This is the official website of The Quiviran newspaper. It allows viewers: 1. to view an online listing of stories currently running in The Quiviran (in case you’ve wrapped your fish heads in the print version); 2. to comment on stories and articles; 3) to submit letters, news stories, photos, etc. between print issues.

To submit stories, photos, etc., send them to the Publisher of The Quiviran, and the keeper of this site, Leanna Walters, at quiviran@kc.rr.com.

Letters must be signed, and the name will appear with the letter on the website. Libelous and/or mean-spirited letters will be returned to the writer for editing.

Comments will be forwarded to the editor for approval and will then appear on the site. Again, keep them clean and constructive or they’ll be returned to you for rewriting. Update of the site will occur several times weekly, more often if a hot topic is in the works.

Non-commercial classified ads are free of charge on the website.

Send me your thoughts and your news. Our community will be stronger for it.

~Leanna Walters

(To subscribe to the once-a-month paper version of The Quiviran, send $16 for a one-year subscription to The Quiviran, 348 Terrace Trail West, Lake Quivira, KS 66217.)