Four candidates vie for three seats on Q Inc. Board of Directors

Meet the Candidates Night
Wednesday, March 14, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Clubhouse Great Room

Russ French
Russ French

Russ French

Occupation: Retired (Formerly an Executive with DineEquity, parent company of the Applebee’s and IHOP restaurant brands). My background includes operations excellence, insurance, financial planning, budgeting, risk management, development, safety, security and crisis management.
Education: Undergraduate (Business), Pittsburg State University; MBAm Rockhurst University (Executive Fellow).
Carol and I first moved to Lake Quivira in 1973 following college and my three-year commitment as a Field Artillery officer in the Army. Our early years at the Lake found us involved in the usual variety of activities such as golf, tennis, and of course on the lake. During that time, I also served as Treasurer and City Clerk for the City of Lake Quivira.
The addition of our two children (Regan and Matt) was partially responsible for the move to our second house at the Lake. This also changed our independent lifestyle as we became totally engrossed in the “kid centered” activities. The kids attended the LQ Pre-school, participated in the LQ Recreation Program, swim team, Junior Golf, Tennis and Quivira soccer team. Carol became active in the Mother’s Club and served as Director of the Pre-school. I, on the other hand, began my career as club coach for soccer/baseball/softball/basketball/tennis, which lasted through high school. I also managed to chair the Tennis Club and run most of the tournaments and social events. We’re now in our third house, a partial tear-down/remodel. The kids are grown with families of their own, but long to someday to return and become a part of Quivira’s future.
I previously served on the Board from 2009-2011 and as President in 2011. I chaired or co-chaired most of the standing committees including the inaugural Strategic Planning Committee. During my tenure, the Board always seemed to successfully vet each issue, found reasonable solutions and grappled with and successfully balanced the budget. Sometimes the work was arduous, but the goal was always the same – work for the betterment of Lake Quivira.
This past year, I served to fill a one-year term for a vacated Board position. During this time, I served as vice-chair of the Finance/Administration and Restrictions/Architectural Review Committees. From both a Board and resident perspective, the past year has been one of the busiest and most challenging I can remember. It has been extremely rewarding for me personally to have been able to work with such a dynamic Board and Quivira staff. The collective efforts of the Board and staff are exemplary.
Some of my work on the Finance/Administration Committee is addressed below. However, there is an element of this Committee that many times goes unnoticed and that is “Administration.” This past year, we hired a new GM and Controller as well as made several other staff changes. As Vice-chair of the Committee I provided direction during our insurance renewals, guidance for human resource related events, and as a historical reference for the new GM and Controller. Improvements to several administrative protocols and systems were made during this past year and continue into 2018.
Additionally, during the past year, the Restrictions/Architectural Review Board initiated a review of several policies and procedures resulting in the creation of a new construction application, construction checklist, and a “pre-construction review” procedure.
As a candidate for any elected position, people should know where you stand on the issues. It’s not difficult recognizing the beliefs that shape my position on issues at Lake Quivira. While not an all-encompassing list they include:
Accurately assessing the pulse of the membership on items affecting us all and managing accordingly: The membership has been opening solicited for their input regarding amenities and the direction for Quivira’s future. The Board worked diligently to assess this input which resulted in several identified options being presented for member vote. Whatever your vote, it is now time to move forward into the next generation of Quivira’s history.
Quality amenities and Services: See above.
Financial stability and planning: As Vice-chair of the Finance Committee, I have been fully engaged in the 2017/2018 budgets and the financial planning for the approved amenities. I am generally a fiscal conservative, so watching the $’s is high on my list of priorities. The Finance Committee and Q-Inc staff have worked diligently (and in the best interest of Quivira) to provide responsible financial tools to achieve the 2018 budget and financing for the approved projects. The Committee’s work on several related fronts will continue thru 2018 and beyond.
Preserving Quivira’s Unique Character & Lifestyle: I stand for preserving Quivira’s unique character, lifestyle, and assets. However, to do so, there are times when it is pertinent to improve or add to our amenities such as we have done with approval of the Community Center, Golf Practice Facility, Beach Pavilion, and Nature Center. These are not inexpensive projects, but significantly add to our amenities, character, lifestyle, and ultimately to our property values.
We seem to have always successfully navigated our way from the past to the present and into the future leaving the legacy of Quivira intact. My pledge to the membership is to move Quivira forward while not forgetting our past. Moving forward, we must continue to accurately assess and responsibly act on those issues that cause us to define our future.
I think you will find my knowledge of Lake Quivira and business experiences are well suited to serving on the Board. I look forward to your support at the Annual Meeting.

