A Summary of the July 25, 2017 Board Meeting

President Sestak opened the meeting by requesting a moment of silence for Thad Millard and his family. Attending members were then asked to share comments or ask questions. One comment was shared: “We’re just glad you’re doing the job you’re doing.”
President’s Report
President Sestak thanked Mr. Goss and the Quivira, Inc. staff for the exemplary work they have done to restore the community back to normal after the recent storms.
President Sestak then spoke about the recent annexation of the Meadows and Siler properties. After approval by the Unified Government on June 28 to de-annex these properties, the City Council called a special meeting on July 3 to approve the annexation of those properties under the City of Lake Quivira.
President Sestak explained when those properties were acquired, they were not brought under the Covenants of Quivira, Inc. This requires a formal resolution of the Board of Directors. President Sestak presented to the Board Members a resolution to subject these properties to the Declaration of Covenants. Motion to approve the resolution was made and passed unanimously.
General Manager’s Report
Mr. Goss noted in the past several months there have been three blackouts which have shut down the computer and communication systems within the Quivira, Inc. operations. He is working to obtain a quote for the installation of a backup generator for these critical systems. Motion was made and passed unanimously to authorize General Manager to spend up to $10,000 on emergency backup equipment.
Mr. Goss mentioned we have contracted with a new company for IT support. The servers and many of the computers are dated and unreliable. He is working to obtain a proposal for a new server and mini towers installed at the point of sale locations. He also spoke about looking into cloud-based software.
Finance Committee
Mr. Wilson informed the Board the committee had recently reviewed the April and May financial statements, and there were no surprises. He also mentioned during the meeting Mr. Goss updated them on insurance renewals, including no increase on our General Liability insurance.
Mr. Wilson then spoke about the 2018 budget process. He asked the Board members to take a hard look hard at any planned changes within the areas governed by their respective committees that may impact the budget.
Mr. Goss stated this year we will be budgeting based on member experience and target service levels within each department. President Sestak said unfortunately we haven’t set a clear enough expectation of what we can deliver for the budget we have to work with, and this has contributed to some of the recent issues. It is time to align our budget with the experience members expect.
Marketing Committee
Ms. Bowker spoke about the new Lake Quivira app which will be rolled out on August 1.
She then spoke briefly about a new program the committee is evaluating for new member recruitment. She handed out some analyses on the cost of not meeting our membership limits. Based on current levels, there is a deficit of 29 Country Club and 56 Social members. This shortfall results in an annual revenue deficit of more than $460,000 in dues, food minimums and nominal spend levels, plus an additional $175,000 in initiation fees.
Ms. Bowker explained the number of new members we need to recruit each year just to maintain the current levels. There is some strong competition in the area from other private clubs.
Providing this information was a lead-in to Ms. Bowker’s inviting the Board to attend a presentation by Creative Golf Marketing. She shared that this company has worked with 1,800 private clubs throughout the country, helping clubs get members involved in membership recruitment. Mr. Goss expressed he has worked with this company at two of the clubs he managed.
Lake and Residential Committee
Mr. Nelson reported the Infrastructure Review has been turned over to Olsson & Associates, which is in the process of reviewing the plan.
With regards to the 2 percent impact fee currently being considered for residential construction, Mr. Nelson stated the committee passed a motion not to impose such fee on dock site construction. The committee is preparing a dock site licensing guide.
Mr. Nelson made a motion to continue the deer management program for this year under the same perimeters as done in prior years; motion passed.
Mr. Nelson said the committee was asked to consider an exception to the boat quarantine rule with respect to newly-purchased boats shipped in their new, original packaging.The committee was unanimously opposed to this exception as it would be very difficult to administer.
Restrictions Committee
Mr. French stated the previously-approved motion on the 2 percent impact fee for permitted residential construction projects was published in the Quiviran and no feedback was received. Mr. French made a motion for the adoption of this new rule; motion passed.
Conversation ensued on construction rules and how at times the rules are hard to interrupt. Mr. French said the committee is addressing this issue.
Safety and Security Committee
Mr. Nelson made a motion fto establish a policy to provide written citations for infractions of the golf cart rules; motion passed.
Ms. Walker and Mr. Nelson spoke about formalizing a standard procedure when someone wants to enter Lake Quivira to look at homes for sale. Ms. Bowker stated the Marketing Committee is currently working on this and will get with the Safety and Security Committee to develop.
Mr. Nelson spoke about the importance of also allowing Ubers and taxis through the front gate to pick up passengers.
House Committee
Ms. Boling mentioned many members attended the last meeting to discuss the service levels at the Clubhouse. She indicated each of the recent incidents had or is currently being addressed, and part of the problem is staffing to budget. Staffing levels in each dining venue have been adjusted to improve service.
Ms. Boling provided an update on the Lake Level Conceptual Design project, which is on hold pending consideration of the impact on other areas of the Clubhouse.
Golf Committee
Mr. Markley stated the major topic of discussion at the committee meeting was the budgetary needs for repair of golf course. A list of these projects is being developed for budget consideration.
Tennis Committee
Ms. Walker alerted everyone that a dying tree will be removed. It was recommended removal be performed on a Monday when the Club is closed and the parking lot is empty.
Strategic Planning Committee
President Sestak summarized the member survey results. There were 335 responses to 551 surveys sent out, or a 61 percent overall response rate. More than 70 percent of Foundation Members responded to the survey. Survey results are posted on the LakeQuivira.com website.
The highest level of support was given to various Front Entrance projects. A master plan is currently being developed for the Front Entrance; this is a cooperative effort with the City of Lake Quivira and has been funded by the Quivira Foundation.
The Mother’s Club has expressed interest in adopting the Beach Pavilion as their target community project, and the Quivira Foundation is also interested in supporting this project.
With respect to Member Amenities, President Sestak said the survey provided insight into what the members would support. The committee is also considering which projects would help attract new members. There was good support for each project, and the next step is to suggest which ones should be pursued first. The goal is to complete and present the Master Plan to the Board in September.
Member Comments
Leanna Walters asked for an update on one of the outstanding residential construction projects. She indicated many members are upset over how long it has taken to come to a resolution. President Sestak stated construction on this home resumed this week.