Gobble Wobble – Thanksgiving morning 2016

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By Leon Barnes
By Leon Barnes
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By Susan Hidalgo
By Susan Hidalgo
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By Ron Bower
By Ron Bower
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By Susan Hidalgo
By Susan Hidalgo
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By Leon Barnes
By Leon Barnes
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By Leon Barnes
By Leon Barnes

For Gayle Best, publication of the 2017 LQ Directory will cap off a whirlwind year

Gayle Best, publisher of the 2017 LQ Directory
Gayle Best, publisher of the 2017 LQ Directory

By Dawn Gabel
When Gayle Best answered the phone call a year ago from Jim and Joan Davies concerning the Lake Quivira directory they published for many years, she did not foresee the path that has brought her to near completion of her first directory.
The directory is a phone book and cross-reference guide for neighbors and off-lake members of the club. It’s a business referral with advertising for many regularly used trades people. It’s a social organizer for many, listing children of the home and their school year. It’s a map to get you to all of the small roads that connect the community. Its publication has been in only three hands, and Gayle is working her way to the first printing in her care.
Gayle was chosen by the Davies due to her connectivity and extensive involvement at the lake. The Davies were chosen by Muffy because of Joan Davies life-long ties to LQ (she grew up here), her knowledge of the people and their trust in her. And the Davies felt the same about Gayle.
Traditionally, the directory is delivered to each residence around the end of the year. But Gayle has been knee deep in planting tulip bulbs, cleaning up after a hurricane and helping throw a holiday bazaar.
“I was already very involved in the pontoon crawl that takes place in September,” Gayle recalled. “So when Joan and Jim would have been starting on their directory activities, I was immersed in pontoon crawl. My goal was to get started and reach out to the advertisers, which I did back in August and sent them info about their ads.”
Gayle and her husband Kent went on vacation to their Hilton Head home the last week of September. The day they returned to Lake Quivira, they heard about Hurricane Matthew, which was predicted to hit land on Hilton Head–and a mandatory evacuation the next day, October 5. “My husband and I dropped everything and focused on that,” said Gayle. “We watched it all night long on television and started making plans for traveling south.” Hilton Head opened up to residents three or four days later.

The Bests' house at Hilton Head, after Hurrican Matthew and a tornado hit.
The Bests’ house at Hilton Head, after Hurricane Matthew and a tornado hit.

While en route, they received pictures of their house and discovered the area had been hit with a tornado in the middle of the hurricane. Two huge trees had landed on their house, and several were down around the house–probably fifteen trees involved.
National guard and FEMA were on location, assigning each house a color code. “They put yellow on ours; the ones that had red you couldn’t stay in,” said Gayle. “We were not allowed in certain areas of our house where the trees were coming through–like our master closet.”
“Having a hurricane was not in my mix,” said Gayle. It took several days of waiting for the five cranes which would eventually remove the trees. “While they worked to lift the trees, I sat in my home office, which is in our master bedroom, and worked on the directory and the holiday bazaar,” she recalled. The Bests remained at their “vacation home” ten to twelve days.
The day the Bests left to go to Hilton Head, foundation repair of the Lake Quivira Clubhouse started. All the planting in front of the Clubhouse had to be removed in that process. Here’s the problem: five outdoor weddings were scheduled through October.
“LQ had made a commitment to those who had signed up for outdoor weddings,” said Gayle. Lori Keller, Jeff Eldridge and Gayle had been coordinating the purchase and planting of yellow mums and crotons that would patch in some color to the landscaping. It was all happening at the same time–directory, bazaar and hurricane.
“In a way, the story of that week is the story of our need at the lake,” said Gayle. “There is a great need for more volunteers to take leadership roles. We say it and speak of it in our groups, but we need to take action and ask for help. I was needing help. Although we have many volunteers here, we need more–and we need leaders.”
The 1972 all-resident directory for Lake Quivira is small and unassuming in comparison to today’s version–a tan, comb-bound book about five by four inches. The pages are a soft blue paper, and only lake residents are listed–no off-lake members and no map. Other noticeable differences are land line phone number and address only; no cell phone numbers or email addresses. No children’s phone number were listed; those would be added later in the next decade. Children’s numbers in later additions noted a separate landline dedicated to their use.
Gayle has taken the Davies’ charge to make sure the lake has an accurate and useful book, just as the Davies did when Muffy handed it over to them. “The directory is a great asset to the community–and it is a little late. But I look at it as a process of making it more useful for how we live now.”
Gayle was no stranger to maintaining a database of contact information. “It made it easier for me to follow up to confirm phone numbers since I have email addresses I have put together from the home tour, pontoon crawl, the holiday bazaar and the other committees I have been involved with.”

