An inside look at ‘Black and White,’ the Clubhouse New Year’s Eve gala


image1By Mary Linda Boling
Photos by ML Boling and Lisa Coffman
Lake Quivira revelers waved good bye to 2016 and ushered in 2017 in black and white style at the annual Clubhouse New Year’s Eve Gala. It was a night to remember, studded with sparkling details and highlighted by delicacies fit for royalty.
The Lake Quivira ballroom was transformed into an intriguing, black and white-themed palace. Black tablecloths, silver chargers, white china, striped table runners and a beautiful fresh flower arrangement of white hydrangeas and white roses decorated each table. The glowing vases featured floating black and white pearls anchoring a stream of bubbling clear “champagne” balloons that drifted to the ceiling. The ceiling shimmered with special lighting that made an underwater effect on the dance floor. The effect was ethereal.
dscn5558-1The Great Room became a cozy piano bar. Suzanne Hern entertained the revelers with one beautiful piano serenade after another. Attendees had a chance to see old and new friends and catch up with each other. At the ringing of the chimes, it was time to move upstairs for dinner.
What a fun setting to enjoy the beautiful meal that followed…
For all who attended the New Year’s Eve party at the Clubhouse, Chef Lamping created an exquisite dining experience. The meal began with sumptuous appetizers: smoked pork belly and apple terrine, horseradish gelee, bacon gremolata, salmon crudo cornet with crème fraiche and caviar, asparagus wrapped mushroom and ricotta triangles that were served during a lively cocktail hour.
The first course was the chorizo and Manchago tartlet, red pepper coulis, olive, caper, and orange relish with baby greens dressed with smoked tomato vinaigrette
This special first course began as sixteen individual tarts sliced into portions. Chef Lamping had the idea for this tart but could only find one tart pan the correct size. He was undaunted! He baked each tart, one at a time! (see photo) This is the care and detail that goes into creating a celebration meal.
The entree was served in a beautifully presented plate of herb crusted tenderloin with paprika marinated shrimp, fried potato with jamon crumb, roasted garlic-eggplant puree, cipollini onions, and baby carrots. As I visited each table the accolades were enthusiastic, “best meal ever for New Year’s Eve – or anytime!”
Not to be outdone by the main course, the dessert arrived: opera cake with coffee butter cream, and salted ganache, marcona almond and vanilla ice cream. Spectacular!
After dinner, the Suburbans kept the dance floor full all night, pausing at 11:00 to allow for enjoyment of petite hard tacos with braised chicken, roasted peppers, caramelized onions, sour cream and tomato, along with petite black bean burritos.
Some revelers enjoyed a visit back to the piano bar after dinner and the mellow tunes offered by Suzanne. It was especially nice to have two options after dinner.
Our Clubhouse manager, Mark Allen, researched and found a most delightful beverage to toast the New Year. Many thought it was the best champagne ever!
As you can imagine, it takes the work of many people to make an event like this happen. We want to thank Sherry Metcalf for arranging the beautiful freshdscn5541-1 flower centerpieces, Shannon for planning and executing every interesting detail (floating pearls! and artful menu cards), Richard for his care with set-up, Chef Lamping and his staff for the wonderful food and Mark for making sure everything happened as it should.

I also want to thank the house committee, who dreams up events like this and aids in making them happen. They are: Bryan Albers, Annie Brown, Lisa Coffman, Dianne Fowler, Peggy Hughes, Bruce Rimbo, Lynn Sestak (she made the 200 black and white party favor cookies), Linda Segebrecht, Anne Simms and Dave Starr. From marshaling bundles of balloons to offering to help anywhere, they are a great team.
Thank you to all who attended. It was a great way to welcome 2017 and the good things yet to come at the Clubhouse.
~Mary Linda Boling

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Associate Director Election

The Board of Directors of Quivira, Inc. includes one member who is elected by the Associate Members. The Associate Director serves for a three year term. the election of the Associate Director is done by mail ballot, and the results of the election are announced at the Annual Membership Meeting in March.
All Associate Members and their spouses are eligible to serve as Associate Director. The current term of the Associate Director, John Hoover, concludes in March. If you are interested in being a candidate, please contact the Quivira, Inc. office at (913) 631-7707.

