Next Clubhouse display to feature husband/wife artists

Our next Artist Reception for the Lake Quivira Rotating Art Program is Wednesday, January 21. We will have an interesting opportunity to meet a pair of talented artists that happen to be a married couple. Each brings a unique approach to their artistic expression, which they will be happy to share with our group at the reception. Complimentary wine and cheese will be served from 6 to 7:30 p.m.
Ruthie Osa has been designing poster art for the past nineteen years with clients in public school systems, national parks, national not-for-profit organizations, regional chambers of commerce and private businesses.
As an illustrator and designer, she has addressed the needs of a nationwide group of clients including Anheuser-Busch, Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museums & Aquariums, the National Park System and the tourist industry.
Her design versatility has a wide range, but she will be narrowing her focus to the posters she has designed for various resorts and special places. Many of them are some of our favorite spots. It is interesting to see how she captures the iconic images that we love about these unique locations.
As Ruthie describes it, “My poster art stems from an interest I have in the WPA travel posters created in the late 1920s. I love the simplicity of capturing the spirit of a location in shapes of color. After drawing the image in pencil, I scan the sketch and redraw it in Illustrator as vector art. This allows me to play with the color and then have it reproduced to any size with perfect clarity. The rich saturation of color is accomplished by printing with archival ink on archival paper.”
Doug Osa is a Kansas native and lifelong resident of Kansas City. He received a BS in biology and a BFA in painting from Kansas State University, an MFA in drawing and painting from the University of Kansas and studied figure drawing and painting at the Art Students League in New York City. He has taught drawing and painting at the college level and currently conducts painting workshops. Since he committed to painting full time in 1988, his work has been represented in galleries coast to coast.
Very early in his career, working directly, or “en plein air”, from both urban and rural landscape settings became the foundation of his work. His choice of subjects are not so much sought after as they are discovered, sometimes in the most unlikely places. This selective process often takes place through multiple visits to favorite painting locations throughout the seasons and years. The conviction of working directly from nature produces paintings, is initially perceived in the mind’s eye, then produced through a close study of the composition and color found at the site. Ideally, that elusive “sense of place” is evident in the finished painting. His desire is to seek the underlying order and beauty of those things observed. The resulting works are, in effect, records of those observations.
Osa’s paintings and etchings have been collected throughout the United States for the past 25 years. His work is especially appreciated for its meticulous detail and coloration and is included in private, corporate and institutional collections nationwide.
Mary Linda says, “What I love about Doug’s work is the way he is able to capture the beautiful in the everyday. His art allows us to reflect on what is so unique and special about the things around us–things we often overlook.”
What a great treat is in store for all of us at the next reception. We will get to return to our beautiful, fresh Clubhouse, we will see new and exciting artwork on the walls and we will get to meet Ruthie and Doug Osa and find out not only about their art careers, but also how two creative people live and work together so beautifully.
Join us!

From the Chef’s table. . .

Happy New Year, Lake Quivira! I hope all who attended the New Year’s Masquerade Gala have fully recuperated in time to cheer on your favorite team though College Football Bowling Season. As you sincerely “attempt” to abide by your New Year’s resolutions, my culinary team–along with Gary’s maintenance crew–will be busy through the annual shutdown to tackle a number of pressing workplace items. Our goal will be to enhance the effectiveness of our limited kitchen space. We are also working on shifting gears when it comes to menu offerings and how we will adjust to the evolving expectations of my most important customers–which is you, the Members.
January 2nd, we will begin with a thorough cleaning of all areas of the kitchen. Equipment disconnected and pulled away from walls, we will stage a deep-cleaning area on the lower level of the clubhouse. This is our once-per-year opportunity to remove doors, hinges, racks, broken seals, etc., to restore and protect these important assets. Gary’s men will remove the drop ceiling and gut the bead-boarded walls throughout the entire dish machine area. This is to address an area we rely heavily upon; to be sure we are maintaining the highest cleanliness levels for all of my china, flatware, pots, pans, utensils and so on. Why do I share this behind-the-scene information with you via this media format? Because my staff understands that all production begins and ends with an absolute commitment to cleanliness here at 100 Crescent Boulevard. I jokingly share with my young apprentices that I would want them to be proud to escort their grandparents through our areas of culinary enterprise. But in all seriousness, I welcome all members to feel free to stop by for an impromptu tour of my kitchen (please. . . just not 7 p.m. on a Saturday night). My kitchen is your kitchen. . . as our clubhouse is your home away from home.
The Board of Directors approved a modest, but important upgrade to the production side of our `a la carte kitchen. During the shutdown, we will have stainless steel technicians fabricating a new “window” along our twenty-foot run of hot line space (forgive the jargon). We will replace three heat lamps (and add a fourth) for temperature control above the finished entrées being picked up by the wait staff. Our current window accommodates the width of one entrée plate and limits the number of dishes to expedite out of this crowded area at any given time. Shirley Barr, Steve Terbovich, John Welter and I identified this as an area that will greatly enhance the flow of hot food from my kitchen to your table. Widening this space by only six inches (and controlling the temperate of the lamps above) will dramatically increase timing efficiencies and quality of product.
Speaking of `a la carte, we are introducing the next menu change with a new approach to not only the typical seasonal adjustments, but also to honor Lake Quivira traditions AND accommodate the evolution of healthy dining here at the lake. Upon seating, the hostess will present two menus. One will be two-sided with mainstay items on one side, and healthy choices on the other. The second menu will be a larger, one-sided menu, which will feature the seasonal changes and numerous requests I receive from the multitude of members through their valuable feedback. For instance, traditional items will include the Calamari appetizer, Crescent salad, Club sandwich, Classic burger, Petite filet and beef/chicken/or shrimp Fajitas! For healthy diners, think grilled fish, quinoa, whole grains and other vegetarian-friendly items. On a side note, I will also consider moving to bi-weekly specials instead of weekly specials. The goal will be to change the seasonal menu more often than every three months.
Lastly, we are keeping the Sunday Night Buffets and Taco Tuesdays going, and bringing back Spaghetti and Meatball Thursdays. Boy, this is making me hungry! `Time to climb over my sleeping dogs and see what I can whip up to eat in my own little kitchen, here in Kansas City, Missouri. Again, Happy New Year, and here’s to an even better year in ’15!
Bon appetite!
Chef Michael

