LQ Fishing Club presents Crappie Day 2017 winners

By Chris Rone
The rainstorms in May seemed to work against our plans for the annual Crappie Day tournament hosted by the Fishing Club. We cancelled our original date due to flash flooding forecasts, moving it to the next weekend. That seemed like a good idea at the time, but the weather had other plans.
This year the Don Chew Team persevered, despite nearby thunderstorms. Grey skies to the west a and rain earlier in the morning did not deter the team from catching lots of nice Crappie, with a few big ones included. Don had his son and girlfriend and three nephews to fish the tournament.
Ian, Max and Lennon all caught some great fish, proudly showing their catch to the gathered crowd. They lifted the bounty of fish for a great picture–and a prize-winning picture, as well. Good job, guys!
Don’s son David, and Kenzie Meyers also caught lots of Crappie, and landed some prizes for their catch that day.
We had time for a quick, 7-minute lunch before the rains came in, closing out our day in a hurry. At least it did not rain from 8 a.m. to noon while the fishing was going on.
See you next year. Chew Team is the team to unseat!

0717 fishing club pix David Chew and Kenzie Myers (002) bw sized







0717 fishing club Max and Ian Lilly and Lennon Cline (002) bw sized




0717 fishing club Max and Ian Lilly and Lennon Cline 2 (002) bw sized