Letters to the Editor: Thanks to the community for. . .

. . . helping make Christmas bright

By Ellen Kelley with Bridget Vani
It’s a wonderful Christmas story. This year, Lake Quivira adopted a family in need so that they could enjoy a nice holiday season. We adopted a contractor a contractor who has worked on many of our patio and dock projects, walls, yards and many other small jobs at the lake for several years now. He’s also raising two beautifully well-behaved boys who are so deserving. The contractor been down on his luck lately so timing couldn’t have been better.

We collected gift cards and generous donations and Bridget Vani and I had the privilege of presenting him with “a gift-card Christmas tree” and a Christmas card from all of us that left himspeechless. We also accepted their grateful hugs on behalf of all of you!
As is the case so often, Lake Quivira stepped up to help others in need and Bridget and I are honored to live in such a generous community.

. . . giving the warmth of 800 coats

By Teresa Biron
Thank you, Quivirans, for your generous response for donations of warm coats for Cross-lines. Your outpouring of financial gifts and gifts of coats was very heartwarming!
Through your support the Lake Quivira Ministry was able to provide over 800 coats for their Christmas store. Over 600 homeless and extremely needy families had the opportunity to come to the Cross-lines Christmas store to select one of the wonderful coats for each one of their children. What a joy for them!
Our heartfelt thanks to all of you in the Lake Quivira community, as well as our off lake members, for helping make this a warm and beautiful Christmas for so many families in need. Your gracious generosity is deeply appreciated.
With warm gratitude,
~The Lake Quivira Ministry

. . . contributing over $10,000 to The Salvation Army

By Corky Nason
On December 8, 2016 the Lake Quivira Men’s Fellowship Group rang bells for the Salvation Army at the clubhouse and the gate. Please pat yourself on the back because we’ve had another very successful day of ringing bells. The total amount collected was $10,094. This is the second year in a row when our collections have been more than $10,000 and your thoughtfulness and charity is greatly appreciated both by our group and by all the people in need who are helped by the Salvation Army.
The following Quivirans participated: Jim Wright, Bob Lee, Frank Brown, Corky Nason, Jerry Baird, Gerry Watts, Gene Koski, Harry Stewart, Joe Bartels, Mark Bainbridge, John Calvert, Leo DeSpain, Kevin Griner, Chuck White, Bruce Rimbo, Steve Sestak, David Lockett, Mark Logan, Ron Chapman, Ray Ansari.
If you see any of these gentlemen during this Christmas season, please thank them for their hard work and many hours of standing out in the cold.
The Lake Quivira Men’s Fellowship Group meets the second and fourth Friday each month in the clubhouse at 7:30 AM. We would welcome any of the men at the lake who would like to participate in our various activities. I think you would find our Bible studies both interesting and very educational.
Thank you once again for your generosity.

Mark Bainbridge (left) and Joe Bartels
Mark Bainbridge (left) and Joe Bartels


Kevin Griner (left) and Leo DeSpain
Kevin Griner (left) and Leo DeSpain