Nominees sought for Spirit of Quivira award

Nominating Committee seeks candidates for Q. Inc. Board

Election fort the Q. Inc. Board of Directors

There will be three positions on the Quivira, Inc. Board of Directors up for election at the annual membership meeting in March.  All foundation members and spouses are eligible to serve as Foundation Directors.  The Nominating Committee consists of Chair, John Cotter, Jerry Neill, Nancy Hyde, Brady Lilja and Cathy Goodger, and is charged with presenting a slate of candidates for the open positions.  If you are interested in being a candidate, or if you wish to recommend someone else, please contact a member of the Nominating Committee by February 18.

Dennis Nighswonger to start GM position January 19; meet him January 24 if you haven’t already – President’s Report January 2015

By Kent Best, President
Quivira, Inc.

Slippin’ away, sittin’ on a pillow
Waitin for night to fall
A girl and a dream, sittin’ on a pillow
This is the night
To go to the celebrity ball
~Three Dog Night, 1975

Greetings, Friends and Neighbors.

Kent and Gayle Best

Happy New Year and hope that 2015 brings a great deal of joy to everyone and their families. By the time you read this we will have had the New Years’ Eve Masquerade Party, and knowing the spirit of our Lake Quvirans, it will have been a fantastic evening.
By now most of the community knows we have a new General Manager, Mr. Dennis Nighswonger, who will officially start working January 19. You may have seen him around Lake Quivira, as he has already started familiarizing himself by attending several staff meetings, spending time at the Q-Inc. office and getting to know department managers.
Dennis and his wife Lori will be attending the Saturday night drawing on January 24, during which we will draw until we have a winner, officially introduce Dennis and Lori to Lake Quivira and have a great evening to get our new year started on the right foot. Please plan on attending. Q-Inc. will provide light appetizers and entertainment.
Your Board of Directors held a special board meeting on December 10 with the purpose of going over as much of the operating budget as possible. It was a very informative meeting, and we expect much of the same as we are having two Board meetings in January, one to specifically discuss the capital budget, and the second to be a normal scheduled meeting which may include more capital budget issues.
The Finance Committee will be meeting in January to finalize the presentation, which will clearly communicate the financial challenges we are facing over the next few years. The reason we are being as thorough as possible is for the express purpose of having the community be as informed as possible. The Finance Committee, Strategic Planning Committee and Board of Directors completely understand how all of these areas are tied together. Our objective is to have the options be as clear as possible.
Hopefully, the community has noticed the new retaining system across the dam which the City had installed. There have been a few suggestions that Q-Inc. might look at something similar on Sebring Hill. I don’t think there is any question that we need to improve this location, as our cabling is obviously inadequate. I am asking the Lake & Residential and Safety & Security committees to examine the area and present options for an acceptable system to improve the safety factor coming down the hill. This may include professional assistance.
Look, you snow birds; get the heck out of “Dodge!” The sooner you get out of here, the sooner you get back so the rest of us can be glad it is spring!
Here’s looking at you kid
Missing all the things we did
We can find it once again, I know
Just like they did in Key Largo…         ~Bertie Higgins, 1981

See you around the Lake.Please wave!

