Lake Quivira Triathlon 2016

Lake Quivira photographers captured local and visiting athletes as they competed in the 2016 triathlon. Scores of LQ volunteers and spectators cheered them on. See additional photos at

Gathering for the big event

Dieter Kinner
Dieter Kinner
Dieter Kinner
Dieter Kinner
Jim Regan
Jim Regan
Becky Johnson
Jim Regan
Jim Regan
Jim Regan
Jim Regan















Dieter Kinner
Dieter Kinner
Mary Linda Boling
Mary Linda Boling
Mary Linda Boling
Mary Linda Boling



















Dieter Kinner
Dieter Kinner
Dieter Kinner
Dieter Kinner
Dieter Kinner
Dieter Kinner
Dieter Kinner
Dieter Kinner
Dieter Kinner
Dieter Kinner


















Ron Bower
Ron Bower
Ron Bower
Ron Bower
Ron Bower
Ron Bower















Jim Regan
Jim Regan
Jim Regan













Linda Segebrecht
Linda Segebrecht
Linda Segebrecht
Linda Segebrecht
Linda Segebrecht
Linda Segebrecht

























The Finish Line!

Linda Segebrecht
Ron Bower
Ron Bower
Ron Bower






Thanks for making this year’s Pontoon Crawl a success!

By Peggy Hughes
PONTOON CRAWL: More than 400 Quivirans and guests enjoyed activities on Pontoon Crawl day including a Car Show, , a feast by Chef Michael and music by Atlantic Express. You will see that people, Walked the Plank, and may have participated in the “jail experience”. Most of our Pirates and Islanders, consumed our signature drink on the first leg of their journey. The Mega Bar, Nacho Bar and Dessert Bar, was enjoyed by all in front of Beach Seating set up for everyone’s Merriment.
Thanks to everyone who participated in this important event for Garden Club. When you drive into our beautiful lake, you can say “I helped do that” when you see the plants, the beautiful new lighting on and around the Patio area, and other beautification projects happening in our community.
As chair of this event – I want to take a moment to point out that it took many Volunteers to make this event a success story. Did you notice theInvitation this year? hanks to Mary Linda Boling for the design once again, and a huge thanks to Christi Brady for sponsoring the printing of the invitations. Mary Linda also designed the flyers for us that you received on enews. Gayle Best created our flyers for the Car Show and Contests that were placed in your black boxes. News Articles were written by Linda Cruse.
The drink station was chaired by Bridget Vani. Bridget researched what the Grogg should be at her station, tried something new and by all accounts – this drink was loved by
everyone. Thanks Bridget- I think your drink was enjoyed by all…Thanks to our sponsor Titos Vodka for our great signature drink this year.
Free Drinks at Blessing Park was another highlight of the evening. Thanks to Manu and Dawn Rattan for sponsoring the drink station. Your sponsorship allowed us to have a better free drink station this year.
A special thanks to Ron Bower for being our official Pontoon Crawl photographer. If you have not viewed the photos of the Pontoon Boats taken from Townsend Point – be sure to go out on lqpc Smugmug to see them. You will see photos of the Pontoon Crawl and Car Show from other photographers as well.
Thanks to Ellen Kelley and her judges: Lisa Phlegar, Julia Cotter, and Rhiannon Craven for taking charge of the Pontoon Boat contest as well as the Costume Contest. Congrats to the winners – Thank-you so much for participating…
Christi Stewart and her assistants (John and Larie Nelson) were responsible for the largest Car Show we have had to date. More than 30 Cars representing (Then and Now) entered the Q-Ribbean Car Show and was a free of charge event for everyone!! We had a sponsor for the first time this year as well. Hendrick Chevrolet brought a new Corvette, Camero and Tahoe, for
our viewing pleasure, which added to the interest in our show. Thank-You so much Christi, John and Larie!
The Feast was created again this year by Chef Michael. Chef also provided the Nacho bar at the beach as well as baked our “cake shots”. I think the Nacho Bar was a hit and I talked to someone at the dessert table that said she loved the dessert so much that she had 5!! There was plenty of food for all to enjoy…Thanks to Jeanne McGrath for sponsoring our dessert station!
