A Message from the City Clerk concerning your dog(s)

By DIANE NEWTON, City Clerk,
City of Lake Quivira

Just a friendly reminder that dogs tags may be purchased at the City Hall during regular business hours. The fees are as follows:
$15 for the first dog in each household.
$20 for second dog.
$50 for third and each additional dog in household.
These fees shall be due and payable on or before May 1.
Please provide a copy of the vaccine shots from your animal clinic.
Penalties on overdue license fees are:
$10 for each dog registered within 10 days following the date required.
$25 for each dog registered within 30 days.
$50 for each dog  registered within 60 days of required date.
$100 for each dog not registered within 60 days of the date required.
The annual Pet Immunization Day will be scheduled in April at the Fire Station. Date will be announced and published at a later date.
Please stop by City Hall for your 2014 tag accompanied by a piece of candy–always available. City Hall is also known as “Candy Hall.”
Special thanks to the Mayor and City Council for all their hard work.

Drawing Bored by Bob Lee

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Clubhouse

2014 Associate Director Election — We Still Need Your Vote!

In January, Associate Members should have received a ballot by mail for the 2014 Associate Director Election.
The Board of Directors of Quivira, Inc. includes one director who is elected by the Associate Members. The term of the Associate Director, John Hoover, concludes at the end of March.  Ed Markley has volunteered to run for the position. [See statement below.]
We must have completed ballots from over 50% of the Associate Members to establish a quorum for the election. Please return your ballot as soon as possible. If you have misplaced your ballot, please contact the Quivira, Inc. office.The results will be announced at the Membership Meeting on March 31, 2014.

Candidate Statement

Ed Markley

Thank you for your participation.Deanna and I have been members of Lake Quivira since 1993. Since that time we have enjoyed the amenities that the club offers and the many friendships we have made. After serving on a number of committees throughout the time of our membership, I now have time to serve as the Associate Member on the Board of Directors.
My past service to Lake Quivira has involved positions on the Membership/Marketing and House committees. I have also been on the QMGA Board and have chaired the Lake Classic. Currently I am a member of the Associate Member, Golf and Strategic Planning Committees. In 2011, I was honored by receiving the Associate Member Outstanding Service Award.
I am very familiar with the goals and objectives of the Lake Quivira community, Country Club and the Associate members. I pledge my efforts to assist in the continued growth and improvement of each for the years to come.
I look forward to representing my fellow County Club members and the community as a member of the Lake Quivira Board of Directors. I will appreciate your vote.

Notice of Traffic Rule Change

The Board of Directors gave final approval to the following amendment
to the Traffic Rules and Regulations at the January 28, 2014 Board meeting.

Rules and Regulations   Chapter IX-Traffic
Driving Regulations for All Motorized Vehicles

VI.    Maximum Number of Golf Cart Occupants – There is a limit of two (2) adults per cart for use on the golf course. Operators of golf carts on Quivira, Inc. roads and common property should observe the seating capacity and safety guidelines recommended by the golf cart manufacturer. For carts driven by minors (under age 18):  A maximum of three (3) persons per bench seat, safely seated , are allowed to ride on golf carts on Quivira, Inc. roads.

Boat Quarantine Reminder

Due to the quarantine procedures in returning boats to the lake, residents may wish to contact whomever their boat is stored with earlier this year in order to have it available when they wish to being using it.

Meet the Candidates

Meet the Candidates for the Q. Inc. Board of Directors
on Wednesday, March 12 at the Clubhouse.
Reception:  6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Election for the Q. Inc. Board of Directors

There will be three positions on the Quivira, Inc. Board of Directors up for election at the Annual Membership meeting in March.
All Foundation Members and spouses are eligible to serve as Foundation Directors.  The Nominating Committee is charged with presenting a slate of candidates for the open positions.  If you are interested in being a candidate, or if you wish to recommend someone else, please contact
John Cotter, Chairman of the Nominating Committee
at johnrcotter@yahoo.com by February 12th.

House Committee Report – February 2014

$ $ $ $ $
Winner! Winner! Winner!
On Saturday, January 25, Bev Sederquist’s name was drawn, and she was there to claim her $500 in House credit. Wow!
It pays to come to Saturday Night Fever, in so many ways!

