Letters to the Editor

Beach Pavilion Funds Raised;
Lake Quivira Generousity Demonstrated!

In late December, the Lake Quivira Foundation approved a Matching Grant of up to $25,000 for the Beach Pavilion.  This grant would provide a dollar-for-dollar match against contributions made to this very important community project.  In less than one full month, 39 members have contributed more than $25,000, which achieves the full matching grant.
The LQ Foundation is delighted to transfer the entire Matching Grant and the full contributions raised to the Mothers’ Club. The Mothers’ Club will be providing additional funds and will be working closely with Quivira, Inc. to complete this project.
We should all celebrate the pride and generosity of our members and the leadership of the Mothers’ Club.  Please be sure to thank them as we sit in the shade of our new Beach Pavilion this Summer.
~Jim Wright

For The Last Time

Mary was her name. Mary had worked with this family for the past several years and prepared our home “ ’specially good” when there were “events” forthcoming.
I never knew a Mary (Maureen or Rita) that wasn’t Catholic, but Mary was a good, practicing Baptist, and her faith, like her responsibilities to this home, was outstanding. We’ll miss her as she scurried about—working and telling stories about her life. Her intensity simply wore her out. So when I sent her a Christmas Thanks check, it occurred to me it was, perhaps, for the last time.
I suppose as we age, that phrase will become part of us with more frequency. But it’s not reserved for just the older folks. For the younger set, there’s kindergarten for the last time; or the drive to the car dealer with “old Bessie” for the last time; perhaps the last walk away from the first home so excellently cared for, as first abodes are.
For the middle-aged, “for the last time” might mean the last mortgage payment, the last tree planted, the last college tuition payment–or saying goodbye for the last time to someone prematurely leaving this earth.
The remainder of this writing will focus on the “older” set. Because we face many more of these than the aforementioned.
Many last times evoke serious emotion. For example, I hunted for years around Siren, WI, with a great friend. Quite a few years ago his dad wanted to hunt again, for the last time. He did, and it was emotional. He passed away sometime later, and I placed a plaque on the tree stand he used. It said, “Elmer’s Last Stand.”
There’s the roof you’ll pay for, that last set of golf clubs, the tennis racket that should last, the last fishing reel you’ll buy. Maybe the last trip out West or to Europe, one last horseback ride, the last dog you’ll own—and on and on.
For the last time can be good, bad or neither. It can be heavy or light as a piece of Styrofoam. For sure, though, they do come.
I suppose some might say, “I wonder when he’s going to write for the last time?” (That can be good or bad, depending on your opinion.) Please don’t plan on that anytime soon!
In the meantime, I will make waves. I’ll go to the fields of life. I’ll love, hunt, fish and swim clear lakes.
God will let me know when it’s “for the last time.”
~Dick Rippey

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