Jim and Joan Davies, who took over publication of the directory in 2008, had many of the past directories stored at their home until their recent move from the lake. They received the copies from the original editor and publisher of the booklet, Muffy Olson (Mayor Olson’s mother), a real estate agent on the lake. Muffy knew other neighborhoods were putting together directories at that time, and it was a natural fit for her to put this one together. It was released in 1972 by her and her agents.
Jim and Joan Davies, who took over publication of the directory in 2008, had many of the past directories stored at their home until their recent move from the lake. They received the copies from the original editor and publisher of the booklet, Muffy Olson (Mayor Olson’s mother), a real estate agent on the lake. Muffy knew other neighborhoods were putting together directories at that time, and it was a natural fit for her to put this one together. It was released in 1972 by her and her agents.

That’s not saying it was easy. When Gayle started gathering her contacts for committees in 2011, she would list a contact, phone number and email address, and before long one or the other of even both had changed. It was tedious work and highly inaccurate as well.
“So many people just had their land lines at the lake in the older directories, and they wouldn’t answer when the landline was called. And most residents didn’t have their email address listed either.
“I lived in the online Lake Quivira roster since the directory did not have that information at that time. When I first started chairing events in 2011, I had to communicate with people. All I had was the garden club list of phone and home address with the name.”A database came together when Gayle became the committee chair of the pontoon crawl. “I needed to reach out to the whole lake so that we could have 600 plus people at the event.”
Gayle soon realized that the information was collected in a centralized area, but it was not accessible. “I went to the office and they couldn’t release that information to anyone. Not email address or cell phones. But I found out that there is an online roster via lakequivira.org. Members have access via a password. I went person by person and called up each individual person from the online roster and confirmed their email address and cell contact and then created a spreadsheet.”
The problem was, as soon as she created it, it was out of date. “The next time I would do an event I would ask the office for the names of the people who had left or the new ones that had come in, and I would build them into what I had and start reconfirming for new emails and cell numbers.”
For Joan and Jim, when it was time to do the directory, they would get the printout to send to each member to ask for updates and permission to print in the mail. Joan and Jim would get it out as of Oct first and it would have last name, address, spouse, children, home phone and dock number. Each individual had to take the time to fill out the paperwork and mail it back. Hardly anyone sent updates back to them, so their info was only as good as what people revealed to them.
Gayle has taken confirmation personally. After trying an eblast news story three weeks in a row with only fifty responses, she emailed everyone using the event database she had built.
“Several weeks ago I sat down and I got out the spreadsheet and started going through, checking them off. As I look at them I’m thinking I know so and so, and this is their old landline and they don’t have a landline anymore. I know they are very involved and that they need to be contacted by people. So I have written an email to almost every single person. I am up through the Js.”
In March 2015 Gayle retired following forty years at Black and Veatch, most recently as the director of business and financial systems globally. But Gayle’s year has not felt like a retirement. She has taken on large projects like the directory in a fearless manner. Like her chairmanship of the homes tour in 2014, she is surprised she had the fortitude to take the directory on. But when she puts her mind to it a new project, she likes to put her own spin on it.
Her plans for the future of the directory include a rethinking of the advertising area and quarterly updates to the book. Updates will have a special folder area so they can be slipped into the booklet.
“I want this to be a very useful thing for members. I am looking at ways to have the information, along with the advertisers, referenced from the internet.
“The year has been crazy, but I am focusing on getting this last project finished–finished and improved for us all. Then I will relax.”

