Summer Rec Wrapup – Photos by Ron Bower

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0816 summer rec bells 0816 summer rec dance 2 0816 summer rec dance 0816 summer rec play 4












































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Marketplace – August 2018

2000 MARADER-EXCELLENT: 25HP oil injected NIssan, stereo/CD/se flashdrive, speedometer, custom vinyl graphics, bilge pump, always garaged, new skis/ropes,trailer, very fast, $4,250. Mark, 913-522-5550. 8/16
2006 BOSTON WHALER 130 SPORT: 25HP Mercury Engine, Trailer, Bimini Top, Padded Seat Package, Boat Cover, Custom Ski Towing Pole, Two Sets of Skis and Ropes, Regular Maintenance, Excellent Condition. Asking $7,950. Call 913-488-3202. 9/16
2008 SUNCRUISER 20 FOOT:  Slightly used, $12850.  913-669-6465. 8/16
BBQ SPICE:  Did you enjoy your free sample of RixRubs? Order more today (877) 266-5187 or Free Delivery to Lake Quivira Residents! 8/16
BOAT COVERS, BIMINIS, UPHOLSTERY AND MORE – KEILMAN KUSTOM CANVAS: 816-694-6254. Visit my website Call for free estimates. 10/16
GOLF CART FOR SALE: 1994 EZ Go Golf Cart. Asking $400. Call 913-268-8901. 8/16
GW INVADER FOR SALE: 2006 GW Invader, fast and strong Suzuki 25HP, runs well, regular maintenance. Skis included, Trailer included, Dock #256. Asking $4,900. Call 913-268-8901. 8/16
HOUSE CLEANING, ALSO PET, HOUSE TENDING IN YOUR ABSENCE: 20 years experience, residential & commercial, Q references. Burma Mealor, supervisor. 913-579-4730. 12/16
PIANO TUNING: Call Bob Lee, 913-488-5807.
PONTOON BOAT FOR SALE: 1998 Suntracker Party Barge, Mercury Party Barge, Mercury 25HP, runs well, regular maintenance. Dock #256. Asking $4,500 Call 913-268-8901.8/16
PROFESSIONAL WINDOW WASHING: Over 40 years experience. Insured and bonded. Free estimates. Gene Jackson, 913-593-1495. 10/16
SWALM’S ORGANIZING SERVICE: Let Me Help You Get ORGANIZED! Garage, Basement, Attic, Shop Spaces, Office, Storage Units. Items sorted, boxed and labeled. Trash bagged. Donations taken to donation centers, cardboard & paper taken to recycling. 20 years’ experience. Listed on Angie’s List. For photos of current work:  913-375-9115. Tillar Swalm. 8/16 .
WINDOW WASHING & GUTTER CLEANING: Best price, quality work, inside & out. References. Call Edgar, 620-617-2058. 8/16

Mr. Big Bass AKA Eli Watts is catching some HUGE fish this summer!

Eli Watts and his 5.7 lb. Largemouth Bass. His fishing hole remains a secret.
Eli Watts and his
5.7 lb. Largemouth Bass.
His fishing hole remains a secret.

By Chris Rone
About one month ago, Eli Watts sent me a picture of a large bass taken on a senko. It weighed 5.7 pounds and looked healthy and well fed. It was caught at an “undisclosed location”, as you can see the picture was purposely blurred out to keep it a secret.
That is the biggest bass I have seen pictures of or heard of being caught this year! Great job, Eli.

Eli Watts catches a 4.5 lb. Largemouth Bass near sunset.
Eli Watts catches a 4.5 lb. Largemouth Bass near sunset.

Then in mid July I saw Eli, and he said he caught a 4.5 pound bass on the damn near sunset. He sent me the picture, and I thought he should be taking me fishing. I promise not to tell his secrets!
The water warmed up quickly in July, reaching the mid 80’s. The bass seem to be in their late summer pattern early this year. Bass fishing has been more challenging than in past years, so if you experienced the same thing it is not all of your fault. Plastic worms and whacky worms seem to be working alright–try some pumpkinseed colors with red flecks.

