A Summary of the January 23 Board Meeting

President Sestak opened the meeting and invited attending members to share comments and questions; no members came forward.
New Business
President Sestak announced Mon., March 26, 2018. at 7 p.m. in the Clubhouse as the date, time and location for the Annual Foundation Member Meeting.
Tray Vedock gave an update from the Nominating Committee. Serving on the committee this year are Mr. Vedock (Chair), Lisa Coffman, Randy Treas, Christi Metivier and Justin Wood. Meet the Candidates night has been set for Wed., March 8 at 6 p.m. in the Clubhouse. An announcement will be published in the [February] Quiviran stating nominations are now being accepted. Biographies of each candidate will be published in the March Quiviran. Election to be held at the Annual Meeting.
General Manager Report
Mr. Goss stated the Hole #15 Water Feature agreement was signed last week, and work is scheduled to begin on January 30. Mr. Markley explained the modifications, saying the creek will be a little wider than Hole #2, but no running water. There will be boulders in the creek and grass around the sides, the north side wall will be removed and the stone bridge will be modified.
Mr. Goss said staking has been done on the new Golf Practice Facility. Once the abatement certificate is received back from the state around February 1 and financing is secured, construction work on this project will commence.
Marketing Committee
Ms. Bowker updated the Board on current membership numbers. She spoke about the upcoming membership campaign with Creative Golf Marketing which will run from February 15 through July 31. Campaign kick-off with the membership will be held at the Clubhouse on February 15. Mr. Nelson voiced his concern on the timing of this campaign due to so much going on and he thinks it should delayed. He also expressed his concern about the proposed commissions associated with this program.
Ms. Bowker explained this timing was essential for annual recruiting season, and the economics of the program will be reviewed with the Finance Committee. Ms. Bowker made a motion to expand the Junior Country Club category to include two levels; a Level 1 for ages 21 to 32, and a Level 2 for ages 33 to 39. Motion approved unanimously. Another motion was made by Ms. Bowker to approve the membership campaign with Creative Golf Marketing. Motion passed with one abstention.
Finance Committee
Mr. Wilson stated their meeting was this morning, and they reviewed draft financials through December. Since the meeting was just this morning, they had not had a chance to approve them as they need to review them first. He continued by saying they are back on a cycle where financials will be available prior to each Board meeting. Mr. Wilson said four formal proposals from financial institutions have been received for the Golf Practice Facility. The proposals were reviewed this morning, and they will be receiving final term sheets from two of the banks tomorrow. Mr. Wilson updated the Board on the Advanced Pay Program with the Golf Practice Facility; 29 commitments and $72,500 collected. These funds are being placed in a segregated account to be used exclusively for this project.
Golf Committee
Mr. Markley said there was no committee meeting in January, but he updated the Board on the different approaches being researched to provide electrical service to the Golf Practice Facility.
Lake and Residential Committee
Mr. Nelson said there was no committee meeting in January, but updated the Board on several items. Last Thursday, a grant request was filed with Johnson County Storm Water for the Navajo storm water project. It is an $800,000 project in which the grant would cover 75 percent. We should know if we receive the grant by October. Olsson and Associates recommended the box culvert be more than double its size to meet the 10-year flood plan.
Next, Mr. Nelson spoke on the new Beach Pavilion. The Mothers Club has received two proposals; one has been reviewed by the Restrictions Committee. Target date to have the Beach Pavilion completed is prior to start of the Summer Rec Program.
Mr. Nelson then updated the Board on the new Nature Center. Work is underway on final building design. The 36’ x 36’ building has been modified to include a meeting room and a restroom. Mr. Nelson said he made a presentation to the Quivira Foundation requesting funds to cover the cost of the restroom. The Foundation will review the request and get back to him. Mr. Nelson said he hopes fundraising will begin in March.
Eric Vossman expressed concern about the recent challenges with the Beach Pavilion due to the lack of design standards for commercial development, such as a standard roofing style, material and color. Discussion ensued on this topic, and a recommendation was made to get input from the Community Center architect. The development of design standards and guidelines for commercial development, similar to what is in place for residential development, will be taken up by the Restrictions Committee.
Mr. Nelson reminded the Board that on January 1, 2017, the City of Lake Quivira passed an Elicit Discharge Ordinance. The current issue is the placement of Christmas trees in the lake. According to the ordinance, it is strictly prohibited to put yard waste of any kind in the lake and is subject to a fine. Furthermore, plankton enhancer and the fish feeder should no longer be put into the lake per this ordinance. Mr. Goss stated notifications will be sent to residents currently in violation of this ordinance. He will also inform the City that the violators were notified as is required by the ordinance.
Restrictions Committee
Mr. Braun said there was no committee meeting in January, but reminded the Board that the new Construction Impact Fee took effect on January 1, 2018. A new Foundation Member who intends to build a new home, but had not obtained a permit prior to the effective date, has asked to negotiate the fee. The Board decided the member is responsible for paying the full fee.
Tennis Committee
Ms. Bowker stated the committee is looking for a new tennis pro for the Club.

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