Board of Directors meeting summary – November 22, 2016

President Pribyl opened the meeting with the standard invitation for comments and questions from attending members.
Mayor Mike Olson expressed his gratitude to Dennis and the Clubhouse staff for the excellent job at the recent monthly Mayors’ meeting. Numerous attendees commented on the superb meal, as well as the attention to details ensuring a successful event. Due to the exceptional experience, Lake Quivira will be hosting the Mayor’s Holiday party in December of 2017 with approximately 200 in attendance.
Mayor Olson then presented a list of items the City has been working on: a new guardrail has been installed on the south end of the lake, roadwork on Renner Road is progressing as scheduled, and additional opinions are being sought on the spillway to find the most economical way of repairing the existing damage.
The City recently learned the cities of Overland Park and Shawnee have created a gun range and munitions disposal site near the landfill. The Mayor stated Lake Quivira will take an active role in trying to secure a resolution to this issue. The site was selected in a deep depression to eliminate the sounds of gunfire; however, residents have complained they are hearing the sounds.
Odors from the landfill seem to be somewhat improved in recent weeks, but anyone experiencing problems should do the following: download the Shawnee Connect app, go to the Complaint section, and report the problem. Residents are encouraged to contact Deffenbaugh immediately when odors are noticed to help them identify the source of the problem. He added residents should be specific as to the type of odor being reported.
Dr. Mike Cooper spoke regarding his desire to subdivide his lot, thus providing an additional lot for development with the potential of creating a new home site and another Foundation membership. The purpose of bringing the matter before the Board was to seek direction on the process. President Pribyl explained it would be necessary to obtain approval from the City to have the lot replatted and that Dr. Cooper would be responsible for any improvements to make the new lot viable for sale. Creation of the new lot would mean he would have two years to sell the lot before paying an additional initiation fee; however, dues would be immediately assessed on the new lot.
Mr. Doug Depew questioned the status of the easement pertaining to the proposed construction project at 506 Lakeshore West. Mr. Braun commented Johnson County Wastewater is currently reviewing the impact of suggested changes to the property as it applies to the existing lift station and the recent watershed study. Mr. Depew was assured that everything possible is being done to bring this situation to a successful conclusion, thus allowing the project to move forward. Mr. Brown requested a copy of the silt control plan in order to help prevent any issues with silt entering the lake during heavy rainfall.
Golf Committee
Mr. Markley reminded the Board of proposed changes to the golf rules pertaining to dress code presented at the last Board meeting and properly published for comment in The Quivirian last month. No member feedback on the proposed changes were received. Mr. Markley made a motion to accept said changes, and the Board approved. It was also announced that Tom Aikmus, Golf Professional, will be inducted into the Midwest Section of the PGA Hall of Fame on December 5. Next week, work will proceed on completing the rebuilding of #14 tee box.
Lake & Residential Committee
Mr. Brown stated the committee had carefully reviewed the need to restrict river rock due to the potential of containing Zebra Mussel larvae. Following discussion, it was determined the main concern is sand entering the community, and no action would be taken on river rock. Mr. Brown also mentioned that a few months back the committee and Board had taken a position recommending the only acceptable sand entering Lake Quivira was from Kaw Valley Sand & Gravel. This was never presented officially and, after proper notice in The Quivirian, a motion was made and approved by the Board to proceed with this action.
Marketing Committee
Ms. Bowker informed the Board of a new marketing report showing membership transactions, including new members, status changes and member resignations. The new report is more detailed with changes more easily identified. Greater attention is also being given to following up with resigning members to determine the cause for their action and make attempts to reinstate their membership.
The new website design is now complete and shortly will be available as a phone app for member use. The committee continues to look for amazing pictures capturing the many positive aspects of life at Lake Quivira to display on both the website, as well as social media. Lisa Walsh, a member of the Marketing Committee, is involved in completing a new member orientation program, and this project will be completed shortly. Membership recruitment will take on a new emphasis at the beginning of the year as members will be encouraged to assist in helping attract new members to the club.
House Committee
One of the issues being dealt with at the Clubhouse is the method used by members to make a reservation for club events. In the past, some events are marketed without requiring reservations or establishing a deadline for cancellation. Ms. Boling’s suggestion to overcome the uncertainty for the number of attendees is to require reservations for all events, allow a 48-hour cancellation period prior to the event and automatically include food in the price of the function. Too often, events do not require reservations and participation in the meal is not mandatory. This creates excess labor and wasted food, not knowing how many guests to plan for.
Shannon (Brown) Burchett has booked six weddings over the past six weeks, bring the total for 2017 to 17, and with hopefully more to come. Members are encouraged to provide sponsorship for friends and family for weddings and other special events or meetings.
Safety & Security Committee
Mr. Braun shared the continuing concerns over congestion in front of the Preschool and the safety issues for the children crossing the street. Signage has been requested to alert automobile traffic to use care when school and summer recreation is in session. Discussion has also taken place pertaining to the possible use of a painted crosswalk to provide safe passage, which would also allow the police to enforce traffic violations in this area. Mayor Olson commented that Chief Grenier has been asked to have his patrol units monitor the area during times when children are being dropped off or picked up.
