Strategic Plan Update: Introducing the Options

By Steve Sestak
This is the fourth in a series of articles intended to keep Lake Quivira members informed as we develop the Long-Range, Strategic Plan for Quivira, Inc. Over the past several months, articles have been published that summarized the history of Lake Quivira and previous long-range planning efforts, outlined the structured process being followed by the Strategic Planning Committee, and presented the preliminary findings derived from the analysis of membership demographics, competitive trends, and member input over the past year. The intent of these monthly articles was to provide some background on the strategic planning effort and explain the basis for the various strategic options that the Committee believes should be considered.
This article introduces the Strategic Options. The Committee has spent the past several months objectively evaluating the findings and defining options to address some common and recurring themes for both the residential community and the country club. These are simply OPTIONS. Expect them to be further refined, enhanced and possibly discarded as they are reviewed and evaluated by the members. The plan is to present the Strategic Options at the Annual Meeting on Monday, March 27, followed by several months of member review and critique in order to develop a Master Plan which is reflective of the consensus of the membership.
Strategic Options have been organized into the four categories; Community Appearance, Member Amenities, Associate Members, and Residential Development. The remainder of this article focuses on the first three categories. In order to further define the Strategic Options for Residential Development, a member survey is being prepared to determine which housing types, locations, and other development factors would potentially garnish to requisite level of member support to warrant further consideration.

Community Appearance

Front Entrance Signage – a Welcome to our Communty All pictures are concepts only. Further work would be required to determine final design.
Front Entrance Signage – a Welcome to our Communty. All pictures are concepts only. Further work would be required to determine final design.

These options are intended to enhance the overall appearance and functionality of the community, including the Front Entrance, Roads & Storm Water, and other Community Projects. The Front Entrance is the “first impression” of the Community; what members and guests experience when they enter the front gate. These potential projects include renovation of the Guardhouse, new Front Entrance Signage, and new Perimeter Fencing from the Guardhouse along Holiday Drive and Quivira Lane.

Perimeter Fencing Concept
Perimeter Fencing Concept

With respect to Roads & Storm Water, the first step would be to engage a professional engineering firm to expand the 2013 study to address road materials, replacement strategy, pedestrian lanes, curbs, gutters, ditches, culverts, and other enhancements to improve the quality, safety and aesthetics of the roadways and better handle and disperse storm water in high-volume areas. Each year, funds are approved for pavement overlay, but an overall strategy is needed to determine whether the amount is sufficient and used properly to improve the quality and functionality of our roads and to replace and upgrade storm water systems throughout the community.

Beach Pavilion
Beach Pavilion

Other Community Projects include constructing a Beach Pavilion next to Crescent Beach to replace the temporary tent which is often erected throughout the summer, replacing traditional Road and Community Signage with signs more reflective of an upscale, resort community, and evaluating and implementing enhanced infrastructure and technology to improve Communication Services throughout the community.

Member Amenities
These options are intended to enhance the experience and usability of current members and attract future members and prospective homebuyers. They represent a broad range of options that align with the needs of a diverse membership

Community Center
Community Center

Community Center. The initial concept for this new center combines a Recreation Center and Youth Center into a multi-purpose facility to support indoor sports, recreational activities and youth services. Once the Youth Center is relocated, the existing space could be retrofitted to house the Administrative personnel.

Wellness Center
Wellness Center

Wellness Center. This center should incorporate fitness equipment, classrooms, locker rooms, and an optional indoor aquatic center tailored not only to the fitness minded, but also to members requiring rehabilitation and therapeutic treatment. Another option would be to expand the Community Center to include the Wellness Center. Combining these facilities would reduce project and operating costs.

Golf Practice Rnage
Golf Practice Rnage

Golf Practice Range. An expanded and enhanced practice range to provide distance and capability for better players and alleviate the traffic congestion and risks of the current practice range.

Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool. A full-sized competition pool to facilitate youth swim meets, training, lessons and other aquatic activities. Optional children’s pool and hot tub should also be considered.



Golf Complex Patio Area
Golf Complex Patio Area

Golf Complex. This complex should be located in the current location of the half-way house to allow for more direct supervision of golf course activities and should include the pro shop, locker rooms, golf cart fleet storage, and a new casual restaurant facility and patio area for use by both golfers and other members, as well as events.

