From the Chef’s table. . .

Spring is here. . . finally!
This is my favorite time of the year with so many things in bloom, young vegetables sprouting in the fields and the general fruits of Mother Earth coming into season!  This is a season of plenty and my culinary team anxiously awaits this increase in ingredient utilization.  The next few weeks will afford me the opportunity to adjust to the seasonality of my `a la carte menus and weekly specials.
Intentionally writing this just before my next caloric intake, I am envisioning Spring Pea Vichyssoise, Roasted Baby Carrots, Spring Radishes and perhaps (crossing my fingers) some freshly picked Morel Mushrooms.  How about the recent start of the King Salmon runs in the Pacific Northwest or the narrow window of Soft Shell Blue Crabs of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay?  Clarified Butter and Fresh Herbs come to mind.
Speaking of Fresh Herbs, the Garden Club is offering their extensive expertise to assist in developing the clubhouse’s very own herb garden.  How cool will it be to send out my Johnson County Community College culinary students to gather Fresh Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme for Marinades, Soups, Garnishes and any other final touches?  Simply sublime!
Some members have already experienced our new Cook-to-Order Pasta Station on a recent Thursday, and I intend to keep this going until I need more than one uniformed cook assisting you to build your own pasta dish.  Fresh is good!  Also, I have introduced the new Sunset Patio “Friday Mike’s Sliders” (weather permitting) to encourage members of all ages to take full advantage of this beautiful dining space.  Again, a uniform cook will assist you to cook your sliders to perfection right on the terrace deck.
I learned much about the membership over my first six months on the job, and Easter Brunch was no exception.  I am happy to be part of the growing interest with community events important to the culture of Lake Quivira as a whole.  This experience only better prepares me for the fast-approaching Mother’s Day Brunch on May 11.  I am finalizing the details of this buffet as well.  And now on to Sunday Night Sunset Terrace Cookouts starting on May 18.  Let’s see. . . Prime Steaks, Fresh Fish, Smoked Chicken, Barbecue Ribs, Juicy Burgers. . . I guess it’s time for me to turn on the gas and prepare something to eat!
I am very excited to be a part of this great community and look forward to serving you.
Bon Appétit!
Chef Michael

Golf Cart Safety Program

Golf Cart Safety Program
Beach Parking Lot, 10 a.m.

Has been rescheduled to Saturday, May 31!

Who May Attend (Optional): Any resident youth 14 or 15 years of age who is either in possession of or plans to obtain a State of Kansas Class C Learners Permit within the next 3-6 months.
Who Must Attend (Mandatory): Any resident youth 14 or 15 years of age who wishes to lawfully operate a golf cart on Quivira, Inc. roadways must attend and successfully complete this course. Certificate will be issued upon completion.
Those interested in attending and participating in this course may preregister by picking up a registration form at the Quivira, Inc. Administration Building, M-F, 8-5. Those unable to pick up a form in person may request to have a form sent to them by emailing .
Please contact Steve Gentry, Quivira, Inc. Security Manager at (913) 631-7707 if you have any questions.

