LQ Confidential: An inside look at some of the team players keeping LQ running smoothly

By Charles Segebrecht

An amazing team works daily to make Lake Quivira our home. For this article, several share their activities here and away, what they enjoy most about working at Lake Quivira, their holiday traditions, what they would like to see changed at Lake Quivira and their New Year’s Resolutions.

Within the Guard House

Brenda Bernhardt, entrance gate attendant, sitting at her post exhibiting her inextinguishable smile.
Brenda Bernhardt, entrance gate attendant, sitting at her post exhibiting her inextinguishable smile.

Brenda’s last name may not be known to all (Bernhardt), but her welcoming waves and persistent smile certainly are. She feels lucky coming here four days a week and states while smiling says, “I love this place!” It’s obvious to us she takes pride in her job, and underscores this with, “No matter what your job is, you have to give 110 percent.”
She came here from Milburn Country Club, where she worked in the kitchen. She did not know of Lake Quivira until Gary Anderson’s sister-in-law introduced her. Hired in 2007 to serve and tend bar, Brenda immediately loved looking at the lake. . . “troubles would fade.” She became familiar with residents and enjoyed the laid-back and relaxed vibe here; a contrast to other clubs she had worked. She loves seeing familiar faces, the children waving from the car seats, and enjoys the quick talks as traffic allows – “all along with sunsets or the beauty of the stars in the background and with the equally calming nature found looking toward the golf course.”
Brenda’s Christmas is spent sleeping in and cooking (one of her two passions). Her mother lives with Brenda (Mom uses a walker since she took a fall last winter), and fondly remembers spending summer days swimming at Lake Quivira when twenty-five cents would go a long way. Brenda brought her mother out several years ago when the many eagles descended upon our paradise; she was amazed, of course, with the eagles and certainly stunned at the many physical LQ changes.
At any other time of year, Brenda would be immersed with her other passion, gardening, a passion she blames her green thumb on her mother. Brenda grows butternut squash, tomatoes, pole string beans, asparagus, herbs and flowers. Some of these ingredients will go into week-long meal assemblies, which she plans, prepares and delivers to a friend who can’t cook for herself.
Brenda is also proud how LQ locals trust her with their pet care, plant watering and occasional house sitting. It is obvious she is always busy, but if she finds a moment, Stephen King books, along with a small bit of television (Bull is a favorite), will satisfy. She strongly believes she should always be challenging her brain: “Stop learning, stop living!” she says, smiling.
To accomplish all her tasks, she makes lists–even lists of lists. Her New Year’s Resolution: “to make fewer of these.”
The best part of any day is completing her morning task of needed organization and summoning the eagerness to get on with it. The worst parts are the “small and occasional bumps in the road when visitors are not called in, resulting in inefficiencies.” Brenda hopes she will see changes in the physical guard house–not for her, but rather “for the first impressions absorbed by visitors.”

Within the Clubhouse

Richard Borchers, Clubhouse, loves getting to  know people and has a “soft spot for kids.”
Richard Borchers, Clubhouse, loves getting to know people and has a “soft spot for kids.”

Richard Borchers, the steadfast team manager in the clubhouse, is a familiar face to all. He’s a people person who loves talking to people. Having worked Blue Hills for fifteen years and Brookridge for fourteen, he has healthy comparisons to LQ. What has become his second home was a “neat old place” when first introduced to it in 2010. “This is absolutely a good fit; my best club!”
Richard enjoys getting to know residents, making his work more personal. “I want to do more to make each happy; kids, too. I have a soft spot for kids!” He is witness to time having gone by quickly as young adults return from college he has known since their childhood.
His own children have left the nest. Smiling big, he mentions his four grandchildren and exclaims, “Oh-yeah!” Free time doesn’t really exist. He has juggled another Kohls’ retail job for over fifteen years. If he and his wife can step away, they gravitate to one of their favorites: J. Alexanders or Nick and Jakes. TV is a rarity; 20/20 or The History Channel are all he schedules. The go-to family vacation spots are Corpus Christi and Padre Island, and he loves south Texas weather in August and September.
To help remain focused and more mindful, whether it is with his grandchildren, while at work or on vacation, he did what could be considered quite bold and perhaps noble: he gave up his personal cell phone sixteen years ago.
Remaining busy is his preference. The worst part of his day is the slowdown between lunches and dinners. Things “start moving” again in early evening–his favorite time of day. When issues arise, he enjoys improvising and playing a part in solutions and enhancements (e.g. a seating arrangement challenge or a decoration need). Making familiar faces happy throughout their evening is his main concern while at work.
He’d like to see the dining room updated to mirror the new bar, believing the residents would be more comfortable. The proposed locked doors on the bar liquor cabinets and the resulting time savings are still on Richard’s wish list.
Additional notes of interest: The pontoon crawl is his happiest LQ event. He likes the annual themes and the team effort. If something is missing at Lake Quivira, he believes a separate, nondenominational chapel would be nice to have on the property. As far as a New Year’s resolution, he is going to become more familiar with computers for his calendar organization.

