President’s column – December ’09

As President of the Board of Directors, I am calling for a rally of the Lake Quivira membership. I am asking the resident members to take the time and vote/approve the Amendments to our Covenants. Several members have not voted yet. These amendments will move Quivira forward for the next ten years.

By now all Foundation members should have received a letter from Brad Bodamer, Chairman of the Covenants Review Committee. Brad prepared the letter to respond to questions asked at the special meeting on November 3, and to address concerns raised in the editorial column in the last Quiviran. You may also receive a call from a Board member or committee member encouraging you to vote. If anyone has questions, please call Q Inc. Board members, members of the Covenants Review Committee or our general manager, John Miller.

All of the proposed amendments are important. However, I think the passage of Amendment 3 is particularly important. With the passage of this amendment, members will be able to approve development of property inside the gate, such as along Winding Ridge, with a simple majority vote of the membership rather than the current required two-thirds votes. With the option of developing Quivira, Inc. property with a simple majority vote of the membership, this gives us a means to generate revenue that can be used for purchasing perimeter property and/or limit significant dues increases.

The Board and the staff work very hard to keep monthly dues as low as possible. However, with fewer off lake members and employee health insurance premiums continuing to rise, it is becoming increasingly difficult to balance the budget without significant dues increases.

Quivira, Inc has limited options for generating revenue. There are three primary revenue producing sources in addition to monthly dues. First, there is golf related revenue, of which outside golfing events on Mondays provide a significant portion. However, these Monday golf events are harder and harder to book because of all the competition from area public courses and other private clubs, and with the economic downturn there are fewer such events to go around. Next, there is clubhouse related revenue, particularly banquets and receptions, which are more profitable than member dining. Even though the ballroom was rented out for practically every Saturday night this past summer, again because of the weak economy the parties were not as big and elaborate and thus did not generate as much revenue as they have in the past. Lastly, the area where the club can make substantial money is to sell lots. Presently there are two lots available. If Quivira were to develop ten lots along Winding Ridge and to sell them for $300,000 each, $3,000,000 would be generated minus the infrastructure costs required. And, of course, these ten new families would be paying monthly dues.

I understand the fact that many of us resist change. However, my concern is if the membership does not pass amendment 3, the options for developing inside the gate will remain severely limited. As everyone knows, there is proposed development on both the east side and west side. I am not promoting one development over another, either inside or outside the gate, or any development at all. What I would like to see is that the membership has as many options available as possible. As always, it is up to the membership to decide what option or options are chosen.

Speaking of development, I urge all residents to attend the City of Lake Quivira Planning Commission meeting on Tues., Dec. 8. At that meeting there will be a public hearing on the proposed rezoning and development plan for the Simpson-Ellis project east of the golf course. It is likely that early next year the membership will vote on whether to include this development as part of Quivira, Inc., and this public hearing will be a good opportunity to learn more about the development plan.

We have a Board meeting scheduled for December 15 to finalize the budget for 2010. Depending on what occurs at the Planning Commission meeting, we may also discuss the timing for informational meetings and the vote on the Simpson-Ellis development.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and of course this means Christmas is right around the corner.

~John Cotter