Culinary Spotlight – Pastry Chef Natalie Bolfeta

By Anne Simms, House Committee
Quivirans might not recognize the face of Pastry Chef Natalie Bolfeta, but many certainly know Natalie through her dessert creations such as Earl Gray Infused Crème Brulee and Chocolate Decadence Cake.
Natalie joined the Lake Quiviria culinary team in May, having earned a pastry and baking cCertificate from Johnson County Community College. While in school, she gained professional experience in a HyVee bakery and then in Cosentino’s Price Chopper bakery. Natalie now works under the direction of Chef Michael to propose ideas and prepare desserts for lunch and dinner menus. She ultimately hopes to work on dessert preparation for banquets and events.
Natalie says she loves the creativity involved in the preparation of pastries and desserts. When she researches a new recipe, she considers plating ideas (presentation), as well as ways to take a traditional recipe and make it something special. For example, to enhance a dessert, she might use chocolate whipped cream rather than the regular version or replace cocoa powder with cocoa nibs, a part of the cocoa bean that produces a more intense and bitter chocolate flavor.
One of Natalie’s favorite sources for chocolate is The Chocolate Store in Overland Park, which sells quality chocolate to the general public, as well as the food industry. She also shared that the JCCC Pastry Program sells cookies, breads, cakes and pastries on Friday afternoons from 3 to 5:30 p.m. for a very reasonable price from their classroom in the Hospitality and Management Building. “It’s easy to find. Just look for the line in the hallway,” says Natalie.
When she’s not constructing desserts in the LQ kitchen, Natalie assists as a part-time pantry chef, preparing cold items like sandwiches and salads or prepping plates for items such as the popular tuna tacos.
Natalie grew up in Shawnee and currently resides with her family five minutes from the LQ front gate. She may be a familiar face to some Quivirans who knew her as a student at Shawnee Mission Northwest High School. And if the name “Bolfeta” sounds familiar to others, Natalie’s mother Cindy is a teacher at the LQ preschool.

From the Chef’s table. . .

The full swing of the Dog Days of Summer is happening here at the lake! A 12- to 14-hour day flies by for my kitchen managers, and after satisfying the bellies of 300+ people, it’s time to head home for some domicile attention and relaxation. Speaking of dogs, the usual “long walk” with my puppies has morphed into a quick sprint to the trail and back as of late. I must admit, they look at me as if to say, “We’re not having anything of this, boss!” This is the time of the year my girlfriend (or I) will stop by our favorite spirit shop and indulge ourselves with a summer beverage. After discussing the highlights (and lowlights) of our day, Misdy (my girlfriend) has just handed me a refreshing Persico & Elderflower cocktail. It is a perfect–unbelievably refreshing–concoction! Feet stretched out on my ottoman and laptop in lap, I am now ready to scribe this note.
What a perfect time of the year for the club! Golf is peaking, the beach is full and I learned from John last week that member `a la carte usage is up 9 percent over last year (through June). This same time last year, he said we were up more than 16 percent over 2013. I’m not much of a math person (which is why I like to cook), but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude members are voting with their feet and using the Clubhouse more frequently than in the past. This is good! I must admit I enjoy being a part of a community such as Lake Quivira that embraces the 4th of July, Pocahontas and Lake Classic golf tournaments, and things as sublime as Sunset Terrace dining on a warm Sunday night. I assure you all, my culinary team and I thank you for your continued patronage and support!
“Business, like life, is all about how you make people feel. It’s that simple, and it’s that hard.”
~Danny Meyer, Setting the Table
When it comes to service, Danny Meyer is the modern culinary guru. The one thing I take from him in this challenging industry? “At the end of the day, it’s all about hospitality!” We continue to work hard, and trust me, I am well aware we can always find ways to improve. From the time the hostess seats you, to your experience of quality and timely food service, I hope we are extending a fond farewell to satisfied members. The Clubhouse is changing, and I would like to believe it is for the better. Do we sometimes hit bumps in the road? Yes. Could we do better? Absolutely, yes! We do, however, need your help. If a member leaves after an unpleasant experience and does not let us know, we run the risk of said members not frequenting the clubhouse as often as we’d like them to. Please let management (or me) know. Don’t get me wrong, I love the compliments. But we cannot respond as quickly to correct a systemic opportunity if we do not receive constructive feedback, as well. We do review the comment cards and emails to Q-inc. My kitchen team needs this communication.
In closing, I want to say farewell to not only my Executive Sous Chef, but also a dear friend, Kameron Barrack. I have nothing but gratitude for Kameron for being my right hand guy for most of my first year as your Executive Chef. Many of the positive culinary changes implemented here at Lake Quivira were, in no small part, due to his selfless involvement. Kameron has accepted a management position at a top-tier restaurant in St. Louis, and I know he will only find success. Thank you, Kameron, for your hard work and dedication to your craft. You truly will be missed.
Bon Appétit!  ~Chef Michael