Within the Police Department

Police Chief Fred Grinier, sporting his steadfast attention to detail with his impeccable uniform.
Police Chief Fred Grinier, sporting his steadfast attention to detail with his impeccable uniform.

Chief of Police Fred Griner did not know of Lake Quivira until he was invited for an interview. He sees it still as an incredible secret: “It’s one of the things making this place so great!” Growing up in Leavenworth County, with a father in the US Army, he gravitated to a full-time police administration job with the City of Lansing. He learned early on being anchored to a desk would not suffice. When his wife opted to go back to school for a nursing degree, he added the part time job of LQ Police Officer, not knowing where it would take him. The then acting Deputy Chief left six months later, and Fred volunteered to help the acting Chief fill the void. Mayor Wayne Hidalgo appropriately kept Fred on staff, and four years later Mayor Olson appointed Fred full time Chief. Fred’s wife has graduated and is a practicing NICU nurse at Overland Park Regional.
Fred manages his work using his prioritized task lists, despite his duties being quite dynamic some days. He is fortunately self motivated–a key to his successes–along with his willingness to wear many hats. “No job is below me, and no job is above me,” and has raised his three children to have the same attitude. He looks forward to his days here “in a beautiful office on the road” as he makes his routine drives. He is “mindful of the beauty … sunsets, views, details; no tunnel vision.” He continually witnesses welcoming and appreciative residents sharing positive words and friendly waves. “It means a lot!” Going home to the family (including two Great Danes and one Cocker Spaniel) is yet another daily highlight.
He tries to balance work (on call 24/7), family, and his other interest: building and restoring cars and hot rods. He proudly belongs to Good Guys Rod and Custom, a national organization, and he humbly shares his crowd pleasers. His ’17 Silverado, lowered five inches in front and seven in back, with Denali Transport wheels, and ’65 dog dish center caps on each, can catch anyone’s attention. A renovated ’58 Ford Country station wagon fooled the competition with his faux wood-grained siding. He is a perfectionist to a fault. “I don’t know when to stop with a car project. Timelines must dictate my completions. I am, without a doubt, my toughest and hardest critic.” His scrutiny of detail compliments his duties as our Chief of Police.
He coached his son’s baseball teams over the years in off-hours. Occasional movies are a rare diversion. His favorites: Deuces of Spades and The World’s Fastest Indian. His invitations to participate in the end-of-summer rec programs with the dunk tank and water slide are appreciated. He says, with a big smile, “These are great fun and awesome to watch!” Fred shared another LQ highlight: Mayor Olson took Fred out on the water to teach his son how to ski. “Everyone recalls their first time up on skis, and what lake you were on,” states Fred. “So, knowing that day for us on Lake Quivira will be a forever-memory for my son and me!”
Additional notes of interest: Vacationing in Colorado Springs is his family’s favorite. As a New Year’s resolution, he intends to lose weight this year by eating healthier. He wouldn’t change anything at Lake Quivira, yet does wish “there wasn’t as much confusion between roles and responsibilities between those of the City of Lake Quivira and those of Q Inc.
Within the Q Inc. Office

Debbie Peed’s day--planner keeps her organized and on task. Off work, she escapes to fiction and biography.
Debbie Peed’s day–planner keeps her organized and on task. Off work, she escapes to fiction and biography.

