Proposed Rule Change: Dock Site Building or Renovation

Community input welcome at the September 26th Board Meeting

III. Building or Renovation
Proposed Rule Change –
No docksite may be established, built or renovated until location; plans and specifications (including trees, shrubs, materials, as included in Article IV) are submitted in writing to and approved by the Lake and Residential Committee. Upon approval of the Lake and Residential Committee, a docksite improvement permit will be issued. The permit shall be posted in a location visible from the road prior to and during construction. Under no circumstances may construction or site preparation be initiated without a posted permit. However, normal maintenance of existing walls, docks, etc. will not require a permit, so long as such maintenance conforms to the Lakeshore Rules and Regulations. Also, Quivira, Inc. management may approve a permit for replacement or installation of a floating dock provided the dock conforms with the Lakeshore Rules and Regulations. (Article III. Revised 04/27/04)