What about the beach set-up? This all started with Gary and his crew. They fought rain for two days to help us get the beach set the way we wanted it. Gary helped us set and re-set the beach a few times based on where the water was pooling. On day 3 Dennis Nighswonger, GM took over to dig a trench so that water could drain from the beach. I am not sure this is in his job description but he did it just the same. Thank-You Dennis for your hard work to help us make our event the best it could be. Thanks to everyone who came to help us on Friday and Saturday. I heard people say the beach was “magical” and I believe it was… Obviously the beach was somewhat of a re-creation from last year so the vision was a little easier – the weather more challenging. Creating an environment for that many people to enjoy can be a challenge but I feel the hard work from everyone was appreciated by all in attendance. Little things like the rugs that were put down so that walking on the beach was easier, is something that made enjoying the beach more feasible. Thanks to Mendy Jarman for letting us use some of the runners and a very large area rug (used in the Triathlon) for the beach. I’m not sure what we would have done without them. I am sure they will never be the same… We owe you Mendy!!
Gayle Best made sure the beach was well lit and full of tropical plants. Gayle was also our Ticket Privateer. Without Gayle, this event would not be the same. Thanks Gayle – You are the “Best”…
Did you “Walk the Plank”? Thanks to Di and Howard Fowler and also to Joe and Lisa Walsh for putting this whole event together and for building the “plank maze” . Howard and Joe were digging in the mud Friday for sure… The “Shark Tank” billboard was donated by the Fowlers. Thanks to you all for all that you did to make this event successful!! I still cannot believe that Mike Olson completed this very challenging event successfully 4 times and that Marty Lilja was actually doing gymnastics on the “planks”. What about the Jail Experience? Bryan and Jody Albers were there just in case you fell off the “plank” to escort you to “jail” (which Bryan built last year). I just know I saw a lot of “jailbirds”…
Dancing to Atlantic Express was another highlight of the evening. Whether you came by boat, drove or walked, we hope you had an outstanding experience at this years’ Pontoon Crawl Event.
STAFF: Thanks to our entire staff for all of their hard work to make this event possible. You are appreciated!! Congratulations to Danny and Cindy(2 of our great wait staff) for being the best dressed in costume!! Each won $50.00 in prize money.
Last but not least – we could not have made so much possible without our outstanding sponsors.
Thanks to:
Christy Brady – Printing of invitations and large entrance banner
Gayle and Kent Best – for our music at Blessing Park and lighting on the beach
Manu and Dawn Rattan – for sponsoring our free bar at Blessing Park
Titos Vodka – for our drink station
Bridget and John Vani – for our souvineer cups (at the drink station)
Di and Howard Fowler and Lisa and Joe Walsh – for Walk the Plank activity
Bryan and Jody Albers- for the “Jail Experience”
Jeanne McGrath for our Dessert Station
Ron Bower- for professionally photographing our event
Peggy and Steve Hughes – for sponsoring the Staff Costume Contest and music for the Car
Chateau Avalon- Walk the Plank drawing (gift certificate)
Mano’s – Engraved wine bottle -(also Walk the Plank drawing)
Margaret Ellman – for donating a seat cover for the golf cart contest
Hendrick Chevrolet – for sponsoring our car show
A Special Thanks to Dave Alpert for donating the two chief tickets for our drawing:
In addition to everyone I have mentioned: Thanks again to all who signed up to help us move tables, do table decor, dig trenches, move plants, fix electrical mis-haps, set up Pirate Bounty Piles, etc. etc. It was so much fun to work with you all and your help was sincerely appreciated. Without you – The beach experience would not have been possible…
Thanks to everyone who participated by attending our event!!
Peggy Hughes,
Chairperson, Pontoon Crawl 2016