Jackson Foth snags an 11 lb. Wiper.
Jackson Foth snags an
11 lb. Wiper

Wipers have been biting good, Jackson Foth has caught many this year around the beach area. He said it is best with the wind blowing into the beach, using an Alabama rig. They are big Wipers!
Wipers have also been caught on hot dogs and shad, near sunset and into the night, some nights producing lots of fish in the 10 lb range, adding up to weights topping 50 and 60 pounds a night! Those nights did include a 20 lb flathead catfish, and a 34 pound Grass Carp for my nephew. Yes, those fish were weighed with a scale, and counted by Fibonacci, Leonardo of Pisa.
Good luck and good fishing!


Chris Rone’s 10 lb. Wiper
Chris Rone’s 10 lb. Wiper

LQ photographers ‘shoot the Moon’ in July

By Leslie Treas

0816 buck moon by Dieter kinner
Buck Moon by Dieter Kinner

From the top of the golf course, equipped with tripods, our group snapped photos from sunset to moon rise. An unnamed few sipped red wine with cheese and shrimp as we winded down from the day, relaxing with photo club friends.
Thank you all for your company and friendship while sharing this challenging passion of a hobby!

0816 photo club sunset at the 18th hole by leslie Treas bw sized
Sunset at the 18th Hole by Leslie Treas







Serious Photographer by Susan Hidalgo
Serious Photographer by Susan Hidalgo

Pete Peterson–and sailing–are honored and celebrated at 36th Annual Pete Peterson Race Series

By Charles Segebrecht – Photos by Susan Hidalgo
Pete Peterson is the saltiest active sailor I know (88 years salty!). He even raced July 16th in the thirty-sixth annual Pete Peterson Race Series hosted by Lake Quivira Yacht Club. This race series consists of five days of racing throughout the summer at various venues; two of the scheduled five are at Lake Quivira (the second is slated August 27).
The annual series is named in recognition of Pete (from Lake Tapawingo), who has contributed more to the entire Sweet Sixteen fleet than any other sailor. Curiously, he’s never missed one of these namesake races; nor has he ever missed racing in a Sweet Sixteen National’s event–all 43 three of them!
Pete raced at Lake Quivira with skipper, Sadie Creemer, the youngest participant in our event–only 12 salty years, for a combined 100 salty years! She proved determined and focused, and took home a prize for not coming in last!
Lake Quivira’s sailors raced tough against formidable teams from other lakes; Randy Treas with Leslie Treas as crew placed 2nd; Joe Biron with Stephen Strohm as crew placed 5th (Stephen is Jennifer Ashby and Dick Gibson’s grandson, and is a long-ago graduate of the LQ Summer Rec sailing program); and Dave Walters with crew and son, Zach, placed 6th.

0816 yacht races 12









0816 yacht races 8








0816 yacht races panorama bw sized

Thursday Night Ladies’ Golf stacking up nicely, according to weekly wrap-up of July 28

By Laurie Walker

(Bottom to top) Peggy Hughes, Julie Kleiss, Jeanne McGrath & Jamie Pribyl
(Bottom to top)
Peggy Hughes, Julie Kleiss, Jeanne McGrath & Jamie Pribyl

WRAPUP – Girlie Golf – 7/28/2016 : We had a great group this week, and the scores were super awesome! All teams got at least 1 par and FIVE TEAMS GOT BIRDIES!
Forgot to mention last week that our newest 1st-time Grandmother, Cathy Goodger, was making her debut this year with the group (so a belated “Welcome, Cathy”).
This week, finally able to get out with us, we welcome back Giovanna Michaelis. Teresa Redlingshafer has taken a couple of clinics, and this week was her first time this year to play the course with us. Welcome back T-Red.
And, having her first opportunity to be with us this year (and new to the group this season), we welcome Madi Yates!


At a +0 (even par) with 4 pars and 1 birdie, here are: Michelle Hubbard, T-Red Redlingshafer, Rhonda Charcut & Katie Vossman
At a +0 (even par) with 4 pars and 1 birdie, here are: Michelle Hubbard, T-Red Redlingshafer, Rhonda Charcut & Katie Vossman












And our other even par ladies at +0, 4 pars and 1 birdie, here are: Lynn Sestak, Giovanna Michaelis, Martha Frook & Cathy Goodger
And our other even par ladies at +0, 4 pars and 1 birdie, here are: Lynn Sestak, Giovanna Michaelis, Martha Frook & Cathy Goodger