Spirit of Quivira Nominations Sought

The Spirit of Quivira Award Committee is accepting nominations for 2017. This Award honors two members (a man and a woman) who have made outstanding contributions to the Lake Quivira community. To be eligible, individuals must have been foundation or associate members for a minimum of five years. The volunteer work and service to the community should be exemplary and at an exceptional level (not necessarily in one service area). Please include detailed documentation about your nominee and submit by February 1, 2017, to Cindy Price, Executive Administrator, at the LQ office ( Awards will be presented at the annual foundation meeting in March.
Spirit of Quivira Honorees of Years Past
Jeanie Brown, Dick McAnany, Jean Ann Nesselrode, Bud Heaven, Ruth Smith, Bill Brent, Becky Newcomer, Roger Blessing, Roy Bennett, Normal Lilja, Dick Sandifer, Pat Heaven, Florine Creek, Roy Creek, Larry Meeker, Susan Hidalgo, Dick Chapman, Donna Williams, Eric Johnson, Susan Warren, Corky Nason, Betty McAnany, Terry Williams, Joyce Terbovich, Leon Rieke, Betsy Vossman, Fred Braun, Becky Johnson, J.R. Biron, Nancy Hyde, John Jurcyk, Karen Folsom, Robert Lee, Judy Gerling, Dave Blankenship, Carol Neill, Mark Stephan, Annie Noland, Julia Cotter and Wayne Hidalgo.