Debbie Peed began working at Lake Quivira in the golf halfway house for two summers. She transitioned to full-time housekeeping in the clubhouse and quickly graduated to the clubhouse secretary. Not surprising. The Q Inc. comptroller saw her potential and stole her away five years later to handle account receivables. Thirty-two and one-half years later, she could run the whole show.
At her twenty-year anniversary, everyone gathered around the board table with a cake and presented the History of Lake Quivira coffee table book. She confessed she was a bit underwhelmed with a book taken from purchased inventory until she was asked to look inside the cover, only to find a twenty-diamond-studded ring!
You will find a day-planner on her desk with numerous other notes in her own organized fashion. She is always adding to it throughout the day and deleting as completions occur. Her planned days can go sideways with a phone call, a sick employee, a complaint or a walk-in, but she manages each with grace and moves forward. Debbie is most humble, but did quietly share how she derives great satisfaction from her work accomplishments. She hopes this year to become even more organized, believing there is always room for improvement. Note this: her high point in each day is approximately 3 p.m., when most of her workday is over. She recognizes at this point she still has time to complete her to-do list and finds satisfaction in crossing the final things off!
She lives at home with one of two daughters and two cats (one, Sly James, can be found on social media – compliments of her daughter; 5,600 followers!). Her other daughter is the mother of her two grandchildren. Debbie will be the first to share she sees herself as a homebody. She took a family vacation when eighteen to St. Louis and has remained in the Argentine area of Turner in her childhood home ever since. She has traveled vicariously, however, far and wide. Debbie will tell you, “It is important to read every day. Reading has to be a part of your every day!” If you talk with her long enough, not only will you see she is always nice, but this important habit of hers will also become apparent. Her favorite author is Lisa See, who focuses on a shared love: Chinese culture. Currently, she is reading A POW’s Story: 2,801 Days in Hanoi, by Col. Larry Guarino. This signed book will go with all her others collected for years from book signings (e.g. Rainy Day Books in Fairway). An interesting tidbit: she read out loud to one of her grandchildren with cholic whatever book she was reading at the time–it worked.
Additional notes of interest: A highlight of Debbie’s, several times a month, is a gathering of women in the office for lunch in the board room. She also enjoys working with all of them, “a fun group.” The Big Bang Theory is a favorite TV program.
She would like to see more stability with finances and structure at LQ.
Within Golf Maintence

Brad Lackey, Golf Course Superintendent, in his maintence office, anticipating a slow-down with golf course play and imminent weather ahead.
Brad Lackey, Golf Course Superintendent, in his maintence office, anticipating a slow-down with golf course play and imminent weather ahead.

Brad Lackey doesn’t play golf at Lake Quivira. Should he, he’ll find he is constantly looking for improvements to the course; nothing relaxing about his playing here. This is his only negative he can come up with surrounding his Golf Course Superintendent position. Playing at other courses allows for not only a bit of R&R, but also an opportunity to scout out ideas to incorporate at LQ.
He is from Seneca, Kansas, and attended K-State, initially intending to get a degree in marketing. He soon realized he needed to be outdoors and complimented his marketing degree with another in golf course management. His career began at Butler National Country Club, then to Kansas City Country Club, Meadowbrook Country Club, and finally to here as Assistant Superintendent in 2006 and Superintendent in 2008. He feels as though he is home with the LQ small-town feel. His first impressions were a sense of community, warm and welcoming residents and beautiful vistas. No regrets whatsoever.
The pro-shop is a separate entity from the maintence of the grounds. Brad clarifies, “If it isn’t live, it’s not us.” His 2020 calendar has moved from large project mode to fine tuning details within a maintenance mode: “things making the course pop!” His job requires considerable organization following the seasonal calendar and course events. He uses an Excel spreadsheet for the chemical applications and multiple lists to manage and accomplish everything else. He often finds crossing off a completion and adding two more to-do items.
His favorite time of his workday is early morning before anyone else has arrived; he takes a drive and relishes the serenity. He jokes frequently, helping him get through the day. “Life is too short without laughter.” He asks his employees to “keep things in perspective by asking yourselves if what has you upset is important enough to make it onto the six-o’clock news?”
Brad has one daughter (7), his “princess,” and three boys (10, 3 and 8 months). His wife and oldest son are the second highest in book checkouts at the Wyandotte County Library. Their children are home-schooled, with the aid of Leavenworth Virtual School and the KC Christian Academy. Brad also participates in their studies, coaches their baseball and is a Boy Scout leader. He’ll tell you he plays slow-pitch softball, was an Eagle Scout and aspires to be an expert woodworker. Regarding a New Year’s resolution? Lose twenty-five pounds.
He prides himself in having created a solid team working on the LQ course, mowing Blessing Park or satisfying a resident’s additional need (e.g. a wedding prep detail). His office door is always open. Satisfaction is gathered throughout each week seeing LQ members enjoying what golf maintenance has helped create. Always present for Brad is a concern an employee will be injured by a piece of dangerous equipment. Each new employee receives two weeks of training with multiple instructors (cross-training) prior to their use of any equipment. A hierarchy of equipment risk is respected with a hierarchy of an employee’s experience. Eye, ear and skin protection are always required along with the charge: “Think!”
Additional notes of interest: He would welcome expansion of the shop area for additional shelter for some of their stored, expensive equipment. Brad is presently reading Paddle Your Own Canoe, by Nick Offerman. Colorado is a favorite vacation spot for Brad; Pensacola, Florida, for entire family.