Steve Sestak
Steve Sestak

Steve Sestak

When I initially ran for the Board of Directors three years ago, my goal was to help guide Lake Quivira through some important decisions which would set the tone for the future of our community. After serving on the Safety & Security, Lake & Residential and Finance Committees, I requested the opportunity to chair the Strategic Planning Committee. Through my past involvement on this committee and extensive professional experience in this area, I believed a different approach would be required to develop a Master Plan that would guide Lake Quivira into the future.
Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to serve as the Board President. During this period, I led the task force to recruit and hire our next General Manager, directed the effort to complete the Master Plan and guided the annual budgeting process to a very successful outcome. Throughout my time on the Board, I have worked hard to set a clear agenda, address many lingering issues and foster confidence and transparency with the membership. I have been fortunate to work with an excellent General Manager and a group of dedicated Board Members who share the vision of a great future for Lake Quivira.
I have decided to run for another term to deliver on this vision. Last November, the membership sent a clear message as to their expectations. Several exciting strategic projects are underway, and the budgets are now properly funded to deliver the experience members expect. While there are sure to be challenges along the way, there is a lot to be excited about at Lake Quivira.
If re-elected, my commitment is to continue working to improve our operations, successfully complete each strategic project, grow our membership and increase the value of our community, while applying the same inclusive approach, regular communications and objective leadership I have displayed on past matters. These methods have served me well throughout my career, and I look forward to continuing to focus my energy on the best interests of Lake Quivira.
On a personal front, I am currently the Chairman of MarketSphere, a company I founded after working for Arthur Andersen, where I had served as the Managing Partner of the Business Consulting division in Kansas City and Omaha. Having run my own company over the past fifteen years, I understand the challenges of balancing the strategic, operational and financial considerations of a small, enterprising business and the need to work together to formulate the best solutions. Now that my work commitments are limited, I am able to spend more time serving the Kansas City community, including the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City, the KU Advancement Board and the Lake Quivira Board.
Lynn and I have been members of Lake Quivira for almost twenty years. After six years as a Country Club member, we built our new home and moved to the lake in 2004. Since becoming residents, we have enjoyed the many friendships we have made and have actively participated in many different programs and activities offered by our unique community. Like many of you, we raised our kids and plan to retire at Lake Quivira. We recently broke ground on our new home, so I guess you can say we have a vested interest in the long-term success of our community.
I have greatly appreciated your support during my time on the Board. I believe we have made very good progress and welcome your vote to allow me to continue executing on our plans