QWGA members survive heat, compete in two-day medal

By Linda Cruse
Despite extremely high heat indexes in July, QWGA 18-hole women competed in a two-day medal tournament on July 19-20.
The two-day event was both handicapped and flighted. Congratulations to this year’s winners.
Winners of the first flight were as follows: Pat Sandow, first; Joyce Terbovich, second; and Margaret Ellman and Sandy Whitaker, tied for third. Winners of the second flight were Judy Stanion, first; Martha Voight, second; and Loretta Hoover, third. Great job, ladies!
A formal guest day rained out on July 12 has been rescheduled to an informal guest day on Tues., Oct. 4. Be sure to invite a friend to enjoy a round of free golf  with you at our club. As always, hosts are requested to treat guests to lunch after the round of golf.
Upcoming 18-hole QWGA events in August include a formal guest day on August 2 and the two-day Club Championship on August 23-24 and August 27-28.
See you on the course!

QMGA announces results of 54th Lake Classic

Photos courtesy of Joe Quinn and LQ Pro Shop
This year was the 54th addition of the Lake Classic. The Classic dodged local thunder storms, but endured typical Lake Classic weather, hot and humid. This year’s winners of the Championship Derby were Mike Noack and Randy O’Shea. Runners up were Mike Carroll and Brian Walton. Dave Blankenship and Geno Huenink came in third.

Mike Noack and Randy O’Shea, winners of the Championship Derby
Mike Noack and Randy O’Shea, winners of the Championship Derby

Noack and O’Shea were also the winners of Flights 1-6 of the One Stop Decorating Par 3 Derby. Dan Bock and Gary Roles were runners up and Roy Owens and Cliff Young came in third. The winners of flights 7-12 were Mark Zolton and Gregg Zolton. Robert Foust and Joseph Montanaro were runners up, and Dave White and Mickey Stewart came in third.
The flight winners and participates in the Championship Derby are listed below.
Flight Winners
Flight 1- Kevin Murray & Casey Harbour
Flight 2- Mike Carrol & Brian Walton
Flight 3- Mike Noack & Randy O’Shea
Flight 4- Dave Jones & Jim Atwell
Flight 5 – Mark Kistler & Peter Creighton
Flight 6- Tim Arnold & Doug Blowey
Flight 7- Kent Best & Matt Best
Flight 8- Dick Johnson & Kyle Johnson
Flight 9- David Blankenship & Geno Huenin
Flight 10- Tom J. Hall & Dave Fellers
Flight 11- Jon Stewart & Bryan Biggs
Flight 12- Jim Wright & T. J. Moore
Listed below are the winners of the putting and chipping skills contests.
Putting Contest Winners
Flights 1-6
1st- Dan Bock & Gary Roles
T- 2nd- Kevin Londeen & Eric Londeen
Dave Jones & Jim Atwell
Flights 7-12
1st- Eric Beatty & Dwight Beatty
2nd- Brady Lilja & Mark Krajewski
3rd- Gerry Walker & Rich Hawkins
Chipping Contest Winners
Flights 1-6
1st- Kevin Murray & Casey Harbour
2nd- Joe Jones & Greg Sharp
3rd- Robert Sanders & Dennis O’Brien
Flights 7-12
1st- Ryan Lilja & Eric Winston
2nd- Tom J. Hall & Dave Fellers
3rd- Phil Caballero & Andrew Windhors
Mike Lutz was this year’s Lake Classic Chairman. Along with the help of the Pro Shop and staff and the Club House and staff, he added some new and innovative events and features to the Classic.

2016 Lake Classic Derby Participants
2016 Lake Classic Derby Participants

Welcome! By Aline Zimmer

Toby and Jules Harding (Lloyd)