No trespassing signs had previously been purchased and placed at various locations surrounding Lake Quivira. Unfortunately, these signs seem to disappear shortly after being put in place, and this remains an ongoing problem. Fencing has been approved for an area of the Siler property to deter unwanted traffic and access from this location onto Quivira, Inc. property.
Restrictions Committee
Mr. White informed the Board of his committee’s desire to obtain approval for an impact fee that would be used to help bolster the funds available for road repairs due to construction traffic. Ms. Tammy Bailey and her subcommittee have prepared proposed verbiage to enact such a program, and Mr. White asked the Board to review the details with the intent of presentation at the January Board meeting. Discussion followed regarding the types of vehicles and types of projects that might be required to pay an impact fee. This will be monitored at the gate. The information will be provided to accounting so the fees can be billed to the homeowner. New gate software proposed in the 2017 budget will assist the gate personnel in accounting for these vehicles with minimal disruption to their duties.
Mayor Olson expressed concern over the methods used to monitor and regulate weights of trucks leaving the property with demolition materials. In most cases, trucks entering the community have weight tickets to verify their loads; however, when huge sections of concrete are being removed during demolition, there are no controls to substantiate overweight vehicles. Often times, these trucks are causing more street damage than any vehicle delivering supplies.
Strategic Planning Committee
Mr. Sestak explained that his committee has been working to define various options for member consideration based on input from recent member meetings. These options range from projects to address overall community appearance to potential new member amenities. The committee should be ready to begin presenting these options in early 2017, starting with the Board of Directors.
Mr. Sestak presented the overall program schedule and associated communication plan. The schedule involves presenting the potential options during first quarter, followed by several months for member review, refinement, and prioritization. Once finalized, the Master Plan will be developed and presented to the Board for approval. Then, the long-range plan and corresponding projects will be presented for member approval. This schedule is subject to change should more time be required.
In addition to discussions at future Board and Standing Committee meetings, the committee intends to take whatever steps are necessary to keep the members informed as we work through this process. Regular and frequent communications will be vital to ensure that members are property informed and given ample opportunity for feedback. Monthly articles will be published in The Quiviran, and the plan is to present the strategic options at the Annual Meeting in March. After that, member meetings will be conducted and other methods used to communicate, obtain feedback and determine the level of support. The goal is to develop a Master Plan reflecting the consensus of the members.
The Board fully endorsed the proposed schedule and communication plan submitted by Mr. Sestak.
New Business
President Pribyl stated there has been a joint effort with Mayor Olson and the Unified Government to annex the Meadows and Siler properties into the City of Lake Quivira. Mayor Olson’s discussions with the Unified Government emphasized that this property would basically remain unchanged under the current governance. Lake Quivira’s police force is powerless to react to situations on the property since it is outside their jurisdiction. Three tracks of land are involved in the transaction; the Siler property (12.6 acres), the east side of Quivira Lane (27 acres), and the north side of Holliday Drive (5 acres).
Currently, the Unified Government takes in approximately $8,000 in taxes on the property, half going to Kansas City, Kansas, and the remainder to Wyandotte County, which is minimal income. The upside to having the property annexed by the City of Lake Quivira is the potential to improve this property in the future, thus increasing the potential revenues. The annexation, as discussed with the Unified Government, would come with no strings attached as to future improvement. Mayor Olson also negotiated for Quivira Lane to become part of Lake Quivira from 78th Street to the Siler Property. Legal documents have been agreed upon between the City of Lake Quivira and the Unified Government and copies were supplied to the Board for review. These documents include a petition for exclusion with the United Government and a subsequent petition for annexation with the City of Lake Quivira.
This process will likely take several months to complete. Since this land is owned by Quivira, Inc., the first step is for the Board to approve the petitions. Board approved unanimously. President Pribyl extended appreciation on behalf of the Board to Mayor Olson for his tireless efforts in bringing this proposal for their approval and committed the Board’s support to any further required steps.
General Manager’s Report
Total revenues in October of $375,100 were $10,000 better than budget. Clubhouse sales finished the month $3,400 ahead of projections, and the Pro Shop income was up $6,100 due to the unusually warm weather which attracted more golfers than typical for this time of year. Food sales were down slightly for the month, $4,000, but beverage sales were up approximately $2,500. Total expenses for the month of $354,300 were as projected in the budget.
Net Operating Income for October budgeted at $11,000; actual was $20,800, or a positive variance of $9,800. Year-to-date operations were budgeted to have a loss of ($45,800); however, actual net is income of $7,200, or a positive variance of $53,000.
Meeting Notice
Due to the lack of an anticipated quorum, the Board of Directors will not meet during the month of December. The next scheduled meeting is January 24, 2017.