By Chris Becicka
Here it is, short and sweet, February.
We opened our January meeting with a small celebration–for the wonderful new bathrooms, the great New Year’s Eve party, and the newest rotating arts exhibit and reception. Please tell House Committee members your thoughts about all three.
The bathrooms are done and what a difference they make! Shannon can now “sell” weddings and events without trying to avoid that part of the tour. I probably cannot thank Peggy (and Steve) Hughes and the others enough; though last month I tried to thank everyone involved.
The New Year’s Eve Gatsby party was a huge success! Thanks again to those folks (Mandy, Steve, Gayle, Charlene) and to Shannon especially, John Welter and the rest of the staff for their huge involvement. How do we top this for next year?
The art on exhibit currently comes from a plethora of talented artists and the reception, hosted by Pat and Ron Chapman, was wonderful. Seven paintings have been sold–which means a great start to our Arts Club and its desired hanging system. And it was fun hanging the art with Mary Linda and Landy Boling and Jim Dorsey–thanks to all of you.
The wine dinner last night (January 24) was just amazing. I’ve been to many a much more expensive dinner event that was less flavorful. Nearly forty of us enjoyed eight different wines paired with a delicious, truly delicious, four course meal. Presentations were beautiful, tastes were exquisite–even the sweetbreads were tried by previous nay-sayers and pronounced excellent. We plan on these every other month or so; save the date of March 21 for a scrumptious trip to Italy.
For February, two close events, both of which you will not want to miss: on February 6 a quartet from the Kansas City Symphony is playing. Cocktails at 6 p.m., program at 7 p.m.; make dinner reservations before or after. Thanks to Mary Beth Blake who has put this together. And the next night, Friday, our farewell to John Miller. He has always been a huge help to the House Committee, and for that and much more, we will miss him. Come see him on his last evening here.
Finally, we solicit your input. We are working on increasing revenue utilizing the talent, skills, and resources of our Clubhouse and its people. On the table are morning coffee and breakfast alternatives, beach food, catering expansion and much more. Your ideas are truly sought–email them to us at house@lakequivira.com. Please!
It’s such a good thing that February is a short month. But haven’t the eagles been fascinating?
Chris Becicka . . . and Steve Terbovich, Shirley Barr, Gayle Best, Mary Linda Boling, Mandy Borchardt, Char Brennan, Rhiannon Craven, Peggy Hughes, Jackie Jones, Pat Sandow and Roger Vossman.

President’s Report – February 2014

By Kent Best, President, Q Inc. Board of Directors

“Come gather round people
Wherever you roam and admit the waters
Around you have grown
You better start swimming
Or you’ll sink like a stone
For the times’ are a changing”  ~Bob Dylan, 1965

Greetings Friends & Neighbors:

John Miller at the January Board meeting, his final one as General Manger of Quivira, Inc. Photo by Ernie Block.

We were just finishing a very important meeting a couple of days after the New Year when Mr. Miller first apologized, but then handed me his resignation effective February 7, 2014.
My initial response was, “John, I totally understand,” and my second was, “Where are you going?” I think my mind sort of went blank because as I drove away from the Q-Inc. office, I started thinking about how much a person has given of his work life here at Lake Quivira. We don’t have a method of measuring this. I hear there was this wide eyed young man who we hired in a most unusual way from the City of Olathe to hang out here for a few years and maybe provide some management stability from a failed predecessor.
No one would have predicted he’d hang out here for 25 years and become a walking encyclopedia of by-laws, covenants, actions good and not so good, and provide such an even hand of actions that many times whatever he did almost went unnoticed until someone asked, “When did such and such occur?”  The answer 99 percent of the time would be from people all around the lake: “We don’t know; ask John Miller!” Lake Quivira, we’ve been spoiled and so lucky.
“Most times you can hear them talk
Other times you can’t
All the same old clichés
Is that a woman or a man?
Turn the Page”. ~Bob Seger, 1972

Since it took most of a year to hire the last general manager, don’t be led into thinking tat we are interested in racing to find his replacement. This will take time. We have a plan, and it looks like this: a) examine where we have been, b) evaluate this examination, c) examine things as they exist today,  which includes the revisiting of the McGladrey Report,  the Robbins  Capital Study Report , the Strategic Plan–and always have our Core Values in front of us.
On a personal note, my background has taught me almost every family, business and community at one time or another arrives at “that T in the road.”  That is not to infer we must go directly right or left, but as we are finishing up the Strategic Plan, it may be a perfect time to address  future planning and leadership roles as they relate to each other.
The search committee is spending time discussing what this job is not. In some cases, it is easier to figure that out. We know the job description is of paramount importance. As is the case for any job, you can find any number of job descriptions for a General Manager. Since I work very close with John, I thought it would be interesting for him to compare his job description of 26 years ago to what he really does today. This doesn’t mean the job description was wrong, but as it relates to what may go on here, who we’re looking for may be different than who we may have once thought.
Topics being discussed are, but not limited to, should we be leaning toward a General Manager who comes from a city government sector  type background or a country club (including food and beverage) type background? The search committee is discussing if in fact we should be looking at a hybrid of these competencies. Givens are that the person would have P & L/Balance Sheet/ Budgetary responsibility experience.
Your search committee will not be executing this process alone. We have interviewed one search firm so far. We are in the infancy stages of the work to be done to get us to our pool of talent. I am explaining this specifically to keep you in the loop of the process and plan. When we shrink the pool of talent to three or four people, the next step is to add two more foundation members to the interview process. In order to achieve a cross section of community representation into the process, we would like three members from  Mother’s Club, three members from Garden Club, and two women/two men from the golf groups to be a part of the final interview team.
“And my heart is a sinking like a setting sun
Setting on some things I wish I had done
Oh the last goodbye is the hardest one to say
This is where the cowboy rides away” ~George Strait, 1985

Thank you, John Miller, for 25 wonderful, devoted years!
See you around the Lake. Please Wave!