President’s Report – November 2017

By Steve Sestak, President, Quivira, Inc. Board of Directors

The 2018 plans and budgets will soon be completed and approved by the Board. It is then up to you to decide. Do you support these plans and budgets? Do you agree to the level of dues increases required to fund them? In the coming weeks, you will receive the ballots, and advanced voting will begin. The Annual Budget Meeting on Monday, November 27 at 7 p.m. is where final voting will occur and when results will be tallied and announced.
I am sure you have already started to form your opinions. I expect there to be a high number of e-mails and black box mailings circulating the community. That is your right, but please keep the comments “above the belt” and “inside the gate.” I hope the advanced information provided on the various budgets has allowed the time you need to make a more informed decision this year.
To summarize, the Board is proposing the same level of Capital Dues increases as in recent years. A more substantial increase is being proposed for Operating Dues to catch up from the lack of increase this year and to address a number of service problems which have impacted member experience. There will also be ballots for several high-priority, Strategic and Quick Win Projects identified from the Strategic Planning process conducted over the past several years.
For some of you, this might be viewed as doing too much too fast. For others, it is not doing enough and more needs to be done. Regardless of your personal views, please recognize everything in the budgets is there because it is important to a group of members. It might not be to you, but what’s important to you might also not be to them. Hence, the challenge of coming up with plans and budgets which capture the interests and needs of our diverse membership.
There are some very important decisions to make this year, and the “majority of quorum” will decide each ballot. Whether you support a particular ballot or not, please take the time to vote. After the votes are tallied and the outcome is determined, the Board will know the consensus and set its direction accordingly. It all comes down to what you want Lake Quivira to be.