Golf Cart Reminders from the Safety and Security Committee

With the arrival of the summer months comes considerably more golf cart traffic around the Lake. The Safety and Security Committee felt that it would be a good idea to reemphasize several Board approved rules regarding golf cart registration, training, safety, etc. As was mentioned in last month’s Quiviran, we will soon have around 220 children age 18 or younger in our community which means more golf carts and more traffic.
Operators of golf carts used on Lake Quivira roads must be at least 14 years old and have, at a minimum, a Kansas Learner’s Permit.  Youths under age 16 are required to register with the Quivira, Inc. office and participate in a golf cart safety program to be eligible to drive a golf cart on Lake Quivira roads. This year’s safety program was conducted on 5/31/14 with probably another program at a later date.
Operators of golf carts on Lake Quivira roads and common property should observe the seating capacity and safety guidelines recommended by the golf cart manufacturer. For example, on the dash of a Yahama cart there is the following statement: Death and serious personal injury can result from failure to follow these instructions. There are several instructions listed. Among them: Do not allow more than two occupants in vehicle; Keep entire body inside carts; Drive slowly in turns. If a cart has seats in the rear of the car,t two more occupants are permissible. We suggest parents discuss these guidelines with their children, particularly since in the past year there have been at least two serious golf cart accidents involving injury to several children. Fast golf carts, cell phones and too many occupants are a sometimes deadly combination. We all know that accidents do happen, but with parental involvement and discussion, maybe we can reduce/eliminate the occurrence of future mishaps.
All golf carts must be registered with and approved by Quivira, Inc. “The registrant must display, on the front of the cart, a cart number assigned by Quivira, Inc. and a registration sticker to designate registration and payment of fees. Members may register more than one cart, but must pay registration fees for each cart registered.”
Observance of these friendly reminders will help us continue to enhance the safety of all members of our community.

Quivira in Verse by Jeanne Jones

Stopping by Woods on a Spring Morning
(with apologies to Robert Frost)

Whose woods these are I know quite well,
Quivira claims this shady dell!
My fearless dog runs on ahead,
No care for where his paws will tread.
And though the path invites me in,
I turn away to dog’s chagrin.

The woods ARE lovely, dark and deep,
But poison ivy makes me weep.
Yes, poison ivy makes me weep,
And Benadryl puts me to sleep.


From the Chef’s Table – June 2014

“Steel Drums–Island Cuisine–Perfect Beach Backdrop–Laughter–Ice Cream Covered Faces!”
As your Executive Chef, what’s not to love about being a part of the Summer Rec’s Ice Cream Social and Calypso Night? (Sunday, June 8) I already can smell and taste the freshly cooked Chicken and Beef Kabobs. I’ve been experimenting with beautiful fresh fruits, as of late, to tweak my Jamaican Salsa for the Alaskan Halibut fresh off the grill. I even changed up the Baby Back Ribs to be served “Calypso Style” to include a healthy dose of Jamaican Jerk Spice rub. Hosting large groups of members and enjoying the results of my culinary efforts, is what it is all about when I signed up to be YOUR Executive Chef!
Special features starting in June: I am taking full advantage of the freshness of seasonal seafood. Hmmm, how about some Southwest Chili & Lime-rubbed Shrimp Salad? Or Linguini tossed with Steamed Little Neck Clams, Roasted Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, Fresh Spinach and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc? And for sea and land lovers, why not try my Surf & Turf with a Fried Soft Shell Blue Crab and Petite Filet of Beef? Perhaps you are simply looking for a great summertime open-faced sandwich? I highly recommend Karen’s Kokopelli, which includes Swiss, Cheddar and Cotija Cheeses over Toasted Sour Dough and topped with sliced Beefsteak Tomato. (Ms. Folsom, I’ll never tell. . . ) Seriously though, I welcome any and all feedback. as this becomes the basis for what I will introduce next here at Lake Quivira. It’s all about tasting good!
A side note as I type this: A special THANK YOU to the Garden Club for our new herb garden!
Working closely with Steve Terbovich, Shirley Barr and John Welter, we have been identifying “efficiency” needs of the kitchen. Having been here through three seasons, I have been evaluating the systemic opportunities as they have presented themselves. Behind the scene considerations include minor things such as the diameter of an entrée plate; whether or not the plate comes with a protective plate cover; the width of the pick-up window in inches; and to the inability to adjust the pick-up window heating elements above your soon-to-be-delivered food. (Forgive me for the industry jargon but it is what I do in my profession.) These minor considerations do add up to affect the overall production of made-from-scratch cuisine.
Soon-to-be-delivered food is of the highest priority for my culinary team. We are committed to making the necessary adjustments to expedite our finished meals to you in a more consistent and timely manner. Adjustments include, but are not limited to, scaling back on the sheer size of our menu offerings. I have been working very closely with John and the service staff when considering the expectations of the membership. I intend to introduce our summer lunch and dinner menus by the second week of June.
I hope to see you dining at the club!
Bon Appétit!
~Chef Michael

