A Summary of the March 28 Board Meeting

President Sestak opened the meeting by welcoming the new members of the Board of Directors; Bryan Albers, John Nelson and Tim Wilson. The new officers are Steve Sestak – President, Margaret Bowker – Vice President, Mary Linda Boling – Secretary, and Tim Wilson – Treasurer
Mr. Sestak invited attending members to share comments or ask questions. Leanna Walters took the floor, introducing herself to the new members of the Board and giving an overview of her role as editor of The Quiviran for the past fifteen years, providing the community a forthright view of community news. Ms. Walters explained the process involved in producing the monthly paper. Freedom of speech was emphasized as one of the important venues she provides for members to openly express their opinions on matters within the community. Letters to the Editor are printed as written unless they contain material unsuitable for print. Her policy has always been that letters must be signed in order to be placed in the paper. Quivira, Inc. contracts to have four to six pages of content in each paper.
President’s Report
Mr. Sestak complimented Ms. Walters on receiving the “Spirit of Quivira” award at the Annual Meeting. He also expressed his gratitude for her assistance in working with the Strategic Planning Committee in printing monthly articles, especially for last month’s front page billing on “Introducing the Options.” Additional recipients of Spirit awards were Tim Perkins and Chris Rone.
Membership Committee appointments for the month of April are Mary Linda Boling and Laurie Walker.
Mr. Sestak presented an update on the search for the next General Manager. Dennis Nighswonger will be retiring at the end of May, and the Board is hoping to have confirmation on a new General Manager by mid-April. The Search Committee has forwarded two excellent candidates for introduction to the Board and this meeting will take place on Sun., Apr. 9. Both individuals will be interviewed by the entire Board, and a Special Meeting will be held on Mon, Apr. 10, for the purpose of selecting the individual to be offered this most important position.
Mr. Sestak explained the structure by which he plans on running Board meetings during his Presidency. Department Heads will no longer be required to attend every meeting; however, should there be an item under consideration by a committee requiring feedback on the part of one of these professionals, they will be asked to attend to provide support for the committee chair. Several weeks prior to each Board meeting, Cindy Price, Administrative Assistant, will reach out to each Board member, seeking input on items they desire to have on the agenda. The intent is for the Board to deal more specifically with items requiring special attention or action items requiring a vote. Mr. Sestak’s desire is to provide more efficient meetings and refrain from discussions on issues not on the agenda and items first requiring committee attention prior to recommendation to the Board.
Marketing Committee
Ms. Bowker announced that Bill Eckinger has completed two three-year terms on the committee, and a motion was made and approved to invite Sherlyn Mason to fill this vacancy.
The Marketing Committee will be hosting a new member recruitment event on Sun., Apr. 2. Board members were encouraged to bring friends interested in Lake Quivira to this gathering, where appetizers and drinks will be provided. Additionally, two of our residents will be available to offer lake tours on their pontoon boats to ensure everyone fully experiences the beauty of this remarkable community.
Ms. Bowker reminded the Board that a recent member incentive has expired, and the committee recommended extending this program. The new offering being proposed will offer existing members an incentive of $1,000 for Country Club members, $500 for Junior members, and $100 for each Social member they recruit for membership. Recipients of these incentives would have the specified amount credited to their club account. To be eligible for this incentive, the sponsoring member must be identified on the prospective member’s application. Motion approved.
Golf Committee
Mr. Markley provided information received from Golf Professional Tom Aikmus regarding a request from The First Tee of Greater Kansas City, seeking to hold their annual benefit tournament at Lake Quivira on September 26, 2017. Tom Watson is a very strong sponsor of this amazing program for children and will be a participant in the event. The Golf Committee is honored to be asked to host such a prestigious golf tournament.
First Tee is a youth development organization, teaching young people positive values such as honesty, integrity, sportsmanship and confidence, while using the game of golf as a tool. The First Tee of Greater Kansas City helps over 8,000 young people each year to learn valuable life skills through a “seamless approach.” Participants learn to communicate better, develop self-awareness, set reachable goals and practice resistance skills while having fun and learning to play golf.
Lake & Residential Committee
Mr. Nelson presented the Board with a proposal from Mr. Sestak to switch dock sites, #340 and #351, assigned to his two residences. Motion approved. Additionally, Mr. Nelson provided information from a project Thomas Brown has been working on, involving the Mohawk/Navajo watershed, which encompasses approximately 180 acres. Repairs to the culvert by Duck Island will be postponed until it can be determined if there could be possible assistance from the US Army Corps of Engineers.
