Join Huck Finn and the gang at Pontoon Crawl 2017: ‘Rolling on the River Q’

0817 pontoon crawl invitation 2 colBy Jeanne McGrath
It’s pontoon time again! Garden Club’s biggest fundraiser and the best beach party of the year is around the corner. As you can see from our invitation, we are featuring a Huckleberry Finn theme this summer, complete with memorabilia from one of America’s best loved writers, Mark Twain.
Experience life along the Rivers of the Midwest as Huck and his friends did in the late 1880s. Come away with a renewed spirit of the beauty of our forests, our lake, beach and park areas. Garden Club lovingly supports wildflowers through our pollinator garden, spring through our planted tulip bulbs, decorative trees and shrubs of all kinds, alive with brilliant color throughout the seasons. Add in the beautiful flora and fauna complimenting the Clubhouse entrance, and the Sunset Terrace with the urns flowing with beautiful color, along with fresh herbs for Chef Michael grown in our brightly colored canoe.
The profits from the Pontoon Crawl, Holiday Bazaar and the every five year Homes Tour allow us to support this ongoing grounds beautification. Additionally, the profits have also allowed us to invest in a number of projects benefitting our entire community, adding beauty and function.
Let me count the ways. Most recently, Garden Club designed and purchased the new up lighting on the Sunset Terrace/Clubhouse area, along with purchasing heaters for the Terrace. In addition, we partnered with Mothers’ Club on the planning and funding of the beach umbrellas and made a significant contribution to the construction of Sunset Terrace.
While not inclusive, other projects over the years you would recognize include the prominent Coronado Island Water Feature design and installation, the iron gate on the west end of the dam, the arch and stone pillars over the main entrance and the water feature on hole number 10.
In addition, Garden Club annually supports the outdoor holiday lighting and indoor seasonal clubhouse decor. These items are attributable to Garden Club and funded by your participation in our events.
Please support the Pontoon Crawl by becoming a sponsor and /or buying a ticket. Your ticket price includes a scrumptious meal, beer, sangria (the signature drink at the sailing dock) and live music to dance the night away.
Please be our guest. We are working hard to make sure you have a ball rolling down the River Q!