‘Good fishing’ is the word on the lake

By Chris Rone

0917 fishing Summer Rec Fishing Class 2017 sizedThe Summer Rec Fishing Class had a great time and caught some great fish! They caught a 17-inch Largemouth Bass on a top-water popper. The Fishing Club brings out the fish feeder every year, and fills it once a month with Purina Fish Chow. Steve Bock, who teaches the class, contacts us and we time the fish feeding times for his awesome class. It is so fun to watch the kids get excited about the fish feeding frenzy when the feeder goes off.
The scuttlebutt on the docks is all about the growing bass population in our lake. Reports are of healthier, plumper, well fed, and lively bass that are being caught. They are liking the plastic worms, creature baits and other soft plastics. Pumpkinseed, motor-oil, green and silver, and even pink worms have been catching fish. Folks are telling stories of larger bass really fighting hard, making them seem bigger than they are.
The F1 hybrids we have seen are looking great. They are very aggressive and put up a great fight. Please return all F1 hybrids with clipped pelvic fins, unharmed to the water as soon as possible after catching. When a fish is out of water, it is holding its breath the whole time!
With the cooler August temperatures, the lake is staying around 83-84 degrees. Having lots of rainstorms helps, as well.
Happy fishing!
The nice, plump Largemouth bass in the accompanying pictures were caught this month.

Chad Bulleigh's 4 lb. Largemouth
Chad Bulleigh’s 4 lb. Largemouth



















Geof Gehring mega-bass selfie
Geof Gehring mega-bass selfie



















Kurt Rone snags a 4.5 pounder
Kurt Rone snags a 4.5 pounder