction Regulations Site Grading and Surface Water – Community input welcome at the November 28 Board Meeting

Motion: The RCARB chairman requests board approval of the following rule change (additional text shown in bold italic type below existing rule)

Quivira, Inc. Rules & Regulations Chapter VI
Residential Construction, page 3

7. Site Grading and Surface Water
The construction grading and final grading of the site for building or improvement shall be accomplished and permanently maintained in such a manner so as to control the flow of surface water and prohibit, in so far as possible, its entry onto adjacent private property in other than designated or controlled water courses. The owner shall be responsible for providing drainage and siltation control during construction.
Quivira, Inc. may require, as evidence, that the work for which the building application is approved will not cause the surface drainage to change in a manner that would adversely affect surrounding properties, watershed, streams or the lake, including but not limited to, a drainage study signed and stamped by a registered engineer so certifying.

Thanksgiving Day Gobble Wobble: Game On!

1117 gobble wobble illustrationBy Bob Lee
The thirty-seventh annual Gobble Wobble, a walk or run around the lake, will begin with a shotgun start at 9 a.m. in front of the Clubhouse on Thanksgiving Day, November 23, regardless of the weather!
The first 52 finishers will be awarded a playing card indicating their placement in the event. The Gobble Wobble was originally begun as a race, but has evolved into a family, fun event. A live turkey, donuts and coffee will be available prior to the trek.
Come on down, see your neighbors and earn your Thanksgiving dinner.

President’s Report – November 2017

By Steve Sestak, President, Quivira, Inc. Board of Directors

The 2018 plans and budgets will soon be completed and approved by the Board. It is then up to you to decide. Do you support these plans and budgets? Do you agree to the level of dues increases required to fund them? In the coming weeks, you will receive the ballots, and advanced voting will begin. The Annual Budget Meeting on Monday, November 27 at 7 p.m. is where final voting will occur and when results will be tallied and announced.
I am sure you have already started to form your opinions. I expect there to be a high number of e-mails and black box mailings circulating the community. That is your right, but please keep the comments “above the belt” and “inside the gate.” I hope the advanced information provided on the various budgets has allowed the time you need to make a more informed decision this year.
To summarize, the Board is proposing the same level of Capital Dues increases as in recent years. A more substantial increase is being proposed for Operating Dues to catch up from the lack of increase this year and to address a number of service problems which have impacted member experience. There will also be ballots for several high-priority, Strategic and Quick Win Projects identified from the Strategic Planning process conducted over the past several years.
For some of you, this might be viewed as doing too much too fast. For others, it is not doing enough and more needs to be done. Regardless of your personal views, please recognize everything in the budgets is there because it is important to a group of members. It might not be to you, but what’s important to you might also not be to them. Hence, the challenge of coming up with plans and budgets which capture the interests and needs of our diverse membership.
There are some very important decisions to make this year, and the “majority of quorum” will decide each ballot. Whether you support a particular ballot or not, please take the time to vote. After the votes are tallied and the outcome is determined, the Board will know the consensus and set its direction accordingly. It all comes down to what you want Lake Quivira to be.

Letter to the Editor – No more excuses. Let’s make the healthy choice for this community – by Eric and Annie Beatty