President’s Report – August 2015

By Ed Brennan, President, Quivira, Inc. Board of Directors

During the June Board Meeting, our general manager noted he felt the Board has made progress in assuring procedures are being followed and that there has been progress in redirecting our efforts in a positive manner. I believe, as well, that this Board has come a long way during the past few months in addressing issues in a structured and responsible fashion.
I believe the same is true regarding the numerous committees which are so important to our community. Not only does the Board have three new members, but every committee also has several new members. It takes time for new members to see how the waters flow and to immerse themselves in their responsibilities. I believe we have really good people on the Board and on the committees who are sincere in doing what is best for our community.
The July Board meeting was an extremely important meeting. Details of the discussions are elsewhere in The Quiviran in the Summary of the July Board Meeting. I would like to highlight a couple of significant actions taken at the meeting.
The Golf Committee has been working extremely hard over the past few months on a new design of hole #2. During the discussions it was obvious the Board members agreed that the structural problems surrounding the green and the #3 tee need to be addressed. The Board voted unanimously to approve the hole design and to move ahead to present the plan to the membership along with cost estimates and manner in which the improvements will be funded. The tentative schedule calls for a town hall style meeting on August 17 to present plans and a membership meeting on August 27, during which a vote will be taken on the plan and financing.
The Strategic Planning Committee presented a development plan for the Siler property. The Committee is having discussions with a development company, and the Board gave its approval to proceed with those discussions.
The Board is committed to keeping the membership totally apprised and involved as these two projects continue to evolve.
As you all know, our Board meetings are open meetings, and we encourage you to attend.
The July 4th activities were great. Thanks to all who made the events possible. And a special thanks to the City for the fantastic fireworks!

