Steve Sestak elected Q Inc. Board President; new General Manager search underway

By Steve Sestak, President, Quivira, Inc. Board of Directors

I truly appreciate the exceptional turnout at the Annual Meeting last month. With the search for a new General Manager underway, a new Strategic Plan in process, and an earlier spring warm-up than expected, there is a lot going on right now. It is important that you are informed and contribute, where interested, to these many important activities that will position our community for the future.
It is an honor to serve as your next Board President. I would like to personally thank Patrick Pribyl for his leadership over the past year. I would also like to congratulate Brian Albers, John Nelson, and Tim Wilson for their recent election to the Board. I look forward to working closely with each of them as we address the various issues that are sure to arise this year and set a long-term direction for the community that reflects the diverse interests of the membership.
For those of you who don’t know me, my wife (Lynn) and I joined Lake Quivira as Associate Members back in 1998, then moved to the lake in 2004 where we raised our two children. I spent my 30+ year career in the Business Consulting industry assisting clients with a wide range of services and am mostly-retired after selling several divisions of my company over the past several years. Having served on the Board for the past two years and on several committees prior to that, I have to admit that Lake Quivira is one of the most unique and challenging organizations that I have worked with. But, it is also one that offers the most appeal, promise and opportunity, especially since it is the place I call home.
As you know by now, Dennis Nighswonger has expressed his desire to retire by the middle of this year. The Search Committee and the Department Heads have recently interviewed three candidates, selected from over 100 applicants, who were felt to best reflect the right balance of executive leadership, country club, and homeowner association skills and experience. Based on these interviews, the finalists have been identified and recommended to the Board for final interviews and selection. Once the best person is hired, we will host a Welcome Event to give everyone a chance to meet our new General Manager, as well as a Retirement Reception to give Dennis some well-deserved recognition.
Finally, on behalf of the Strategic Planning Committee, I would like to express my excitement about the many positive comments from our recent presentation of the Strategic Options. There remains much work to do to properly vet these options and determine which ones warrant further consideration and in what sequence. But, I am encouraged that we are on the right track and that the ultimate outcome will be a long-range Master Plan that balances the preservation of our unique culture with the enhancement of certain features of our Residential Community and our Country Club.
2017 is off to a great start. The community is already vibrant with golfers on the course, players on the tennis courts, walkers on our roads, hikers on our nature trails, boats being launched (on our new ramp) and children playing outside. Financially, we are right on plan, and a concerted effort is being made towards the beautification of our community. New member recruitment efforts have already secured several new members, and (with a little luck from “mother nature”) our lake will be back to full capacity very soon. This is always the time of the year when I cannot imagine living anywhere else.
See you “Around the Lake.” ~Steve