Lisa Walsh

By Dawn Gabel
Being involved comes naturally to Lisa Walsh, Leavenworth native and natural joiner. “I have always been the kind of person to join in and plan things,” said Lisa.
After seven years of living in western Shawnee, she and her husband, Joe, started their journey to their home. It began with an investigation of get-away properties in the Ozarks. “We had just quit our membership at Brookridge and were also looking for a new place to golf. We got the mailer and called to take a tour.”
The mailer was a direct mail campaign that the membership and marketing committee decided was ultimately not profitable in numbers of interested parties versus dollars spent, but Lisa was a quality-not-quantity sale from the mail campaign since she is now a member of the membership and marketing committee.
Surprised at her first visit to find the beautiful lake and course, Lisa and Joe fell in love with it. “I grew up in Leavenworth and had probably driven by this exit hundreds of times, but never knew this place even existed! “
The welcome and friendliness of the community surprised her even further. “When we were taking the tour, John [Miller] offered us a free round of golf, so we did that and went to the Clubhouse for dinner. I thought we were being punked or, similar to Funny Farm [the movie], tricked because so many people kept coming up to us, introducing themselves.” Lisa still seems to be surprised by the warm welcome.
“We decided to become golf members and immediately started looking for a house. What is a better way to welcome the weekend than just driving twenty to forty minutes to a lake? And, no second mortgage. We became members in April 2014 and moved into our house [the former Howard Johnson house] on TTW in September 2014.”
That is the story of how she and her husband found a home. But the rest of the story is how Lisa’s talent and enthusiasm have brought creative fun to many committees and groups.
“About nine months after we moved here, I had an epiphany that I was not enjoying my job as much as I could have been, recalled Lisa.”After working eight years in the same position, doing the same thing, I hit a wall. I was in HR management and knew I wanted to work on some particular projects and not be a generalist anymore, so after making that a reality, Joe said, ‘What are you going to do now with your extra time?”
Lisa knew he had a point. She is an active person and social by nature. The couple have no children of their own and love getting out with others–singles or families.
“I joined the marketing and membership committee to see where my human resources talents could mesh with the needs of the committee. I am a recruiter of people at work, so it was a logical fit, I thought. There are some wonderful talents on the committee that allow each of us to bring our own specialty to the table,” Lisa said.
“I was also really interested in just getting involved in a group so I could meet more people.”
Lisa was with the committee through several changes in the last year and a half, including the hiring of Lisa Phlegar. “I have really enjoyed the committee, and Lisa has done a great job executing what our committee had been suggesting. We have seen a great increase in membership with our collaboration. She has been a great addition, very needed, for our community.”

Garden Club members on a garden tour.
Garden Club members on a garden tour.

Lisa’s work on the marketing committee was a segue to her other community involvement. After becoming a part of the volunteers that are growing the country club, Lisa was approached to be the vice president for the Garden Club. “Gayle Best–she is a great recruiter–contacted me and asked if I would fill the VP position, which is essentially the role that plans the programs for this year. They were looking for someone to help coordinate the speaker and event each month and also wanted someone that was newer to the community to potentially draw more members.
“I wasn’t sure what I was getting into, but I decided what the heck, so I threw my hat into the ring for the vote and was voted in as the VP.”
Lisa remembered her attendance was poor prior to the election, but felt that was a plus in an odd way. “I had been a member since our moving in two years prior, but had not attended the meetings regularly. That is not to my credit, but it ended up working in my favor.”
Lisa did not know who usually spoke or what kind of programs were common, so as ignorance is bliss, she started contacting individuals and organizations which were not as typical as some to participate and bring and interactive experience to the meetings.
A few of the highlights so far are a farm to table experience with Michael Foust, an LQ youth now chef-owner of a River Market Restaurant, The Farmhouse. Also, in July, the club had a build your own bird feeder class, a fun, hands-on experience that was very well received.
“I like to think about the individual attending and how they may need to come out of their shell a bit at meetings,” Lisa said.
Another out of the box experience was a field trip to The Rabbit Hole, an ExploraStorium. “The Rabbit Hole is a museum and education spot downtown that brings books to life. The group had a great time going,” said Lisa
“I have really enjoyed it and especially working with Linda Cruse,” she said, mentioning the current president of Garden Club. “She is so awesome, and we really work well together. I have had a lot of family stuff, and she has been there to help out when needed. We seem to bounce great ideas off each other. Honestly, I doubt I would have ever gotten to meet her if it hadn’t been for GC, and I have really enjoyed working with her and getting to know her.”

Summer float for the Mothers Club.
Summer float for the Mothers Club.

As her work progressed with the Garden Club, Lisa was asked to work with the Lake Quivira Mother’s Club. “Well, I am not a mom,” laughed Lisa, “but I like to have fun, and they asked if I would be the social chair. I had to think about it a bit, but then jumped in. So far we have had two floats and a group movie night.”
In August the mothers went to see the funny movie Bad Moms. “It seemed appropriate,” Lisa laughed–again. Her laughter smiles are a part of her charm and are a warm welcome to all her meet her. Keeping joy in life even during the dreary winter days led Lisa to another group, but this one she formed herself.

Shayla Hammeke (left) and Betsy Norberg find  clues on a game night.
Shayla Hammeke (left) and Betsy Norberg find
clues on a game night.

