All ten ballot items pass at annual budget meeting

1217 steve and landy high five
PHOTO: Steve Sestak, Q Inc. Board President and Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee (2nd from left) and Landy Boling, member of Strategic Planning Committee, exchange hearty congratulations following the November Annual Budget Meeting, during which members voted in record numbers to move forward on a Community Center, Golf Practice Range, Beach Pavilion and Nature Center. Joining in the moment are Margaret Bowker (left), Board member and Vice Chair of the SPC; Don Cox (4th from left), member of Golf Committee; John Nelson (putting on jacket in background), Board member and Chair of Lake and Residential Committee; and Jim Wright (right), member of the Lake Quivira Foundation.







Q Inc. Annual Budget Meeting results
2018 Operating & Capital Budgets

Ballot Item #1: To authorize the increase in monthly dues for the Operating Budget, effective January 1, 2018. Passed 250 in favor and 93 opposed.
Ballot Item #2: To authorize the increase in monthly dues for the Capital Equipment Fund. Passed – 302 in favor and 41 opposed.
Ballot Item #3: To authorize the increase in monthly dues for the Capital Asset Reserve Fund. Passed – 299 in favor and 45 opposed.
Ballot Item #4: To authorize the expenditure of up to $377,640 from the Capital Asset Reserve Fund for the following Community Projects: Road Maintenance, Storm Water Maintenance, Tree Maintenance, Irrigation (Common Areas). Passed – 325 in favor and 20 opposed.
Ballot Item #5: To authorize the expenditure of up to $236,410 from the Capital Asset Reserve Fund for the following Country Club Projects: Clubhouse, Golf Course, Golf Shop/Range, Tennis (Court Resurfacing). Passed – 285 in favor and 61 opposed.
Ballot Item #6: To authorize the expenditure of up to $154,102 from the Capital Asset Reserve Fund for the following Administrative Projects: Computer Systems, Security, Emergency Reserve (All Departments). Passed – 306 in favor and 40 opposed.

2018 Strategic Projects

Ballot Item #7: To authorize, with respect to the design, construction, equipment and furnishings of the Community Center: Design Funding, Construction Funding, and, subject to the determination of a viable financing and funding alternative, the expenditure of up to $5,500,000 from the Capital Asset Reserve Fund for the Community Center. Passed – 202 in favor and 140 opposed.
Ballot Item #8: To authorize the following provisions with respect to the design, construction, equipment and furnishings of the Golf Practice Facility: the increase in monthly dues for the Capital Asset Reserve Fund of $15 per month for Homeowners, Lot Owners, Country Club, and Junior Country Club members, effective January 1, 2018, through December 31, 2037 (240 months); and the expenditure of up to $1,200,000 from the Capital Asset Reserve Fund for the Golf Practice Facility. Passed – 209 in favor and 134 opposed.
Ballot Item #9: To authorize the construction of a Beach Pavilion on the Dedicated Area of Crescent Beach. No funding from Quivira, Inc. is required for this project. Passed – 308 in favor and 38 opposed.
Ballot Item #10: To authorize the demolition of the existing Isolation Horse Barn and the construction of a Nature Center on the Dedicated Area of the Equestrian Center. No funding from Quivira, Inc. is required for this project. Passed – 307 in favor and 32 opposed.



