Spirit of Quivira nominations sought

The Spirit of Quivira Award will be presented at the annual meeting of Lake Quivira in March. The Award honors two members who have made outstanding contributions to Lake Quivira.

Dana DeSpain, Chair of the Spirit of Quivira Award Committee, is asking the membership to submit nominations as soon as possible. Nominations may be emailed to her at Dano45@kc.rr.com or submitted to the Lake Quivira office. The deadline to submit nominations is February 1, 2010.

To be eligible, individuals must have been Foundation or Associate Members for a minimum of five years. The volunteer work and service to the community should be exemplary and at an exceptional level (not necessarily in one service area, if possible).

Spirit of Quivira honorees of years past are Jeanie Brown, Dick McAnany, Jean Ann Nesselrode, Bud Heaven, Ruth Smith, Bill Brent, Becky Newcomer, Roger Blessing, Roy Bennett, Norma Lilja, Dick Sandifer, Pat Heaven, Florine Creek, Roy Creek, Larry Meeker, Susan Hidalgo, Dick Chapman, Donna Williams, Eric Johnson, Susan Warren, Corky Nason, Betty McAnany, Terry Williams, Joyce Terbovich, Leon Rieke and Betsy Vossman.