Leslie Treas
Leslie Treas

Leslie Treas

I am honored for the nomination as a candidate for the Lake Quivira Board of Directors; and believe my professional career, extensive community involvement and personal experiences as a foundation member have equipped me with the necessary understanding and skills to serve and represent you on the Board of Directors. If elected, I would serve with full commitment, enthusiasm, attention to detail and strong work ethic.
Quivira is entering an era of growth and opportunity with our expanded amenities and programs. The more ways can play together, the more rooted our community becomes with current and prospective members. The future growth and health of Quivira depends on the effective management of these amenities and programs. I hope to participate in facility and program development for fitness and recreational services; as well as planning space for rest, relaxation and social interaction of the members.
INVOLVEMENT: The best way to understand the needs and inner workings of a community is to participate at various levels. I stay involved in the many activities our diverse community has to offer–golf, tennis, lake swimming, biking, running around the lake and trails and enjoying the Clubhouse with family and friends. My extensive involvement and leadership in Lake Quivira committees and clubs include the following:
Fire Department, First Responder; Tennis Committee, Acting Member; Golf Committee, Past Member; Quivira Women’s Golf Association, Past President; Photography Club, Acting President; Yacht Club, Acting Treasurer; Summer Recreation Program, Past Parent Coordinator; Catfish Swim Team, Past Parent Coordinator; Tennis Club, Member; Women’s Bible Study, Member; Mothers’ Club, Member; Garden Club, Member
QUALIFICATIONS: I earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Pennsylvania State University and a Masters’ of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Kansas; and obtained a PhD from the University of Kansas with dual areas of study for testing and measurement and nursing education. I hold dual pediatric and neonatal nurse practitioner certifications and have worked clinically for eighteen years in neonatal intensive care units.
As a founder of Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC, and Director of Research and Development, I bring a strong business acumen to the Board. I value foresight and planning, fiscal responsibility, understanding the market and assuring our community and amenities stay relevant to our residents and country club members. Above all, I will work to ensure Quivira, Inc. remains a value opportunity, attractive to current and prospective members.
With my professional background in healthcare, business, education and publishing, as well as personal experience in physical fitness and sports, I understand the operational components of the amenities offered at Lake Quivira. I will apply my business sense with the art of refining our new amenities to meet the needs of our residents, country club members, and prospects.
COLLABORATION: I bring my experience as a communicator and textbook author to ensure constant communication and transparency with the members of Lake Quivira Country Club. I will always be receptive to your feedback on issues affecting the business of Lake Quivira.
COMMITMENT: Lake Quivira has been our home for over sixteen years. Our family is deeply rooted here with my husband growing up in this community, and our own, three children as Lake Kids. As many liken Quivira to a swallow’s nest where the young return with their young; we, too, hope that our children will raise their own families here someday. As a vested resident, I commit to giving my very best to our Quivira community.

Erik Vossman
Eric Vossman

Eric Vossman

First off, I would like to express my gratitude to the nomination committee for thinking of me as a candidate to serve on the board. Lake Quivira has contributed so many great memories in my life, and I truly appreciate the opportunity to contribute back to the community.
My wife Katie and I moved to the lake in 2013 and have completed the LQ tradition of completely remodeling a home with three kids under 5; Graham (4), Summer (2), Bella (2 months). We absolutely love our home, but are currently following the other LQ tradition of moving across the lake into our new project! Although we have only lived here since 2013, this community has always been in my life. My grandparents built their home here in 1968, I moved here with my parents in 1993 and I have three uncles and three aunts who live here or are members. My mother was raised here, I was raised here, we are raising our kids here and someday will have our grandkids out here if all goes as planned.
The younger members raising families in this community need to have a voice in the direction of our community. This voice is not a right but rather a responsibility for us to step up and contribute if we want our message to be heard. The Board should be assembled with a diverse group that better represents the community it serves. My history in our community and my current place in life I believe would bring a valuable perspective to the board.
I understand what makes Lake Quivira special compared to other country clubs, and would never sacrifice who we are, so we can say we have what the other clubs have. I don’t underestimate the value of greenspace, I love that all of our houses don’t look the same, and I have always referred to us as “Quivira Lake and County Club” and not the other way around for a reason. Our lake and the infrastructure around it is our most valuable and fragile asset and we have to continue the steps to preserve it. That being said, I do believe we need to keep making progress to protect what we have. The passing of the community center and golf practice facility energizes my family’s love for our community, and I hope does for each and every one of you.
My wife and I both graduated from Kansas State with a bachelor’s in architecture and moved to Denver where we both practiced for four years. I am a licensed architect, but transitioned to the construction business in 2010 when I went to work for the family business, McAnany Construction. My architectural background made for an easy transition to the civil contracting world, but I am always learning about better methods for street construction and preservation. In my current role as President, I am involved in all aspects of the company; overall direction, financial planning, operations, equipment purchasing, estimating, etc. In many ways running a family business is very similar to the management of Lake Quivira. Decisions are tougher in an environment where everyone knows everyone, but you have the advantage of a group of people with similar ideals and goals.
One thing that we are most proud about out company is culture; we believe treating clients and employees honestly and respectfully results in stronger relationships with our clients and a higher quality of work from our great employees. This practice of honesty and respect is something all Quivira members should strive for. We do not need more rules and regulations because of people not respecting the existing, but rather we need to respect and enforce the rules we have. This will take an entire community effort, but the board has to be there to stand behind our existing policies rather than writing new ones because of a few bad apples.
If elected my architecture and construction background will bring a great asset to the board. While working on the community center design over the last few months I have seen a need for someone with my background serving on the board. With our upcoming construction projects, the constant need for preservation of our streets, and our storm water issues we will have a lot of decisions where my knowledge in architecture and construction will be vital for decisions the board will need to make.
My family and I appreciate the nomination and would love your support and vote. Please reach out to me if you have any questions. Thank you.

