Letter to the Editor – In support of funding for 2018 Strategic Plan projects – by John and Julia Cotter

We would like to say thank you to current and past Board of Directors, Strategic Planning Committee and sub-committees and anyone else who has been involved in preparing the current Strategic Plan. We have lived at Lake Quivira for 33 years. During these 33 years, we have seen several Strategic Plans and sat through several Strategic Plan meetings. We think the current plan is the most well thought out and doable, will enhance membership growth and make Quivira a better place for both current members and members yet to come. We understand and appreciate all the volunteer time that has gone in to preparing this plan.
The 2018 Community Center and Golf Course Projects, resulting in a $75/month dues increase, $60 for the Community Center and $15 for the Golf Course, has our full support. We understand there will probably be some Quivirans who will realize no benefit for $60/month for a Community Center. However, there are many Quivivans who will use this facility extensively, particularly younger members with children. The proposed Community Center will include a Wellness Center, Youth Center and Recreation Center. A Recreation Center has almost become mandatory in attracting new members.
The proposed Golf Course Project including a new practice facility along #7 fairway, makes the most sense of anything we have heard before. This facility will include but not be limited to an area for private lessons, 30 stations to hit from, more than doubling the current 13, and a driving range that will accommodate hitting any club, including the driver. We think this proposed Golf Course Project, which includes course improvements, will help us keep our existing off lake golf members and attract new members, particularly avid golfers.
By May 2020, Lake Quivira will be debt free from all existing loans. Both the $60/month for the Community Center and the $15/month for the Golf Course Projects will be for 20 years. We think this is an investment worth making for the benefit of the entire Lake Quivira Community. We appreciate all of those who have gone before us to make Lake Quivira so attractive to move here 33 years ago, and believe we now have a responsibility to do the same for future members.
~John and Julia Cotter