A Summary of the July 28, 2015 Board Meeting

President Brennan brought the meeting to order by offering a period of time for members in attendance to either ask questions or make statements.
Ellen Kelley gave an update on the various areas she has been focusing on in her temporary role in marketing. She has developed a number of volunteers willing to be available on an on-call basis to assist the front gate in the event a first time visitor desires to tour the community. Typically, this situation would be handled by staff; however, there are times when a staff person is unavailable and every effort needs to be made to portray Lake Quivira in the best way possible. These volunteers would provide a tour and also answer any questions.
Additionally, Ellen has been diligently working with Twitter, Face Book and other social media venues, providing information about the numerous activities held at Lake Quivira which might be of interest to prospective home owners or members. Activity has likewise begun on updating the web site to portray more people enjoying the vast array of amenities within our community.
Leanna Walters expressed her concerns regarding her perception there are not enough trash cans around the lake. In some cases the distance between trash cans is unsatisfactory, and she questioned whether this would be addressed during the Board meeting. President Brennan asked the General Manager to review this issue.
President’s Report
Several important items were on the agenda requiring Board discussion, including a proposal from the Golf Committee pertaining to rebuilding hole #2, land development proposal, issues with guest passes and an overview on Foundation members having the ability to lease their docks.
Golf Course Renovation – Mr. Markley introduced Todd Clark with CE Golf Design who was secured by the Golf Committee to provide a plan for the reconstruction of hole #2, as well as the tee box on hole #3. The Board was reminded the membership spoke loud and clear when voting down a proposed change to this area at the Annual Meeting, so the committee carefully analyzed the priorities prior to bringing a new plan to the Board.
Todd Clark gave a visual presentation of the proposed changes to the green including a Photoshopped picture of what the green and creek will look like once the project is completed. Todd’s company has been designing golf courses for over 25 years, and prior clients include Indian Hills, Milburn, Meadow Brook, and Wolf Creek, as well as numerous courses throughout the country.
Conceptually, his desire is to not make major changes to the area, but rather to ensure the green is visually pleasing, functions properly for drainage and improve air circulation. The cart path will be rerouted around the right side of the green and also provide an off-chute to access #3 tee box on the west side of the tee. The new cart path layout will ensure numerous access points to the green and help eliminate wear patterns in the grass. The present green is approximately 3,000 sq. ft. and the new design will be 6,000 sq. ft. The proposed changes will create a minimal change in the length of the hole and furnish a vastly improved tee box for #3.
Mr. Brennan presented the Board with information on the estimated cost of the project from site plans through completion of approximately $250,000. The next phase will be to secure bids from contractors to solidify final construction costs prior to a formal presentation to the membership toward the end of August.
The Board of Directors approved the plans, and Mr. Markley will move forward with design presentation boards in the Pro Shop and Clubhouse for the membership, as well as get information out apprising everyone of dates for a Town Hall meeting and date for a formal date to vote on the project. The Town Hall meeting will be held on August 17, and the special meeting for voting will be held August 27. The anticipated dues assessment to fund the project will be $10 monthly per Foundation, Country Club and Junior member. The Golf Committee is hopeful this work can begin in early 2016 and the hole will be ready to play by spring.
One additional idea was presented regarding the installation of an underground airflow system on the green which was not included in the $250,000 estimate. One of the ongoing issues with this green is the challenge of air movement to ensure its health during the hot and humid summer months. The cost to install this special system would be approximately $25,000 and extend the loan for another few months. Several Board members felt this was a rather minimal insurance policy to maintain the well being of the green and should be considered.
Land Development – Mr. McCamish had previously challenged his committee to provide recommendations on ways Quivira, Inc. could move forward with ways to develop new areas and ideas for housing. In addition to land development, a segment of his committee was given the challenge of making recommendations on determining the highest priority amenities for future development in the community should funding be available through real estate development.
The Real Estate Development segment of his committee, consisting of Patrick Pribyl, Steve Sestak, Jerry Neal and Tom Hall, reviewed all the properties owned by Quivira, Inc., seeking the most promising area to propose initial development. The team returned with the proposal that the recently-acquired, 12-acre Siler property was, in their opinion, the ideal location for review. This property would require no disruption to traffic in Lake Quivira, as well as no construction issues for existing residents. This development could be accessed off Quivira Lane during construction; therefore, no construction traffic would access the front gate. Environmental issues would have less impact at this location than at any of the other areas considered by the committee.
Mr. McCamish stated the next step would be for the committee to do their due diligence by having a land planner lay out the potential property and have engineers provide estimates as to the cost of infrastructure to determine if this is a viable proposition to bring before the membership.
The request was made for Board approval to initiate site planning and infrastructure work-up, which would allow the Board to make a decision as to the practicality of preparing details for membership review. He also asked for funds from the remaining balance of the Strategic Planning Committee to pay for these expenses (approximately $18,000 is remaining in this budget). The Board of Directors approved the committee’s request to move forward with the initial stage, and it is believed a first proposal will be available for the membership by Thanksgiving.
President Brennan reminded the Board of the importance of working closely with the membership during the process of developing the ongoing plans for both golf course construction and land development. It is imperative the membership is informed to eliminate any confusion and be certain members possess a full understanding of the scope of all projects.
Dock Rental Review – President Brennan mentioned the Board had received several questions from Foundation members about whether the By-Laws allowed home owners to lease their docks. There have been some recent incidents prompting the necessity to request Quivira, Inc’s. attorney to review the covenants to determine if this practice is legal. Mr. Brennan, Warren McCamish and Dennis Nighswonger met with Pete Heaven to discuss the issue prior to his rendering a legal opinion.
