Do you have photos of Duane Everhart?

If you’ve lived at Lake Quivira since the 80s, you remember Duane Everhart, the guard at the gate. If you don’t go back that far, you can see his likeness on a brass plaque on the stone wall behind the sign board at the front entrance.
Duane’s daughter, Sonya, was the school bus driver in those days. I heard several years ago that Sonya had relocated from Kansas City, KS, to a home in the Ozarks near where a sister lived. Because of health issues, she recently moved back to town. Soon after she moved, the home in the Ozarks where her possessions were stored was subject to an arson fire, destroying nearly all her mementos of her father.
Sonya hopes some of her Lake friends may have photos of or articles about Duane If so, please contact me, and I’ll take care of copying them and returning them to you. She’s particularly interested in portions of John Olson’s book, In Quest of Quivira.
~Leanna Walters, 913-221-6810