Summary of May 23 Board Meeting

President Sestak opened the meeting by welcoming Geary Goss to his first meeting as General Manager. He then invited attending members to share comments or ask questions. Bridget Vani took the floor regarding the topic of underage golf cart drivers, requesting the current rules be enforced. Chief Fred Grenier stated in order for the Lake Quivira Police Department to take action, it must be a violation of law; the police department can’t enforce a rule. President Sestak asked members not to call out other members, but rather to notify the General Manager. Mr. Goss referenced his experience at other clubs having similar issues. A 3” x 3” reflective cart number was required on each cart so it could be clearly read. Youth drivers completing the safety class received a laminated country club driver’s license, which they were required to carry when driving the cart. Should the child commit a violation, their license could be suspended or revoked. John Nelson mentioned that golf carts at Lake Quivira should each have these numbers; however, enforcement has become lax, and that is in the process of changing.
President’s Report
President Sestak stated he would like to change the agenda for future meetings to hear the report from the General Manager earlier in the meeting. He then asked Mr. Goss to share his initial observations during his first week at Lake Quivira.
General Manager’s Report
During his first week, Mr. Goss stated he was set up on an onboarding program with department heads and going over the Quivira, Inc. business. So far, he has spent days with several department heads, reviewing their operations. With the recent change in Controllers and some reporting changes put into effect, Mr. Goss mentioned April financials weren’t ready to present. A meeting was scheduled tomorrow morning with Mr. Wilson. The delay has nothing to do with validity, but how and where items are reported. Moving forward, the plan is to have the system do more of the work, and the process should be more fluid within the next two months.
Marketing Committee
The committee did not have a meeting in May. Ms. Bowker cited the Club has four new country club members and four new social members so far this year. She informed everyone an open house was held last Sunday with tours in conjunction with the realtors’ red balloon open house event. Work on the new member orientation guide continues and is waiting for a piece on construction protocol to be added. The committee is teaming with the Photography Club with the assignment this month to do architectural photography around the lake. Ms. Bowker continued by saying the goal is to do a press release on Lake Quivria’s quaint environment and the cool architectural diversity around the lake.
Finance Committee
Mr. Wilson expressed his support of the close process being put in place and that they are looking at the schedule to make sure the committee meeting is far enough in advance of the Board Meeting to be able to present their notes. Mr. French mentioned Mr. Goss attended the last meeting and offered several ideas to help streamline the process; the committee is pleased to have him here.
Golf Committee
Mr. Markley stated the committee had recently taken a tour of the course. This was enlightening to some members even though they play golf. He mentioned he would like the Board to also take a tour to see what the staff has been doing on the course.
Mr. Markley reported during a recent storm a tree limb fell on the roof of the outhouse on #13 green, so a new roof will need to be installed. He then spoke about the nematode issue on the course and that these parasites feed off roots and kill the grass. Courses with sandy soil have an issue with nematodes. Unfortunately, we have the nastiest variety. A treatment has been applied, but the course will need to be continually tested.
Lake and Residential Committee
Mr. Nelson made a motion to publish a proposed rule change in the Quiviran prohibiting the use of any used flotation material from floating dock construction. Motion seconded and approved.
Mr. Nelson spoke on the topic of establishing a service agreement with an engineering firm. Proposals were received from eight firms, and Mr. Nelson and Anita Bible met with two firms; Olsson & Associates and Schlagel & Associates. It was unanimously approved by the committee to move forward with Olsson & Associates. Mr. Nelson made a motion to begin negotiations with Olsson & Associates to establish an engineering agreement with Quivira, Inc. for a one-year term and renewable up to three years. Mr. Braun seconded the motion. With one abstention, motion approved.
Mr. Nelson reported the Saddle Club made a presentation to the committee on the state of the front quarantine barn. They presented a proposal for replacing the front barn with a 36’ x 36’ metal building. The estimated cost is $120,000. The club is confident they would be able to raise the money. Mr. Nelson made a motion to approve in principle a proposal from the Saddle Club to construct a new barn replacing the current quarantine facility, allowing them to pursue design and third party funding. Ms. Walker seconded the motion. Motion approved. The proposal must be first approved by the Board for it to go before the Foundation. Once funding is secured, this proposal will be brought back for further consideration by the Board. Ms. Bowker expressed concern regarding the barn being a metal building should restrictions on metal structures be set in the future.
