Mayor’s Report – August 2017

By Mike Cooper, Mayor, City of Lake Quivira

When I was a kid at Lake Quivira, I thought being in charge of the fireworks display would be the coolest job ever. You get to pick the fireworks and know all the details of the show. So awesome, right? Wrong. I can tell you the fireworks show is like the carnival. It’s fun to attend, but it is stressful to run. Thank goodness for Ben Kalny. The turbulent weather on the 4th created some anxious moments for the scheduled show. Fortunately for the great City of Lake Quivira, Ben managed to keep the fireworks crew focused, and the result was another fabulous show!
The rain didn’t stop the parade either. Hundreds of loyal Quivirans decorated their golf carts, slapped on their ponchos, and created one of our best parades. The new route gave it a fresh feel. The highlight was Allison Borberg singing the National Anthem over the police car public address system. It could not have sounded any better. Thank you, Allison! The afternoon was topped off by Fire Chief Stephan’s annual barrage of parachutes after the beach games.

Police Chief Fred Grenier help with the water slide on Summer Rec Beach Day
Police Chief Fred Grenier helps with the water slide on Summer Rec Beach Day

For the third summer in a row, Police Chief Fred Grenier and I joined the fun at the annual summer beach day. I’ve always believed it is important for kids to meet and interact with the police in a fun and positive environment. This year, we set up a totally legit slip-n-slip! Thanks to Police Chief Fred, Councilman Brady Lilja, Cara Olson and Nick Prutsman for all of their help. It was a great time and, as usual, I think I had more fun than the kids.
Now that we have covered the fun stuff, let’s get down to business. At our July meeting, we finalized the 2018 budget. You should have received a copy in your black box. You will notice, once again, we avoided raising your city tax. Lake Quivira has one of the lowest mill rates in Johnson County. This is the result of good planning and wise spending. (See photos, page 6,)
We continue to move closer to finalizing the plan for the spillway repair. We are waiting on the final approval from the State of Kansas. The initial phase of the repair is expected to begin this fall. The work will consist of drilling holes in the existing spillway and injecting a polymer material to seal the leakage that is currently weakening the spillway. The work will take about two weeks and will require the lake level to be lowered. The next phases will likely take place in the fall of 2019 and will involve repairing the concrete and improving the downstream drainage.
On Sat., Nov. 4, the City will host a Firemen’s Ball in recognition of all of our loyal volunteer firefighters. The bash will be an epic celebration! Please save the date. Details coming soon!
There are many warm summer days ahead, so I expect to see you on the water!

0817 mayor photo of slip and slide sized






0817 mayor water slide 2
Mayor Olson (left) and Councilmember Brady Lilja assist a water slider