Within Facilities Management

Justin Thomas, Facilities Management Director, in his office on Renner Road contemplating early-morning  winter road conditions.
Justin Thomas, Facilities Management Director, in his office on Renner Road contemplating early-morning
winter road conditions.

Justin Thomas knew of Lake Quivira while growing up in Turner and always wondered what was behind the main gate. He believed it had an unrevealed Disneyland aura. He spent two years at Wichita State in accounting and chose instead to nurture how he likes to physically work. He shifted to KCK Community College and studied heating and cooling. Before coming to Lake Quivira, Justin was a mechanical contractor for multiple lofts in thirteen downtown buildings, where he enjoyed improving and maintaining the quality of life for the tenants.
When hired at LQ as the Facilities Management Director, he felt welcomed immediately by the community and now enjoys everyone’s friendliness. His love of learning continues. validating his job shift decision. He wants to continually learn, whether it is snowplowing of streets or repairing a salt hopper to solving an electrical issue in a golf cart storage garage or preserving lake water quality.
Justin appreciates how community members notice small completions; he calls them “finesse factors–small things go noticed!” He’s looking forward to “making a difference here and moving Lake Quivira forward; further nurturing it and helping build community.”
Justin’s a note taker. To-do lists are always in front of him. Those completed get moved to a completion spread sheet shared with his staff. “They are a great group and take pride in their work and accomplishments. I encourage them to take a breath when they view their completions.” He recognizes the members are grateful for Facilities Management’s issue resolution (e.g. changing a defective lightbulb or removing an inconvenient snow pile). “The solid part of my day is when I’m debriefing my staff; we have fun having gotten the jobs done; staff are happy despite having started the day perhaps at 2:00 or 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. We’re there for the residents; to preserve and improve their quality of life.”
His daughters, Lily (4) and Emery (5 months), beckon to him as he heads home from work. He tries to balance work with a homelife, but still does side heating and cooling repairs and mows an occasional lawn. The family’s favorite vacation spot is Nassau, Bahamas. When needing a local diversion, Justin and his wife enjoy going to movies (4+ per month!). The Prestige is this movie buff’s favorite.
Looking Forward
Additional staff members will be recognized throughout this year. The above profiles represent a portion of the many essential people hard at work to make Lake Quivira function, prosper and shine.


Quivira, Inc. Board of Directors

Now accepting nominations for the Board of Directors. There will be three Foundation Director positions up for election at the Annual Membership meeting in March. All Foundation Members and spouses are eligible to serve as Foundation Directors.  In addition, the Associate Director position is also up for election this year and is eligible to all Associate Members and spouses.

If you are interested in being a candidate or wish to recommend someone else, please contact a member of the Nominating Committee. The deadline to submit nominations is January 31, 2020.

Nominating Committee
Tray Vedock, Chairman
Lisa Carroll
Christi Metivier
Randy Treas
Justin Wood

Spirit of Quivira Award
Associate Member Outstanding Service Award

The Spirit of Quivira Award honors two Foundation members (one woman and one man) who have made outstanding contributions to Lake Quivira. The Associate Member Outstanding Service Award honors one Associate member who has also made outstanding contributions to Lake Quivira. To be eligible, individuals must have been a member for a minimum of five years with exemplary volunteer work and service to the community (not necessarily in one service area, if possible).