Golf Cart Storage Facility
Golf Cart Storage Facility

Other Options.
Convenience Store. A small “on-property” general store to allow members to purchase standard staple and grocery items. The nearest stores are at least a fifteen-minute drive from Lake Quivira.
Cyber Lounge. A coffee shop and lounge area, equipped with high-speed internet, to serve as an informal meeting place.
Blessing Park Pavilion. Similar to the Beach Pavilion, consideration should be given to a restroom facility for boaters and East Side Park events.
Beach Enhancements. A professional study should be conducted to review the quality, safety and usability of the beach facilities.

Associate Members
The current deficits with Associate Member Limits should be addressed by the Member Amenities outlined above. Offering these amenities would not only increase the ability to attract prospective members, but should also help to reduce attrition rates by offering a broader range of amenities to be used by all family members.
Additionally, the following enhanced or expanded amenities would address deficiencies associated with capacity, availability and usability of golf and lake resources.
These deficiencies do not allow these members to enjoy the benefits they are paying for and do not create the level of country club experience that these members expect.
Golf Cart Storage Facility. This facility should be designed with suitable capacity to provide for any eligible member who elects to own and store their golf cart. An indoor hitting area could also be included in this facility for practice during inclement weather.
Boat Storage. Due to docksite limitations and quarantine requirements, a location(s) should be selected to provide for on-premise boat and trailer storage. Covered parking could be incorporated on the back side of the Golf Cart Storage Facility.
Men’s & Women’s Lounges. The current “card rooms” located on the first floor of the Clubhouse should be upgraded to provide an area where golfers and other club users can cleanup, relax and enjoy Clubhouse services. This should be addressed by the House Committee as part of the proposed remodel of the first floor of the Clubhouse.
Next Steps
Similar to Member Input Sessions conducted last year, the Committee plans to organize meetings to facilitate the review process. Once the options have been thoroughly reviewed, refined and prioritized and it has been determined which ones align with the consensus of the members, the Master Plan will be developed and presented to the Board of Directors for approval. The Master Plan will be structured in multiple phases with corresponding Strategic Projects that consider certain priorities, independencies, seasonality factors, funding schedules, and governance implications; each project and associated funding will be subject to formal member approval.
When the Strategic Planning process was relaunched one year ago, we committed to not prescribe a single solution. Rather, we would present various options, based on an objective evaluation, supported by practical cost estimates and funding strategies. Throughout this process, the objective has been to keep the membership well-informed and equipped to make the appropriate decision. Developing a long-range plan that reflects the consensus of a diverse membership is a challenging task. Whether the ultimate decision is to do everything, do something or do nothing, the Committee is encouraged by the active participation and constructive feedback from the members and looks forward to further dialogue as we work together to define the future for Lake Quivira.

