A Summary of the December 19, 2017, Board of Directors Meeting

President Sestak opened the meeting and invited attending members to share comments and questions.
Ron Chapman asked about the purpose of the new “guest pass” and how this benefits anyone at Lake Quivira. Ms. Bowker explained the pass provides people who are interested in potentially joining or living at Lake Quivira temporary (one hour) access. Mr. Chapman voiced his concern for the safety of the residents of Lake Quivira. Ms. Bowker said his concern would be taken under advisement.
Dave Lockett asked who is responsible for repairing a culvert under his driveway. Mr. Nelson stated it is the property owner’s responsibility to construct and maintain roadside ditches and culverts, whether inside the property line or on adjacent Quivira property, as stated in the Rules and Regulations.
New Business
Shayla Hammeke spoke on the new Beach Pavilion and requested Board approval to contract with ICON to construct the new pavilion. Mr. Nelson made a motion to approve the Beach Pavilion project as presented by the Mothers’ Club selecting Icon as the contractor pending final review by the Restrictions Committee on the project. Motion approved unanimously. Mr. Sestak announced two-thirds of the funds have already been raised towards the project.
Mr. Sestak announced a new select committee has been formed to oversee the Community Center project, and Landy Boling has been appointed to chair the committee. Mr. Boling reported that five proposals had been considered, and after extensive review, he made a recommendation to the Board to approve Lucas Construction as the general contractor, and for the Board to authorize Mr. Goss to negotiate the contract with Lucas Construction. Motion was made and unanimously approved. Once detailed design work is completed, it will be subject to review by the Restrictions Committee.
No action items were reported by the Safety & Security, House or Tennis Committees.
Marketing Committee
Ms. Bowker shared the market analysis completed by Creative Golf Marketing. She stated Creative Golf Marketing has submitted a draft proposal to plan and conduct the member marketing campaign. She and Mr. Goss will be meeting with Steve Graves this week to discuss the contract and start making plans, then will report back at the January Board meeting. Mr. Nelson voiced his concern about starting this early in the year due to all the projects and would prefer an April start.
Finance Committee
Mr. Wilson reported that financial statements have been completed through November and are on track with the forecast shared with the membership. He also mentioned the IT infrastructure at the Clubhouse is scheduled to be upgraded the first part January. Mr. Wilson said Mr. Goss has reached out to our accounting firm to get the audit process kicked off. He continued by saying most of the time at the last Finance Committee meeting was spent discussing the financing needs on the Community Center and Golf Practice Facility. He said Mr. Goss is preparing a monthly cash flow forecast for 2018. It was mentioned that approximately $70,000 has been raised through the Advance Payment option for the Golf Practice Facility. Ms. Bowker inquired on the status of Quivira, Inc. accepting credit cards for payments. Mr. Wilson said they are continuing to research this option.
Golf Committee
Mr. Markley updated the Board on the new Golf Practice Facility saying they have had several meetings with the architect and contractor, and Mr. Goss has been in negotiations with them. They are looking to complete land grading work early next year and plant grass by mid-March so the area will be ready for use in fall 2018. He continued by saying Mr. Goss will be staking the perimeter of the practice range. Also, the Training Facility structure to be built in the area will need to go through the Restrictions Committee for review and approval.
Lake and Residential Committee
Mr. Nelson said the Quivira Foundation has agreed to listen to a grant request for the new Nature Center at their January 19 meeting. Any grant paid out by the Foundation must first be approved by the Board. Mr. Nelson made a motion to approve the grant request and proceed with contacting the Foundation. Motion approved unanimously. Mr. Nelson explained if we are unable to raise the money for the Nature Center, those who have donated will have their money returned. He also mentioned they are working on finalizing the Horse Boarding Agreements.
Restrictions Committee
Mr. Braun said the Committee approved the Beach Pavilion contingent upon the final selection of specific building materials. He said they also approved Mr. Sestak’s home construction project.
Strategic Planning Committee
President Sestak provided the Board with the 2018 Project Calendar, which shows when each of the major Capital and Strategic Projects is scheduled to occur in 2018. Once finalized, this will be sent to Leanna Walters to publish in the Quiviran. Mr. Sestak stated the Committee will change their meeting schedule in 2018 from monthly to quarterly and will maintain a monitoring role on each of the Strategic Projects.

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