If you wish to recommend someone for these special awards, nominations may be either emailed to Debbie Peed at debbie@lakequivra.org or submitted to the Quivira, Inc. office. The deadline to submit nominations is January 31, 2020.

President’s Report – January 2020

By Steve Sestak, President, Quivira, Inc.

I hope everyone had a very enjoyable and relaxing holiday season. The start of each new year provides a chance to reflect back and define new resolutions. From an enhanced “first impression” as we enter the community to the new golf practice range, nature center and clubhouse main bar to several large road and other infrastructure projects, we accomplished a lot over the past year. We also rebuilt the golf pro shop, filled several key department head positions, conducted the Covenants review process, added forty net new members, and closed thirty home sales. Reflecting on 2019, I am very proud of the progress made to improve our operations, services and amenities, but there is still much more to do.
We will soon commence the search for our next General Manager. Given the growing complexities of Lake Quivira and the many different demands of this position, careful consideration is being given to the right profile and governance model before formally starting the search process. In the interim, each member of the Board of Directors has been assigned oversight of certain areas, and our operations are in great hands with an exceptional team in each department.
Over the coming months, we expect to complete several major projects, including Duck Cove, the golf teaching center and the community center. Each of these are significant initiatives that will further improve and enhance our community or club services, and we appreciate your patience and support as we work through the final stages. We look forward to the grand opening events, when we can share the product of many months (and even years) of dedication and hard work by many volunteers in our community.
My resolution for the new year is to spend more time enjoying Lake Quivira. After three years serving as Board President, it is time I step aside and start to enjoy again the many benefits of being a member. But before I make that transition in March, there are several things I plan to accomplish, along with the assistance of our very capable Board of Directors. They include hiring the right General Manager to lead Lake Quivira into the future, finishing the community center and teaching center at the golf practice range and restoring confidence in our fiscal reporting. These initiatives represent our top priorities as we start the new year, and we will keep you apprised of our progress.
Serving Lake Quivira has been an honor, and I encourage those of you with the same passion for making it even better for future Quivirans to consider running for election at the Annual Meeting on March 23, 2020. Although I will not seek re-election as Board President this year, I do have one year remaining on my current term and intend to stay on to help transition and assist with whatever areas requested. We are very fortunate to have a strong team of dedicated members serving on our Board of Directors who strive to make Lake Quivira a great place to live and play for all members.
I have been blessed to be part of this wonderful community full of great friends, unique amenities, exceptional staff and many tireless volunteers. As we start the new year, I encourage all of you to channel your energy towards making a positive contribution and enjoying all the great things we have at Lake Quivira.

Letters to the Editor

Thank you, Quivira, for the gift of warmth

0120 lqcm christmas store

Thank you for your generous contribution to the Cross-Lines Coats for Kids coat drive.
Your donation, along with those of many other Quivirans, made it possible to provide nearly 1200 coats to the 2019 Cross-Lines Christmas Store.
Your generosity means that many children are staying warm because of coats you helped provide. It continues to be a humbling and inspirational experience to witness the overwhelming generosity of our community.
We couldn’t have done it without you.

With deep appreciation,
~Teresa Biron and Anne Simms,
Lake Quivira Ministries

New Native Flower Pollinator Garden ‘open for business’ behind #1 green

As you may know, the Lake Quivira Country Club is recognized for their environmental excellence by the Audubon International. We strive every year to add things to the club grounds to help us become a better place and assist in our recertification with the Audubon International.
On February 14, 2018, LQ Golf Maintenance, under the submission of Jeff Eldridge and Lori Keller, became the proud owners of a registered #18934 Monarch Waystation with the Monarch Watch Foundation. Unfortunately, I was too busy with so many Q Inc installation projects this past year that I was unable to get the garden location prepped and ready for seed. However as of Friday, December 6, 2019, under the direction of Brad Lackey to get the work done, we are a go!
The bed that we choose for this project is a dedicated Memorial Flower Bed, dedicated to Samantha Herzog and located behind #1 green.
The sign is in the ground. and members can expect to see many different flowers, pollinators and butterflies in this location throughout the summer of 2020 and forward.
Not unlike the Pollinator Garden located out on the east end of Eastside Park, this will take at least three years of seeding to get it well established. So people may expect for it to look a little weedy in the flower bed area, as our native perennials and reseeding annuals don’t always bloom at the same time. In addition to the fact that it is a native flower area, the dedicated area will require no maintenance just like the Pollinator Garden out by the lake.
Please feel free to call me if you have any other questions. Have a wonderful day and stay warm.
~Lori Keller, LQ Horticulturist