New Year’s Eve at the Clubhouse!










By Mary Linda Boling
Mark your calendar for an exciting celebration of the New Year in black and white! The House committee, along with our staff, is planning a great evening with many fun surprises.
Appetizers will be served on the main level of the clubhouse beginning at 6:30 p.m., and the speakeasy piano bar will also be open during the cocktail hour. A delicious dinner created by Chef Michael will be served at 8:00.
Dance the night away with the Suburbans. Or return to the speakeasy piano bar in the Great Room for an intimate, mellow atmosphere.
A glass of champagne will toast the New Year.
What to wear? Comfy, chic or cocktail, as long as it is black or white.
Tickets for the party are $75++ per person until December 22, at which time they will be $100++ per person.
Contact Shannon at the Clubhouse (631-4821) to purchase your tickets. Limited to first 200. Don’t wait! This event sold out last year.

Welcome Anita Bible to the Q Inc. team

Anita Bible
Anita Bible

Quivira, Inc. is pleased to introduce Anita Bible as the new Property Manager for Quivira, Inc. Anita brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this new position. Her background encompasses business development and ownership. Her passion for real estate gave way to her becoming a licensed realtor and an investor in land. Anita joins Quivira, Inc. from a property management position in which she managed hundreds of individual investor homes for a company.
Over four years ago, Anita moved to south Johnson County from Columbia, MO.; however, she is a San Diego native. She is a single mother of four children. The two older children are her own, and she is a foster parent to two high school children
As Property Manger, Anita’s general areas of oversight are:
Community rules and regulations – involved in assisting in the drafting and enforcement of community rules and regulations
Dispute resolution – deals directly with conflicts between neighbors
Maintenance and upkeep – responsible for the general maintenance and upkeep of the common areas in the community
Property development – responsible for the planning and execution of all major development projects, including new residential construction, new facilities and major renovations.
She will also be attending the Safety & Security, Lake & Residential, and Restrictions Committee meetings.
Anita will be located in the Quivra, Inc. administrative office. She will report directly to the General Manager, Dennis Nighswonger. Her office hours will be Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. She can be reached at abible@lakequivira.org or at 913.631.7707.


All sand used for dock site construction, including but not limited to wall and deck construction, beaches, landscaping, ect., must be kiln dried (heat treated) and purchased from a Quivira Inc. approved vendor.
Proof of purchase, including type, quantity, and vendor must be provided to Quivira, Inc. Security Personnel prior to entrance into the community. Any deviation from this procedure can be subject to a fine of up to $2000 as determined by the Quivira, Inc. Board of Director’s.