President’s Report – May 2014

By Kent Best, President, Q. Inc. Board of Directors

Greetings Friends & Neighbors.
As most of you are aware, I have a full plate, so let’s get to it. You have elected your new Board of Directors for the coming year, and it’s a very good slate.
Elected to a three-year membership are new members, Dave Starr, Ed Brennan and Ed Markley. Also re-elected, and whom we fondly call our “senior volunteer,” is Mr. Chuck White. Ed Brennan will be chairing the Security & Safety and the Tennis committees, Dave Starr the Finance Committee, Chuck White the Restrictions Committee and Ed Markley the Associate Golf Members.
Steve Terbovich will be the Chair for the House Committee, Warren McCamish the Golf and the Strategic Planning Committees, Ron Chapman the Lake & Residential, and Eric Johnson the Marketing & Membership Committee.
In an all-out effort to improve our community and your Board’s performance, we have been identifying many of you out there who are totally new to the community, last year’s additions and the previous years’ crop. We are well aware some of you just thought you’d move out here to Lake Quivira unnoticed, do some big remodel or tear down and the rest of us would obliviously drive by and not notice–incognito, if you will. Sorry, you’ve been noticed and welcomed to the neighborhood!
In the absence of a marketing person and a general manager, time and projects will continue moving forward. Lake Quivira will breathe, exhale and be just fine because of a couple of very identifiable things. First is YOU! The passion of the stakeholders of this community is always prevalent. To outsiders this could look very foreign; to us, it’s normal. I have received two of the most intriguing emails from fellow residents this past month.
One was an in-depth and thought provoking challenge of how to modernize many of the processes that have been utilized for many years here. There wasn’t one complaint or hint of sarcasm, rather an in-depth look at our changing demographics and how this is and will effect change of many things in our daily lives at the lake. For example, by the end of May, we will have attracted eight or nine more “little people” under the age of 10. How cool is that? (Oops, more trikes, bikes, scooters, basketballs, baseballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, you-name-it balls.) The point is, the more parents and children there are here, the more we must modernize our method(s) of communication to all of you. Some of this requires money, some of this requires structural change and some of this requires expertise enhancement.
That’s where YOU come in. Along with our Strategic Planning Goals, in order for us to do this most effectively, we will be seeking your assistance to help us. This community has spent 25 years talking about doing this. We are very close to showing you what a plan could look like. Many of us have a very good idea of “what to do.” We know why we need to. We know why we want to. We know where to do this. Thus, we’re at that “T” in the road where we get to determine the “who, what, why, when, where” decisions or questions. We’ll be looking to you to help us. As Warren McCamish mentioned at the Annual Meeting, the draft of the Strategic Plan will be presented sometime in August to all of you.
The second email (the 2nd identifiable thing) was a very simple message of thank you to our staff and employees who are just doing a fabulous job of enhancing the “Quivira experience.” In the last six weeks Tom Aikmus, John Welter, Beth Bacon, Bridgett Schmitz, Sherry Metcalf, Shannon Brown and Chef Michael have all spent some time showing or talking to prospective members about our facilities, the amenities–and smiling all along the way. We have at least ten new Jr. Golf, Social or Golf members. We’re close to six or seven closings on new homeowners and two to three that we know are in the works. It’s just a great feeling that someone out there is noticing the efforts these employees exhibit so effortlessly.
John Miller and I were able to attend the Saturday 3rd round of the Heritage on Hilton Head Island together, and he wanted me to say “Hi” to all you here at the Lake.
We will be picking up the pace for the general manager search. There has been a plan all along, and we haven’t waivered from the plan. Please remember from the beginning that we have consistently said we would not hurry into this, and we would investigate the past, the John Miller tenure and “where we at least think we’re headed.” The search committee agrees 100 percent with this process. Now the hard work starts.
Some of you may have mentioned The Wall to me in passing.So, from the album, The Wall:
We don’t need no education
We don’t need no thought control
Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone
It’s just another brick in the Wall!
~Pink Floyd, 1979
See you around the lake. Please wave!

Notice of Lakeshore Rule Change

Notice of Lakeshore Rule Change
The Board of Directors gave preliminary approval to the following amendment to the Lakeshore Rules and Regulations at the April 22, 2014 Board meeting.
The Board will consider final approval at the meeting on May 27, 2014.
Members are invited to submit comments regarding the proposed changes in writing to the Quivira, Inc. office or in person at the Board meeting.
II.    Licensing and Transferring
Quivira, Inc. has the sole authority to assign docksites.  Each assignment of a docksite shall be evidenced by a non-transferable Dock Site License Agreement between Quivira, Inc., and a Foundation Member*.
When a docksite licensee sells his home, lot or membership, it is the general policy of Quivira, Inc. to re-assign the seller’s docksite to the purchaser of said home, lot or membership.  To insure such re-assignment it is required that: (a) The dock site must meet Quivira, Inc.’s standards of maintenance; and, (b) All the existent appurtenances to the docksite, which are in violation of present Lakeshore Rules, must have been duly authorized by Quivira, Inc. as outlined in Section III of these rules and regulations.  It shall be incumbent upon the seller to provide proof of such authorization.
Trading of docksites among individual licensees is allowed only with prior written approval of the Quivira, Inc. Board of Directors.  Quivira, Inc., will favorably consider transferring and re-licensing of docksites between existing members in cases where both members agree to such a transfer and both docksites fully conform to the Lakeshore Rules and Regulations; provided, however, that the parties to any transfers shall state in their requests that their Lake Quivira homes are not listed for sale as of the date of their requests.  All new License Agreements approved by Quivira, Inc. relating to any such transfers will also require each party to affirm that their Lake Quivira home is not listed for sale as of the new License’s effective date in order for it to be effective.
All Docksite License Agreements shall be prepared by Quivira, Inc. in duplicate with one (1) copy to be retained at the Quivira office and one (1) by the member-licensee.