0816 welcome harding

Toby and Jules are from the UK, have traveled extensively, and have now landed at Lake Quivira. Toby has worked for Black & Veatch for six years as a Regional Security Manager, most recently in the UAE. He has also worked in private security in Iraq and was an officer in the British Military where he was stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq. Jules met Toby after she graduated from the University of Sussex and was a practicing psychologist. After they married and George and Bonnie were born, the family moved to Dubai, where their third child, Harriet, rounded out the family. In Dubai, Jules gave up her practice in order to spend time with the children.
The family enjoyed Dubai, but found that the urban environment and intense heat placed limits on the family’s activities, and the high percentage of ex-pats who were short-timers prevented a sense of community from developing. After four years they relocated to Black & Veatch’s Kansas City headquarters, and while enrolling the children in a Waldorf Steiner school similar to one that Toby attended, they met Shawn and Erin Roberts who introduced them to Lake Quivira. Jules and Toby were drawn to the natural environment, so different from Dubai and so familiar from their native Sussex, and soon moved in.
George is seven, Bonnie five, and Harriet two. They’ve been enjoying the summer rec program and their new neighbors, and look forward to integrating into the Lake Quivira lifestyle. Jules has ridden horses in the past and would like to resume that at some point, and has embraced lake swimming, a new experience for her. She likes Pilates and yoga. Toby is a keen rugby fan and has found a rugby club in Overland Park for George. Toby’s still trying to figure out how to watch UK matches here in the US. He enjoys cycling, tennis and fishing. The couple is eager to explore the National Parks.
Both appreciate the quality of life that LQ offers and note that there’s a range of housing prices and affordability, which, coupled with the friendliness of the community, make them feel fortunate to have found their new home. Welcome to the Lake, Toby and Jules!

Tim Murphy and Kelly Evans (Hanko)

0816 welcome murphy evans bw










Some people seem destined by fate to be together. Tim and Kelly are such a couple. Tim is originally from Chicago and started his career as an engineer with Kemper Insurance after graduating from Val Paraiso University in Indiana. He soon realized that he preferred the financial aspect of the business and earned a master’s degree in finance from Avila University. He moved to the Kansas City area in 1980 and met his late wife shortly afterwards. He is a financial advisor with Edward Jones.
Kelly is a professional therapist at Crittenton Children’s Center, where she helps families overcome trauma. The Trauma Smart program addresses the high incidence of complex trauma that negatively impacts the lives of 3- to 5-year-old children. Tim joked that she treats his trauma when the stock market roils. Previously, she had a private practice in Evergreen, Colorado.  She earned her undergraduate degree at the University of South Florida and her master’s degree at Denver Seminary, where she integrated theology with psychology wove that into her practice.
The couple met when Kelly, living in Colorado in May 2012, was widowed and sought a financial advisor. She had interviewed two, but her uncle in Overland Park insisted that she talk with his advisor, Tim Murphy. They spoke on the phone, and since Tim, who already had a meeting with a client in Colorado scheduled, offered to meet her in person. He had lost his wife four months previously, and their meeting turned more on their respective grief than on financial advice. Coincidentally, they had each been married twenty-nine years, almost to the week.
The two stayed in touch, and when Kelly had to sell her home she took a chance on the relationship by moving to Overland Park. “Tim was worth the investment,” she said.  Their children from their first marriages include Kelly’s son Kyle, who lives with his wife in Denver; her son Chase, married and living in Tampa; and son Trey, who will soon move to Denver. Tim’s daughter Megan is married with a baby and lives in Roeland Park, while son Kevin is engaged to be married and is Tim’s business partner at Edward Jones.
Tim introduced Kelly to Lake Quivira where she fell in love with the topography, which reminds her of Colorado. Tim’s cousin, John Feehan, moved recently to LQ with his wife which nudged Tim and Kelly to follow suit.  Tim likes to golf and run, and finds that the ideal way to end a run is to do a cannonball off their dock into the cool water. Kelly likes to read, garden, work out, ski, and spend time with family. Both help with grief groups, one comprised of widows in middle age and older, the other a younger group dealing with the loss of a sibling, parent or spouse. They find that it helps them as much as they help others. The couple look forward to becoming involved with activities such as couple’s golf, tennis and bible study, and are in search of a golf cart. Welcome to the Lake, Tim and Kelly!

Ben Bertram, Junior Country Club Member

0816 welcome ben bertram



















Ben resides in the Brookside/Crestwood area of Kansas City and decided to join LQ in order to allow his parents, Scott and Suzie Bertram, to maximize the use of their new boat, which is very kind-hearted of him since it’s a bit of a drive from his home! A frequent user of the boat, he looked through the by-laws to familiarize himself with local regulations and realized that, in order to use the boat without one of his parents present, he needed his own membership. So here he is, with a kayak as well.

