President’s Report – March 2017

By Patrick Pribyl, President, Q Inc. Board of Directors

I would like to update you on the search for our next General Manager, as well as the Stewardship Reports I referenced last month. I have appointed Tray Vedock and Steve Sestak co-chairs for the GM Search Committee.
The committee has been formed and is currently preparing for several upcoming interviews. This committee has provided an update in this month’s paper.
I am grateful to these members for volunteering for this important committee. I also want to thank Dennis Nighswonger for referring several top candidates through his vast connections in the industry.
The Board has been busy working on the Quivira, Inc. 2016 Year in Review, which will be provided to the membership very soon. A snapshot of those efforts are in the cover letter that will accompany these reports, as follows:
2016 was a great year for Lake Quivira, and 2017 will be even better. Not only do we have 50 new families enjoying our community, Lake Quivira continues to grow, evolve, and become more beautiful. We are a unique community in that we are a homeowners association and a country club with a golf course and a lake all wrapped into one! It is a complex business run by amazing professionals with an active board and robust committees.
We are fortunate to live in this wonderland, and I encourage each of you to become involved to help us keep our community great. I would like to express my gratitude to the Board, our ten committees, and our numerous clubs. Collectively, over half of our residents are actively involved in our community. If you aren’t, I invite you to engage!
Quivira, Inc. doesn’t typically do a year-end report. But, given our dynamic year and the number of new members we have, I wanted to share some of the wonderful things happening around the lake, so I asked the Board to provide this collection of Stewardship Reports to share with you.
2017 will be an eventful year as Dennis Nighswonger retires and we bring on new operational leadership, board members and committee members. Due to my work commitments, I have decided not to run for re-election as the President, but my commitment to the Board and to the community will continue. At this point I wish to thank Dave Starr, Chuck White and Thomas Brown for their Board/Committee service. These gentlemen will be retiring from the Board this month. If you see them around the Lake please extend your gratitude as well.
The strengths of our community are our unique assets and our diverse membership. While these can also present challenges at times, I am regularly encouraged by the many engaged members who strive to solve real problems and create an exceptional member experience. Once again, I invite you to become (or stay) involved!
Submitted with appreciation, Patrick