The opportunities to create fun experiences for marketing spurred her creativity with her current neighbors and friends–such as speaking with her neighbor, Toni Harms, Lisa heard of some long-standing groups that create their own fun.
“They gather and do fun things and have a drink and basically enjoy themselves. This made me consider a similar group, but I ended up founding the Ladies of LQ Game Night.” The group started with approximately twenty members and has grown to over sixty. “I was worried about the size at first,” said Lisa, “but it ends up that most people are busy any given day so we average about twenty for each monthly event.”

Lisa Cote draws Guillermo in customized LQ Pictionary  on game night.
Lisa Cote draws Guillermo in customized LQ Pictionary
on game night.

Games are up to the hostess, and although Lisa created a customized LQ Pictionary game, other hostesses have had a scavenger hunt (with required off -the-wall antics for the clues), bunko, a favorite things gift exchange–and more creativity is on the way. “I wanted to have a way to enjoy the winter with new friend opportunities like we have in the summer at the lake. It seems like when the temperature drops we all go in our homes and hide until it gets warm again. The game night started in the winter, but has been a lot of fun all through the summer too.”
As Lisa works with her organizations she has joined and created, she reflects on the opportunities she has had to meet people and enjoy them in her new neighborhood. “I join so I can have fun, but also so I can meet others. It is also a blast for me to see when other ladies meet new people they have never connected with before. I really like that.”
Lisa added that we all get in a rut being with the same people–perhaps because children are the same age or we are golf or tennis people–but her work with the groups brings people together who would normally not have meet, and that is what drives her to be a leader in the social groups at LQ.
“I think it is really about just meeting people and getting involved. All through grade, junior and high school I was involved in many committees. I like being a part of a team and making things better. So this is just a great opportunity because I live here, I love it, and what a better way to use my time for something I am passionate about and invested in?
“Sometimes it seems more like work than volunteering, but in the end, if it is successful and something or someone gets something positive out of it, then I feel like I have done my job. But I couldn’t do it without everyone else. Especially with the history here, you need a good group of people to get things done.“
The people are definitely Lisa’s why. “The community of people make the difference. I can’t imagine living anywhere else! I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon this place and look forward to more memories. I know it sounds cliché, but it really is about your neighbors. Joe and I always comment how blessed we are to have found Lake Quivira.”

Jody Albers (left) and Teresa Gehring find the “iron golf guy’” during  game night.
Jody Albers (left) and Teresa Gehring find the “iron golf guy’”
during game night.

President’s Report – October 2016

By Patrick Pribyl, President, Q Inc. Board of Directors

This month’s Presidents letter assigns each member some homework! This month’s letter will also be short as to allow time to get your homework done.
The following topics will be discussed in detail during our upcoming membership meeting, to will be scheduled once the 2017 budget process is completed over the next 30 to 60 days:
1. IRS Code 501 (c) (4)
2. Staffing requirements
3. Department of Labor Overtime Exemption Rule
4. Continuity planning
It would be great if each member familiarizes themselves with the IRS Code and Department of Labor Overtime Exemption Rule mentioned above. These 2 topics will weigh heavy into our 2017 and beyond budget discussions.
Fall cleanup continues around the Clubhouse and the Q, Inc. office. Repairs to our Clubhouse foundation and the front of Q, Inc. have either been completed or have been scheduled to be completed in the near term.
The insurance renewal has come and gone. Special thanks to Bridgett and Dennis for renewing our insurance program at a significant savings over last year’s premium. Q, Inc. enjoyed lower renewal premiums primarily in our property and workers compensation coverage. We opted to switch carriers to take advantage, not only of lower premiums, but also of more favorable coverage for our country club activities. Our new carrier is Resort Guard, which is in the AIG family of companies.
The Strategic Planning Committee has completed its formal member input sessions and is beginning to develop various strategic options for member consideration. If you did not have a chance to attend one of those sessions, please contact a member of the committee to share your input.
As mentioned earlier, the annual Q, Inc. budget process is well underway. This is a very rigorous process, directed by Bridgett Schmitz with input from the General Manager, department heads and the committees and monitored by the Finance Committee. We will have all 2017 budgets tied down and presented to the membership shortly. The entire team is working hard to develop a responsible budget and present it in a very complete and transparent manner.
At this time, I would like to wish John Welter, our former Clubhouse Manager, all the best in his future endeavors. We have hired a new Clubhouse manager, Mark Allen, and look forward to his first day in early October. Mark comes to us from Marriott and also has extensive private club experience. Please stop by after October 11 and welcome Mark to Lake Quivira.
Submitted with much appreciation.

