Strategic Planning: Surveying the Options

By Steve Sestak
Thank you to those members who took the time to attend the Member Review Sessions last month. It was important to hear whether we are on the right track and have considered the types of future improvements our members would like to see in the community. While I am sure opinions are already forming, both in favor and opposed to certain options, it does seem like there is growing number who believe something should be done. If you were not able to attend the sessions, the presentations have been posted to the Lake Quivira website under Strategic Planning.
The next step is to administer a Member Survey to assess and determine the preliminary level of member support for each of the Strategic Options outlined by the Strategic Planning Committee. This is an opinion survey only, not a vote on any of these potential projects. The results will be used by the Committee to determine which projects to include in the Master Plan and, for those included, the potential priority in which each project should be considered.
The survey will start with a series of demographic questions, followed by each category of options; Community Infrastructure, Member Amenities and Golf Amenities. To assist you in completing the survey, a summary of each Strategic Option will be included with a conceptual illustration, key features, and preliminary cost estimates for both Project Costs (design, construction and financing) and Annual Costs (operating, maintenance and capital reserve), as well as a monthly estimate for each member. The goal is to obtain at least a 75 percent response rate on the survey.
Further information and instructions will be sent along with the survey, and all members are encouraged to complete the survey in a timely manner.