President’s Column – January 2017

By Patrick Pribyl, President, Q Inc. Board of Directors

This month’s letter focuses on the November membership meeting results and the discussions I have had with members since then. Thank you to everyone who participated in the voting process and for the support on the budget items which passed. I would be remiss if I did not recognize those items which did not pass, specifically, the proposed dues increase to fund the Annual Operating Budget.
I would like to share the feedback I have received on why Ballot #1 did not pass. This ballot was tied to increases associated with our Operating Budget.
I was not given enough time to fully understand the budget and get my questions answered on certain planned expenses
I don’t understand or agree with the rationale for the decision to hire certain new positions, such as the Property Manager.
The dues increases are becoming too frequent and there is not enough focus on keeping things affordable for all members
I don’t understand the need to carry such a large operating reserve when some of this could be used to fund any deficit
I don’t understand why it was decided to not continue marketing for non-member events, such as weddings and banquets
Budget Process: It is clear that we need to do a better job of getting out ahead of budget topics and informing the members well ahead of the vote. Whether this would have changed some votes, it’s hard to tell. We followed the same notice procedure used in previous years, but clearly the procedure needs to be revisited to allow more time for member questions and commentary.
As with any business and any budget, it is easy to point to one or two items some might believe are unnecessary. Quivira, Inc. is no exception. Whether too much is spent in one area or another, whether a certain position is necessary, whether certain projects are required–those answers likely vary depending on what type of experience each member wants. Only you can decide what level of service you expect and what you are willing to pay for. But, expecting the same or more with fewer resources is not my recommendation, nor is it practical.
More than two-thirds of our operating expenses are employee-related. If we find value in retaining our good employees, then reasonable raises should be in order.
Property Manager: The Property Manager position also impacted the budget. This hire is one I continue to fully support. The need for this position was developed in our committees. When I was Vice Chair of Restrictions I noticed, more often than not, once someone pulled a permit or applied for a variance, they would either change the plans or materials originally stated without coming back for the required approvals. We also had issues with silt control and run-off issues. General adherence to the various rules approved by the members was particularly hard to police.
Historically, the General Manager has always benefited from the handful of members who routinely, without being asked, provided compliance services for Quivira, Inc., most of whom are no longer here or, are spending less time here, or are planning to soon move. The General Manager has rarely been the person in work boots inspecting construction sites to ensure everything is progressing as permitted.
This Board is tasked with being a fiduciary for all members. Having someone managing these building, water quality and enforcement activities, in my opinion, is needed now more than ever to protect the interests of both Quivira, Inc. and our residents.
When I looked at the activities and directives coming out of three of our main committees (Restrictions, Lake & Residential and Safety & Security), I noticed inconsistent enforcement and follow through. It also became evident our community benefits if our volunteer committees had a common staff person responsible for overseeing implementation of these activities. This alleviates committee members from having to police their neighbors who may be operating outside the zone of compliance. The Property Manager will also be that missing link between all three committees, as well as providing needed continuity, given the regular turnover among Board and Committee members.
In the past year, we have seen nineteen residential projects and ten dock site renovations and don’t expect that number to decline in future years. Just in the time I have been on the Board, we have had a handful of issues dealing with projects infringing on the neighbors’ lot, unapproved materials and walls being constructed, silt fencing issues and unapproved structures. Unless you are the impacted property owner, these activities go unnoticed; but if you are the impacted neighbor, they are a very big deal requiring immediate attention.
When these sorts of discussions take place during our Board meetings, I often ask myself whether this decision in my best interest and in the best interest of Lake Quivira. On the Property Manager front, I will be honest–I’m not a fan of any type of Big Brother bureaucracy infringing on my property rights. As your President and as a steward of YOUR resources and mine, I have to step beyond my “Big Brother ” concerns and look toward our collective future and say this role makes a ton of sense to make sure folks do what they have approval to do. Otherwise, we fall back into the 1970s, when building standards simply went away.
Dues Increase/Operating Reserve: Another comment I heard was the proposed increase was just too much money. The last thing I want to do is create a financial hardship on folks. I would caution you, with so much of our operating budget tied to payroll, we would be hard pressed to keep this a flat number going forward. It is important to note that operating dues have only been increased twice since 2011. Our reserves will only last so long, and due to Murphy’s Law, I personally find it fiscally unwise to operate without a cash reserve.
Marketing/Labor costs: From an operating standpoint, we have had good news since our November meeting in that a federal judge in Texas blocked the U.S. Department of Labor rule extending overtime pay. This news alone will positively impact our budget by roughly $18,000. The other area of good news is the initial counsel from a 501(c) (4) expert indicates Quivira, Inc. is permitted to advertise for non-member events such as weddings and banquets. We can also market for new members. This same expert is currently reviewing our tax return and financial statements to provide further insight into helping us maintain and protect our tax-exempt status. The impact for 2017 is difficult to assess, but I can honestly tell you that I am sleeping much better these days knowing we are taking every precaution to ensure we remain in compliance. We do know advertising in The Knot increases our wedding banquet opportunities. We have members who like the increased revenue of these events, and we have members who want to make sure our facilities don’t endure the wear and tear of these events, leaving our facility clear for member enjoyment. We will need to find the right balance on this front moving forward.
I have asked the Finance Committee to review these developments to determine what impact they might have on the budget. I also asked them to consider the impact of the failed vote. At this point, I don’t have their input and recommendations. The results of the vote and the Finance Committee recommendations will be a main topic of discussion during our January 24th Board meeting.
Submitted with much appreciation – Patrick

From the Chef’s table . . .

Chef Michael prepares for the New Year’s Eve party. Photo by Mary Linda Boling
Chef Michael prepares for the New Year’s Eve party. Photo by Mary Linda Boling

Happy New Year’s from the Culinary Staff at Lake Quivira County Club!
What an exciting 2016, and we are looking forward to an amazing 2017. So far 2017 is looking to go that way. Our Chiefs are in the playoffs, KU is ranked near the top of the polls nationally and K-State is looking strong in the Big-12. Fun times to start the new year if you’re a sports fan in the Kansas City Metro.
What a great time we had at the LQ New Year’s Eve celebration! The Décor by the house committee was fabulous with the modern elegance of a black and white color scheme. We thank you all for your support. The meal was amazing (my pleasure!), and of course this could not have happened without the planning and execution by Shannon Burchett and her staff.
In 2017 I am going to go in a different direction with the “From the Chef’s Table.” I am going to share my culinary experiences from the past, recipes you can do at home, trends and local products and some of my dining experiences around town. The idea will be for my articles will be in the format of a food blog. I am a big fan of change, and I think we will all enjoy it.
I look forward to another eventful year here at 100 Crescent Blvd in 2017. Let’s Make it great!
Bon appétit
~Chef Michael