0120 letter keller 3

0120 letter keller 10120 letter keller 2

Thank you for record-setting support of the
Salvation Army

Bruce Rimbo, Corky Nason, Gerry Watts
Bruce Rimbo, Corky Nason, Gerry Watts

Way to go, generous Quivirans! You once again opened your wallets and your hearts to support the life-giving work of the Salvation Army. Our annual bell ringing effort on December 12 generated $17,355.30 in donations, a record over our more than 15 years of giving, and a whopping 38 percent increase over last year (which previously generated our second highest total).
Your response was overwhelming and greatly appreciated by The Salvation Army Harbor Light Village in Kansas City, Kansas, recipients of our giving. They informed us that, once again, Lake Quivira achieved the highest one-day collection in the Greater Kansas City area.
On behalf of the Quivira Men’s Fellowship, thank you for your support. With one of the lowest administrative rates of all charities, your gifts will go a long way to help those in need all year long.
The Quivira Men’s Fellowship meets at 7:30 a.m. at the Clubhouse on the second and fourth Fridays of each month. All Quivira men are welcome to join us.
Bell ringers stationed at the front gate and in front of the Clubhouse greeted Quivirans as part of the annual Salvation Army Bellringing Drive. Their efforts helped to generate record-setting giving for Lake Quivira in 2019.

20/20 for 2020
It’s often said that hindsight is 20/20. While I don’t fully subscribe to that notion, I can say with confidence that 2020 will mark anniversaries of the two best decisions in my life: (1) To marry my wife with whom I’ll celebrate our 50th anniversary; and (2) to make Lake Quivira our home 45 years ago. Both decisions came with expectations and commitments, and later yielded some important lessons with uncanny parallels.
Expectations are the essential driving forces in both relationships, but also the continuing challenge. We enter marriage with expectations about our partner and about the institution of marriage itself. Similarly, we move to Quivira with expectations about a “unique” lifestyle, having sacrificed opportunities to purchase even nicer homes elsewhere for the price we pay here. These expectations are the embodiment of our personal dreams and ideals, and it doesn’t take long for them to collide with the reality of a relationship where we discover others may not see the world as we do!
Complicating matters, these aren’t ordinary transactions where we have extensive experience. We feel our way into them and over time begin to realize that the potential for success lies not in reshaping others according to our personal expectations, but rather building a relationship—a partnership if you will—for a mutual journey of discovery. The journey takes time and commitment.
The underpinning of the journey and the foundation of the commitment is trust in our partners, a trust built on honesty, transparency and continuing conversations about dreams and expectations. There are no hidden agendas or power plays, but rather a balancing and compromising with a sense of mutuality. It’s a relationship steeped in the notion that together the outcomes can be better than either could have achieved on their own.
Trust, however, can never be blind. Blind trust leads to complacency, which is but a small step from indifference and the fracturing of the relationship. Like my sourdough pancake starter, trust must be nourished continually lest it die. That is as true for marriage as for preserving the “uniqueness” of Quivira. Nourishing conversations must continue no matter the difficulties.
In hindsight, 2019 was not a great year for Quivira. Continuing delays in opening the community center, major financial shortfalls, accounting irregularities and another retirement of a short-term general manager were major contributors. Even the new driving range came with drainage problems. To top it off, trust issues divided the community to the point that multiple black box undergrounds sprang up. The needed conversations faltered.
So, let’s make 2020 a banner year by committing to more open conversations. Let’s start by squaring where we are today with the expectations set in the past, whether that be for budgets or the operation of the community center. Those expectations are the only reference points for fully understanding where we are today.
Then, let’s go even further and begin the much-needed conversation about our community: Are we a community with some country club amenities or are we a country club with attached residences? Our recent “strategic plans” were never true, long-range plans for Quivira, inasmuch as they only addressed our assets, not our community. Answering this question would set the tone for future conversations and influence everything from what type of general manager we need to the next owners of our homes. It’s important. Let’s talk about it. Let’s write about it.
~Larry Meeker

Quivira Community Center, Inc. (Q2) Report – January 2020

By Mark Kistler, President, Q2 Board of Directors

I trust you all had a great holiday and received many wonderful gifts from family and friends. Speaking of “gifts,” the Q2 Board and committee members received the gift of a great community center tour last week from manager Derrick Wilde. Derrick walked us through all areas of the community center, and all I can say is Wow! Once stairs to the lower and upper levels have been installed, we plan to host member tours so many of you can see firsthand how great this new amenity is going to be and how each of you might use it. The link below allows you to view some fantastic pictures Ron Bower recently took of both the inside and outside of the building. Thank you, Ron!