A Summary of the February 28 Board Meeting

Update from Nominating Committee
Mr. Ben Kalny stated the goal for the committee was to find five to six candidates, and he said this has been challenging. Twenty-five different names had been submitted and divided among the committee members to speak with each prospective candidate. In addition, there was a January Meet & Greet and three e-mail blasts recruiting for possible candidates. Four additional candidates were approached. In February, and one candidate was confirmed.
Mr. Tim Wilson decided to step down from the Nominating Committee and become a second candidate. Today, Mr. John Nelson agreed to be a third candidate. According to the By-Laws, there is no minimum requirement. At this time, three candidates were presented to the Board; Mr. David Lockett, Mr. Tim Wilson, and Mr. John Nelson. The date for Meet the Candidates is March 22.
Mr. Ernie Block asked the committee why they thought there was such low participation or why it’s so difficult to get people to come forward. Mr. Kalny’s impression was that the perception is the Board catches a lot of flack and it is a thankless job. Mr. Wilson stated the general feedback from several candidates was this just is not the time, but perhaps in the future–and also being on the Board is a tough job.
General Manager Search Update
The following selection committee has been established and will be responsible for vetting candidates: co-chairs Steve Sestak and Tray Vedock, Margaret Bowker, Christina Gomer, Jim Wright, Jim Large and Mike Lutz.
Mr. Sestak spoke about the process. The job has been posted within the industry and other sources, such as Linked-In. Approximately 100 responses have been received.
They are seeking a General Manager with experience and skills in home owner elements and country club elements; both sides being instrumental. The Committee has identified three candidates thus far with a good balance of both. The Committee will have final screening of applicants and schedule interviews in order to present the best candidates to the Board for review. Ultimately, it is the Board’s responsibility to make the hiring decision. Mr. Nighswonger’s intended retirement date is May 31; however, Mr. Sestak hoped he may have some flexibility.
The Committee created a General Manager job description as none could be found. Motion was approved to accept job description submitted by the Selection Committee.
Restrictions Committee
A motion was approved by the Board for variance at 211 Apache Trail West.
Mr. Chuck White spoke about the drainage issue behind the administration building. Several bids from contractors to work on the project have been received. Due to the cost, Ms. Anita Bible suggested splitting the work and doing the portion of getting the water down to Holliday Drive and then do the other later. Ms. Bible stated the City requested Q Inc. take care of this issue. Currently, there is no money allocated for this project. Questions arose as to which Committee is responsible for this or whether Q Inc. is responsible. This is a preliminary discussion, and more research for options and requesting additional bids needs to be done.
Discussion ensued on the impact of three-axle vehicles on our road system. A suggestion was to set a road impact fee of $40 per truck. It was mentioned some two axle trucks can carry heavier loads than three axle trucks. Mr. Sestak spoke about the impact being broader than just roads; for example, Anita’s time overseeing construction project, more security would be needed. Mr. Sestak thought we should not limit this to road impact as there is a greater community impact. He suggested, as the City charges a fee on a project, perhaps Q Inc. should charge a standard percentage (example 1 percent) on every project.
A suggestion was made for a simpler process to capture the money; fee per three axle truck or standard percentage. Keeping track of trucks could be an issue. New gate security system would help to track trucks; however, there will be additional administrative costs to get thorough accounting of trucks.
It was noted that when building a house someone would probably like to know up front what the additional cost would be.
Mr. Sestak stated perhaps an actual study on roads needs to be done to tell us if the $200,000 allocated each year is appropriate. Should it more? Should it be spent differently? He reiterated we need some guidance on our roads. We need something proactive instead of being reactive.
Finance Committee
Management came up with a new operating budget for 2017 that shows a deficit of $99,400. The Committee decided to recommend this budget to the Board and not recommend a dues increase. There is almost $300,000 in the operating reserve. The Committee recommends keeping 5 percent of expenses in reserve, which is a little over $217,000. Therefore, the Committee is recommending go with the $99,400 deficit and take the deficit out of the operating reserve, which would reduce the operating reserve down to about $200,000. Changes in the budget mostly came from employees signing up for health insurance at year end, change in employee costs due to overturn of overtime rules which were to go into effect January 1 and events held at LQCC.
Mr. Starr spoke about expanding our use of credit cards. The Marketing & Membership Committee suggested to the Finance Committee that in allowing people to pay for most everything via credit card, we might generate more revenue, encourage more memberships, people may spend more and a variety of reasons. Mr. Starr noted one of the reasons not to do it is because credit card companies charge to 1-3 percent on the revenue coming in. During the Finance Committee meeting, there was a discussion that there may be a way around the finance fees. The Finance Committee thinks expanding our use of credit cards is a good idea, and the decision was made to think about it more.
Motion approved to accept proposed 2017 budget.
Lake & Residential Committee