Reminders from the Safety and Security Committee

The summer months will soon be here and another school year will end. That brings with it more activity around the lake. Kent Best noted at the last Board meeting that with several new families with young children we will soon have around 220 children age 18 and younger in our community. With that in mind, we thought that we could all benefit from a few reminders.
Operators of golf carts used on Lake Quivira roads and golf course must be at least 14 years old and have at a minimum a Kansas Learner’s permit. Youths under age 16 are required to register with the Quivira, Inc. office and participate in a golf cart safety program to be eligible to drive a golf cart on Lake Quivira roads and on the golf course. This year’s safety program will be conducted on 5/17/14.
Operators of golf carts on Lake Quivira roads and common property should observe the seating capacity and safety guidelines recommended by the golf cart manufacturer. Everyone should be mindful of golf cart speed for the safety of those in the cart as well as others.
You may have noticed there are many more walkers around the lake, many with small children and in some cases parents with children in walkers, as well as more bicycles. We all need to be aware of our surroundings, particularly as we maneuver around curves and narrow streets. Walkers and bicyclists should be aware of traffic from both directions and may need to walk or ride single file on occasion to avoid mishaps.
Owners of dogs are responsible for their dog(s). Dogs are not allowed on the beach, golf course, tennis courts and or around the Clubhouse. Owners may be cited for rules violation if their dog is:  (1) reported for chasing, barking, biting or threatening any person outside the owners’ premises; (2) attacking other dogs; (3) chasing vehicles; (4) turning over other members’ trash container or damaging other people’s property.
Observance of these friendly reminders will help us to continue to enhance the safety of our community.

A Summary of the Board Meeting – April 2014

Kent Best welcomed the three newly elected Board members, Ed Brennan, Dave Starr and Chuck White.
Financial Report
Kent Best reported the net income for the period ending 3/31/14 was $44,092, which is about $32,000 greater than budgeted for the period.
Golf Committee
Warren McCamish discussed the need to possibly revise the way golf committee members are selected. For example, the President of the QWGA is to be a member of the committee but the President may change from year to year and the committee appointments are for a three year period.
House Committee
Steve Terbovich reported he and John Welter are in the process of reviewing the kitchen space and the need for the replacement and upgrade of kitchen equipment. These issues are becoming more important as the Clubhouse is virtually booked throughout the summer and into the fall, and the demand on the kitchen and equipment is increasing. There was also some discussion about whether there might be a way to better utilize the snack bar space while still providing snacks. John noted the Club income from Easter Sunday was $9,000, which was double the 2012 income.
Tennis Committee
Ed Brennan discussed the need to finalize the plans to expand the deck at the tennis courts as well as the need for an ice/water machine at the courts.
Lake and Residential Committee
Tom Wertz had expressed concern to the committee about an incident where a docksite was traded and the home buyer was not aware until after closing that the docksite had been traded. Tom suggested a rule change to address and prevent this from occurring in the future. The language was preliminarily approved and will need to be finally approved by the Board at the next meeting. A request for the purchase of a docksite owned by Lake Quivira was referred to the Lake and Residential Committee.
Marketing and Membership Committee
Eric Johnson reported since 3/1/14 we have gained ten new country club members and two social members. He also noted that following efforts by the search optimization subcommittee, Lake Quivira is frequently positioned on the first page in Google searches.
Strategic Planning Committee
Warren McCamish reported that the master plan will be submitted to the Board within the next few days for comment.

Attention, High School, University & Post University Grads, On- and Off-lake

The June issue of the Quiviran will feature information about our 2014 high school and college graduates.
We want to be certain all graduates are honored.
Please email your name and email address to  Joan Davies at ASAP!

The WRights offer a sneak preview of their home–before the Homes Tour!