Dennis was asked to share the following legal ruling with the Board:
“In the early days of Lake Quivira, resident and non-resident members could obtain docksite licenses. As the population grew it necessitated a change to ensure enough sites for the residents and in 1994 the Foundation members approved a change limiting dock site ownership to only Foundation members. It is the opinion of Mr. Heaven that there was no intent to prohibit non-resident members from using and enjoying the lake; the intent was to allow every Foundation member the opportunity to have a docksite license.
There is a most important distinction between a docksite and a floating dock. Quivira, Inc. owns all docksites and grants licenses to Foundation Members to use them; a dock, however, is the personal property of the owner.
The Declaration. The distinction between docksites and docks is addressed in Article IX, Paragraph 5 of the Declaration. Thus, while Quivira, Inc. reserves the right to own and control docksites, it is clear that docks are strictly the property of the owner. As such, unless there is a prohibition against a dock owner allowing others to use the dock, such use is implied to be permitted as a general right of property ownership.
Rules and Regulations – Under the Rules regarding lake use, Foundation Members, Country Club Members and Junior Country Club Members are permitted to register boats for use on the lake. To register a boat, the owner must, if he or she does not have a docksite license, provide evidence of permission to moor the boat at a docksite.
By-Laws – The only reference to the registration of boats in the Bylaws is in regard to Social Members. Article IV, Section 7 specifically states that Social Members are not allowed to register boats.
Conclusion – While Quivira, Inc. owns and controls the shoreline of the lake, the Declaration provides that docks are the property of the owner and be used subject to the Rules and Regulations. The Rules and Regulations contemplate that in addition to Foundation Members, Country Club Members and Junior Country Club Members may own and register qualified boats, so long as they have permission from a dock owner to moor at such owner’s dock.
Mr. Brennan reiterated that the Foundation member is the licensee of the docksite and has complete ownership of his dock. As such, Foundation members can allow another member, Country Club Members are members, to use or lease his dock. It is the position of our attorney and the Board that the ongoing practice of Foundation members providing opportunities for “members” to use their docksites is legal. Once again it was clearly stated Social members do not have this right with the exception of eight individuals previously grandfathered with this privilege.
Guest Stickers – It has been the contention of a number of members that there has been an issue with member abuse of the current guest pass stickers for some time. This has become a problem with all categories of membership and one that the Board feels needs to be reviewed to restrict some of the numerous stickers given out on an annual basis. Following several minutes of discussion, the decision was made for the General Manager to review the current policies with a sub-committee of Board members and staff. The committee will consist of Chuck White, Ron Chapman, Ed Markley, Steve Sestak, Kathy Niemeyer and Dennis Nighswonger. New recommendations for accessing guest stickers will be presented at the August Board meeting.
General Manager’s Report
Financial Report – Total revenues for June of $410,700 were less than budgeted by $19,800. Two principal items contributing to this shortfall were Clubhouse revenue, as well as Golf Operations. The main variation in Clubhouse was banquet sales, down nearly $20,000. Actually, on a positive note, a la carte’ dining revenue exceeded budget, which is a sign more members are dining at the club. Golf Operations revenue was down with guest green fees being off $8,000. The number of rain days in June had a substantial impact on both guest fees and golf cart rental. Dues remain strong, finishing the month with an increase to budget of $5,000.
Fortunately, the management team monitored expenses during the month and successfully reduced them by $10,800. Cost of sales for food and beverage were very close to budget for the second consecutive month. Golf Course Maintenance had savings of approximately $4,500 in expenses.
Net Operating Income revenue was $940 compared to budgeted income of $9,900. Year-to-date operating income remains $56,000 compared to a budget of $30,500, or a positive variance of $25,600.
Capital projects are on track to be completed as planned prior to the end of the year. Several of the remaining golf course projects will be worked on more extensively as winter approaches and golf activity diminishes. Cameras in the Clubhouse, Guard Shack, Golf Course Maintenance and Boat Storage areas have been installed, and the results are even better than anticipated. The clarity of the pictures provided by the cameras is remarkable.
The new rule governing water usage and the mandatory controls associated with runoff was discussed. Governance of this issue has now been transferred to the Federal Government, and will require operations such as Lake Quivira to closely monitor the amounts of water we use on the course. In addition, permits will be required for chemical applications or any earth moving activities. Jeff Eldridge was asked to provide a brief presentation at the August Board meeting to help educate the Board on these matters.
Finance Committee
Mr. Starr wanted the Board to know he has been struggling with the timing of the Annual Meeting as it applies to approving the annual budget. Budgets are prepared with the intent of being effective January 1 each year; however, should a dues increase be necessary to substantiate the budget, it cannot be voted on until March. The current procedure is a challenge for operations and one requiring more conversation to determine how it can be improved. Some discussion has taken place. It may be in the best interest of operations to consider having two Membership meetings annually. One proposal would be to have budgets prepared by November for member approval at a special meeting.
Lake & Residential Committee
Mr. Chapman provided information on his committee’s approval to continue with the Deer Management Program at Lake Quiviria. The Board voted to continue with the program.
Restrictions Committee
Mr. White notified the Board the committee had received and reviewed a variance request from a homeowner planning an addition on to their home on Apache Trail. With no objections, a motion was approved to allow the requested variance.
House Committee
Ms. Voight presented an approved recommendation from the House Committee changing the period of time a Social member must join Lake Quivira. Her motion to the Board was, “New Social member candidates must sign an agreement for one year. Additionally, if a Social member resigns, they will be unable to rejoin the club for the next 12 months.” The motion passed. These changes will be effective August 1, 2015.
Additionally, the committee recommended increasing the initiation fee from $500 to $1,000. Following discussion the Board requested Ms. Voight return to her committee and review all initiation fees and return with a new recommendation in the next couple of months.