A new boat ramp is in process of construction; 16’ wide x 45’ long x 6” thick; lots of traction on it and in a better position to facilitate the loading and launching of boats.
The Committee has been researching the Navajo/Mohawk water shed for the past 4-5 months. They brought in engineering firms, walked the field, documented and in the process identified that the box culvert at Duck Island had rebar exposed which was 40-50 years old.
Additionally, seven different structures have been identified that are in great need of repair. The Committee feels Duck Island Cove is a priority as it is actually a bridge. They will continue to get bids, but it may be around $126,000 to replace the culvert. Mr. Sestak inquired about the possibility of using money from the road overlay fund. A suggestion was made to secure an engineering firm to determine the specs of what needs to be done.
Ladders at the beach docks are rusting and therefore need to be taken care of. Gary is to move forward and take care of this issue.
A spilling basin was created today at Duck Island Cove next to the box culvert. The goal of this spilling basin, while trying to figure out the water shed solution, is for the silt pouring in to circulate in the spilling basin and drop into the basin before it all goes out into the lake.
Golf Committee
Per the directive from last month’s Board meeting, Mr. Ed Markley stated the Golf Committee has prioritized the projects, reduced the amount of requested funds and developed a communication plan to inform members.These directives needed to be accomplished before a motion would be approved to add a request to the March ballot. The request was to ask membership again to authorize the budgeted monies from the long term capital reserve fund to maintain repair of the golf course. Motion approved to add this request to the March ballot.
Marketing Committee
Ms. Bowker updated the Board on membership as of January 31; 394 Foundation Members, 116 Country Club Members and 46 Social Members. In February, we acquired three new Country Club Members who took advantage of the Winter Membership Promotion. She challenged the Board to each bring prospective members to the Membership Open House on April 2.
Motion approved for a 20 percent discount on the initiation fees for Country Club and Junior Country Club Memberships expiring April 2, the day of the event.
Ms. Bowker spoke about adding a Legacy Program to our membership offering. The Marketing Committee will discuss the program and who would be included in program before bringing a motion to the Board.
Ms. Bowker thanked the Board for everyone providing information on the Annual Report. She will have the information laid out graphically in a nice document and should have something for them to review in approximately 7-10 days. Ideally, we will send out this “Year in Review for 2016” document prior to the Annual meeting via a digital flipbook. This will bring the membership up to speed on what the Board has done over the past year.
Regarding the Annual Meeting, the Marketing Committee will work to send the meeting agenda out every Tuesday via all our social media channels until the Annual Meeting on March 27.
Ms. Bowker spoke about the following: Committee working on lowering the Club’s attrition number, new member orientation, and an ambassador program for visitors who want to tour the lake but don’t want to meet with a real estate agent. Also, a few positions on the Committee are coming open in 2017 and she is seeking members to fill those positions.
Brad Botteron is working on the engineering spec for the electronic bulletin board, and that spec will go before the City.
Safety & Security Committee
Mr. John Nelson spoke in Ms. Laurie Walker’s absence. In front of the Preschool, the no parking sign went up, and the teachers are complying with the sign. Also, a question arose on the safety of the dropoff zone. Whitney Sojka and Stacy Bichelmeyer will reach out to preschool parents to obtain feedback for ideas on this issue.
Speed bumps were reviewed. Six speed bumps are available; five will be replaced, and one will held back until it is determined where it is needed.
There is a parking issue regarding two cars on Lakeshore West; however, there is no rule prohibiting them from parking where they are parking. Anita reached out to both car owners; one owner said they would do what they could do to be a better member and the other said if there is no rule, therefore, they won’t change. The results from Anita’s discussion with the owners will be brought to the Committee and discussed. A suggestion was made that perhaps the cars could be parked in the gravel part of the cove.
General Manager’s Report
Financials for January were off about $4,600 to budget. January is always a difficult month to forecast due to scheduled shutdown. However, Mr. Nighswonger was hopeful if the Clubhouse was opened on Friday people may be excited and come in. Unfortunately, that didn’t occur as there was an ice storm that weekend. Additionally, from the labor standpoint, more kitchen employees took vacation instead of taking time without pay. With regards to dues, the forecast was missed by about $1,900.
In the month of February, we had unexpected expenses of approximately $5,500; identifying the sewer smell in the Clubhouse and Water One Wastewater made us make some changes. Regarding the sewer smell, smoke bombs were set off two different times. The first time smoke was found coming out around the toilets. So, every toilet was pulled and new rings were installed, thus sealing around the toilets. The second time, no smoke escaped anywhere. The smell has been much better, but we are continuing to work on this issue.
Strategic Planning Committee
The Committee presented the Strategic Options and explained the next steps to review them with the membership. The immediate plan is to formally introduce them at the Annual Meeting this month, then schedule a series of member meetings to obtain feedback. The Board provided constructive feedback on the presentation, as well as certain operational and governance implications to consider should some of these options be pursued.

