LQ Photo Club members learn to take better indoor portraits

By Leslie Treas
The LQ Photo Club met in December and enjoyed a guest presentation by Randy Braley, professional photographer. He specializes in architectural photography, professional portraits and lifestyle photography. The take-home points of the educational session on Taking Better Indoor Portraits include the following:
* There is a difference between taking a picture of a person and capturing a portrait of who they are.
* A successful portrait comes more easily when you, the photographer, establish some kind of connection with the person. Not all portraits are “all smiles,” especially if that’s not the personality of your subject.
* Natural light generally is the ideal.
* External lighting will produce better results than built-in flash. Often, light from more than one source (reflectors, speed lights, strobe) produces a more interesting portrait.
* Shadows add dramatic effect and artistic quality to photos. Use them to your advantage.
* Practice makes perfect!
We had such a good meeting discovering how much there is to using external flash. that the group later gathered in the clubhouse ballroom for a pop-up, practice session with external flash indoors.
As the Clubhouse is closed in January, the LQPC January meeting is cancelled. All are welcome to join us Tues., Feb. 13. at 7 p.m., in the LQ Clubhouse Great Room.

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By Leslie Treas
By Becky Johnson


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