LQ Board approves concept plan to renovate Hole #2; membership will vote in August

By Ed Markley
The Golf Committee and the Board of Directors have approved the plans submitted by CE Golf Design for the renovation of Hole #2. They also voted to proceed with final costing of construction and setting a meeting date for a membership vote.
For the work to begin this fall, and the hole to be playable in the spring of 2016, a Foundation Members’ meeting has set for August 27, 2015, to approve the funding for the cost of the design and construction. A town hall style meeting is being planned for the evening of August 17 to explain the new design and renovation to the membership.
The Golf Committee heard the membership earlier this year when the vote to renovate Holes #2 and #3 complex was defeated at the annual meeting. The committee heard that some of the design features from the previous architect were unnecessary to fix the existing problems on Hole #2. The cost of new tees on #2 and #4, an extended creek down the #2/#3 rough, continuing across the #2 fairway and additional cart path work were not needed to simply fix the issues at hand.
CE Golf Design has addressed those concerns by offering a design focusing on what has plagued Hole #2 since it was rebuilt some eleven to twelve years ago; i.e., lack of sun, limited air movement and poor water management on and around the green, and limited access to and from the green by the golfer and maintenance equipment. The new design addresses each of these issues by offering the following solutions:
–Doubling the size of the green
–Repositioning the green to deliver better sunlight with an addition of a sub air system which will aid in a much needed air flow.
–Redirecting cart paths with curbs, thereby moving water away from the green and tee.
–Providing multiple access points.
–Delivering a natural flow of the creek and relocating the pond.
These solutions also offer the golfer an aesthetically pleasing landscape on the approach–something we all can enjoy and be proud of. The hole will remain as a par 5, and the length will not change from what it is currently.
It is anticipated the funding to renovate Hole #2 will be through a dues assessment of $10 per month from the Foundation, Country Club and Junior members for a period not to exceed sixty months, beginning in September 2015.
If you have any comments on the design or renovation, please direct them to any of the following members of the Golf Committee for explanation: Ed Markley, chair; Warren McCamish, vice chair; Chuck White, vice chair; Jack Carson; Don Cox; Margaret Ellman; John Hoover; Dick Johnson; Mark Kistler; Jody McCamish; Don Resch and Leslie Treas.