A Summary of the September 27 Board of Directors Meeting

The Board of Directors held their regularly scheduled meeting on September 27, 2016. Following is a summary of the discussion and actions occurring at this meeting.
President Pribyl opened the meeting by inviting attending members to make statements or ask questions of the Board. Bruce Rimbo spoke for several minutes regarding the Board’s recent decision to use caution with public marketing. Having worked with other private organizations, he felt perhaps certain forms of marketing might be allowable and should be evaluated.
The Board discussed the issue for several moments and determined they would continue to apply good judgment regarding the use of public marketing and only utilize methods that would be in the best long-term interests of the membership of Quivira, Inc.
Marketing Committee
Ms. Bowker announced the appointment of a new member, Larie Nelson, to her committee. The Board approved the nomination. Ms. Bowker updated the Board with the latest information on membership; twenty new Country Club members and sixteen new Social members. Unfortunately, there has also been some attrition during the same period with the loss of nine Country Club members and eight Social members. Several Social members have upgraded to Country Club members, and several Associate Members have purchased homes and upgraded to Foundation Members.
Member retention remains a significant area of focus for the committee, and they are currently working in conjunction with the House Committee to host a Club Cruise event on October 20. This event will feature each of the various clubs currently represented at Lake Quivira. Members from these clubs will be available to provide club information and answer any questions about their activities. One way to help retain members is to have them involved in one or more clubs. This involvement helps members engage in the community and also provides enjoyment on a social level.
Ms. Bowker also shared interesting statistics regarding what attracts new members to Lake Quivira. Nearly 70 percent of new Foundation Members come from the Associate Member category, and 80 percent of new Associate members join due to friendships or previous social experiences in the community. These figures provide tremendous insight into the importance of Associate Members since they are prospective candidates to purchase a home in Lake Quivira once they have experienced the community.
Finance Committee
Mr. Starr informed the Board the committee had met on the previous Monday, taking the first look at the proposed 2017 Operating Budget. Due to a number of factors, it is felt the budget for next year will face some severe challenges. The staff will be reviewing a number of areas requiring changes prior to the next Finance Committee meeting and eventual presentation to the Board. Impacting the 2017 budget include the new overtime law going into effect December 1, 2016, two new positions being proposed to assist operationally in two departments, and fewer weddings booked for 2017 compared to 2016. Mr. Starr assured the Board the committee will work diligently to provide the best budget possible for their review at the next Board meeting.
Golf Committee
Mr. Markley noted work has begun on #14 tee box, and a temporary tee will be provided until its completion. Additionally, the committee is reviewing the current rules for golf course attire and plans to have this process completed shortly for Board approval. During discussion, the opinion was made that the problems with appropriate attire apply more to the driving range than the golf course. Individuals have been observed wearing tee shirts and flip flops, which everyone feels is not the image desired for golf, especially in a focal point like the driving range tee.
Mr. Braun addressed a question to Jeff Eldridge, pointing out the number of trees he has seen on the course where the tops are turning brown, mainly maples and evergreens. Jeff has visited with contacts at Kansas State, and they believe it is a combination of environmental issues, extremely hot weather and the abundance of moisture creating stress on the trees.
Tom Aikmus shared news of a special visit from Mr. Wullie Ruffle, Secretary of the Dalmeny Estate Golf Club in Edinburgh, Scotland. In 1946, President Dwight Eisenhower planted an oak tree on the grounds of the Dalmeny Estate. Several years ago, a limb of this tree fell down. It was determined they would make a limited number of small liquor barrels from the limb. Only three clubs in the United States have been honored with the presentation of a barrel. In honor of the 2016 Ryder Cup, barrels have been presented to Hazeltine National Golf Club, the Eisenhower Library, and Lake Quivira Country Club. The special honor was bestowed on Lake Quivira due to a friendship developed with Doug Catt, Associate Member, and Mr.Ruffle. The Dalmeny Estate felt it would be appropriate to have one of the barrels in President Eisenhower’s home state. The barrel is currently being displayed in the Pro Shop and eventually will find a place of prominence in the Clubhouse.
Lake & Residential Committee
Mr. Brown informed the Board that the monthly meeting of the Lake & Residential Committee is being moved to the second Tuesday of the month to provide more time for the staff to complete meeting minutes in time for the Board packets.
Mr. Brown sought a motion for a requested dock swap between #131 (Stanion) and #253 (McNeace). The Board approved subject to new dock site license agreements being signed by both members.