President’s Report – June 2014

By Kent Best, President, Quivira, Inc.

Greetings Friends & Neighbors:
“V- A- C- A- T- I- O- N in the summer time
Put away the books, we’re out of school
The weathers warm
But we’ll play it cool.”
~Connie Francis, 1962

Welcome to the greatest time of year at Lake Quivira! Since we didn’t have spring, we saved up all of this energy just so we could exhibit some of the most dangerous behavior ever witnessed on Lake Quivira streets.
Stop signs don’t mean stop? Yield signs don’t mean yield? If I am five to ten minutes late, I can drive like a bat out of hell, whether it’s down Sebring Hill or the blind corner at John Cox’s home. Four years ago when I first joined the Board of Directors, there were numerous discussions starting out with, “My neighbors want LQ to move those speed bumps immediately!” In fact. we had so many calls, there was a question if we should even have speed bumps/humps. This year we have had many requests for MORE speed humps! We have speed limits that many folks have determined do not apply to them or their situation. The community is leaving us no choice but to enforce some penalties to protect our children, our visitors and ourselves.
Safety first: we need your help. Please take a few minutes in your family to have a “crucial conversation” about walking, golf carting, bicycling and driving safely and leaving your home on time and arriving safely for you and the others around you. I could not be more sincere about this topic.
We have received many calls and questions about the Crescent Blvd. conditions just north of the yield sign. This situation is due to the water main break we encountered earlier in the winter. Long story short, there was more erosion underground, and the situation worsened, which no one could have foreseen. As soon as our maintenance crew realized what was happening, they notified JoCo One, and we then landed on the “patch wait and see list”! It is JoCo One’s responsibility, and they are set to be here the first of June for everyone’s sake.
With regards to roads and safety, it is no surprise that with spring and a couple of home teardowns and maybe another one on the way, we are witnessing large trucks and possibly some overloading of trucks from a weight limit scenario. The east side experienced this the past two to three years, and now it’s the west/south side’s turn. Folks, this has gone on forever. We don’t have to like it. and we don’t have to condone it. We are aware of it, and we are discussing it with the city officials because this is a roads issue and a dam issue and a roads issue on the dams.
Next, we have our security gates, our personnel, our enforcement of rules and regulations and “the patience” our folks need in order to apply the rules on a consistent basis. The Board of Directors and your President are aware of the inconsistencies we have been experiencing at the gate. Kathy Niemeyer has been selected to train our personnel on the rules and regulations that have been adopted as our operating procedure. More than that, she has been selected to an interim safety security manager position. She is working on every detail in the whole department. If you know Kathy, you know she will give it her all. If you don’t know Kathy, you’re new or you have been living in a vacuum.
If you read last month’s letter, I mentioned again that the search committee would take our time. As crazy as it sounds, we could have hired a new general manager in three to seven days. Since assuming the position of Interim General Manager, I hae learned a lot about the inner workings of Lake Quivira and have also uncovered areas that needed adjustment. I am actively taking corrective action. I want to assure you in that regard, there is strong and very experienced interim leadership. What I know is that we need to make the right decisions and not temporary fixes to address things such as the air-conditioning debacle we have on our hands. It has been reiterated many times to me how vital the mistake of hiring “the wrong GM before John Miller” was many years ago. In no way am I condemning any individuals or being an armchair quarterback.
Last is the WALL! And for the last time. Seven or eight years ago on 16 tee box we executed a “backfill” on the back third of the tee box. Ultimately, the back third was unusable a great percentage of the time due to the mushy ground created from the moisture coming down the hill from the north. This back third was the collection point for the ground water, thus creating a great deal of pressure on the “mini-wall” that was installed.
If all of you will walk to the very north side of the tee box you’ll see where “MANY” knew this whole thing was an issue. Our staff made a valiant attempt to work with the tools and resources they had, and you can see where they built a mini-berm to attempt to deflect and deter direct drainage onto the tee box. The contour of the area leads directly to the low spot I am referencing. We can make water go where we want it to go–at a cost!  With the moisture, the drought and then the moisture to this area of the tee box, it was an accident waiting to happen–not if, but when.
With the potential of the Strategic Plan and “some” golf course alteration, we know we have two to three locations which, whether the Plan is adopted or not, we must fix. “Think Air Conditioning!” We have elected at this time to build a temporary wall that is safe, we have put extra underground drainage tubing in, added AB3 rock in lieu of “as much dirt” that retains the moisture, thus creating an entirely different weight/pressure effect on said wall, and we are planting things to bring a reasonable view to the area.
I cannot explain enough to all of you how much I detest doing things twice or spending money twice for the same wrong reason. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that a couple of residents have reached out with some constructive criticism, and I want to thank you.
Looks like we have safety, driving, roads, search and a wall–does anyone have a kitchen sink to go with this?
Happiest/safest summer all of us. “Do unto others. . .”
“Brandy wears a braided chain
Made from the finest silver from the north of Spain”
~The Looking Glass, 1971