As the construction phase continues to progress, the Q2 Board and its committees are focusing on future operational readiness, needed supplies, furnishings and staffing plans, plus the overall member experience expected once the community center opens for business. Derrick also walked us through a demo of a Q2 on-line retail website where members can order fitness related athletic clothing, swim caps, goggles, etc.
Mid-January the Youth Services Committee will send out pre-school enrollment information packets to prospective parents who want to enroll their children for the upcoming 2020/2021 preschool year. As I mentioned in last month’s article, the preschool will have two classrooms of twelve children each.
In closing, I want to say thank you to Ben Kalny for both his service as Mayor of Quivira and for serving as an ex-officio member of the Q2 Board. I also want to congratulate Brady Lilja on his installation as the new mayor of Lake Quivira and welcome him as an ex-officio member of the Q2 Board, taking Ben’s seat.
The next Q2 board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 16, 2020, at 6 p.m. Happy New Year, and thanks to all for leading!

Narrative from City Council meeting on December 2, 2019

Narrative From City Council Meeting on December 2nd, 2019
In the spirit of transparency, below is a narrative of our most recent City Council meeting held on December 2nd, 2019. All are welcomed to attend in person which are held the first Monday night of each month at 6:30pm at Lake Quivira City Hall.
Mayor Ben Kalny and the following council members were present: Gayle Best, John Christy and Brady Lilja, along with newly elected council members Annie Noland and Greg Prieb.
The following staff members were present: Erin Leckey, City Administrator/Treasurer; Kathy Bounds, City Clerk/Court Administrator; Fred Grenier, Chief of Police/Building Official; Ellis Rainey, City Attorney; Dan Parker, Judge.
Recognition of visitors: Nate Byarlay, Gary and June Caler, Bill Cole, John Nelson, Jack McCullagh, Marti Lilja, Joni McCullagh, Kent Noland and Ashley Prieb.
Mayor Kalny called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. with Pledge of Allegiance; all were welcomed to participate.
Minutes: Council member Lilja made the motion to approve the minutes from the November 4, 2019 meeting. Council member Best seconded the motion. Vote: 4-0. Motion carried.
Following the approval of minutes, council member Lilja presented outgoing Mayor Ben Kalny with a gift and plaque recognizing his service of six years on City Council and two years as Mayor.
Oath Of Office: The honorable Judge Dan Parker led the Oath of Office by swearing in newly elected officials: Brady Lilja as Mayor; and Gayle Best, Andrea (Annie) Noland and Greg Prieb II as council members. Mayor Lilja announced his resignation as council member and as President of City Council.
Council Member Appointment: Mayor Lilja made a recommendation to appoint Dave McCullagh to fill the vacant council seat.
Motion: Council member Christy made a motion to accept Brady Lilja’s resignation as council member and council President and to appoint Dave McCullagh to the vacant council seat. Vote 4-0. Motion carried.
Following the motion and vote to appoint Dave McCullagh, the Honorable Judge Dan Parker gave the Oath of Office to Mr. McCullagh. He was sworn in as a council member and took his seat on the council.
City Insurance Renewal and Cyber Protection: Nate Byarlay from CBIZ Insurance presented the council with information regarding the city’s insurance coverages and premiums for the 2020 calendar year, including a new cyber policy. Discussion ensued about also adding an additional umbrella coverage and increasing deductibles to decrease premium costs. Mr. Byarlay will provide additional options for the January city council meeting. Discussion then moved to the importance of adding Cyber Protection for our city. Two different policies were discussed and the differences between the two bids.
Motion: Council member Christy made a motion for the city to engage in cyber coverage with the company BCS not to exceed $1,500 per year. Council member McCullagh seconded the motion Vote 5-0. Motion carried.
Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s Report was submitted to the city council. Treasurer Erin Leckey went through the report in detail and answered questions for the new council members. Motion: Council member Prieb made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report as submitted. Council member Noland seconded the motion. Vote 5-0. Motion carried. A complete copy of the Treasurer’s Report can be obtained at Lake Quivira City Hall.
New Business:
Community Mapping- City Administrator Leckey gave an update on the community mapping project which will assist first responders to exact locations when a call for service is received from a location with no address or in large buildings such as the clubhouse, community center and possibly the golf course and the trail system.
Front Door for City Hall- Chief Grenier reported on a bid from Jansen Glass and Door to replace the current front door. The new door will have a more professional appearance, will be more energy efficient and will assist the public into the correct entry into City Hall. Council member Best made a motion to approve the bid in 2020 not to exceed $4,000. Council member Christy seconded the motion. Vote 5-0. Motion carried.
Gas Station Island- Chief Grenier reported on a bid to replace the deteriorating gas pumps. Discussion continued relating to the overall aesthetics of the gas station island. The bid and discussion will be revisited in 2020.
SMAC Report- Bill Cole introduced himself to the new council members and explained his role as the city’s representative for SMAC and OPTI projects. He and John Nelson of Q Inc. explained how storm water projects such as duck cove, the spillway maintenance and the lake level monitoring equipment are designed and funded.
Police Chief’s Report- Chief Grenier presented his monthly report, noting he had nothing new to add.
Fire Chief’s Report- Mayor Lilja gave an update on the sale of the remaining fire truck, explaining it’s available for sale through multiple channels. No credible offers have been entertained. Former Fire Chief Mark Stephan will continue his efforts to sell the truck for an appropriate amount.
City Clerk Report- City Clerk commented on the City Clerk Certification Program she recently attended. She thanked the mayor and council for allowing her to attend and expressed that she took a lot of good information from it.
City Attorney Report- City Attorney Ellis Rainey gave a brief overview to the newly elected officials as to their responsibilities as council members and explained to them rules and regulations as it relates to open meetings. He also advised he is available to answer questions anytime and encouraged them to reach out to him if they had any.
Mayor’s Report- Areas of responsibilities were assigned and distributed to council members and Mayor Lilja encouraged council members to reach out to himself, City staff and former council members.
Sunshine Law- covered by City Attorney Rainey.
Website/App Update: Mayor Lilja explained the notification app is now available to download via Apple and Android play stores.
Deer Harvest- Final Report: total of 35.5 hours of hunting by two members. 52 doe sightings, 14 buck sightings and 2 does harvested.
Gas Station Lease Renewal- Council member McCullagh was asked to revisit the gas station lease. Council will discuss at a future meeting.
Tree/Shrub Removal at City Hall- Gayle Best will coordinate removal of shrubbery that is blocking the line of sight for vehicles leaving the city hall parking lot on the upper east corner of parking lot.
February Council Meeting- Due to a scheduling conflict with several council members and staff, it was discussed, and agreed upon to move the February meeting to the second Monday in February. City Attorney Rainey advised it needed to go to a vote to move the meeting. Motion: Council member Prieb made a motion to move the council meeting on February 3rd, 2020 to Monday February 10th, 2020 at 6:30pm. Council member McCullagh seconded the motion. Vote 5-0. Motion carried.
Council Reports:
Council member Best reported large item trash pickup day went extremely well and that Mr. Depew relayed he picked up approximately two truckloads of donations for City Union Mission.
Discussion ensued about tree trimming responsibility on Holliday Drive. Council member Best explained which section BPU takes care of and which section is City of Lake Quivira responsibility.
Decorative lamp posts were discussed being installed along Holliday Drive. It was noted it would be aesthetically pleasing but it would also be very expensive.
Council member Christy reported the Mayor’s Christmas tree lighting event was very successful. He will now shift his focus to the city’s annual 4th of July festivities. He anticipates having the finalized contract with the fireworks vendor at the January council meeting.
Old Business: None
Executive Session: None
Adjournment: Council member Prieb made a motion to adjourn at 8:55pm. Council member Best seconded the motion. Vote 4-0. Motion carried. (Council member Christy had to leave prior to adjournment, therefore, was not present to cast a vote.)
The meeting adjourned at 8:55pm
Next Scheduled Meeting: January 6, 2020, at 6:30 pm