As an attorney along with his father at Bertram & Graf, he travels extensively on behalf of clients who suffer from pharmaceutical and medical device injuries. He attended Western State Colorado University, followed by the University of Denver for his law degree. A dog lover, he recently lost his chocolate lab, Ollie, to cancer.
When Ben is not working, he enjoys tennis and kayaking, especially around Treasure Island, which reminds him of Louisiana. He plans to polish his golf skills. “You’ve got to hit the ball straight,” he remarked about the challenging sport and LQ’s equally challenging course. He enjoys scuba diving in the Cayman Islands and likes to visit San Diego and Crested Butte. Welcome to the Lake, Ben!

Jump-start your fall gardening by ‘Planning for Planting’

By Linda Cruse
If you’d like to start your fall planting season armed with tips and tricks from local garden experts, our August Lake Quivira Garden Club meeting is perfect for you.
“Planning for Planting” will be our August meeting topic. The experts from Family Tree Nursery will share information you’ll need for your September gardening, including preparing beds, planting spring bulbs, preparations for perennials and annuals and other valuable information you’ll need to get started.
If our “Lake Quivira Water Feature and Garden Tour” featuring the gorgeous gardens of ten Lake Quivira members inspired you to create a themed garden, a native plant garden or a pollinator garden, September is the time to get started. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable information that will help jump-start your fall gardening.
We’ll meet at 9:45 a.m. on Thurs., Aug. 18, for coffee and conversation, followed by a business meeting at 10 a.m. Our planting program will begin at 11 a.m., followed by lunch prepared by our own Chef Michael, featuring a garden avocado salad with balsamic dressing, tuna nicoise open face sandwich, frozen berry soufflé, rolls and ice tea. The cost is $16.50. Please RSVP to by Sun., Aug. 14, if you plan to attend. Let us know if you plan to stay for lunch, and inform the Clubhouse if you have any dietary needs.
For the birds
0816 garden club bird feeders 0816 garden club bird feeders closeupAbout 25 Garden Club members and guests enjoyed creating colorful, glass bird feeders at our hands-on July workshop with Beardon Stained Glass. Each feeder was completely unique and reflected the creator’s personality. A big thank you to Beardon for providing another great DIY project for our Garden Club–the birds of Lake Quivira will certainly enjoy them!
Sunset Terrace lighting proposal
This month Garden Club is voting on a proposal to spend $18,000 to provide lighting for Sunset Terrace at the Clubhouse. We are very excited to provide this gift to the community. Sunset Terrace is a hub of all kinds of activities, most often in the evening. The lack of lighting presents a safety risk and detracts from its usefulness.  Adding soft lighting to Sunset Terrace benefits the entire community by maker it safer and enhancing the ambiance and personal experience when using the patio in the evening.
Garden Club has sufficient funds for the project, thanks to profits above our budget contributed by the 2014 Homes Tour along with the 2015 Pontoon Crawl and Holiday Bazaar. We are seeking the approval of the Q Inc. Board to proceed.
Safety on the patio and steps will be the highest priority of the project. If approved, we hope to complete by the Pontoon Crawl on Sat., Sept. 10.
Your support of Garden Club has provided us with funds for numerous projects designed to enhance our community.  In recent years, this included:
Spending $20,000 annually for flowers, bulbs and other plantings around the Clubhouse, golf course, and other common areas.
Providing a major contribution to complete the construction of:
• Sunset Terrace
• Sunset Terrace heaters
• Contribution to beach umbrellas
• Coronado Island water feature installation and update
• Outdoor holiday lighting and decorations
• Indoor seasonal Clubhouse décor
. . . and much, much more, including the information sign at the front gate, a water feature near golf course hole No. 10, arch, stone pillars over the main entrance, the west end iron gate, a wall in front of the parking lot, bluebird trail, assistance with plantings that aid in our Tree City designation and management of a memorial fund accepting and distributing contributions for memorials for Quivira members featuring trees and flowering shrubs.
Please continue to support Garden Club by participating in our upcoming fund-raising projects: the Pontoon Crawl, “Pirates of the Q-ribbean: Lost in Paradise,” on Sat,, Sept. 10 (see related article and save-the-date flyer) and our annual Holiday Bazaar on November 18-19. Your support ensures Garden Club can continue to beautify and enhance our community.