See you around the Lake. Please

Notice of Lakeshore Rule Change

The Board of Directors gave final approval to the following amendment to the Lakeshore Rules and Regulations at the May 27, 2014 Board meeting.
II.    Licensing and Transferring
Quivira, Inc. has the sole authority to assign docksites.  Each assignment of a docksite shall be evidenced by a non-transferable Dock Site License Agreement between Quivira, Inc., and a Foundation Member*.
When a docksite licensee sells his home, lot or membership, it is the general policy of Quivira, Inc. to re-assign the seller’s docksite to the purchaser of said home, lot or membership.  To insure such re-assignment it is required that: (a) The dock site must meet Quivira, Inc.’s standards of maintenance; and, (b) All the existent appurtenances to the docksite, which are in violation of present Lakeshore Rules, must have been duly authorized by Quivira, Inc. as outlined in Section III of these rules and regulations.  It shall be incumbent upon the seller to provide proof of such authorization.
Trading of docksites among individual licensees is allowed only with prior written approval of the Quivira, Inc. Board of Directors.  Quivira, Inc., will favorably consider transferring and re-licensing of docksites between existing members in cases where both members agree to such a transfer and both docksites fully conform to the Lakeshore Rules and Regulations; provided, however, that the parties to any transfers shall state in their requests that their Lake Quivira homes are not listed for sale as of the date of their requests.  All new License Agreements approved by Quivira, Inc. relating to any such transfers will also require each party to affirm that their Lake Quivira home is not listed for sale as of the new License’s effective date in order for it to be effective.
All Docksite License Agreements shall be prepared by Quivira, Inc. in duplicate with one (1) copy to be retained at the Quivira office and one (1) by the member-licensee.

