Letters to/from the Editor – July 2017

Thanks, Quivira. . .

for the head nods, hugs, cards, food. . .
On behalf of our family, I would like to offer my deepest gratitude to the neighbors in the community we have called home for the past 34 years. Through the most difficult of times, we were lifted with a head nod, a hug, a card with heartfelt words, an abundance of food and the support that helped in ways that can’t be described.
It’s a testament to this community that such caring for each other exists.
~Ernie Block

for helping teens who need it and for fostering community service among our youth. . .
A heartfelt thank you for the community support that we received for our Mothers’ Club community service project to benefit The Blue Door Project.
We delivered a full van of donations including:
– over $400 in gift cards to movies and restaurants
– over 100 toothbrushes and 100 tubes of toothpaste
– 5 large bags of clothes
– over 50 bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash
– board games, outdoor games and gaming systems
– two large boxes of food
– and much more!
Thank you again. It was wonderful for our kids to be able to give back with the support of an amazing community.
The Blue Door Project is a Kansas City non-profit whose mission is to provide housing and care to teens in the foster system. To learn more about The Blue Door Project visit www.thebluedoorproject.org
~Shayla Hammeke, Missy Christy and Jennifer Wood

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for quietly setting a good example.
Early a.m., Saturday, July 1: As I was on my way to taking Oskar, my dog, on his morning walk and golf cart ride, I spotted this fellow picking up dead limbs, probably from a recent storm, along Lakeshore, and loading them into a John Deere maintenance cart. It looked a little like our General Manager, Geary Goss.
A short time later, at the brush dumpsters behind the tennis courts, I got a better look. It was Geary, all right. I asked him if this was covered in his job description. He told me he had spotted the branches and really wanted everything to look nice for the guests who would be arriving that day for weekend festivities.
Was he dumping the branches in the area marked “No Dumping”? He was not. Rather, he was taking the branches, an armload at a time, and depositing them in the dumpsters, sans plastic bags.
About fifteen minutes later, as Oskar and I finished our walk, Geary was picking up cardboard on the parking lot around the recycle container and putting it where it belonged and doing the same with glass that had missed its mark.
Multiply the “power of one” by 900+ residents of Lake Quivira. What a difference we could make.
~Leanna Walters

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