The Mayor’s Report – December 2017

Mayor Olson, wearing a bright red suit, welcoms the crowd  and introduces LQ Volunteer Fire Department members,  past and present. Photo by Dieter Kinner.
Mayor Olson, wearing a bright red suit, welcomes the crowd
and introduces LQ Volunteer Fire Department members,
past and present. Photo by Dieter Kinner.

Wow…the Fireman’s Ball was awesome! We had dozens of current and former firefighters and over a hundred Quivirans. Perfect weather, a great band, killer fireworks and tons of love created a memorable night for all. Many thanks to Brady Lilja, Charlie and Christina Gomer and Randy and Leslie Treas for making this party a success. I would also like to thank Waste Management for their generous contribution to the event. We will miss our devoted fire department and are forever grateful for all they have done to protect and support our community over the last 71 years.
At the November meeting, we had a long discussion about the City of Lake Quivira’s bonding capacity. If passed by a public vote, bonds can be used to finance a variety of public improvements. We learned the state of Kansas allows a city to bond up to 30 percent of the city’s assessed value. Based on this, the City of Lake Quivira could issue approximately 8-10 million dollars in bonds. Although we don’t have any current plans to utilize a bond to finance an improvement, it could be an option in the future.
We are in the first phase of the spillway repair project. Polymer gel is being injected into the base and sides of the spillway. Injections into the base are going well with the voids being filled. There has been some difficulty with the injections into the sides due to the extremely thick concrete. This phase is expected to be completed next week. The overall repair plan will be evaluated based on the success of this phase. Phase two is expected to be completed in 2019 and will likely require concrete work.
I would like to congratulate the winners of the recent city election. Brady Lilja will serve an additional term as a councilman. John Christy will fill Betsy Vossman’s council seat and Ben Kalny will be our new mayor. Ben will appoint a council member to fill his council seat. Their terms start in January.
The next City Council meeting is Monday, December 4. I hope to see everyone there.
See you on the water!