Proposed Rule Change: Construction Time Limits – Community input welcome at March 27 Board meeting

Chapter VI – Residential Construction
Article II – Construction Regulations
New Item 16 – Construction Time Limitations

Any building application approval issued may contain an initiation and expiration date. The expiration date shall be determined based upon the scope and nature of the project for which the application is sought, as follows:
Type of Application – Duration
Roof – 30 days
Driveway – 60 days
Dock Sites – 2 months
Interior Remodel – 9 months
Substantial Remodel – 12 months
Addition – 12 months
Addition +3000ft2 – 18 months
New Structure – 18 months
New Structure +6,500ft2 – 24 months
The construction clock shall start on the construction start date on the approved application. If no firm date is listed the clock shall start no more than 45 days after the building permit is issued.
In the event that the project is not included in the chart above, as applicable, the RCARB or the Lake and Residential Committee shall consider the scope and nature of the project for which the application is sought, weather conditions and any other factors, which the respective committee determines to be relevant, in determining the expiration date for the project. Upon expiration, approval shall become null and void and be of no further force and effect, provided however, that the homeowner may request an extension for up to one-half the time of the original approval, but in no case more than six (6) months.
Any additional extension of building approvals shall be conditioned upon the applicant meeting with Board of Directors in Executive Session at the next regularly scheduled board meeting. An extension may be approved and issued by the board of directors.
Failure to comply with the provisions of this Article may result in remedies outlined in Article VII (f) of the Covenants & Restrictions and/or Article V, Section 5 of the By-laws.

A Summary of the February 27, 2018 Board Meeting

President Sestak opened the meeting and invited attending members to share comments and questions; no members came forward. President Sestak recognized this as the last meeting for the current Board of Directors and thanked all Board Members for their commitment and service over the past year.
General Manager Report
Mr. Goss stated the contract for the new Beach Pavilion has been completed, and this project is on track for the target date in June. He praised the Mother’s Club for a great job in fulfilling their obligation in raising money for the project. Assembly of the new pavilion should start in May.
Mr. Goss stated the work has begun on the new Golf Practice Facility. The bulldozers have begun the earth work and will take approximately five weeks to complete. Eleven trees have been relocated alongside the boarder of Hole #7. The teaching center has been moved to the Quivira Road side so as not to be impacted by golf balls coming off Hole #7. This will also make it easier to run electrical service.
New Business
Justin Wood gave an update from the Nominating Committee; the Committee has met three times and has identified four candidates for the three open Director positions. Meet the Candidates night has been rescheduled to March 14. Candidates’ bios will be posted in the March issue of the Quiviran.
Mr. Sestak gave an update on the design on the new Community Center. A special meeting was held on February 12 with the architect. They have been working in parallel with the design process to make sure the design fits the budget. A couple of changes were required; the racquet ball court and a storage room in the recreation center level have been removed. Additionally, a wall on the track level was changed to glass so members could see the lake when walking around the track. Motion was made for approval on design of the Community Center. Motion was approved unanimously.
Mr. Sestak shared the agenda for the upcoming Annual Meeting and asked Board Members for review. He stated he will be working on a presentation for the meeting and mentioned he will be reaching out to several Board Members to help with the presentation.
Marketing Committee
Ms. Bowker spoke on the recent program launch meeting with Creative Group Marketing. There was a great turnout for the event, and she mentioned those members who did not attend should have received their packet in the mail. She also mentioned an electronic packet will be going out this week.
She briefly spoke on the visitor guest pass stating since introducing this pass, we’ve had 23 visitors with the longest visit being 42 minutes. Mr. Nelson commented the Safety and Security Committee reviewed the guest pass program during their meeting and, by unanimous consent, saw no reason to stop the program. Mr. Goss interjected by saying since April 11, 2017, when ABDI started tracking the usage of the front gate, 283,279 people have passed through the gates. Of those people accessing the community, 198,134 have passed through the Q-tag gate and 85,145 passed through the visitor gate.
Finance Committee
Mr. Goss mentioned we are currently going through our annual audit. He stated he has asked Vickie to focus on the Northstar conversion and the audit and instructed two others in the office to focus on month-end close and financial reporting.
Golf Committee
Mr. Markley spoke on the renovation on Hole #15 and stated it is looking good. Currently, it is about a week behind schedule due to the recent ice storms and is on budget. Mr. Braun asked Mr. Markley if the Restrictions Committee will receive something to review on the new structure to be built on the Golf Practice Facility. Mr. Markley confirmed review of the new Teaching Facility building.

