A deer, a hover-craft and the cold. . .

0118 deer rescue sized blackBy Franklin J. Watson, LQ Security Manager
LAKE QUIVIRA, KS, December 27 – When Joe Heller [resident on Lakeshore South] calls me, it is 3 degrees outside. Joe says he believes he sees a deer in the lake by Blessing Park. I get into the Lake Quivira Security Vehicle and drive over to Blessing Park.
When I arrive, I see the deer in the lake out from Treasure Island. I immediately call Gary Anderson. If anyone knows what to do, Gary will. He has been here a long time, I believe twenty-eight plus years.  Gary states he is on his way.
I also call the on-duty Lake Quivira Police Officer. Todd Bledsoe answers. Officer Bledsoe and myself go back a long way, just about thirty years, from our days at the Leavenworth Police Department together.  Officer Bledsoe is also en route.
Officer Bledsoe and I talk about the situation when he arrives. He says he will call Lake Quivira Fire Chief, Mark Stephan, before we call the Shawnee Fire Department. Chief Stephan is on his way.
The deer appears to be cold and tired, but makes a couple of attempts to get out onto thicker ice.
Gary Anderson arrives, and I tell him Chief Stephan is on his way.
With the Lake Quivira Security, Police, and Fire Departments on scene, we are all determined to get the deer out of the lake.
Chief Stephan puts out a non-emergency alert and is joined by additional fire department personnel [Randy Treas, Bill Biron, Jack Treas). They deploy the Fire Department Hover-craft and navigate towards the deer. The deer gets up and onto firmer ice and runs off into the woods.
Chief Stephan drives over to the shore-line and states, “I have had that effect on the ladies all my life.”  The LQ Fire Department packs up their equipment, and everyone leaves the scene.
When I leave Blessing Park it is 5 degrees.

Just two weeks earlier, this happened:

0118 fish black blackOn December 13, Jay Lucas caught a 22.5-inch, 7+ lb. Largemouth Bass.
Photo by Phil Gehring

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