A Summary of the May 27 Board Meeting

Kent Best reported that the general manager search committee has interviewed two search organizations but has not yet signed a contract.
Finance Report
Dave Starr noted the recent paving cost was $217,000 that our financial position is close to budget as of the end of April. New committee members were approved
Golf Committee
There was some general discussion concerning a number of repair issues involving steps and walls around the course.
House Committee
Plans are underway for the New Years Eve party. It was also noted there will be a dinner concert on June 18.
Tennis Committee
Ed Brennan reported the final plans for the deck extension should be received shortly, along with possible contractors to do the work.
Lake and Residential Committee
During the April meeting Tom Wertz expressed concern about an incident where a docksite was traded and the home buyer was not aware until after closing that the docksite had been traded. Tom suggested a rule change to address and prevent this from occurring in the future. The language was preliminarily approved last month, and final approval was given during this meeting.
Ron Chapman expressed concern about the fact that there are numerous watercraft that do not have appropriate registration stickers.
Marketing and Membership Committee
The Marketing and Membership Committee recommended an extension of the current membership promotion program until the end of September. The Board approved the extension. Eric Johnson noted that following efforts by the search optimization subcommittee, Lake Quivira is many times positioned on the first page in Google searches.
Safety and Security Committee
The Committee recommended the installation of speed bumps on Hillcrest in response to concerns expressed by a number of residents about excessive speeding. There are a number of young children along this street. The Board approved the installation of two speed bumps. The Board also approved the installation of several security cameras at various locations. Ed Brennan reported we have a new security manger, as well as several new guards at the gate. New committee members were approved.

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” ~Dr. Seuss – Meet Lake Quivira’s new post-graduate degree holders

By Joan Davies

It seems unbelievable, but this 2014 graduation feature article will be the twelfth article I have written for the Quiviran newspaper about Lake Quivira’s amazing graduates. Each year, I continue to marvel at the incredible and diverse accomplishments of our youth. This year is no exception.

The High School Class of 2014 is among the smallest of the last several years with just sixteen high school students report having received diplomas from seven different high schools. In spite of the smaller number of graduates, they amassed an amazing list of local, state and national academic honors, including a world robotics award, music and sporting awards, and Kansas Governor’s Awards, all while donating thousands of hours of volunteer service to local schools, charities and churches.

The graduates will be attending a diverse group of schools, including Benedictine College, Chapman University, Kansas University, Kansas State, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York University, Simpson College, and the University of Arizona at Tucson. One graduate has already signed a contract as a professional member of the Corps de Ballet with the Miami City Ballet. The students’ declared majors are diverse as well, including agriculture, family studies & human services, business administration, finance and operations, international business, mechanical engineering, event management, film and television, theology, and secondary education– further illustrating what interesting and creative graduates are featured in this article. Another first for the class of 2014–out-of-state colleges and universities surpass KU and K-State for our graduates.

The resumes from our nine university graduates and three post-university graduates read like a special volume of Who’s Who of American University Students (it just has to be our incredible Lake water). The graduates majored in a wide variety of disciplines from the Universities of Colorado, Kansas, Kansas School of Medicine, Kansas School of Law, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Rockhurst, and Western State at Colorado. Among our graduates are those who earned 4-year academic dean’s list status, academic society members, and one cum laude awardee. Each of our graduates is headed for future graduate studies or will be working in a wide variety of professions throughout our country.

Congratulations and best wishes are extended to each of our outstanding graduates.

Brett Mach and new wife, Julie

Brett Mach, graduated summa cum laude from Rockhurst University with a MS degree in secondary education on May 17. He has been hired as a high school English teacher and looks forward to beginning his teaching career.

Brett also managed to arrange a small wedding in February to his sweetheart, Julie Tibberts. They are making their new home in Kansas City, MO.

Becca Munro MD, daughter of Stu and Jan Munro, graduated from the University of Kansas School of Medicine with a Doctor of Medicine degree in May

Mecca Munro, MD

2014. She was inducted into the prestigious Gold Humanism Honor Society, which is awarded to medical students, interns or faculty members who demonstrate humanistic qualities in the practice of medicine.

She volunteered in the Mattie Rhodes afterschool art program in addition to helping in numerous medical venues. Additional, she was Vice-president of the LGBTA group on campus.