Lake and Residential Committee
Mr. Nelson gave an update on the Nature Center. Two designs have been finalized. The basic design is a 36’ x 36’ building, costed at $165,000. A second design adds an additional 12 feet to the building for an additional horse stable and storage, bringing the cost to $190,000. The plan is to start raising money and determine which design to pursue based on the amount of money raised. The way the building is designed, additional sections could be added in the future as the equestrian center grows. The Quivira Foundation has approved a matching grant of $25,000 which will be contributed once the rest of the money is raised. He said there is an upcoming trail meeting, and he is looking to put together a group from the Saddle Club to start marketing the project and requesting donations. The donations will not be tax deductible. The plan is to have some type of fundraising event in April down by the proposed site.
Mr. Nelson mentioned the Pet Clinic will be on April 7 with Dr. Leo Becker and held at the Fire Station. He also spoke on the illicit discharge ordinance #291 discussed last month. A group attended the Lake and Residential Committee meeting to voice their opinion, stating the ordinance is being misinterpreted. He said the city ordinance is very specific that yard waste moved by man cannot go into the lake. The group plans on going to the City Council to fight the ordinance. Mr. Nelson also spoke on the negative effects of plankton enhancer being added to the lake. Mr. Goss said the State of Kansas will provide Lake Quivira with standards for testing the lake.
Restrictions Committee
Mr. Braun spoke on the need for guidelines on construction timelines. Mr. Braun made a motion to adopt a new rule for construction time limitations. Mr. Nelson made a motion to amend Mr. Braun’s motion to include dock sites under the same timeline limitations. Both motions were approved unanimously. The proposed rule will be published in the Quiviran for member notice.
Safety and Security
Visitor pass results, outlined in the Marketing Committee section, was further discussed.
House Committee
Mr. Albers explained it was decided to do something special for 2018 New Year’s Eve, but there will not be a big event with a band. Mr. Goss told the Board Shannon Burchett has given her two-week notice. He also shared news that Chef Michael recently won the Taste of Elegance competition, and two junior chefs have been invited to try out for the American team for the Culinary Olympics.
Tennis Committee
Mr. Goss said an ad has been placed for a new Tennis Pro. He met with last year’s Tennis Pro and is putting together a program for this summer.