A Summary of the November 28, 2017 Board Meeting

Betsy Vossman thanked the Board for all the work they did on the Strategic Master Plan and for achieving the positive voting outcome during the Annual Budget Meeting last night.
President Sestak announced Tray Vedock has accepted the role of Chairman of the Board Nominating Committee. He expressed his strong appreciation for the high voter turnout (nearly 90 percent) this year, and commended the Board, the General Manager and each of the committees for their efforts this year.
General Manager Report
Mr. Goss stated the new network wiring in the Quivira, Inc. office has proved successful, along with connectivity to the golf course maintenance shop. However, the Clubhouse has had major connectivity issues which are due to poor wiring. Mr. Goss said he is currently waiting for a quote on this project. Additionally, he is expecting a proposal from Spectrum to move us from residential bandwidth to commercial bandwidth to improve wireless speeds across the various facilities.
New Business
President Sestak suggested the budgeting process we went through over the past couple of months be documented to help make future budget processes run more smoothly. The advanced information and multiple member meetings helped contribute to more informed decisions during the voting process.
Marketing Committee
Steve Graves from Creative Golf Marketing will be attending the committee’s December meeting. Ms. Bowker said she should have a report to present to the Board at the January meeting. Ms. Bowker also mentioned the new guest pass was approved during the last Safety and Security meeting and will start being used on November 29.
Lake and Residential Committee
Mr. Nelson stated he and Mr. Goss met with Chad Johnson to start preparing the matching funds request to Johnson County for the Navajo Street drainage project. He continued by saying there is a strong possibility we could include the box culvert in Cove 5 in that grant. If awarded the grant, Johnson County would pay 75 percent of the cost of the project.
Restrictions Committee
Mr. Braun made a motion for final approval of additional text to be added to an existing rule under Construction Regulations, Site Grading and Surface Water. Motion approved unanimously. Mr. Braun noted last month there were numerous issues with application preparation.
Safety and Security Committee
Ms. Walker asked the Board for suggestions on how to deal with members who are not willing to use the ABDI/Gate Access System. Discussion ensued on this subject; however, no conclusion was obtained. Ms. Walker said her committee will continue to discuss, and a recommendation will be brought to the Board.
Golf Committee
Mr. Markley asked the Board to approve Cathy Goodger and David Jones to the Golf Committee, replacing Jody McCamish and Jack Carson. Approval was unanimous.

Rule Change: Construction Regulations Site Grading and Surface Water – Approved at the November 28 Board Meeting

Motion: The RCARB chairman requests board approval of the following rule change (additional text shown in bold italic type below existing rule)
Quivira, Inc. Rules & Regulations Chapter VI
Residential Construction, page 3
7. Site Grading and Surface Water
The construction grading and final grading of the site for building or improvement shall be accomplished and permanently maintained in such a manner so as to control the flow of surface water and prohibit, in so far as possible, its entry onto adjacent private property in other than designated or controlled water courses. The owner shall be responsible for providing drainage and siltation control during construction.
Quivira, Inc. may require, as evidence, that the work for which the building application is approved will not cause the surface drainage to change in a manner that would adversely affect surrounding properties, watershed, streams or the lake, including but not limited to, a drainage study signed and stamped by a registered engineer so certifying.

Announcing: An Advanced Payment Program

Now that membership approval has been obtained on both the Community Center and the Golf Practice Facility, the Finance Committee is beginning its work to secure the financing and funding for these two important strategic projects. One component of this funding is the opportunity to make a one-time, advanced payment for each project in lieu of making monthly payments. This approach was used for the Hole #2 Renovation Project back in 2015 and served to reduce the amount of loan required to finance that project.
The Advanced Payment Program for the Community Center and the Golf Practice Facility will be offered in two stages. For the Golf Practice Facility, a letter will be sent to all Foundation, Country Club and Junior Country Club members next week. This letter will include instructions should you elect to participate in the Advanced Payment Program for that project. The payment of $2,500 may either be paid directly to Quivira, Inc. by December 31, 2017 or it can be included in your January 2018 invoice. If we do not receive your response by December 15, 2017, your January 2018 invoice will begin reflecting the $15.00 monthly assessment for the Golf Practice Facility.
For the Community Center, the initial Design Phase funding will be limited to the Foundation Members. The January 2018 invoice for all Foundation Members will begin reflecting the $60.00 monthly assessment for the Community Center. These funds will be used for the detailed design work on the Community Center, as well as the funding necessary to properly evaluate each of the potential financing and funding alternatives for the Construction Phase. Once these alternatives have been thoroughly researched, the findings and recommendations will be presented to the membership. Unless a better financing and funding alternative is determined, a similar request will be made in late 2018 for those eligible members to elect to participate in the Advanced Payment Program for the Community Center.
The objective of the Advanced Payment Program is to allow members to make a lower one-time, advanced payment for each project than what would otherwise be paid by each member in the form of regular monthly payments over a sustainable period of time. In deciding which payment approach you would prefer, please consider the breakeven point compared to the total of monthly payments is roughly fourteen years and the Advanced Payments will not be transferrable across memberships. We encourage you to strongly consider participating in this program to reduce the amount of loan required on these projects.
~Tim Wilson, Chair
Finance Committee