The committee is also discussing the potential need to recruit an on-call civil engineer on a retainer due to the scope of work required on a number of lake and community projects. The committee believes receiving professional opinions on these matters could not only be beneficial to Quivira, Inc., but also would be in our best interests to ensure work is performed to proper specifications.
Safety & Security Committee
Ms. Walker announced that John Kieffer has completed two three-year terms on the committee, and a motion was made and approved to invite Scott Hanson to fill this vacancy.
Several safety issues pertaining to the Preschool Center were discussed at the most recent meeting. The committee is recommending the installation of a removable sign signifying a safety zone for children be placed in two locations in front of the building. Parents will be allowed to park in this area long enough to unload and load children, but aside from this, parking is not allowed. Gary Anderson will be asked to secure and install this sign.
Ms. Boling spoke on behalf of those individuals involved in ministry at Lake Quivira, asking that they be allowed to have guest stickers for their vehicles. Recently, one of the minister’s names was not found on the guest list and subsequently denied entry. The Board discussed and felt that due to the number of times these individuals need access, especially to minister to ill or older residents, it was appropriate to issue passes to these regular guests.
Mr. Braun discussed an ongoing problem at the guard gate whenever there is a power outage. Since the phone system is internet-based, the lack of power also means no telephone service; however, he has provided a solution to the problem. He had purchased a Verizon cell- phone for his dad and has given this equipment to the club. Bridgett Schmitz is contacting the phone company to see if a standalone line can be arranged to provide service from this phone.
Mr. Braun is also working with Ray Ansari to see if a backup power system can be installed at the gate to eliminate power loss issues for phones, the gate, etc. Once a solution is found, he will bring it to the Board for funding consideration. Power loads will need to be determined for the building prior to receiving any proposals solving the problem.
House Committee
Ms. Boling made a motion to change the current reservation policy for club events. The system now being used provides for a 24-hour cancelation. The committee proposes a 48-hour cancelation policy.
Motion approved. This policy change will provide additional time for the staff to react to any changes in the number of reservations with adequate time to adjust product production and staffing needs.
Due to the 4th of July occurring on a Tuesday this year, the Clubhouse will be open on Monday to provide more opportunities for members to enjoy the extended holiday. Ms. Bowker made a motion to close club operations on Wed., July 5, this year, thus providing staff with a day off. Motion approved.
Tennis Committee
Ms. Boling brought to the Board’s attention that two current committee members have fulfilled their terms, and another member has recently resigned due to work commitments. Mr. Braun reminded that the Bylaws state the committee must have a representation from the Quivira Tennis Club, Junior Tennis League and Summer Recreation Association. This issue was debated for several moments, and it was determined that representatives from these programs need to be secured for committee assignment. The matter was deferred to a future meeting.
Strategic Planning Committee
Mr. Sestak commented the committee spent time reviewing and fine tuning final details on the presentation made to the membership at the Annual Meeting. Several Board members shared they had received very positive feedback as to the content and quality of the presentation.
New Business
Mr. Sestak announced he will make an announcement at the April 25th Board meeting as to the names of chairs and vice chairs for each of the committees. Replacements for three vacated chair positions were announced at the meeting; Tim Wilson – Finance Committee, John Nelson – Lake & Residential Committee, and Bruce Braun – Restrictions Committee.
Ms. Walker was nominated and approved to fill the position of Assistant Secretary.
General Manager’s Report
Total Revenues for February were $305,200, compared to a budget of $294,000; a positive variance of $11,200. Dues continue to be slightly lower than projections, but all other revenue categories were greater than budgeted. Clubhouse Sales provided the highest variance, finishing the month $8,600 ahead of budget.
Total Expenses were slightly higher than projections, finishing the month $4,500 higher than the budget of $280,800. Clubhouse expenses of $106,600 exceeded budget by $9,600; several unbudgeted expenses contributed to this variance. Significant time has been spent on identifying sewer odors in the Clubhouse; a final solution is in sight. Kitchen payroll is also an area of concern being addressed by Clubhouse management. All other expense categories were lower than budget.
Through February, financial results are very close to plan. Net Operating Income for February was $20,000 on a budget of $13,200, or a positive variance of $6,800. This reduced the shortfall to only $1,900 on a year-to-date basis.