Jim and Susan Wright - Photo by Ron Bower

By Dawn Gabel
Photos by Dieter Kinner and Ron Bower

Photo by Dieter Kinner

Photo by Dieter Kinner

Photo by Ron Bower

Photo by Ron Bower

Photo by Ron Bower

Susan and Jim Wright’s home is the newest home on the Homes Tour on June 21. The property their home is built on was purchased just before the July 4th weekend five years ago and was immediately vandalized.
Jim says he knew the house, which had a leaking roof and mold issues, was to be raised and had a special surprise for his grandchildren on the holiday. “They got here and I had hammers and hatchets and spray paint. I told them I wanted them to vandalize this house—write your names on the walls, and anything else they would like, except nothing profane.”
The Wright’s youngest grandson was five at the time. “We gave him a hammer and told him to put a hole in the wall,” Jim recalled. “He looked at Mom, and she said it was okay, but he still looked at me as if it had to be a setup. The kids had fun.”
The next day the architect team came out to the site. “He called and thought we should secure the build site. He told us our house had been vandalized by kids. I had to assure him that it was my kids,” said Jim.
* * *
The Wright family enjoy life and specifically life on the lake and have been members since 1989.
Since that time, they moved to the lake and then built a home in 1992 on the corner of Terrace Trail West and Hillcrest West. Their children, now grown, have stayed in the greater Kansas City area to raise their families. The Wright family includes their son Christopher Wright and his wife Amy, along with their children Chelsey, Nick, Drew and Ozzie; and daughter Samantha, married to T.J. Moore, and children Sidney and Caden.
Life took them to other places for a few years, “We moved from Lake Quivira to West Palm Beach, Florida, for a career opportunity. That was a tough commute. It took at least three days. Then we moved to Nashville we could travel Southwest and were here door to door in four hours,” said Jim.
They bought a condominium on the Plaza when they first came back. “We liked it, but it was not a grandchild magnet. Once you take a Cinderella ride around, what else is there for them? So we came back here.” They bought 290 Lakeshore West and lived there part-time from Nashville until they started building this home, their third on the lake.
The Wrights are excited to be a part of the homes tour. “I have only experienced the home tour as a viewer,” said Susan. “A long time ago when we built the first house on the lake, I enjoyed the tour, but I had never hosted,” “I am going to really enjoy the whole process. I am honored our home was chosen.”
Jim quipped he thought he would be ill advised to ignore the invitation from the Garden Club. “We gave all the contractors yet another deadline and were far enough along we could say yes to the invitation to participate,” said Jim.
“The view of the lake kept saying to us, ‘Yes it will be done.’ said Susan. “I kept hearing that in my thoughts while we were working through the details.” The Wrights are particularly excited there will be grass to cut by the time of the tour.
Outside space is important to them and it is woven throughout the architecture. Jim wanted the outdoor kitchen which has been used frequently. Their last home had a combination laundry, Susan’s office, and catering kitchen. “We borrowed the concept for this home because we appreciated it so much. We have found that everyone is in the kitchen when we gather, so we have a second kitchen for the catering, and that lets us all enjoy the kitchen space with company,” said Susan.
Another outside space is above the sun porch, where there is a screened porch off the master bedroom. Kansas City Tent and Awning made drop-down clear covers for the windows, and a gas heater was added. “The porch is truly a three and half season room,” said Jim.
This home is a combination of their lives and previous homes. “Not all is new, and it is a way to put it all together for us. This is a home with our history in it,” said Susan.
Both Jim and Susan enjoy antiquing together. “We don’t like them wall to wall, but it is something we do together,” said Susan. One of the collectables of note is a series of French fauna pressings from the 1800s in the dining room. “Someone brought them back from Europe at the turn of the century, and we found them on one of our antiquing ventures. We realized they would look wonderful with the window treatment that had already been chosen–a happy coincidence,” said Susan.

Photo by Ron Bower

Entertaining is important to the family, not only Jim and Susan, but also their children and grandchildren. “Our daughter has already had two gatherings here at the house,” Susan said, “We really enjoy having people here.”
When asked about the most distinct memory of the past five years, Jim joked, “The marriage survived!” Susan responded, “It did indeed.”
–Don Julian was the builder and Rick McDermit was the architect.

Nancy and Ron Worthington’s daughter-in-law is honored in OP

Drawing Bored by Bob Lee