Q Inc. President addresses ‘those darn rules’

By Steve Sestak, President, Q Inc. Board of Directors

RULES… we did not like them as kids, and we certainly don’t like them now that we are adults. But, rules are an essential part of any community. They establish certain policies and guidelines that everyone is expected to abide by. They are intended to protect, reduce liability, ensure conformance and maintain civility. They are not optional and should not be selectively enforced.
Like any community, Lake Quivira has rules. They generally fall into two categories; ones you want enforced when your neighbor does something that irritates you, and ones you don’t like when you are called out for violating them. What makes our rules unique is they are established by the members for the members.
Our General Manager and his staff do not create the rules; they are simply asked to enforce them. Sometimes, the Board is asked to make some difficult decisions which are unpopular with certain members. Remember, the Board Members are “members too” who abide by the same rules. If you do not like a decision, propose a better solution. If you do not like a rule, change it. But, if it is a rule, is it your responsibility to understand and follow it.
Late last month, the Unified Government approved the exclusion of the land known as the Meadows and Siler Properties from the City of Kansas City, Kansas, allowing it to be annexed by the City of Lake Quivira. All land owned by Quivira, Inc. is now governed and serviced by our City. I would like to extend my appreciation to Mayor Olson and his staff for facilitating this important process.
To say there is a lot going on would be an understatement. A new General Manager, a new Controller and now a new Security Manager. Various long-range planning efforts to address community infrastructure, member amenities and design concepts for the Lake Level of the Clubhouse and to address the water feature on Hole #15 of the golf course. Initiatives to document (mostly, define) key processes and procedures and upgrade systems for various critical functions.
I have to admit this is the hardest working Board I have ever been a part of, and this sentiment extends to the various Committees that do much of the heavy lifting.
We will have some important decisions to make later this year, and we commit to giving you all the facts you need to make the best decisions.