The strategic planning initiatives before us this November are without a doubt the most exciting and quite possibly most important decision we will make as a community towards improving and insuring our long-term sustainability. Our hardworking, entrusted LQ Board and residents have truly done their due diligence in sitting down with almost every one of us over the last two to three years in researching the needs of our community. They have hired professional consultants who have helped us learn exactly what our club needs to be successful in the future. Let us address the common excuses and concerns which limit our mission for improving our community.
Excuse #1. Its too expensive, and I just don’t want to pay more for anything.The hard truth is that according to our Board’s analysis, new membership recruitment to LQ has declined 25 percent in 2017 from that of 2016, and we are forfeiting approximately $400,000 per year in lost revenue. We are watching our neighbors’ homes sit stagnant on the market for years and property values decrease. The strong demand for a Community Wellness Center exists. Whether it is this year or the next, the demand for these missing amenities will not diminish what current and prospective residents are looking for. Postponement of adding these amenities will undoubtedly result in more expensive costs to build them in the future. Furthermore, we will regret a future where we will be debating costly member assessments to afford future budgets while having no long-term solutions to improve membership, low home values, and still no amenities to show for it. This is simply near-sighted, poor judgement to assume that no action will improve our situation. In short, we can’t afford to do nothing.
Excuse #2. It’s not necessary. Lake Quivira is fine the way it is. We don’t want to change it. Our past, current and prospective members feel otherwise since Lake Quivira’s inception in 1928. Lake Quivira have stayed relevant by adding amenities which have attracted new members and homebuyers by changing. We have added the golf course, improvements to the clubhouse, beach facilities, tennis courts, preschools, trails, and even the clubhouse menus to adapt with changing demands of its residents. Despite how wonderful Lake Quivira is, five months of the Kansan year are simply too uncomfortable to enjoy most of our prized outdoor amenities. Families have different job requirements, time constraints, traditional parenting responsibilities and free time availability than in the past. We just don’t offer some of the core amenities that people are looking for anymore. The community wellness center and golf facility will fill a massive void for these changing times. For those concerned about changing the culture of a community that we’ve all fallen in love with, The LQ Board, its committees and residents have certainly shown due diligence in responsibly researching the wants and needs of the community so that these projects only serve to protect and improve the value of our special community and insure our long-term sustainability. We will still be Lake Quivira, just greatly improved. To dispute that future adaptation to remain successful isn’t necessary is complete and utter nonsense.
Excuse#3. I don’t think we’re going to gain any new members by building this. If our entire country or community believed in this pessimistic mantra, we would be in sad shape. Yes, there is cost and risk in building something new, but we have everything to gain. Professional consultants and precedent of local equivalent country clubs have illustrated the addition of our proposed club amenities does directly increase membership and thus revenue. Personally, we know of several friends who have unfortunately elected to buy homes in other communities with amenities that LQ does not offer, such as work-out facilities, covered tennis courts, a pool, Rec/wellness centers, etc. People demand amenities we don’t offer. Let us not be so arrogant as to believe our community is meeting the demands of new homebuyers or our current residents today.
Excuse #4. I won’t benefit from this. Never before have we had an amenity that can be enjoyed by so many throughout the entire year. The enhanced value from physical wellness to overall community social interaction will be immense, not only during the five cold months of the year, but even throughout the hot days, the rainy days and evenings. Improved local preschools for our future generations, activity rooms for kids and teen centers with year-round wellness services and activities for all ages year round. This is a healthy choice for all of us. Approval of the improved golf facilities echoes every improvement we have passed with maintaining and improving the amenity we have in the golf course. If you own a home at Lake Quivira, your home value will increase. If you don’t use a single amenity the community has to offer, at least you’ll be making a smart investment in your property value, which will indeed benefit you directly.
Excuse #5. What happens if we do nothing? Take a look at the last five years of us doing nothing. We are hemorrhaging $400,000 of lost revenue per year on decreasing membership. Imagine what we could have done with those millions of dollars in lost revenue over the last five years alone and what we stand to lose in the future. Take a hard look at how many homes are for sale and how long their stagnation on the market, and their deceased sale values. Stagnation and decreasing members and corresponding dues revenue will continue. We will likely be met with new costs and challenges in the future, and we will be likely forced to assess our members or increase dues to meet future costs and still have nothing to show for it. If we’re not getting better, we’re getting worse. Meanwhile, competitive country clubs and communities will continue to meet the demands of their members and leave us lacking in amenities and/or paying more for them later on. Look at the simple analysis of what we have to gain and lose with this vote.
If we Vote “No”
Declining membership and revenue
Lower home value
Not providing amenities for our current and prospective members to enjoy year-round.
Vote “Yes” on all initiatives.
Increased memberships and revenue
Increased home value
Improved member experience and new year-round amenities
What about the other “Quick Win” privately funded projects?
Lastly, it would behoove us to all support the beach pavilion, gate entrance changes, and Stable/Nature Center. For those critics, I’d fittingly ask that you not to “look a gift horse in the mouth” and simply vote “Yes” and say to those generous members who have contributed, supported and made efforts to improve our community, “Thank You!”
Look at the simple analysis of what we have to gain and lose, and you will see that voting “YES” on all strategic projects is the prudent and financially responsible choice to meet the long-term demands for our current and future members. Stop the negative thinking and your excuses, and be a part of the excitement and positivity we all have the unique opportunity to be a part of.
~Eric and Annie Beatty