Tom Aikmus, head golf pro, wins two special awards

Tom Aikmus, Lake Quivira head golf professional

By Lisa Phlegar
Congratulations to Tom Aikmus, head golf professional for Lake Quivira Country Club, for being honored with two awards by the PGA Midwest Section. During the 2016 Midwest Section PGA awards ceremony, scheduled for December 5, Tom will be awarded the Bill Strausbaugh Award and also inducted into the Midwest Section Hall of Fame.
The Midwest Section PGA presents special awards to recognize the outstanding performances and superior achievements of PGA Professionals.  Emphasis is placed on the individual achievements over the course of their career with particular emphasis on the current year. The awards are presented to recognize extraordinary accomplishments both on and off the course.
The “Bill Strausbaugh Award” was established in 1979 and bestows special recognition on a PGA Golf Professional, who personally displays outstanding integrity, character, and leadership through a commitment to mentoring and making significant impacts on the careers of PGA Professionals.
The Midwest Section PGA Hall of Fame, established in 2003, recognizes extraordinary careers by paying tribute to those individuals who have served the Section and/or golfing community in an exemplary manner, set standards for promoting the game, acknowledged as an outstanding player or teacher of the game, and/or have contributed in a special way to growth and heritage of the Section.
Tom has been previously recognized for his outstanding performance and achievements. In 1998 and 2013, he was the recipient of the Midwest PGA Golf Professional of the Year. Plus in 2013, he was also the winner of the Strausbaugh Award.
As a 30 year member of the PGA of America, Tom’s leadership roles with the PGA Midwest Section have included being a member of the Board of Directors and also a past President. Currently, Tom is a member of the Midwest PGA Foundation Board of Directors.
For thirteen years Tom has imparted Lake Quivira Country Club with exceptional leadership and professionalism as our head golf professional. On behalf of everyone at Lake Quivira Country Club, we are so proud of Tom, not only for winning these special awards, but also on how respected Tom is in the PGA community.
Congratulations, Tom!

President shares opening comments from Annual Budget Meeting

By Patrick Pribyl, President, Q Inc. Board of Directors

This month’s President’s letter will be a departure from my normal letter. I wanted to provide to the entire membership my opening comments from the Annual Budget Meeting held this past month. While the Board is disappointed with aspects of the ballots that didn’t pass, we were thankful for those that did. We will continue to move forward and respond in a respectful and thoughtful way on all aspects of the annual budget.
Below were my opening comments from the November 21st meeting:
“Good evening and welcome to the annual fall membership budget meeting. Before I start tonight’s meeting, let me first acknowledge the house fire that happened over the weekend and recognize our first responders and firefighters with us this evening! PLEASE stand and be recognized. Thank you very much for your service to our community!
I have always enjoyed coming to these meetings as I considered them Festivis for the Rest of Us! This was my time for the annual airing of grievances! I would find 1 or 2 things that I didn’t like and wait for the right moment to “air my grievances”.
Now that I sit as you current Board President, I look forward to your right to air your grievances. The basic rule for tonight is that if you would like to speak during this evening please stand (use a microphone) and state your name and what groups or committees you serve on.
I now want to recognize Q, Inc.’s current Board, so I will ask them to all please stand up. If you currently serve on any of our standing committees, please stand up. If you are still sitting, please look around and thank those neighbors that are standing as they are the ones currently driving the business side of the membership forward. Working together, as a Board and through our committees, we have worked hard to find common ground on areas we disagree on and at the same time are working hard to be fiscally responsible.
At this point, I also want to recognize the various clubs that make our Community special – Garden Club, Mothers Club, The folks that have cleared and maintain our hiking trails, and the Fathers Club just to name a few (ok well maybe not so much the Fathers Club). I understand the commitment each of you makes to enhance our experience, and I thank you for your contribution to our community experience.
Before I turn the presentation over to Dennis and the Finance Committee, let me take a few minutes and give you a little insight into the strategic direction the club is moving towards. I often hear that we need to run this place more like a business and, at times, I wholeheartedly agree. But, at the same time, recall just how many volunteers we have in our community based on the number of folks you just saw standing around you. NO real business is run by volunteers UNLESS you are a non-profit JUST like us. We are absolutely in the business of service NOT in the business of being in business.
Let me give you an example. There is NO business in the World that would be open on Sunday’s in the winter when very few members /customers are expected. We, however, stay open on Sundays because that is a busy time for our golf course (weather permitting) and our Clubhouse for church services and brunch. We will also serve lunch/dinner to a just a handful of members.
So keep in mind the purpose of a non-profit is to SERVE someone–we just happen to be a Country Club! Many of the decisions we make are for the betterment, enjoyment, and to drive for a positive member experience. We each want the “welcome by name” when we come in the front door, we each want that “member pour” from the bar, we each want our grounds and landscaping to be beautiful (AT ALL TIMES regardless of weather and/or the time of the Season).
We EACH want something. With some 1,000 homeowner residents and another 500 or so off-lake members, that “want” varies by member. As I have said before, leading this group is akin to herding cats. In a recent car ride with neighbors, between the 6 adults, we EACH had a different vision of what we wanted for Lake Quivira in the future.
Upon my arrival to the Board just a year and a half ago I was very surprised as to how much time this Board requires. Please keep in mind Q, Inc. has over 70 full-time staff members, plus the 1,500 or so Members that require all kinds of attention. There is more going on each and every day that virtually goes undetected by the average member–I am hoping that is a good thing.
We, as a Board, will review the voting results tonight closely to make sure we continue to listen to the needs of our members, and we will move forward accordingly. I am very proud of the passion this Board exhibits towards the management of our collective resources. With your continued support, we endeavor to provide the best member experience for you and your family for years to come.
We have been very fortunate to have Dennis Nighswonger serve as our General Manager these past few years. Dennis and his team deserve our appreciation and our support.
Thank you for allowing me to be your current President.

