President’s Report – February 2018

By Steve Sestak, President, Quivira, Inc.

Recently, a market analysis was conducted by Creative Golf Marketing to determine how many households in close proximity (< 15-minute drive) to Lake Quivira meet the income requirement (> $125,000) for country club membership. Care to take a guess at the answer?
Before I share it, let me recap the current membership levels at Lake Quivira. The Bylaws have limits of 150 Country Club and 100 Social members. We have not been close to these numbers since the turn of the century. Since that time, a typical year has reflected a range of new member additions and current member losses, but rarely surpassed 120 Country Club and 50 Social members for a sustainable period.
As we begin 2018, those numbers are 109 and 46, leaving room within our established limits of 41 Country Club and 54 Social Members.
The answer to the original question is an astounding 16,477 close-proximity households with the financial capacity to afford country club membership. While it is fair to assume some already belong to a club and others may never join a club, there remains an extremely large number of prospective households near Lake Quivira that would close our remaining membership gap. Closing this gap is not just the Board or the Marketing & Membership Committee’s charge, it is the responsibility of every member.
In February, we will launch our Membership Marketing Campaign with the assistance of Creative Golf Marketing. Their proven approach will provide the tools we need to prospect, solicit and recruit new members, but the source of these leads must come from us. People join clubs because they are asked by someone they know, and we each know someone who would be a great new member. With a new Community Center, a new Golf Practice Facility and other improvements on the near-term horizon, it is time we each begin to share this exciting progress with our families, friends and colleagues and invite them to participate in the unique experience only Lake Quivira can provide.
Please make it a priority to participate in this exciting new program. Beyond sharing the Lake Quivira experience with others you know, there will be an attractive financial incentive for those credited with each referral. Together, we will all share in the benefits of a full membership.

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