President’s Report – March 2018

By Steve Sestak, President, Q Inc. Board of Directors

As I enter the final month of my three-year board term, I have reflected back on that period, especially this past year where I have served as the Board President. Like many of you, I had no intentions of running for the Board and recognized the challenges that come with this role. It is not fun having to enforce rules, address issues, and resolve difficult and often controversial situations involving friends and neighbors. But, I also felt an extreme debt to this community and everything it has offered for me and my family over the years. I also felt we were entering an extremely important period and the decisions made would have a significant impact on our community for years to come. So, I decided to run.
The past three years have been everything I expected and more. Lake Quivira is a unique community with a complex business model. Our residents and members are very passionate with diverse interests and strong opinions. It has been a true honor to help guide our community to some important decisions, and I am proud to see the improvements that have been made with our operations, our fiscal and long-range planning, and our communications and transparency. Change is never easy. I have been called about every name in the book. But, I have also had the opportunity to share in the incredible level of support for the work we are doing and work with many amazing people who share my passion for this community.
I would like to thank the “hardest working” Board and General Manager that I have ever been associated with. Each has done an outstanding job and deserves your appreciation for their commitment and persistence to finding solutions to our near-term and long-term challenges. We are making good progress, but there is still much work to do to improve our operations and realize the potential of our strategic plans. It has been my honor to serve alongside each of them.
I am running for another term, along with a group of excellent candidates; each of whom is well qualified to lead our community forward. If not re-elected, I can honestly say that I am proud of what has been achieved during my time on the Board and I truly believe we are heading in the right direction. I also look forward to spending more time fishing, golfing and enjoying retirement rather than the countless number of hours in meetings, as well as the opportunity to have an undisrupted meal in the Clubhouse. On the other hand, if the members elect me for another term, I look forward to continue serving our community.

Strategic Projects Update. . .

By Steve Sestak
It is hard to believe that three months have already passed since the membership vote in late November. While some have embarked on the annual Quiviran migration to warmer parts of the world, others have stayed behind to endure the cold weather and move things along with the various strategic projects. From securing financing to finalizing designs to selecting contractors, following is a brief recap of the progress that has been made on each of the projects.
Community Center
To complete the design process, a special committee was appointed by the Board. Working under the leadership of Landy Boling and the mantra of “something for everyone, not everything for anyone,” a diverse group was recruited representing four distinct areas; preschool / youth programming (Marti Lilja, Erin Leckey & Bridgett Vani), fitness / wellness (Connie Davis, Lynn Sestak & Justin Wood), sports / recreation (Shelley Sneed, Harley Ball) and social / community (Eric Vossman, Julia Cotter & Dana DeSpain). This committee has spent more than 400 volunteer hours over the past three months in meetings with architects, field trips, subcommittees, contractors and individual research to come up with the best design.
Special attention was given to the design of the building exterior. The objective was to ensure it will be complementary with the community and in harmony with the nearby Clubhouse. The exterior plan, including all exterior materials to be used, was reviewed and unanimously approved by the RC/ARB at its February meeting. The overall design was subsequently reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors, and construction documents are now underway for an anticipated groundbreaking this spring, including the construction of the two new tennis courts.
Golf Practice Facility
Driving along Quivira Lane, you will notice that work is well underway.  Land clearing is complete, hardwood and cedar trees have been transplanted to enhance the natural buffer between #7 fairway and the new practice area, and the earth movement has begun. It is projected to take approximately four weeks to shape and groom the tee boxes and target greens before seeding can be done. There is still hope that we will be able to start using the new facility late this fall.
Beach Pavilion
Under the leadership of Shayla Hammeke and Jennifer Wood (co-Presidents of the Mothers’ Club) and with the generous support of the community and the Lake Quivira Foundation, this new facility will soon become a reality. The contractor has been selected, the final design details have been solidified and approved, and the fundraising is completed. Ground breaking is anticipated next month with a targeted completion in advance of the start of the Summer Recreation Program.
Nature Center
The Lake & Residential Committee and the Saddle Club have been working to finalize the design and construction cost. Since funding will be solely through member donations, two designs were developed; the first provides for a smaller basic footprint and the second allows for an expanded barn area. Both designs provide for modest multi-purpose space, much-needed storage, horse stalls for herd integration and medical requirements, and restroom facilities. The Lake Quivira Foundation has already committed financial support for the restroom facilities. During March, the design concepts will be presented to the RC/ARB and the Board for review. In the near future, a fundraising kick-off event will be held at the Equestrian Center to allow all members to review the potential building design options and the proposed location.

