The GM search is underway. . .

The search for a new General Manager has officially begun.
A Search Committee has been formed to identify, screen and evaluate potential candidates and recommend several finalists for formal consideration by the Board of Directors.
The position has been posted on various industry and public job sites. Several strong candidates have already surfaced, and the interview process is scheduled to begin in early March. The goal is to hire the new General Manager by the middle of the year to coincide with the requested retirement date for Dennis Nighswonger.
Following is an excerpt from the Job Description approved by the Board:
“The General Manager reports directly to the Board of Directors and has the responsibility for oversight of all homeowners association and country club operations. This individual supervises all Department Heads and ensures quality staff is trained and equipped to meet the high standards and expectations of the residents and the non‐resident members. Exemplary leadership skills are a must to be certain all staff members willingly desire to follow the example set for their success, as well as the ultimate success of the organization. Excellent communication skills are a vital part of interaction with residents, members and staff alike; therefore, it is important for this person to be competent in this area. The ideal candidate will fully appreciate the necessity of being highly visible and deemed approachable by residents, members and staff. The successful candidate must also possess the business acumen to ensure all strategic, operational and financial objectives are clearly defined in the budget process and then orchestrate the plan to meet these expectations.”
Over the next several months, the Search Committee will be hosting potential candidates for Department Head meetings and in‐depth interviews as it works to select the best candidate for the job. Please take the time to say hi and help demonstrate the tremendous community this person has the opportunity to be a part of. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact a member of the Search Committee.
~The GM Search Committee: Steve Sestak and Tray Vedock, co-chairs; Margaret Bowker; Jim Wright, Jim Large; Christina Gomer; Mike Lutz