Lake Quivira Country Club Illicit Discharge Response Plan

Written by John Nelson, with help from Lisa Phlegar

1. Purpose
The purpose of this plan is to provide a comprehensive Local Illicit Discharge Response Plan for Lake Quivira Country Club (Lake Quivira) with offices located at 100 Crescent Blvd. Lake Quivira, Kansas, in support of City Of Lake Quivira Ordinance No. 291, Regulating Stormwater Maintenance and Illicit Discharges, for the City of Lake Quivira.
2. Applicability
This plan applies to all employees, contract employees, residents, members, guests, and outside contractors while within the boundaries of:
Lake Quivira Country Club
100 Crescent Blvd.
Lake Quivira, Kansas 66217

3. Reporting of Illicit Discharge
* Identify location of discharge
* Immediately Call Lake Quivira Security Office, (913) 631-4820, or 911 in the case of a major discharge
* Try to stop or control the situation without jeopardizing your personal safety
* As capable, assist Lake Quivira personnel with initiating containment procedures
4. Responsibility
4.1 The General Manger or their designee is responsible for the implementation of this Emergency Response Plan.
4.2 The following individuals are responsible for carrying out the specific requirements of the Emergency Response Plan
Primary Contact:
Lake Quivira Property Manager
Alternate Contacts:
Lake Quivira Lake Maintenance Manager
General Manager
Other individuals may be designated by Lake Quivira
5. Training and Emergency Equipment
5.1 The Primary Contact will provide appropriate training for all personnel deemed necessary for managing emergencies that are likely to occur within the boundaries of Lake Quivira Country Club.
5.2 The following response materials will be maintained on-site at the storage garage located immediately behind the Lake Quivira Administration Building:
* Illicit Discharge Containment Kit
* Oil absorbent Pads
* Containment Booms
* Oil Dry Materials
* Personal Safety Equipment
Access to these materials can be obtained 24 hours a day through the Responsible Parties or On-site Security Personnel.
6 Procedure for Containment
* Identify source
* Control discharge
* Provide containment
* Remove discharge products
* Notify proper authorities

Following containment, Lake Quivira personnel will identify other sensitive areas at risk and protect them accordingly.
Note: The use of detergents or other surfactants are strictly prohibited from use in response to a discharge located on Lake Quivira property.
Appendix I –
Lake Quivira Dock Site Location Map

Clubhouse management and staff are committed to giving members ‘the best experience possible’

Mark Allen, Clubhouse Manager. Photo by Mary Linda Boling
Mark Allen, Clubhouse Manager. Photo by Mary Linda Boling

Greetings! I hope that everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday season.
With 2016 coming to an end, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the membership of Lake Quivira for their warm welcome upon my arrival as the new Clubhouse Manager. Every member I have come in contact with has had many kind words of greeting and encouragement, making my transition that much easier.
As for 2017, the Clubhouse staff and management will be focused on giving the membership the best experience possible. Here are a few items to note when the Clubhouse reopens on the 13th. First, you will notice that in the dining room we will have brand new menu covers that will feature our menu and wine list all in one place. Gone are the days of having several sheets of cardstock on your table to look over when making your food and beverage decisions. Second, on the topic of menus, Chef has made several exciting changes to the menu that will be sure to create quite a buzz.
Also, the wine list will be getting a complete overhaul while we are closed. I will be taking on the toughest task of all, tasting through the many wines available to us and finding the best wines at the best prices to pass along to the entire membership. As wine is one of my favorite aspects when it comes to food and beverage, I am excited to take on this project. Nothing pleases me more than to speak to the wines offered on the wine list, and then find a varietal that the member will enjoy every time they come to the Clubhouse to dine with us.
2017 will be an exciting year for all of us here at Lake Quivira, and I am looking forward to getting to know all of you better so I may serve you better.
Happy New Year!
~Mark Allen, Clubhouse Manager