Q Inc. Property Manger Anita Bible proudly announces new addition to family

0817 qinc anita bible hunter in courtroom
Hunter Griggs-Bible (center), his mom Anita Bible (left) and the Judge all register approval at Hunter’s adoption on June 17.

Noe Pesina came to live with Anita Bible and her children when he was 16, in the summer of 2016. One of six children in his family, he had been placed in foster care by his mother. It had always Anita Bible’s goal to help teenagers who are put in similar situations. Her plan was to provide emergency care–one night or a weekend at most.
Anita recalls, “Noe was calm, quiet, had a huge smile on his face, always ready to please me by helping around the house. He told me, ‘‘Wow, you live in a mansion and your house is so clean. Can I live here forever?’”
Living in a town home in south Overland Park, Anita certainly doesn’t live in a mansion, but Noe’s statement told her a lot about where he came from. She soon learned he had been living through physical abuse for years.
Noe came to Anita’s family the summer of his junior year in high school. With Fs & Ds his freshman and sophomore years, Anita knew he would not be graduating with his class. But Noe flourished at Blue Valley West High school and graduated with his class in May. He will be moving on to Jr. College this fall.
Over Christmas, Anita and her children, Tori and Lee Griggs asked Noe if he wanted to be a permanent part of their family through adoption. Lee is working here at Lake Quivira in groundskeeping for the summer break; Tori lives on her own in Springfield, MO. “We all cried and hugged when he said yes,” recalled Anita.
“We then came up with a plan for his new name. He wanted my children’s name and mine, so we came up with Griggs-Bible.” Noe also asked if he could change his first name to something else, and he came up with Hunter.
Hunter was legally adopted by Anita on July 17, 2017.

Hunter  Griggs-Bible (left) and his happy family on graduation day.
Hunter Griggs-Bible (left) and his happy family on graduation day.