President’s Report – December 2017

By Steve Sestak, President, Q Inc. Board of Directors

First of all, thank you for the exceptional turnout at the Annual Budget Meeting last month. I cannot recall a recent year where a quorum was reached before the meeting and 90 percent of the membership submitted votes. After many months of preparation, presentation and discussion, the greatest sign of appreciation was the significant number of members who took the time to vote on these very important ballot items this year.
The consensus of the membership is that you expect more at Lake Quivira. By providing better service and more high-demand amenities, the ultimate outcomes are improved member experience, increased membership levels and higher home valuations. You have approved the necessary investments to make these a reality; it is now up to us to deliver the results. This work has already started.
Through the remainder of 2017, the Quivira, Inc. team will be preparing to execute against the new Operating and Capital budgets. The Strategic Planning Committee will be organizing the various tracks of work related to each of the Strategic and Quick Win projects. These will be concerted efforts with each of the Standing Committees to ensure we engage the best minds and the right outside professionals to make the best decisions for Lake Quivira.
It is time to demonstrate to the market that things are happening at Lake Quivira, and, for those who want to share in this exciting progress, now is the time to join. We have engaged Creative Golf Marketing, a leading consultant to the private club industry, to build on this momentum through a creative member marketing campaign. To those who are not members today, join now or risk waiting in line after our membership is full and the cost to join is higher.
Whether you supported a particular ballot item or not, it is time we come together as Quivirans and support the decisions which have been made. There is a lot of work ahead to execute against these plans, and I suspect there will be more controversial decisions to make along the way. Thank you for your support and for the confidence you have shown in your Board and our General Manager to make these plans a reality.

Welcome! by Aline Zimmer

1217 welcome marcia and chris herre bw sizedChris and Marcia Herre, Country Club Members
Chris and Marcia are new country club members who live at Lake of the Forest where Marcia grew up. She swam in meets at LQ as a child and remembers the diving boards with fondness. Chris also visited LQ with childhood friends and recalls sailing on the lake. Chris is a golfer who has been a member at three different clubs over the years and enjoys the LQ course. He is an architect and co-owner of Rose Design Build, a firm that specializes in architecture and construction management. Marcia is a CPA who takes care of the bookkeeping and accounting at the firm.
The couple have two daughters, Lindsay, a KU grad who is in sales and marketing in Los Angeles; and Emily, a Washburn grad who is a nurse in Waldo. Dogs Molly and Candy keep them company. Chris enjoys painting and drawing and plans to join the men’s golf league and check out the Bible study group. Marcia and Chris enjoy travel and hope to ice skate on the lake when it freezes. Welcome to the Lake, Chris and Marcia!

1217 welcome brockers bw sized gsJonathan and Kerri Brocker
The Brocker family recently moved from Saddlebrooke, where they resided for the last thirteen years. Their neighbors, the Millards, first introduced them to LQ, and they joined as country club members nine years ago, but became sidetracked when their second daughter was born.
Their three girls are what finally brought them here as residents. Jordyn, 9, likes drawing, music and making friends. She’s an explorer, who, on a bike ride around the lake, took a wrong turn and headed down Holliday Drive. She was brought back and now wears a tracking bracelet. Tessa, 7, is rarely home because after a short school day she heads to an Olympic training facility in Blue Springs, where she trains as a gymnast. She has her sights set on competing in the 2028 Olympics and willingly gives up typical childhood activities to train at a high level. Alyssa, 6, enjoys soccer, dance and swimming in cold water. A future Polar Bear Plunge candidate?
Jonathan is a pharmacist with WalMart. He has been at three different locations over the last fifteen years. He earned his degrees from KU after beginning his college education on a golf scholarship at Allen Community College, so naturally he is a golfer. Kerri sells prefab interior construction with DIRTT, and her official title is DIRTTbag. She also graduated from KU, where she was on the swim and dive team. In her spare time she does crossfit.
Dogs Gus and Bella are becoming used to a smaller yard and love to ride on the golf cart. Be on the lookout for this very active family around the lake. Welcome, Kerri, Jonathan, Jordyn, Tessa and Alyssa!

