Re-imagining the Clubhouse lower level: An interactive experience

0517 clubhouse lower level bw 4 col
Lake Quivira Clubhouse Lower Level Plan from 2000

By Mary Linda Boling and Linda Segebrecht
We have all been there, questioning whether our home is best configured to support our lifestyle. Do we need more wall space? How about a second door? Do we bump out a room? Add a small kitchen or a game room? Where should we place the couch in the living room? We cannot move some things, so that has to be taken into consideration. And what about the views we want to highlight? We have to think about where the kids like to congregate, or whether we wish they had their own space to congregate, removed from adult “quiet” space.
Our LQ community living space—the Clubhouse–is no different from our homes. We know it well. We eat dinner there, play cards and mahjong, raise a glass after golf, celebrate birthdays, toast at weddings and grab a bite after a day at the beach. It doesn’t matter if you are a foundation, associate or social member, this is your place. A place where you should say, “I like to be in the Clubhouse. Its design fits my lifestyle.”
In recent years, many members have communicated that the Clubhouse space could be used more effectively with emphasis on the lower level. In November, we approved a $15,000 fee to allow a design firm to help us re-imagine the use of that space and help us determine where to place the walls and doors and more. As a starting point, a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) was sent by the House Committee to selected architecture firms. They toured the lower level and had many questions about its current configuration. Three firms presented their qualifications, which will be reviewed; and after the House Committee has selected one, there will be a process for community and staff to provide input.
The House Committee asks members to think about what’s missing from their Clubhouse experience that could be remedied with a repurposing of the lower level space. Do we need a kitchen on this level? A family dining room? Locker rooms? Do we want the ultimate man cave? How about card rooms or a sports bar? Do we need the staff lounge or better dressing room space for our brides and grooms?
We can’t do it all. But community input will be essential to find the compromise that makes the best use of the space to maximize membership satisfaction and sustain support for the Clubhouse bottom line.
There are many questions for all of us to answer, so have fun and dream away. Questions? Please email Lower Level Re-imagining Chief Linda Segebrecht ( or Mary Linda Boling, House Committee Chair ( There will be multiple ways to participate in the journey, so let us know if you would like to be a part of the process.