Dawn Rattan’s entrepreneurial dream is soon to come true

Dawn Rattan inside the bare bones of her soon-to-be fitness center

By Dawn Gabel
Dawn Rattan dreams of her new business every night.“Everfit. I can see it as a gathering place where people come and look forward to doing so. I can see it, and taste it, and smell it, and feel it.”
The Everfit sign is hung on the east portion of the WestGlen Eye Care building on Midland Dr. The doors are set to open in January, and that is not soon enough for Dawn. “Frankly, every time I walk into the building, my heart skips a beat,” she shared as she moved through the light-filled construction area which will soon house three classrooms.
Last summer Dawn and many friends were regulars at Punch, an exercise studio near K7. It was announced they were closing just as Dawn was taking off for an overseas trip.
“I had always thought I would enjoy owning a fitness club, and I was working out at Punch Fitness. When Punch closed, my friends that I worked out with must have heard me share this wish enough times that they asked me, ‘So are you opening, are you going to open one?’ I told them no, I am going to Europe! On my flight overseas I kept thinking about it, and I thought, ‘I guess maybe; okay, yeah; and then it became a definite yes.’”
Being an entrepreneur is not new to Dawn and her husband Manu. In 2008 they purchased a commercial building to rent as an investment and ended up opening a business themselves.
“Our first business was Village West Discount Liquors in the Legends area,” said Dawn. It came to be started because Manu bought the building in 2008. The economy declined and in order to fill it we opened a liquor store. It is a beautiful building and location and it has been fun to watch it grow, but Manu is the lead.”
Many know her from her Thirsty Thursday segments on KC Live. “I do marketing for the store, and that includes the KC Live segment. I also take care of the human resources; the people portion of the business. Manu has been the strategic person that works with liquor stock, buying at the right price and passing on the savings to our customers,” said Dawn.
Everfit, on the other hand, is Dawn’s creation and passion.
“I brainstormed and came up with a name. It kind of happened over that vacation even though I had always had the idea in the back of my head for the structure and the way I would do it.”
Dawn shared that her entrepreneurial pathway has had a few mistakes, “We all make mistakes. I am learning as I go. At 40 you think you have learned everything you can learn. But I am learning every day. Right now I am learning about the process to get construction completed, and then there is negotiating,” she adds with laughter. “Negotiations are a huge area of learning to me.”
Dawn said she has left negotiations for the liquor store business to her husband, Manu. “He is a lawyer, so when it comes to getting the best price and getting it done, Manu has been the master, and I have sat in the back and let him be the master. With Everfit, I am using those lessons of watching my husband negotiate. It is where I am growing the most right now.”
Dawn watched her father work hard both for others and for himself.
“He worked for Yellow Freight but always had a lawn business on the side. He worked seven days a week and would work nights loading freight. During the day and weekends he would work for himself cutting grass. It was the first job of all the boys in the neighborhood. It was a pretty poor neighborhood, and to help them out he would allow them to come along and to do lawn care.”
She had a dream of working her passion.
“I think that when you own your own business you get to live the dream and be creative. I was able to sort of do that with the liquor store, but here I am truly implementing my dream.”
A lot of her business answers came from Procter and Gamble, “I worked for them for eleven years. Great company, learned a lot and I wouldn’t change a thing. But with all the levels of bureaucracy, you can’t have this crazy idea and come tomorrow and change everything around. Levels signatures and letters of approval and then maybe next year you can carry out your idea.
“In our small business I can say, ‘Hey Manu, what do you think if we hire a new person; or change the structure; or offer a new product?’ We can do it the next day,” Dawn said.

Dawn knew her group needed a place to gather and get healthy and still be able visit.
“I am a workout junky and I also love to throw good parties. So for me this is a mix of both let’s meet to get fit, see our friends and then move through our day.”
Everfit will offer classes from 5:30 to 6:30 a.m., then later for after the kids are dropped off,  and express classes around lunch. Dawn believes there should be a convenient class available for any schedule everyday.

Everfit is scheduled to open in January 2015.

