Restriction Committee considers truck assessment to offset repaving costs – Letter to the Editor

In the last five years, membership has voted in favor of spending between $65,000 and $200,000 annually to repair and repave a portion of our roads. Through dues, foundation members fund these projects. In 2016, we spent $118,000 to repave Hillcrest East (east of Pawnee).
A dedicated group of five individuals within Restrictions Committee have taken-on responsibility of creating a “Roads Impact Fee” schedule to create revenue from heavy trucks sharing our private roads. Their goal is to partially-offset annual cost of repairing and repaving roads.
Restrictions Committee’s currently proposed fee schedule would charge an individual foundation member $40 per each three-axle truck using our roads to transport their materials in or out of Lake Quivira for their project. See an example, below. Fees could double for larger complete tear-down and new-build projects. Fees would be much smaller for landscaping and dock site projects:

Proposed truck assessment fees for hypothetical large home expansion project
Type of Truck (Qty trucks) @ $40 each Combined Fees

Excavating machinery (8) $320
Dump trucks demolition (8) 320
Large dumpsters (8) 320
Dump trucks excavated earth (100) 4,000
Dump trucks gravel (40) 1,600
Cement mixers (40) 1,600
Concrete pumper (1) 40
Lumber or structural steel (6) 240
Crane/rigger (2) 80
Drywall (4) 160
Roofing (4) 160
Total (221) $8,840

After observing three large home building projects, I am of opinion that homeowners/homebuilders should be charged these proposed fees on a per truck basis because heavy vehicles create significantly more damage, wear and tear to our roads and road beds than smaller delivery trucks or personal vehicles. Personally, I am not in favor of an alternative flat-fee, nor any percentage-based fee based on building permit stated-values. However, I suspect Restrictions Committee is willing to negotiate.
I encourage you to obtain a copy of Restrictions Committee’s latest recommendation to the board of directors. If you feel the same way I do, ask board members to endorse and implement a “Roads Impact Fee” schedule.
~Bruce Braun