Chef Michael takes 1st at Kansas City Taste of Elegance

0318 clubhouse chef michael
LQ Executive Chef Michael. Photo by Lisa Phlegar

By Lisa Phlegar

The Missouri Pork Producers Association held the Kansas City “Taste of Elegance” competition on Tues., Feb. 20. Lake Quivira Country Club’s Chef Michael won first place with his presentation of a cherry and pistachio wrapped pork tenderloin.
This culinary competition is one of the major cooking events for professional chefs in the industry. It is designed to inspire innovative and exciting ways to menu pork. Since 1987, the Taste of Elegance competition evolved into more than twenty regional competitions annually. The program is structured to allow chefs the opportunity to showcase both their establishment and their culinary creativity with pork as a center of the plate item. Prizes are awarded for outstanding pork dishes based on a variety of factors, including taste, originality and presentation.

Cherry and Pistachio Wrapped Pork Tenderloin with 36-hour bourbon maple syrup braised pork belly,  chicken fried scallion waffle, bacon and candied onion jam, roasted sweet potatoes, parsnip puree, Brussel sprouts, and pearl onions
Cherry and Pistachio Wrapped Pork Tenderloin
with 36-hour bourbon maple syrup braised pork belly,
chicken fried scallion waffle, bacon and candied onion jam,
roasted sweet potatoes, parsnip puree, Brussel sprouts,
and pearl onions


Harvey H. Roellchen – Obituary

Harvey H. Roellchen, of Lake Quivira, Kansas passed away February 24, 2018, at the Shawnee Mission Medical Center in Merriam, KS, at the age of 86. Harvey was born Aug. 3, 1931, in St. Louis, MO, to the late Walter and Hilda (Mueller) Roellchen.
Harvey proudly served his country in the United State Army from 1952-1954, and was then transferred to the Unites States Army Reserves for five more years. Before joining the Army Harvey was serving as a Carpenter Apprentice for the Carpenters Union #97 out of St. Louis. When he returned he went back to the construction trade and continued in the Union. He went to work for Fruin-Colnon Corporation, serving as the General Manager.
Harvey was united in marriage to Marilyn Harvey in 1950. This union was blessed with four children. He enjoyed all sports, but really loved Cardinal Baseball and his beloved Green Bay Packers. He also enjoyed fishing, bowling and old westerns, particularly he loved John Wayne.
He was very much a family man and was always so proud of his children and grandchildren. He was a great man, and will be missed by everyone that knew and loved him.
Harvey is survived by his children, Linda Davisson, of CA; Stephen Roellchen and wife Cherie, of Lake Quivira; Gary Roellchen and wife Vickie Jo, of DeSoto, KS; and Corinne Green Jackson and husband Gregory of CA; grandchildren, Thomas, Stacey, Brandon, Jason, Melissa, Michele, Mary, John, Mallory, Courtney, Cassandra, Jesse, Audrey and Britton; 28 great-grandchildren; a host of nieces, nephews, extended family and friends.
In addition to his parents Harvey was preceded in death by his wife Marilyn in 1998; brother, Walter Roellchen JR, and sister, Corinne Garrett.
Funeral services were held on February 27 at the St. James Chapel of the James & Gahr Mortuary with Reverend Gary Roellchen officiating; Internment with full Military Honors at the James Community Cemetery in Maries County, MO, with Brandon Roellchen, Jason Roellchen, Jesse Green, Melissa Patterson, Mary Miller, and Courtney Peters serving as pallbearers.
Memorials are suggested to the Bridges of Hope. Cards are available at all James & Gahr locations.

James David Davies – Obituary

James David Davies, 82, Lenexa, KS passed away Feb. 19, 2018, at the Grand Canyon National Park, AZ. Visitation was Tues., Feb. 27, at Crossroads Christian Church, Shawnee, with memorial service on March 1, in the Treetop Room, Southridge Tower, Lakeview Village, Lenexa. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests contributions go to either Lakeview Village Foundation or Crossroads Christian Church.
Jim was a former member and homeowner of Lake Quivira before moving to Lakeview Village. He was an avid golfer, reader, and tech “wizard.” He loved traveling anywhere around the world and to all 50 states.
Jim was born Sept. 9, 1935 in Pueblo, CO, to Herbert and Judith Davies. He was a 1953 graduate of Colorado Springs High School. Jim attended the University of Colorado, where he earned his BSEE in 1969. He was a veteran of the US Army. On April 15, 1961, Jim married Joan McLean of Lake Quivira, KS at the Shawnee Methodist Church, Shawnee, KS.
Frequently called the Web Professor, Jim’s career history included “low” and high tech sales and marketing jobs in Colorado, Houston, TX, Chicago, Silicon Valley, CA, and Lake Quivira. His love of teaching at DeAnza and West Valley CA Community Colleges was only surpassed by his volunteer computer assistance for Lakeview Village residents.
Jim was preceded in death by his parents and son, John Thomas Davies in 1981. Survivors include his wife, Joan; two sons, Jim Davies, II, Tecumseh, KS and Mark (Anne) Davies, Colorado Springs. Online condolences may be expressed at