She will begin her residency in Psychiatry in July at KU and plans to become a child psychiatrist.

Robert Rebori, son of Bob and Elaine Rebori, graduated with a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Kansas School of Law in January 2014. While

Robert Rebori

there, he was a Missouri public defender in St. Joseph and employed with Sanders, Gotfredson, Racine and Barber.

He is currently studying to take the Missouri Bar exam in July.

Scene from recent Blood Drive at the Clubhouse

Dawn Gabel donates a pint at the blood drive held at the LQ Clubhouse on April 25. It was the second blood drive organized by Dawn, who will continue to schedule them after holidays, when supplies at the Blood Center are in greatest demand. Photo by Ron Bower

Turns out, sailors world-wide do it pretty much like we do it at Quivira

By Charles Segebrecht
Up anchor! Up anchor!
Set sail and away!
The ventures of dreamland
Are thine for a day
~Silas Weir Mitchell, 1891

On Lake Volta, Ghana, Mr. Kofi does it–just as we do on Lake Quivira. The only difference is his yacht is carved from wood and sails are discarded potato bags. We met this elderly and weathered sailor as he was beginning delivery of his yams to a market on the other side of the largest man-made lake in Africa. He told us he had taught himself how to sail years earlier out of necessity–always to deliver produce to markets. He never purposefully sailed for pleasure, but he said it was the best part of any of his work days.
Sandy and Bill have now sailed for years off the coat of Barbados–just as we do on Lake Quivira. Each was from the Midwest and had never experienced sailing before boarding their rented 36’ sloop. They told us their learning curve was quite steep on their inaugural sailing day, but began immediately to experience the pleasure and satisfaction the sport can provide. They had traveled to the Caribbean for a simple week’s vacation, but the shared experience created a diversion– they have never returned home, now living on their own yacht and teaching sailing every day.
Their names escape me, but I’ll always remember another friendly couple’s invitation to sail on Lake Genève, Switzerland. And yes, watching them sail from shore, they do it just as we do on Lake Quivira. They explained how their first time sailing will never be forgotten–a borrowed yacht, heavy winds, rough water, lots of pacts with God–and without formal sailing lessons! When the day was over, they couldn’t wait to experience it again. They each knew they had always been drawn to water and had wanted to experience it without a motor’s sound. They’ve now done so successfully for many years–making opportunities to escape from the shoreline as often as they can.
Some experiential education is the best approach for learning–but it shouldn’t be inefficient or dangerous. Full-immersion learning, as with the above mentioned sailors’ examples, are not always necessary. Formal lessons can help to make new experiences successful more quickly–even safer, happier and more satisfying. This year–with quick, safe, happy and satisfying in mind–the Lake Quivira Yacht Club wants to help you get your feet wet sailing and have this education be efficient, satisfying and most importantly, fun.
The Club is providing sailing lessons this year through the Quivira Recreation Association on three Saturdays: June 7th, 14th and 28th (9 to 11:30 a.m.; questions, registration forms, requirements . . . visit This class has been a success for several years based on feedback from the students and their parents. It can’t be taken too many times; we encourage previous students to sign up again and continue refining their skills.
In addition to the children’s lessons this year, the Yacht Club is offering adult lessons on the same Saturdays: June 7th, 14th, and 28th (noon to 2:30 p.m.; to register, visit Questions? Please call Randy Treas, Joe Biron or Charles Segebrecht. We guarantee you will be sailing comfortably at the end of these lessons and begin experiencing the inherent diversion it is and all of us enjoy. Trust me, whether you are on Lake Volta, in Caribbean waters or on picturesque Lake Genève, the techniques and strategies used there are the same as those you’ll learn and are used on Lake Quivira–and equally rewarding. And as Paul Brown recently said, “It’s like riding a bike!” Once learned, it is a lifetime skill. See you on the water!
Definition: sailing lessons“Yachts are of little purpose without skillful Sea Men and Women.” Richard Hakluyt
Diversion: sail away from shore– “Do they ask me what pleasure I find on the sea? Why, absence from land is a pleasure to me.” ~Philip Freneau