Catfish Swim Team 2015

By Ron Bower

Ice Cream Social – Photos by Ron Bower

Photo Club Flint Hills field trip: they took only photos, left only footprints

By Dieter Kinner

By Leslie Treas
A number of Lake Quivira Photo Club members joined Bill Thomas and his assistant from Crick Photo on a two-day photo shoot in the Kansas Flint Hills. The LQPC group traversed over many hills, valleys, streams, waterfalls, windmills to photograph birds, insects, flowers, buffalo, old buildings and a cemetery in the beautiful Flint Hills. The group also received some tips for photographing at night using a fun, light-painting technique.
Bill Thomas accepted the Club’s invitation to review and critique photo techniques at the meeting on July 14 at 7 p.m. The evening is not just for those who attended the Flint Hills trip, but rather for all LQPC members and interested visitors.
Please upload photos to the month’s photo assignment folder: KANSAS, JUNE 2015.

To view more photos from the Flint Hills field trip, go to

By Jim Regan

By Becky Johnson

By Peggy Hughes

By Jim Regan

By Leslie Treas

Photo Club learns basics of macrophotography

By Susan Hidalgo
For the June Photo Club meeting, Zoe Kaufman led a most interesting discussion about macrophotography as she projected a slideshow of her own, super cool macrophotos. Zoe also demonstrated various macro vs. zoom lens while projecting her camera settings on the big screen. Take-home points were as follows:
*    You can never get too close. The devil is in the detail, as they say. But it is also the delight in this case!
*     You can never be too still. There are many ways to stabilize your camera–using your elbow on your knee, amonopod or tabletop tripod; or some ingenuity with string and ordinary hardware screw.
*    You can never be too artistic. There is absolutely nothing ordinary about her pics of ordinary objects. Zoe is inspired primarily by color when taking her macro shots. And, she typically uses low light to convey a mood.
*    You can never be too basic. Starting with the simplest setting, Zoe sets her camera by manipulating the ISO based on light metering. Dieter offered information about using a narrow focal point to fine tune aperture setting.

Marketplace – July 2015

2005 BENNINGTON 22-FT. PONTOON: 25HP motor. Custom cover and individual custom covers for all seats! Great condition. $10,500. Call Steve, 913-709-5059
2010 BOSTON WHALER:  130 Sport with 25HP Mercury motor and trailer. $7900. 816-590-4343, Dave. 7/15
COMPUTER REPAIR and TUNEUP: Pickups and deliveries on Fridays. Ted Holdahl, 785-371-3206 6/15
ESTATE SALE, 470 NAVAJO WEST: Dates: July 12-15. For details, check out
FOUND: FITBIT. Call and identify. 913-221-6810.
FLYER DELIVERY to all black boxes in LQ (385), $35. Sam Welch, 901-7193 (better to text than call).
HANDYMAN SERVICES: No job too big or too small. Affordable rates (welding, rough-in, flooring, minor electrical, minor plumbing, minor mechanics, dry-wall, stucco, stone, etc.) Will beat any written bids. LQ references, 25 years construction experience. Call Michael Orender, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., 913-832-6475. 5/15
HOUSE CLEANING; ALSO PET, HOUSE TENDING IN YOUR ABSENSE: 20 years experience, residential & commercial, Q references. Burma Mealor, supervisor. 913-579-4730. 6/15
HOUSECLEANING! Servicing the Johnson County area since 2002. LQ references /licensed/ insured. Please call/ text/ email today! Virginia Burnham, Owner V’s Cleaning, 913-271-3181 or 6/15
PIANO TUNING: Call Bob Lee. 913-488-5807.
PROFESSIONAL WINDOW WASHING: Over 40 years experience. Insured and bonded. Free estimates. Gene Jackson, 913-593-1495.
REAR SEAT FOR EZ GO MARATHON GOLF CART, 1986 to 1994: White vinyl, black supports. New they are about $400. Would like to get around $200 or close to it. Still in original box. 913-269-1007 (wrong phone # listed last month).
REID & BARTON’s SILVER PLATED TEA/COFFEE SERVICE: “El Greco” pattern, like new. Other silver items available. 268-7020.