Immunize and re-up your pets! Dogs must be registered with City by May 1

Group of cats and dogs

2018 Annual Pet Immunization
Saturday, April 7, 1-4 p.m.
At the Fire Bay
See enews for services offered and prices

City Clerk Report by Diane Newton
Just a friendly reminder that dogs tags may be purchased at the City Hall during regular business hours, Monday-Thursday 8:30-5:30 p.m. The fees are as follows:
$15 for the first dog in each household.
$25 for second dog.
$50 for third and each additional dog in household.
These fees are due and payable on or before May 1.
Please provide a copy of the vaccine shots from your animal clinic.
Penalties on overdue license fees are:
$10 for each dog registered within 10 days following the
date required.
$25 for each dog registered within 30 days.
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Mayor’s Report – March 2018

By Ben Kalny, Mayor, City of Lake Quivira

I could not be more excited about this season at Lake Quivira. There is a lot going on in our fine City. As we endeavor to run the City well, we always welcome feedback. Our job as elected officials is to gather and process feedback from residents, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our City Council or myself to share with us what is on your mind. You are also more than welcome to attend a City Council meeting. They are held at City Hall, at 6:30 p.m., on the first Monday of each month.
As you may already know, the City of Lake Quivira is responsible for the upkeep and safety of our three dams which include our spillways. The spillway on our primary dam (opposite end from the Clubhouse) will likely continue to be a topic with the City for a number of months. When Cities address construction projects like the spillway on our dam, the State has a great deal to say about it.  We are in the middle of a multi-year project involving tremendous oversight as well as staged construction. This is a major project for our city. Construction “Phase 1” of filling gaps in our dam has been completed. We will monitor the effectiveness of this phase before moving on to the next phase, which will likely involve replacing sections of the spillway surface. We are fortunate that, although some important parts of our spillway need to be addressed, they are still functionally acceptable, and we have time to optimize our solution over time.
We have ongoing developments in the area of fire protection for our City. Since we recently  migrated from a fire department that functioned with Lake Quivira volunteers to one that utilizes Shawnee’s fulltime professional staff, our sirens are no longer used to alert our volunteers. Other than an occasional test, our sirens will now only be used for tornado warnings. Additionally,
Lake Quivira Fire Chief Mark Stephan has begun to liquidate some of the fire equipment formerly used by volunteers. We are pleased to not only benefit financially from selling this equipment, but in many cases, other fire departments can save money and benefit greatly from purchasing our lightly used equipment. Chief Stephan is doing a tremendous job of optimizing our economic outcome for our City. It is also great to hear that other communities are benefitting from our equipment. We are very fortunate to have Chief Stephan leading this season of transition for our fire department.
On the topic of fire protection, a recent grass fire on the golf course brought to our attention an opportunity to further consider additional equipment to assist in efficient access to difficult-to-reach parts of our City. We  have discussed alternative means of transportation for our Police Department in the past. With the recent development and popularity of our nature trails, more and more residents are getting out and enjoying the great natural resources that our fine City has to offer.
Historically, we as a City have had discussions about Police access to areas like our greenspace and nature trails as well as below the dam and the golf course. During our last City Council meeting I asked our council members to begin having discussions with residents regarding police access to these important areas of our community. We will most certainly resume this conversation in upcoming meetings.
Enjoy our changing weather. See you around the Lake.
~Mayor Ben