Mr. Brown referenced the issue of some residential projects beginning without having proper permitting or using materials for construction unauthorized by Quivira rules. Man-made products are not allowed in most cases; however, there are times where non-approved materials have been used, and he feels it is important to adhere to regulations. By working together, both the Lake & Residential and Restrictions Committees can ensure no variations to standards are approved. Education is an important component to be certain all homeowners and builders understand approved standards for construction.
House Committee
Dennis Nighswonger announced the resignation of John Welter, Clubhouse Manager. John has been actively involved in advancing the standards for Clubhouse operations during his tenure and proactively participated in working with the House Committee in upgrading club events, as well as the general standards for club operations. John has determined it is time in his career to pursue other interests, and we all wish him the very best in his future endeavors. John’s last day will be October 8.
It was also announced that the new Clubhouse Manager has been hired. Mark Allen will start on October 11th. Mark worked as Food & Beverage Manager with Hallbrook Country Club for a number of years and most recently has held the same position at the Marriott in Overland Park.
Safety & Security Committee
Ms. Walker shared that the committee has been busy reviewing the rules pertaining to golf carts and various traffic-related issues. Real progress has taken place, and the new guidelines should be ready to share with the Board in coming weeks.
Mr. Nighswonger recently made a quick trip to visit two large homeowners associations who have installed a gate management software system, ABDI, which Quivira, Inc. is interested in using at the entry gate. Desert Mountain is a 1,800 home association, and Gainey Ranch provides security for approximately 1,400 homeowners. Investing in the new software is anticipated to greatly enhance the security staff’s ability to process guests and construction vehicles through the gate with much greater efficiencies. The system will provide much greater access for members to authorize guests without directly contacting the gate and will be accessible by an app on cell phones. The software is currently being negotiated for installation in January.
Mr. Braun suggested the possibility of a diesel generator being purchased to ensure the front gate is never without power. Following discussion, it was determined the idea should be pursued.
Restrictions Committee
Mr. White began his presentation by reviewing current plans for the Depew’s to build a home at 506 Lakeshore West. There are a number of challenges in conjunction with this new home construction, and the committee is working closely with everyone concerned to reach agreeable solutions. Prior to finalizing plans, the committee is waiting for water drainage reports and easement provisions. Mr. Braun expressed the need to be assured a proper easement agreement is provided by council to ensure common property is properly maintained. Since the area in question is in a flood zone, it is imperative that all details are documented in a precise manner.
Tennis Committee
The committee has worked diligently on preparing its budget for 2017 that incorporates all aspects of facilities around and including the tennis courts. Cracks in the tennis courts will be filled and painted in April ahead of the summer season. Additional conversation took place pertaining to the basketball courts and which committee is in charge of this area. Mr. Sestak suggested the Tennis Committee take on a broader role, including oversight of these courts, as well as starting a Pickleball subcommittee.
Strategic Planning Committee
Mr. Sestak reported the committee has completed fifteen member input sessions over the past two months, which were attended by more than 200 members. The committee is in the process of reviewing the copious notes taken by Ms. Bowker over the course these sessions. Overall, member feedback from these sessions was very positive, and the information gathered will definitely provide greater insight into what is most important to the membership.
The next step is to provide a list of strategic options garnered from these sessions to present to the members for further feedback. These options would contain the items most-frequently mentioned during the member sessions, as well as the potential location and estimated cost. These options fall within the following four categories:
Community Appearance
Member Amenities
Associate Members
Maintenance-Provided Housing
After the strategic options have been presented to the members and further refined based on member feedback, the strategic plan will be developed for presentation to the Board. The intent is to have this completed in time for the Annual Meeting in March 2017.
General Manager Report
August revenues of $373,400 were $4,000 less than budget. The main lack of contribution was in Clubhouse sales, which fell $10,200 under expectations. Banquet revenue is extremely challenging to forecast a year in advance as it is a best estimate. Pro Shop sales finished ahead of budget $4,800 as a result of a sizeable charity golf tournament. August expenses exceeded budget by $4,000 as a result of increased expenses in G & A and Clubhouse. Clubhouse payroll was approximately $6,500 over budget, partially due to a decision to staff the 19th hole on a more consistent basis. Regardless, payroll remains an area of concern and one requiring immediate attention.
The combination of reduced revenue and increased expenses in August resulted in a loss in operations of ($40,500) compared to a budgeted loss of ($32,500) or a negative variance of $8,000. However, the year-to-date net budgeted loss is only ($15,400) compared to a budgeted loss of ($43,600) or a positive variance of $28,200.