Mr. Nelson brought up the issue of debris removal around the lake. He explained Gary Anderson found a company which will come out, pick-up the debris, carry it away, and mulch it. Cost would be $10 per cubic yard, which on annual basis would cost $12,000 to $15,000. It was agreed to further review this approach as it would alleviate Lake Maintenance the nuisance and handling of debris.
Mr. Nelson gave an update on the infrastructure review. The tours are finished, and there will be a meeting tomorrow to prioritize the capital projects. He plans to present it to the committee next month for review and hopes to present a preliminary report to the Board during the June meeting.
Ms. Bowker inquired about the weed issue at the Saddle Club. Mr. Nelson stated, per the State of Kansas, we are required to irradicate noxious weeds. Currently, we have a serious curly dock weed issue. A proposal to kill the curly dock and reseed was received; however, the committee has not yet reviewed the proposal.
Restrictions Committee
Mr. Braun indicated the committee has voted to change meeting dates from the first Monday to the third Monday of each month. Because the committee’s meeting date is published in the By-Laws, approval is needed by the Board. Mr. Braun made a motion to change the Restriction Committee’s meeting date from the first Monday to the third Monday of each month. Mr. French seconded the motion. Motion approved.
Mr. Braun introduced Tammy Bailey, who provided a brief overview on the continual discussion of a construction impact fee. Ms. Bailey asked the Board to consider its recommendation on several options; a fee based on per axel charge per truck or on a percentage of the project cost. President Sestak interjected this topic has been discussed for several years, and it is time for the Board to provide some direction as to the option it prefers. Mr. Nelson made a motion to implement a permitted construction impact fee based on a percentage of the job cost and authorize the Restrictions and Lake & Residential Committees to formulate the verbiage for such rules to be provided no later than the July Board meeting. Mr. French seconded the motion. Motion approved.
Safety and Security Committee
Ms. Walker spoke about a continuing issue regarding member complaints about parking on the west side of Lakeshore Drive. This issue has been discussed various times during committee meetings. The committee voted on a potential rule change; the current rule is no overnight parking on the lake side of Lakeshore Drive, the proposed change in rule is no overnight parking on either side; however, vote failed 5 to 3. Therefore, the committee is at a loss and looking for help from the Board. President Sestak stated the Board needs to figure out what its rights are to act on matters not specifically outlined in the rules and asked Mr. Goss to review the situation and recommend a course of action.
House Committee
Ms. Boling spoke about the odor issue in the Clubhouse. A1 Sewer Service identified a sewer pipe in the basement storage area that has breached, causing fluid to collect in the pipe. The proposed cost to fix the problem is $12,000 and would be done over three successive Mondays. A motion was made and unanimously approved to move forward with the repairs from A1 Sewer Service.
Ms. Boling gave a brief overview of the process for redesigning the Clubhouse’s lower level. In the 2017 budget, $15,000 was allotted for obtaining the services of a design firm to do a creative concept on what could be done to make it more functional and user friendly to the members. Concern was noted from Ms. Boling on the possibility of a conflict with the Strategic Planning process. It was agreed this project is not in conflict with any plans being proposed by the Strategic Planning Committee. Ms. Boling stated the House Committee will start advertising for member meetings with the architects in mid-June to allow interested members to share their ideas on potential design concepts to consider.
Tennis Committee
Ms. Walker who who is responsible for turning the tennis court lights off. Several recent incidents have occurred where the lights have been left on at night. The lights are not on a timer and must be turned off manually. Chief Grenier offered to have his team turn them off before they go off duty.
Strategic Planning Committee
President Sestak briefly spoke about the three member-review sessions recently held at the Clubhouse. He indicated the committee is preparing a member survey to go out in June to assess the level of support on each of the options. This information will be used to help prioritize what the members want to have done or not done as the committee works to finalize the Master Plan.
New Business
President Sestak announced the admission of three new committee members; Harley Ball (Tennis Committee), Tony Feiock (Safety & Security Committee), and Bill Eckinger (House Committee). All three admissions were unanimously approved.