From the Chef’s table . . .

Chef Michael, fresh from garnering an individual and group medal at the Culinary Olympics in Germany, performs to rave reviews at the LQ Garden Club Holiday Bazaar. Photo by Susan Hidalgo
Chef Michael, fresh from garnering an individual and group medal at the Culinary Olympics in Germany, performs to rave reviews at the
LQ Garden Club Holiday Bazaar. Photo by Susan Hidalgo

Twenty-two hours flight time, 64 hours worked in a four-day time span, and a lifetime of memories, Germany was by far the pinnacle of my culinary career!
I don’t know where to start, so here we go. Our first day we had the pleasure to meet the mayor of Erfurt, Germany, which by the way is a sister city to Shawnee, Kansas. So we were well received with champagne and stories. After our welcoming reception it was right to work, shaping vegetables, mixing and heating aspic to the right degree, cooking our proteins to precision–everything you would expect in a cooking competition. Just one thing, NO ONE enjoyed eating our beautiful work. The IKA (The Culinary Olympics) format is for viewing only; we had to manipulate food to give the appearance of roasted, sauté and even seasoned. They call on the top professional culinary “jury” for judging. Not saying America doesn’t have great chefs, but this Jury is the best in the world. They don’t have cook books or TV shows. These chefs have successful kitchens throughout the world and have “studied” this art for many years. They volunteer their time for events like the IKA, to encourage, teach and help culinarians to achieve perfection.
As a regional team, The Johnson Country Community College Culinary Team, we received a silver, and as an individual I received a bronze, which I am very proud of. Chefs from around the world dream to compete in the IKA, chef’s that compete dream of medaling, so this was a win-win all around for myself, the team, the Kansas City area and Lake Quivira. Thank you for all your support the past two years; without you it would not have been possible. On a final note: stay away from Thuringian style mustard, WOW! That taste still haunts me.
As 2016 comes to end we have a few more club events I would like to highlight before the membership is heading south- or west-bound for the winter or our mid-west hibernation. The golf shop is hosting their holiday party and sale on December 1. Stop by, have a slider, a drink, and maybe pick up that golf bag you have had your eye on all season. We will be hosting our annual Candlelight Dinner on the 14th. I have planned a special menu for you and your loved ones to enjoy an intimate, candlelit evening overlooking the lake.
Wrapping things up for the year, we will be celebrating the end of 2016 and ringing in 2017 on December 31 with our annual New Year’s Eve Party. This is a great event with limited seating, so don’t miss out on the NYE Black & White 2016, you will not find a better place in town–and so close to home. Invite your friends, and make reservations with Shannon today.
I would like to wish everyone here at Lake Quivira Country Club a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Guten Appetit
~Chef Michael