Quivira Marketplace – May 2014

1999 LOWE 22’ SUNCRUISER: Jamaica series. 25 hp Johnson w/new powerpack in 2013. Runs great, Party-proof interior. $5000 Dock #31  Brian 913-232-3504.
AUTO UPHOLSTERY, CONVERTIBLE TOPS: Turner Custom Upholstery installs convertible tops and can repair torn or worn upholstery on cars, trucks and other vehicles. Call 913-649-9494.
BOAT COVERS AND SEAT CUSHIONS: Turner Custom Upholstery can repair or recover boat and jet ski seat cushions. Repair or custom make boat covers or bimini tops. Call 913-649-9494.
BOAT FOR SALE: 1999 MARADA “Mini Sportster”  w/Suzuki 25hp and trailer.  Super fast, runs great.  312-543-5030.
FLYERS: Need something delivered to every mailbox in Lake Quivira? For fast and efficient service, call or text Sam Welch at 901-7193. $35 for delivery to 385 mailboxes.
FOR SALE:  1995 BOSTON WHALER 11’ Supersport with Mercury 20HP 2-stroke motor and trailer.  $2500.  Call Tim at 913-488-8137.
FOR SALE:  2007 ODYSSEY 222CR (22’) with Bimini top, full cover, two tables, Berber carpet.  2010 E-TEC 25HP motor with power tilt.  $11,500 obo.  Call Tim at 913-488-8137.
FOR SALE: 2000 BOSTON WHALER Sport with trailer. $7500. 913-706-7085.
HELP WANTED: Looking for a reliable high-school student to do yard work this summer.  913-948-7403.
HOUSE CLEANING; ALSO PET, HOUSE TENDING IN YOUR ABSENSE: 20 years experience, residential & commercial, Q references. Burma Mealor, supervisor. 913-579-4730. 6/14
KC METRO (AKA) C. A. GREEN CONST. MASONRY CARPENTRY & CONCRETE: specializing in brick, block, stucco and stone. Retaining walls, chimneys, all types of masonry. No job too big; no job too small. Free estimates. Contact Anthony  Green, 913-602-4508. 8/14
LOOKING FOR A RELIABLE USED CAR for our granddaughter. Call: 631 2067.
PROFESSIONAL WINDOW WASHING: Over 40 years experience. Insured and bonded. Free estimates. Gene Jackson, 913-593-1495. 10/14
SUMMER INTERNSHIP: Software consultancy based in Overland Park is seeking summer interns who have completed at least 2 years of college.  Please send resume and cover letter to
TAYLORMADE MEN’S GOLF CLUBS: speed blade 4-AW stiff steel shaft. Played less than 10 rounds, $400. Call 219-6898.
VACATION PLANNING:   Shawnee Full Service Travel Agency assisting Lake Quivera residents with family and group vacations  including Disney Destinations, leisure, luxury and adventures worldwide.    Currently booking personalized packages to Disney Parks and Disney Cruiseline for Fall and Holiday 2014.  Also offering exclusive early booking discounts for Spring Break 2015 in Cancun Mexico: All-inclusive Paradisus Resorts.   Visit or for info. Exclusive e-mail contact or
WANTED: WRITER for Quiviran column to introduce new off-lake members. Off-lake members encouraged to apply! Call Leanna, 913-268-6810.
WANTED: WRITER for Quiviran Welcome column. Involves getting names of new residents from Q. Inc., conducting interviews (telephone is fine) and writing the results in paragraph form. Pictures of new residents also an option–or add your unique spin. Call Leanna, 913-268-6810.
WELCOME HOME: FSBO @ 520 Hillcrest East. 4 bedroom 3 bath 3 car garage. Updated interior & landscaping. Open floor plan with expanded sunroom & Master suite w/ sitting room . Private wooded lot with new decks and flagstone patio. Hardwoods, Pella, Ceramic tiled baths. $569,000  Brian Bailey @ 913-232-3504.