From the Chef’s table . . .

What a relief with the northern cool breezes of autumn! I don’t know about you, but goodbye to summer, and hello, fall! This is easily my favorite time of the year. Cooler, albeit shorter days–and of course–football! With my former hometown team (Rams) bolting for the left coast, I am now a full-fledged Chiefs fan! I’ve been to Arrowhead several times in the past decade, but now when I go, I fully understand the concept of being a true Kansas City fan! The energy is second to no one, and I look forward to tailgating at more than one game this year.
Speaking of tailgating, have you checked out the packages Shannon and I plugged into the last few Clubhouse E-news blasts? My kitchen is prepared to help with your needs: stadium style hot dogs, nacho bars, buckets of hot chili and much more! Heck, you can even order bulk packages for your own watch parties in your backyards. If there is something you don’t see on our menu, please do not hesitate to call for a customized order, tailored to your needs.
The new fall menu has been well-received thus far–with many compliments! The Spinach Salad with Pork Croutons and Chicken-fried Prime Rib are becoming new club favorites. For the next several months you will notice a section under entrees called “Culinary Cruise.” This is our opportunity to showcase items which offer elevated signature dishes, focusing on premium ingredients prepared with “skilled” techniques and modern flavor profiles. If you are looking for something new and adventurous, I welcome you to look for this section the next time you visit the Dining Room. You will not be disappointed.
Numerous times (via this monthly message to the members), I share about the clubhouse staff, particularly profiling individuals within my culinary team. This month I am saying goodbye to one, our Clubhouse Manager, John Welter. Over my last three years as your Executive Chef, John has been nothing but helpful in furthering my managerial skills in this rewarding profession. I cannot place into words how grateful I am for the guidance, patience and direction he has offered since my first day on the job here at Lake Quivira. He was a positive force in the clubhouse, and his great leadership style will benefit any new challenges he faces. The new establishment who engages John’s services will be the better for having him as their leader. Good luck, John!
As I type this message (with a snoring dog wrapped around my warm feet), I am approaching my two-week countdown to the Culinary Olympics trip to Germany. Anxious, yet excited, I learned today that nearly all equipment has “cleared customs” and systems are a go! Tweaking menus and presentations and then packing, my team will be ready to compete. We are to bring everything– including the proverbial kitchen sink. Parsley, fish, cream, butter, knives, (band aids), paper towels, blenders, mixers, utensils–you get the point– we have to bring everything we will need with us. We have learned from prior American teams that competing in a foreign land does not necessarily equate to the locals having the basics available when “the Americans walk in” to their local grocery stores. Eggs do not travel well, so that is our only concern at this time. We may need to pay off an area weasel to fetch us some fresh eggs from a local chicken coop!
I will report of our experience and hope to be sharing our successes as well. Please stay tuned in our next Quiviran!
Bon appétit!
~Chef Michael

Save the Dates: November 18, 19 – Garden Club Holiday Bazaar

By Linda Cruse
Make plans to start your holiday shopping season at the 2016 Lake Quivira Holiday Bazaar scheduled for 1 to 8 p.m. on Fri., Nov. 18, and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sat., Nov. 19.
Sponsored by the Lake Quivira Garden Club, this holiday tradition will feature more than 50 local vendors offering a variety of boutique home decor, handmade gifts, jewelry, ladies clothing and accessories,  gourmet foods, men’s and children’s gifts, and more, as well as a large bake sale.
An open bar will be offered for your shopping pleasure in our charming and festively-decorated, 1930’s stone Clubhouse, overlooking the lake. Dickens Carolers will be strolling throughout the bazaar on Friday evening. Cash, checks and credit cards will be accepted.
Champagne luncheons will be held from noon to 1 p.m. on both Friday and Saturday and are open to Lake Quivira members and their guests. Reservations are currently being accepted by the Clubhouse.
This annual Garden Club event is a benefit for community beautification and enhancement.

Club Cruise: Passport to Fun!



Navigation Plan
Thurs., Oct. 20,
6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Clubhouse Ballroom
Bring a friend!


