A Summary of the November 28, 2017 Board Meeting

Betsy Vossman thanked the Board for all the work they did on the Strategic Master Plan and for achieving the positive voting outcome during the Annual Budget Meeting last night.
President Sestak announced Tray Vedock has accepted the role of Chairman of the Board Nominating Committee. He expressed his strong appreciation for the high voter turnout (nearly 90 percent) this year, and commended the Board, the General Manager and each of the committees for their efforts this year.
General Manager Report
Mr. Goss stated the new network wiring in the Quivira, Inc. office has proved successful, along with connectivity to the golf course maintenance shop. However, the Clubhouse has had major connectivity issues which are due to poor wiring. Mr. Goss said he is currently waiting for a quote on this project. Additionally, he is expecting a proposal from Spectrum to move us from residential bandwidth to commercial bandwidth to improve wireless speeds across the various facilities.
New Business
President Sestak suggested the budgeting process we went through over the past couple of months be documented to help make future budget processes run more smoothly. The advanced information and multiple member meetings helped contribute to more informed decisions during the voting process.
Marketing Committee
Steve Graves from Creative Golf Marketing will be attending the committee’s December meeting. Ms. Bowker said she should have a report to present to the Board at the January meeting. Ms. Bowker also mentioned the new guest pass was approved during the last Safety and Security meeting and will start being used on November 29.
Lake and Residential Committee
Mr. Nelson stated he and Mr. Goss met with Chad Johnson to start preparing the matching funds request to Johnson County for the Navajo Street drainage project. He continued by saying there is a strong possibility we could include the box culvert in Cove 5 in that grant. If awarded the grant, Johnson County would pay 75 percent of the cost of the project.
Restrictions Committee
Mr. Braun made a motion for final approval of additional text to be added to an existing rule under Construction Regulations, Site Grading and Surface Water. Motion approved unanimously. Mr. Braun noted last month there were numerous issues with application preparation.
Safety and Security Committee
Ms. Walker asked the Board for suggestions on how to deal with members who are not willing to use the ABDI/Gate Access System. Discussion ensued on this subject; however, no conclusion was obtained. Ms. Walker said her committee will continue to discuss, and a recommendation will be brought to the Board.
Golf Committee
Mr. Markley asked the Board to approve Cathy Goodger and David Jones to the Golf Committee, replacing Jody McCamish and Jack Carson. Approval was unanimous.