President’s Report August 2017- Summer: the season of fun and problems

By Steve Sestak, President, Quivira, Incorporated

Summer at Lake Quivira is always a special time–an amazing Summer Rec Program, a vibrant golf season, a re-energized tennis program, an active beach and lake, countless events and of course, the best Fourth of July experience in America–and more. Thank you to the countless volunteers who have worked hard to make this another safe and successful summer.
Summer is also the time when most of our problems occur. Some of these are unavoidable; others are not. The ones that occur due to the lack of planning, coordination, and communication are the most concerning. There has been a recent increase in incidents that fall into this category. The General Manager and the Board members are fully aware of these incidents and are working hard to make sure they do not continue.
During one recent weekend, I was pulled aside by more than a dozen members complaining about one such incident. I get it. They were not happy, and they had every right not to be. Every member deserves to have a positive experience every time, and there is no acceptable excuse when this does not happen. But I would encourage every member to channel their complaints in an appropriate manner, such as contacting the General Manager or attending the respective committee meeting. The use of social media to air complaints has become common in today’s society, but consider who might view them; a prospective new member, a prospective home buyer. These sorts of public comments also live on well beyond their intentions. I cannot promise future incidents will not occur, but I can assure you each is taken very seriously and will be promptly addressed.
The simple fact is this: Lake Quivira needs to do better.
The competition has never been greater, nor has the expectations of the members. Protecting and maintaining our community, delivering the experience each member expects every time and addressing deficiencies which impact member recruitment and retention–it is not about choosing one area to focus on; each must be addressed, and all members must be prepared to do their part.
The recent survey has provided a clear indication of members’ interests, and work will begin soon on the 2018 plans and budgets. There will be many things to consider this year, and I am confident that, properly informed, the members will make the right decisions.