Letter to the Editor – Added amenities could maximize membership potential – by Brian Bailey

Kudos to the Strategic Planning Committee for doing a great job of asking, listening and developing a long-range plan that will better the community, provide new amenities and position the club with a competitive “product” to retain and grow our Associate Memberships.
Having served on the Membership and Marketing Committee for several years, I’ve witnessed, firsthand, the challenges of attracting new members and retaining existing members. Lake Quivira has many unique qualities (nice golf course and a beautiful lake setting), yet, we continue to struggle with Associate Member retention and new memberships. Why? The feedback we have heard time and again from resigned and prospective members:
*“There is nothing for us to do 3-4 months a year at Lake Quivira.”
* “You have a nice golf course but inadequate practice facilities.”
* “Where is your fitness center?”
Many fiscal challenges are easily resolved by maximizing our memberships. Our Associate Members make up 20% of our revenues so maximizing our membership levels is important to our community for our financial stability.  By not hitting our limits of 150 Country Club Members and 100 Social Members, we lose $400,000 in revenues each year.  Our country club competition, with newer facilities and fitness centers, is very attractive to prospects, most of whom have grown up with gym memberships.  For our residential prospects, many area communities (Lenexa, Shawnee, Merriam, KCK) have added or plan to build community centers.
Let’s take the next steps to develop the amenities new members are seeking while providing Foundation Members with additional amenities that are becoming more common. By doing so, we will: maximize our membership potential (which creates significant revenue streams),enhance our home values, decrease real estate days on market, and provide enhancements to our community that we can all enjoy with family and friends.
I encourage you to VOTE YES for the proposed Community Center and Practice Facility as well as the enhanced Lake Quivira Entry and Nature Center!
~Brian Bailey

Letter to the Editor – In support of funding for 2018 Strategic Plan projects – by John and Julia Cotter

We would like to say thank you to current and past Board of Directors, Strategic Planning Committee and sub-committees and anyone else who has been involved in preparing the current Strategic Plan. We have lived at Lake Quivira for 33 years. During these 33 years, we have seen several Strategic Plans and sat through several Strategic Plan meetings. We think the current plan is the most well thought out and doable, will enhance membership growth and make Quivira a better place for both current members and members yet to come. We understand and appreciate all the volunteer time that has gone in to preparing this plan.
The 2018 Community Center and Golf Course Projects, resulting in a $75/month dues increase, $60 for the Community Center and $15 for the Golf Course, has our full support. We understand there will probably be some Quivirans who will realize no benefit for $60/month for a Community Center. However, there are many Quivivans who will use this facility extensively, particularly younger members with children. The proposed Community Center will include a Wellness Center, Youth Center and Recreation Center. A Recreation Center has almost become mandatory in attracting new members.
The proposed Golf Course Project including a new practice facility along #7 fairway, makes the most sense of anything we have heard before. This facility will include but not be limited to an area for private lessons, 30 stations to hit from, more than doubling the current 13, and a driving range that will accommodate hitting any club, including the driver. We think this proposed Golf Course Project, which includes course improvements, will help us keep our existing off lake golf members and attract new members, particularly avid golfers.
By May 2020, Lake Quivira will be debt free from all existing loans. Both the $60/month for the Community Center and the $15/month for the Golf Course Projects will be for 20 years. We think this is an investment worth making for the benefit of the entire Lake Quivira Community. We appreciate all of those who have gone before us to make Lake Quivira so attractive to move here 33 years ago, and believe we now have a responsibility to do the same for future members.
~John and Julia Cotter