Letters to the Editor – Member believes ‘will of the people’ was bypassed in recent hire

To all,
The reason I took the time and effort to black box the lake regarding budget issues was because I felt if the board knew what the desires of the majority of members I spoke to actually were, they would listen and react accordingly. I received dozens of calls, e-mails, and was stopped numerous times around the lake thanking me for speaking up.
Rather than listening to the majority via vote, we got a letter from the president basically stating his vision for LQ was the best one, and the reason the vote didn’t pass was we were misinformed or not intelligent enough to understand the complex issues of governing our country club community.
Right or wrong, I feel the president’s/board’s jobs in their elected positions are to represent the will of the people, in this case, the members.
If the majority of members feel it’s fiscally irresponsible to create a near six-figure position (with taxes and auto) to police us, then the president and board should listen to the majority, even if they’ve convinced themselves they’re right.
In no way did it represent us to spend money that was not already budgeted, and then try to bully us to cover the cost in the new budget – telling us we’re basically screwed and going to lose current services because there is no longer funding for them.
I’m hoping this is not the intent, but it is definitely what’s happening.
Thanks for your time, and Happy 2017, everyone,
~Bob Borberg
PS Pat – I like what I know of you as neighbor and dock neighbor, voted for you, like your wife and kids, and am not singling you out. You simply have the good fortune of being the Pres. in the President’s Letter. You are welcome to make the other board members who believe in this take their fare share. Thanks