Prez speaks of balancing operating & strategic priorities

By Steve Sustak, President, Q Inc. Board of Directors

Finding the right balance between operational and strategic priorities is a challenge for any Board of Directors. Factor in that Lake Quivira is a homeowners’ association, a country club, and a small business all wrapped into one. Add to that the onboarding of a new General Manager during the busiest time of the year. The challenges can be overwhelming.
While much has been published about our long-range planning efforts, I would be remiss not to acknowledge the significant effort to improve our operations. Most members are not aware of what needs to be accomplished behind the scenes to get the job done. I am, and it is amazing what our General Manager and his staff are able to do with the resources they are given. From antiquated systems to the lack of sufficient staffing, it should not come as a surprise when there is an occasional problem. As we set our sights on the 2018 budget, we need to start providing the resources they need to deliver the level of service we expect.
Now that summer is over, the Board will take some time to review what went well and what didn’t. These learnings will be considered as we develop the plans and budgets for next year. Overall, I would generally say we had a successful summer, but some improvements are definitely needed. On the residential side, the major rain storms experienced this summer highlighted some serious road and drainage issues which must be addressed. On the country club side, a range of staffing and service issues must also be addressed, as well as another year with virtually no membership growth. These issues exemplify the range of operating, capital and strategic issues the Board must consider. As we develop the 2018 plans and budgets, it is not a matter of choosing between these areas. It is about finding the right balance which will not overwhelm the affordability factor.
The Quivira, Inc. team and the various committees have already started to formulate their recommendations. The Finance Committee will review and assess these recommendations and associated funding implications. The Board will then be asked to review, prioritize and approve. By the time budgets are presented to the membership, more than one hundred members will have weighed in during the process. Now is the time to suggest improvements you would like to see. The decisions made this fall will set the tone for next year and beyond.