1217 welcome darren gavin and Jenny bonawitz bw sizedDarren and Jenny Bonawitz
Jenny and Darren hail from Salina and knew each other from grade school on up. They began dating near the end of high school in 1991 and married in 2004. Jenny attended Phillips Junior College before finishing her business degree at Ottawa University. She handles bookkeeping at Darren’s company, NOVA8 Ventures, which invests in telecomm and technology start-ups. Darren earned his electrical engineering degree at Kansas State University (although he has been a Jayhawk fan since youth when his dad brought gear home from a conference).
The couple have two boys. Adrian, 23, has an animal science degree from Kansas State and works on a farm near Salina. He has been buying and selling cattle since age 15 and has always had his mind set on ranching. He is in the process of obtaining a real estate license to sell land. Gavin, 11, is in the sixth grade at Mission Trail Middle School in Olathe. He enjoys video games, baseball, golf and hanging out with friends. Included in the family are bulldog Arnie Palmer and cat Mollie, along with guinea pigs Chase and Tulip.
Jenny, Darren and Gavin currently live in Cedar Creek and will renovate their LQ home with intent to use it as a summer house until Gavin graduates from high school, at which point they will move here permanently. They wanted a summer home without the long commute and are finding the community to be friendly and welcoming.
Darren likes golf, fishing, poker and late nights. Jenny volunteers at a nursing home and would like to start a non-profit someday. She is heavily involved with her church and enjoys tennis, reading and travel. She’s a Cubs fan and recently attended a game with Adrian. Welcome to the Lake, Jenny, Darren and Gavin!

1217 welcome satsky bw sized gsBob and Lainie Satsky
Bob’s job brought the Satsky family to the Midwest from Texas, but their daughter’s horse was what drew them to LQ. Bob is VP of Market Intelligence at Bluescope, a manufacturer of metal buildings that has its U.S. headquarters in Kansas City. Lainie was previously an elementary school principal for fifteen years before transitioning to at-home mom about a year ago. They are both Texas Tech alumni who met walking home from church.
The couple have five children. Stephen is a freshman at Texas Tech and studies economics. Caroline, 16, is a junior at St. James Academy and takes care of dog Marley. Kate is in the eighth grade at St. Joseph. She boards and rides her horse Dirt (they didn’t choose the name) at the Saddle Club. Tom is in the third grade at St. Joseph. He likes to ride the golf cart and look after dog Buddy. Joe is a year behind Tom and enjoys fishing.
They all love the beach, lake and outings on their pontoon boat. The family enjoys the outdoors and has spent a lot of time camping and travelling in their motor home. They take one family cruise each year and have been to China and Hawaii. When asked what they look forward to, they mentioned snow, big skies, going to kids’ events and watching the kids play outdoors with their new friends. You’ll be seeing them out and about year-round. Welcome to the Lake, Lainie, Bob, Stephen, Caroline, Kate, Tom and Joe!

Letters to the Editor – December 2017

To our Lake Quivira Fire Volunteers: thank you
Just thinking of the past and want to say thank you for all the many times you were at my side. I would open my eyes and there you would be, smiling at me and taking care of me. It has been a good feeling to have had such good neighbors.
I will miss you, thank you.
~Betty McAnay

Benevolent Board member advocates for his constituents
To those of you who expressed to me your inability or unwillingness to pay significantly higher dues, I would like you to know I passionately conveyed your concerns to the other board members.
Benevolently yours,
~Bruce Braun

To The Quiviran
Jean and I no longer live at the lake, but we still love the place. There are at least 5 apartments here at Claridge Court occupied by former Lake Quivira residents. I share my copy of the Quiviran with some on them on occasion.
Although I no longer have a vote; I still have a voice. I am interested in the future of the community because I have some family and many friends there. It is hard to let go after thirty years.
I also want to thank you for your ongoing efforts to keep the public informed and aware of impending issues that seem to be endless. I have great respect for your hard work and efforts to print both sides of issues and varying opinions from all members.
Please continue to mail us The Quiviran. We really enjoy the newspaper.
~Chuck and Jean White



Take the 2nd Annual LQ Polar Bear Plunge!

1217 polar bear nearing the water bw gs
2017 Polar Bear Plunge

By Aline Zimmer
Ever wondered what the lake feels like on January first? Of course, you haven’t! But come out anyway to ring in the New Year like a polar bear. What better way to wake up your senses and shake off any weariness from the night before than to feel the cold sand underfoot and the even colder water as you take the plunge. We had 27 brave souls last year and collected over fifty food items for Harvesters.
When: January 1, 11:00 a.m.
Where: LQ yacht club to start, plunge from the beach
Why: Bragging rights
Who: All hardy souls and interested onlookers

We’ll be collecting canned and boxed food for Harvesters, so whether you take the plunge or just want to watch the foolhardy bears, bring an item of food to donate, and be sure to have warm clothes and thermos of coffee or hot chocolate to warm yourself afterwards. Event will be cancelled if the water is iced over or if there is lightening or a snowstorm.
Contact Aline Zimmer with any questions.