Proposed Rule Change: House Committee endorses new reservation policy for Clubhouse events

Proposed Rule Change
C. Reservations for a Club sponsored event must be cancelled at least 24 hours 48 hours in advance of the event or the member will be charged for the event.

By Mary Linda Boling
A reservation is everything when events are being planned for LQ Members. With an accurate head count, Clubhouse management can budget appropriately for necessary staffing and purchase and prepare the correct amount of food and beverage for the occasion. When forty people say they’re coming, but only twenty show up, everyone loses.
For this reason, the House Committee has endorsed a new Reservation policy that ties a financial commitment to special event reservations. Going forward, members will be asked to make reservations for events such as the Lobster Boil with the understanding that they will be charged for the event unless they cancel 48 hours in advance.
This new policy helps our Clubhouse staff offer the types of events we’ve come to enjoy in recent years without the risk of a negative impact on the budget due to no-shows. It also helps the House Committee better understand the types of offerings to which our membership is most amenable. If a critical mass of members aren’t interested enough in any particular event to make a financial commitment, then the event can be cancelled. This is a win-win for all of us.
Members will be reminded of the new policy as programs and special offerings are presented in publications and e-blasts.
Therefore, the Clubhouse would like to require a 48 hour cancellation policy (a change from the present 24 hour cancellation policy). This is an industry standard practice. You are encouraged to review this rule change and attend the next Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday, April 25, to express any comments.