President’s Report – March 2017

By Patrick Pribyl, President, Q Inc. Board of Directors

I would like to update you on the search for our next General Manager, as well as the Stewardship Reports I referenced last month. I have appointed Tray Vedock and Steve Sestak co-chairs for the GM Search Committee.
The committee has been formed and is currently preparing for several upcoming interviews. This committee has provided an update in this month’s paper.
I am grateful to these members for volunteering for this important committee. I also want to thank Dennis Nighswonger for referring several top candidates through his vast connections in the industry.
The Board has been busy working on the Quivira, Inc. 2016 Year in Review, which will be provided to the membership very soon. A snapshot of those efforts are in the cover letter that will accompany these reports, as follows:
2016 was a great year for Lake Quivira, and 2017 will be even better. Not only do we have 50 new families enjoying our community, Lake Quivira continues to grow, evolve, and become more beautiful. We are a unique community in that we are a homeowners association and a country club with a golf course and a lake all wrapped into one! It is a complex business run by amazing professionals with an active board and robust committees.
We are fortunate to live in this wonderland, and I encourage each of you to become involved to help us keep our community great. I would like to express my gratitude to the Board, our ten committees, and our numerous clubs. Collectively, over half of our residents are actively involved in our community. If you aren’t, I invite you to engage!
Quivira, Inc. doesn’t typically do a year-end report. But, given our dynamic year and the number of new members we have, I wanted to share some of the wonderful things happening around the lake, so I asked the Board to provide this collection of Stewardship Reports to share with you.
2017 will be an eventful year as Dennis Nighswonger retires and we bring on new operational leadership, board members and committee members. Due to my work commitments, I have decided not to run for re-election as the President, but my commitment to the Board and to the community will continue. At this point I wish to thank Dave Starr, Chuck White and Thomas Brown for their Board/Committee service. These gentlemen will be retiring from the Board this month. If you see them around the Lake please extend your gratitude as well.
The strengths of our community are our unique assets and our diverse membership. While these can also present challenges at times, I am regularly encouraged by the many engaged members who strive to solve real problems and create an exceptional member experience. Once again, I invite you to become (or stay) involved!
Submitted with appreciation, Patrick

The GM search is underway. . .

The search for a new General Manager has officially begun.
A Search Committee has been formed to identify, screen and evaluate potential candidates and recommend several finalists for formal consideration by the Board of Directors.
The position has been posted on various industry and public job sites. Several strong candidates have already surfaced, and the interview process is scheduled to begin in early March. The goal is to hire the new General Manager by the middle of the year to coincide with the requested retirement date for Dennis Nighswonger.
Following is an excerpt from the Job Description approved by the Board:
“The General Manager reports directly to the Board of Directors and has the responsibility for oversight of all homeowners association and country club operations. This individual supervises all Department Heads and ensures quality staff is trained and equipped to meet the high standards and expectations of the residents and the non‐resident members. Exemplary leadership skills are a must to be certain all staff members willingly desire to follow the example set for their success, as well as the ultimate success of the organization. Excellent communication skills are a vital part of interaction with residents, members and staff alike; therefore, it is important for this person to be competent in this area. The ideal candidate will fully appreciate the necessity of being highly visible and deemed approachable by residents, members and staff. The successful candidate must also possess the business acumen to ensure all strategic, operational and financial objectives are clearly defined in the budget process and then orchestrate the plan to meet these expectations.”
Over the next several months, the Search Committee will be hosting potential candidates for Department Head meetings and in‐depth interviews as it works to select the best candidate for the job. Please take the time to say hi and help demonstrate the tremendous community this person has the opportunity to be a part of. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact a member of the Search Committee.
~The GM Search Committee: Steve Sestak and Tray Vedock, co-chairs; Margaret Bowker; Jim Wright, Jim Large; Christina Gomer; Mike Lutz

2017 Spring Membership Drive Open House

0317 qinc open house artworkBy Lisa Phlegar
Spring 2017 will be a wonderful time to join Lake Quivira Country Club, and the Spring Membership Drive Open House is a great opportunity for members to invite prospective members to visit our Club. Do you know someone who would enjoy the Lake Quivira Country Club experience? The easiest and sometimes the most overlooked way to sign up a new member is . . . ASK! So, please ask your friends, family members, business associates, business clients, neighbors, etc., if they are interested in . . .
. . . a gathering place where friendships are created and relationships flourish
. . . an extended family where people bond closely by the same passions
. . . a good place to strengthen family bonds
. . . a place for relaxation
. . . a place to attend social events and participate in activities
. . . a place for entertaining
. . . a historic clubhouse for dinning
. . . a place to enjoy many amenities; golf, tennis, pickleball, swimming, hiking, fishing, boating, waterskiing and much more
. . . a place with naturally beautiful surroundings that create an incomparable haven and unique lifestyle experience unlike other facilities in the area
All members are welcome to invite prospective new members to the Club’s Open House on Sun., Apr. 2, from 2 to 4 p.m. This special event will be filled with fun, complimentary light hors d’oeuvres, beer and wine, a guest prize draw, and depending on the weather, pontoon boat rides. Club tours will also be available.
A SPECIAL PROMOTION will be available during the open house: 20-percent discount on the initiation fee when applying for a Country Club or Junior Country Club Membership. Plus, for each new member you refer who joins, you will receive a bonus: $1,000 statement credit for a Country Club Member or $100 statement credit for a Social Member.
Please RSVP to Lisa Phlegar at or 913-631-7707. We would love to have you accompany your guest, but if your schedule does not allow you to attend, we promise to take good care of your guests!