They will offer childcare for the working moms.
“I don’t want workouts that are the ‘have to be there’ kind of places. It should be fun with regulars that are your friends.”
Classes will include Yoga, Zumba, Pilatis, High Intensity Interval classes and others. Cycle classes will feature Keiser equipment. Dawn took a personal interest in researching indoor cycling equipment for the new facility. “These are great on not causing joint strain and offering a self-regulated intensity for the work out. . . .they are like riding in butter,” she says.
The boxing room houses seventeen bags on boxing stands for regular boxing, kick boxing and more. “We are excited to have a state ranked MMA fighter, along with several over boxing instructors that are very experienced,” says Dawn. “Boxing is a great workout that I never thought I would like. It is very cathartic if you have something on your mind.
This will not be a highly choreographed gym, explained Dawn. “These days the gyms have a prescribed, choreographed experience. I am offering the instructors the freedom to offer classes and make them their own. If they have an idea, I want them to do it and mix it up. It is fun to meet the new trainers and talk to them about the dream. I can see they also take up the dream. The excitement is created when they believe in the idea, and I believe in them and then they believe in me.”
Dawn is always ready to offer a hand of help to others, but for this project she is needing the offer of help. She has sought out a couple of gym owners to ask for advice on the process and has found it interesting how nervous she was to ask for something. “When you are used to mentoring others and you have to seek advice, it is scary. I am actually on the other side of mentorship at the moment, and it is wonderful how when called they respond, ‘yes, of course’ or, ‘I would be glad to help you.’”
Dawn is also a gifted communicator, but has found her style of communication for marketing is not the style needed for creating a business from scratch.
“Once you think you know how to communicate with people, you have to take it to another level to make it clear they know what you want and need and be clear of the difference. I have a quiet communicating style and have had to summon a firmer style to make my needs heard with the construction.”
Soon the doors will open to Dawn’s dream. “I have always said I wanted a job I just happen to get paid for,” she mused. “One that I love so much that coming into work is a joy. This is it.”

Quivira in Verse By Jeanne Jones

A Recap

In May we spoke of dogs gone foul
from scents acquired on the prowl
In June the theme was leaves of three
(In case you missed it, leave them be!)
July held words on etiquette
When cart meets car, no need to fret
In August, bugs made me start swearin’
September’s highlight was the Heron
October found me past my prime
November? Contemplating crime
The time has flown—don’t we all know it?
And I’ve been glad to be your poet.

Drawing Bored by Bob Lee

Tennis Talk – December 2014

There is some news to report since last month that I hope you will enjoy. OP racket club was purchased by a tennis organization that has taken over the building and the courts for junior development. This is going to be a great move for the kids that are part of the K-CUT tennis organization. As they move forward, all of the part-time pros were let go, as well as many of the old guard pros.
So I am now at Midtown Tennis off of 435 & Metcalf. It is a very beautiful, nine court indoor tennis, workout, swim and fitness club. They are set up as a nationwide club with sites from cost to cost. The only hitch is that in order for LQ Juniors to take lessons, a membership is required–which is $50/month. I have a solution for the monthly cost: from May to October, any LQ kids who sign up for private or group lessons at Midtown will get a free lesson at LQ for the five months we will be at the lake. So you will be getting your money back by my doing this.
The attitude at Midtown Tennis for the kids is the same as anywhere in the city. We have groups that are less competitive and groups with kids who want to try out for college teams. What they do have that no other club has are many fun nights of competition for all levels, small, one night tournaments that provide pizza as well.
Please give this a try! Contact myself or Dave Gary at 913 491 4116 to set up a visit. I am already giving lessons to four of our JTL kids at Midtown, and I know it will help us for this up-coming JTL season. We will be throwing a tennis adult party in February, so keep an eye out for that.
Thanks for a great spring, summer and fall season–and let’s get better for next year!
~Tim Oberhelman, LQ Tennis Pro

Travel Photography is topic of January Photo Club meeting

By Susan Hidalgo
Anne Gill presented a thorough lesson on taking sunset photos.  Here are a few tips:
* Determine the time of sunset. Be there one-half hour before sunset and stay after the sun sets.
* Find a vantage point
* Best sunsets are evening rainy days
* Shoot something in the foreground to show interest
* Photo in 2/3rds
* Slightly underexposing the sunset will make the colors look richer more and defined and dramatic.
Come join in the fun. Learn more about photography and share your photos.  Our next LQPC meeting will be Tue., Dec. 9, at 7 p.m.  Jim Regan will  present an educational topic on Travel Photography. He has recently returned from Spain and Portugal and has relevant pointers for travel  photography.
Since the Clubhouse will be closed the first two weeks in January, the LQPC meeting will be Tue., Jan. 9, at Anne Gill’s home, at 7 p.m. We will discuss future LQPC ideas and programs. Please bring an appetizer or a dessert to share.
The next LQPC exhibit for the Clubhouse will be Portrait Photography.   Please upload your photos (past or present) in the “Portrait Photography” exhibit in the Clubhouse Exhibition Candidates gallery.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!