100 members let their voices be heard at the Lower Level Input Meetings in June

By Mary Linda Boling, Marylindaboling@gmail.com
Five small group sessions were conducted by Kim Lammers and Annie Robinson from Hufft Associates at the 19th hole. They asked each group the following questions:
* What do you like about the club’s current Lake Level?*
* What do you think doesn’t function at the current club’s Lake Level?*
* What is the #1 feature you would like to see incorporated into the Lake Level renovations?*
Kim and Annie are compiling all the data they collected so it can be presented to the Design Committee/The word graphs you see here represent the responses to the questions and the size of the type face represents the number of times a answer was repeated. It’s an interesting way to visually see the responses.
This is the first step in the process that will enable the architects to develop concept drawings. The Design Committee, along with staff, will give them feedback and direction all along the process so that a fully developed concept can be presented to the membership.
The House Committee wishes to thank all the members who attended the Input Session. Your thoughts and suggestions will help shape the exciting plans for the Lower Level (now affectionately called the Lake Level) that all members will enjoy in the future.
House Committee Members: Mary Linda Boling, chair; Bryan Albers, vice chair; Kem Anderson; Annie Brown; Lisa Coffman; Bill Eckinger; Di Fowler; Jeanne McGrath; Bruce Rimbo; Linda Segebrecht; Anne Simms.
Feel free to contact us with your thoughts about the Lake Level of the Clubhouse.