By Lisa Phlegar
All aboard the S.S. Quivira! Join your friends as we celebrate the many clubs and organizations at Lake Quivira! Our Crew has planned a fun and festive evening for you to learn about our 20+ clubs offered at Lake Quivira. No formality, no presentations, just plenty of fun, food and camaraderie as you cruise from club to club in the clubhouse ballroom learning about lake life. Clubs are the easiest way to get involved, meet people, and beat the winter blues!
Why you should get involved. . .
Friendship: One of the best benefits of joining a club is that you can make new friends. It can satisfy one of our basic human needs – the need for friendship and fellowship.
Fun: Organized activities are fun, meetings are fun, club projects are fun, service is fun.
Entertainment: Many clubs host social events throughout the year.
Personal Growth & Development: Joining a club may help you make improvements in your physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social state.
Learning: If you want to get into a new activity, develop new interests or enhance your current knowledge, joining a club gives you the opportunity to learn a lot about a subject and keeps you informed on various topics.
Leadership Development: Volunteer to chair a committee or serve as an officer and you’ll build leadership skills and learn how to motivate and influence others.
Networking: Clubs offer an excellent opportunity for networking!

A Special Presentation to Lake Quivira Country Club— Oak barrel traces its roots from Kansas Native Son to Scotland and back to Kansas

By Lisa Phlager

(from left) Golf course superintendent, Jeff Eldridge; Wullie Ruffle, Secretary of the Dalmeny Estate Golf Club in Edinburgh, Scotland; Tim Aikmus, Lake Quivira Golf Professional; Dennis Nighswonger, General Manager, Quivira, Incorporated.

On September 27, 2016, Mr. Wullie Ruffle (2nd from left above), Secretary of the Dalmeny Estate Golf Club in Edinburgh, Scotland, presented Lake Quivira Country Club with a handcrafted barrel made from a fallen limb of an oak tree President Eisenhower planted at the Dalmeny Estate on October 3, 1946. You can view this historic planting starting at 6.12 minutes into this video,
Only nine barrels were crafted by Ian Andrew. During the Ryder Cup 2012, one barrel was presented to Medinah Country Club. For the Ryder Cup 2014, Gleneagle barrels were presented to Captains Tom Watson and Paul McGinley. In honor of the Ryder Cup 2016, barrels are being presented to Lake Quivira Country Club, Hazeltine National Golf Club and The Eisenhower Library. To honor President Eisenhower’s home state of Kansas, Lake Quivira Country Club, located in Lake Quivira, Kansas, was selected to receive one of these prestigious barrels.
LQCC member Doug Catt gave an informational presentation prior to the barrel presentation at the Clubhouse. Through the years Doug Catt and Wullie Ruffle have become friends, and Doug has had the pleasure of visiting the Dalmeny Estate Golf Club in Edinburgh, Scotland.
This has been a great honor bestowed upon Lake Quivira Country Club. The beautiful barrel can currently be seen in the Golf Shop, but will be moved to a prominent location within the Clubhouse soon.


New Art in the Clubhouse. . . Welcoming Reception October 12


By Larie Nelson
The Lake Quivira House Committee, chaired by Mary Linda Boling, invites all members to meet and greet two outstanding fine artists, Jan Fellers and Robin Richerson, on Wed., Oct. 12, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. in the Great Room. Complimentary hors d’oeuvres and drinks will be served. Their artwork will grace our Clubhouse until the end of December.
Jam Fellers has been an artist for over thirty years, and her art has been featured in Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Lawrence, Leawood, Merriam, Chicago and Elmhurst, IL. Her mediums include photography, lithograph, wood etchings, water color, acrylic and mixed media, with her favorite being oil, for which she has won multiple awards.
Jan reveals, “My goal is to inspire others. I paint almost daily. On the days I cannot find the time, I catch myself searching for lights, darks, textures, hues and values. I focus on ideas and opportunities to express myself in my art. I want to touch others lives–to bring them joy and fond memories of their experiences. My commission work allows me to transcend clients’ dreams and memories, while developing a true connection with their past, in colors that make them happy.”
More of Jan’s art can be viewed at her website:
Bronze artist Robin Richerson finds his passion in the modeling of figurative subjects. “Excitement in art comes from the connection between observer and artist where both find a specific moment in time that is captured through movement, a gesture or body language,” he explained
Robin studied for four years with internationally-known sculptor Kwan Wu and has completed numerous commissions, including architectural scale pieces for cities, businesses, universities and private collectors. He won “Best of Show” in the 2012 Leawood, KS Art Foundation event.
Robin now works out of The Visage Fine Art Studio, where he also offers private instruction in sculpture, mold-making and the casting process. His art has been featured at Images Art Gallery and The Rice Gallery, both in Overland Park, Artichokes Gallery in Leawood and The Bohemian Gallery in the Crossroads Art District.
Please join us on October 12 as we extend to Jan and Robin an enthusiastic, Lake Quivira welcome.