A Summary of the June 27 Board Meeting

President Sestak opened the meeting by having Geary Goss introduce the new Lake Quivira Security Manager, Frank Watson. He then invited attending members to share comments or ask questions. Leanna Walters discussed a delay in this month’s publication of the Quiviran due to the Fourth of July holiday. She also inquired about the Special Board Meeting held around one week ago. President Sestak explained this was simply a working session to help the new General Manager and Board Members understand the various initiatives that each of the committees is working on and that no business was conducted.
General Manager’s Report
Mr. Goss thanked the Board members for adjusting their committee meeting schedules so he would be able to attend them each month. He mentioned the biggest item he is focusing on is the structure, processes and systems we have in place. With several recent leadership transitions, the lack of these has become evident. It is important the residents, the members and the staff have a true understanding of Lake Quivira and how it functions.
Marketing Committee
Ms. Bowker informed the Board the committee will be working with Safety & Security on a guest pass program. She also mentioned the testing of the new member orientation guide and research on the use of electronic voting. Ms. Bowker provided the new member count for the year; five new Country Club Members and four new Social Members. Mr. Braun inquired about the Legacy Program, and Ms. Bowker stated we are still working on the program. He also asked for clarification on the guest pass program. Ms. Bowker explained this program would be for a prospective homebuyer who wants to see Lake Quivira prior to contacting a realtor.
Finance Committee
Mr. Wilson stated the committee met, but did not have a quorum. He made several motions. The first motion was to approve Geary Goss and Vickie Lahey as the 401(k) administrators. The second motion was to approve Geary Goss, Jeff Eldridge, Steve Sestak, Tim Wilson, and Vickie Lahey as authorized signatories on the bank accounts. Mr. Wilson mentioned signatories are in a specific order with Ms. Lahey being last to segregate control. Mr. Eldridge is to be listed as a signatory because he is a department head who is at Lake Quivira more often than anyone else and more accessible. Mr. Wilson spoke about the issue of running around trying to get dual signatures on checks. He proposed a third motion that checks for operating purchases of $15,000 or greater would need dual signatures from the list provided previously, and checks for capital purchases of $5,000 or greater would also need dual signatures. Moving forward, Mr. Goss explained the process of putting better systems in place for purchase orders and department heads coding invoices. New processes are needed to assure timely payments of invoices and better cash management. All motions approved unanimously.
Mr. Wilson stated the committee has met with Mr. Goss and Ms. Lahey with regards to establishing the timeline for the 2018 budget process. The process will kick off next month. Mr. Wilson also indicated the April and May financials should be ready by July 10.
Golf Committee
Mr. Markley alerted the Board the committee voted last month to shut down the water feature on Hole #15 for the rest of the year aside from a few exceptions. He informed the Board we are allocated 52 million gallons of water for golf course usage as determined by acreage and past usage. After continuous attempts to plug the leaks, the leakage continues and the committee believes it would be more prudent to conserve the water. Mr. Wilson continued by saying we would be subject to fines should we use more than our allocated amount of water, which will likely occur if we continue refilling. The committee is currently getting bids on the cost of a dry creek bed and will bring cost information to the Board. Mr. Braun spoke about his concern that, since projects are often completed at one time yet money is raised throughout the year, there is the risk that cash could be tied up in one committee’s project, thereby not allowing another committee’s project to be funded. It was noted once the new processes spoken about in Finance Committee report are in place, there should be better cash management practices.
Lake & Residential Committee
Mr. Nelson reported the rule approved last month to prohibit the use of any used floatation material for floating dock construction was published in the June issue of The Quiviran, and no feedback was received. Mr. Nelson said the Lake and Residential Committee made a slight modification to the rule and asked for Board approval. Discussions on the topic followed, and Mr. Nelson made a motion to approve the amended rule. Motion was approved unanimously; “All floatation material used for floating dock construction or refurbishment must be constructed of encapsulated foam or high density polyethylene (HDPE) and be purchased new, not previously used in any body of water, and placed in a two (2) week quarantine period as outlined in the Quivira, Inc. Rules and Regulations Related to Lake Usage.”
Mr. Nelson informed the Board the annual zebra mussel testing will be conducted this week. The biologist will survey the entire lake, along with the two silt ponds.
Mr. Nelson then spoke about the Infrastructure Review Report that was recently completed. The next step is to have Olsson & Associates review the report and prepare recommendations, verify cost estimates and establish a timeline for road and storm water improvements. The goal is to present their findings to the Board in August.
Mr. Nelson brought up the topic of clean-up after storms. He stated it is every homeowner’s responsibility to clean up their yard area and dispose of the debris properly. However, this is not always done properly or in a timely manner. Lake Maintenance currently provides the service of picking up yard debris the first Monday of every month. However, there are times when this debris is set by the roads for several weeks prior to that date. This topic will be discussed at the next committee meeting and some guidelines will be prepared.
Restrictions Committee
Mr. Braun made a motion to accept the setback on the Johnson’s house as accepted by the Restrictions Committee. Mr. Albers seconded the motion. Motion approved unanimously.
Mr. Braun presented the committee’s recommendation on the proposed impact fee for residential construction. Ms. Bowker made a motion that effective January 1, 2018, an impact fee will be assessed upon approval and before the issuance of a building or demolition permit. The fee will be based upon 2 percent of the expected construction or demolition cost as disclosed on the permit application. Shortfalls of the fee, based on final cost of the project, will be collected upon completion. A refund may be issued in the case of project cancellation. The fee will be collected for the sole purpose of road/drainage improvements. Motion approved unanimously. This motion will be published for member notice in The Quiviran.
Mr. Braun informed the Board the committee is planning on discussing several topics; limitations on the duration of projects, new safety rules for outdoor fireplaces and fire pits and rules for dumpsters and portable toilets. They also plan to discuss the increase in applications for outbuildings and a potential new requirement of a water drainage study.
Safety & Security Committee
Ms. Walker stated the new ABDI gate access control system is close to being operational and ready for rollout to the membership. Some members have already started using the new system, and the guards have been trained.
Ms. Walker stated Mr. Nelson has graciously offered to do boat patrol over the Fourth of July weekend and holiday. During the Safety & Security meeting, it was suggested someone accompany Mr. Nelson during some of the time. Ms. Walker will be sending an e-mail to the committee and Board, asking for volunteers.
Ms. Walker made two motions. The first motion was to establish a no wake zone at 5 p.m. on July 4 and a 700-foot barrier off the dam. The second motion was to close traffic on the dam on July 4 shortly following the conclusion of the parade. Both motions passed unanimously.
House Committee
Ms. Boling spoke about the recent member meetings conducted regarding the redesign of the lake level of the Clubhouse; approximately 100 members attended. The architects are planning to present design concepts in approximately six weeks.
Tennis Committee
Ms. Walker mentioned the committee is considering whether to recommend the annual resurfacing of two courts (over three years) rather than wait until 2019 to have all resurfaced at one time, as had been previously discussed.
Associate Member Committee
Mr. Markley made a motion to disband the committee and review in a year whether it should be brought back. A concerted effort will be made to ensure proper Associate Member representation on each of the other committees. Motion passed unanimously.
Strategic Planning Committee
President Sestak announced two updates; approval from the Quivira Foundation to fund an initial master planning effort for the Front Entrance and the deadline for responses to the member survey is Friday, June 20. More than 300 responses have been received.
New Business
President Sestak announced the admission of a new committee member, Patty Mack, (Safety & Security).