Golf Pro and Golf Course Superintendent explain ballot items to authorize funding of course maintenance – Letter to the Editor

The Lake Quivira golf course is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful properties in the Kansas City metropolitan area. The combination of topography, spectacular views, stately trees and high standards of maintenance combine to offer Lake Quivira members and guests a truly exceptional golfing experience.
In order to continue to meet the expectations of Lake Quivira golfers, annual routine repairs and maintenance projects are necessary. This practice has been both supported and funded with the approval of Lake Quivira members for the past 25 plus years. With an aging infrastructure such as ours, addressing and funding our needs is becoming more of a challenge. But we must continue the upkeep of our golf course, one of our most important assets of Lake Quivira.
With the authorization of our membership, the expenditure from the Long Term Capital Asset Reserve will fund the following golf course projects in 2017:
Turf Conversion Areas. We are in the 4th year of our turf conversion project in the rough. We have been converting warm season (i.e. Bermuda grass) to a Bluegrass/Fescue mix for better playability and aesthetics. Areas on holes 3, 5, 9 and 11 are next on the list.
Cart Paths. Like our Lake Quivira roads, our cart paths are showing their age and are in need of replacement. This money will be used to repair/replace the cart path on #14.
Walls. Several stone walls have failed, are a safety hazard and are in need of replacement. At the top of our list this year are the walls around #13 pond and the retaining wall behind #5 green.
Bunkers. We are in the final phase of our bunker repair project. A bunker has an expected shelf life of six to ten years, and the golf course staff has been repairing a few bunkers each of the past five years. The repair work includes restoring bunkers to original grade, replacing the drainage system, installing new bunker liner and filling with high quality sand. The result is a more playable, lower maintenance bunker. This money will help go towards completing the remaining bunkers on holes 11 and 18.
Irrigation. Replacement of our old, worn out irrigation system in 2007 enabled us to be more efficient and effective in covering our turf. But while the new system is a vast improvement, it falls short in areas surrounding most of our greens. As we convert turf in needed areas, we must first provide irrigation necessary for establishment of healthy turf. The main areas of concern are around the green banks, areas where our golfers expect great turf conditions.
We understand the water feature left of 15 green is a concern. The golf committee is working hard to come up with a sustainable solution to this problem. We have contracted with CE Golf Design, who did the design work for #2, to provide conceptual drawings for the project. Looking forward, we will be providing more information as the plan is fully developed.
We hope you will continue to support our efforts to provide a golf course maintained at the highest of standards. A golf course that offers a fun, yet challenging experience for players of all skill levels. A golf course set in a beautiful natural environment that provides our golfers an experience unlike any other. A golf course we can all be proud of.
Thank you!
~Jeff Eldridge, CGCS Golf Course Superintendent
~Tom Aikmus, PGA Professional