Letter to the Editor

Welcome to Lake Quivira:, A Community Connected by Dreams
By Larry Meeker
Welcome, Geary Goss, to Lake Quivira. As our new General Manager, you have joined a truly “unique” community. Just ask anyone and they will tell you we are unique, and don’t be surprised if they explain it differently. Our mystique is difficult to define.
Like suburbia that is often considered a manifestation of “The American Dream,” Quivira is the manifestation of our sense of uniqueness. But, don’t be fooled and mistake our amenities for that uniqueness. Many communities have gates, country club amenities and even hiking trails; that doesn’t make us unique. Our uniqueness resides in a state of mind that tells us we are home when we drive through the front gate.
Although each of us defines that state of mind in our own personal way, there is a collective state of mind that evidences itself in different facets of our community. For example, we revere our history.
The plaque at the front gate commemorating Duane Everhart, a long-time guard who served from before World War II until his death in 1988, is a strong testament to our sense of community. Community is not just the residents; community reaches out to our country club members and occasional employees such as Duane. This is a place where very different people can come together and relish their kinship.
Our antiquated “Lake Quivira” entrance sign may look a bit odd to some because it spans only our entrance lanes. That’s because we had to save the sign when we widened the entrance and put a new guardhouse in the middle. We opted to renovate and expand our existing clubhouse in 2000, when a new clubhouse that would have cost only $500,000 more would have been far more functional, encompassed the pre-school and golf pro shop, accommodated management staff and had nearly 5,000 square feet of space left over for exercise equipment.
Our history is important to us because we sense our uniqueness has deep roots in that history, and we are reluctant to make major changes that might endanger our uniqueness. Perhaps the loss of green space—another attribute of our history—or having homes built next to the golf course nixed two of the three relatively recent development proposals. Or, maybe having a new development where homes would look like a typical suburban development felt out of character with our eclectic appearance. When we’re not exactly sure where those roots lie, we are reluctant to dig too close to them.
The mere fact that we’ve talked about new amenities and housing development for the 42 years I have lived here is also a window on Quivira’s uniqueness. Although action has been minimal and change slow, conversations have been long and often complicated. Those conversations alone, however, are part of the glue that binds us together and creates community. Sometimes the quest is as important as the goal.
Our sense of history, our sense of community and our continuing quest for Quivira’s future make us self-referential. We set our own standards and don’t look to others as a guide to our destiny. At times, that is challenging, such as when we court country club members. For us, however, those members are more than outside members; they are part of our Quivira family. . . something you can’t get at other clubs. Perhaps that’s why many of them ultimately buy Quivira homes and move here permanently.
Our amenities don’t have to be first class or serve all our needs. If you want to jet ski you need to go elsewhere, just as if you want a championship golf course you need to play elsewhere. It’s our sense of community that compels us to support a diverse set of amenities, many of which we may never use.
So, welcome, Geary, to your new family. We look forward to our conversations with you about our past, our present and our continuing quest for Quivira’s future. Some of us truly believe Coronado found his city of gold right here at Quivira; we’re just not sure what to make of it. So don’t be surprised if we are hesitant in our actions, and be sure to engage all of us in the conversations about our future.