A deer, a hover-craft and the cold. . .

0118 deer rescue sized blackBy Franklin J. Watson, LQ Security Manager
LAKE QUIVIRA, KS, December 27 – When Joe Heller [resident on Lakeshore South] calls me, it is 3 degrees outside. Joe says he believes he sees a deer in the lake by Blessing Park. I get into the Lake Quivira Security Vehicle and drive over to Blessing Park.
When I arrive, I see the deer in the lake out from Treasure Island. I immediately call Gary Anderson. If anyone knows what to do, Gary will. He has been here a long time, I believe twenty-eight plus years.  Gary states he is on his way.
I also call the on-duty Lake Quivira Police Officer. Todd Bledsoe answers. Officer Bledsoe and myself go back a long way, just about thirty years, from our days at the Leavenworth Police Department together.  Officer Bledsoe is also en route.
Officer Bledsoe and I talk about the situation when he arrives. He says he will call Lake Quivira Fire Chief, Mark Stephan, before we call the Shawnee Fire Department. Chief Stephan is on his way.
The deer appears to be cold and tired, but makes a couple of attempts to get out onto thicker ice.
Gary Anderson arrives, and I tell him Chief Stephan is on his way.
With the Lake Quivira Security, Police, and Fire Departments on scene, we are all determined to get the deer out of the lake.
Chief Stephan puts out a non-emergency alert and is joined by additional fire department personnel [Randy Treas, Bill Biron, Jack Treas). They deploy the Fire Department Hover-craft and navigate towards the deer. The deer gets up and onto firmer ice and runs off into the woods.
Chief Stephan drives over to the shore-line and states, “I have had that effect on the ladies all my life.”  The LQ Fire Department packs up their equipment, and everyone leaves the scene.
When I leave Blessing Park it is 5 degrees.

Just two weeks earlier, this happened:

0118 fish black blackOn December 13, Jay Lucas caught a 22.5-inch, 7+ lb. Largemouth Bass.
Photo by Phil Gehring

A Summary of the December 19, 2017, Board of Directors Meeting

President Sestak opened the meeting and invited attending members to share comments and questions.
Ron Chapman asked about the purpose of the new “guest pass” and how this benefits anyone at Lake Quivira. Ms. Bowker explained the pass provides people who are interested in potentially joining or living at Lake Quivira temporary (one hour) access. Mr. Chapman voiced his concern for the safety of the residents of Lake Quivira. Ms. Bowker said his concern would be taken under advisement.
Dave Lockett asked who is responsible for repairing a culvert under his driveway. Mr. Nelson stated it is the property owner’s responsibility to construct and maintain roadside ditches and culverts, whether inside the property line or on adjacent Quivira property, as stated in the Rules and Regulations.
New Business
Shayla Hammeke spoke on the new Beach Pavilion and requested Board approval to contract with ICON to construct the new pavilion. Mr. Nelson made a motion to approve the Beach Pavilion project as presented by the Mothers’ Club selecting Icon as the contractor pending final review by the Restrictions Committee on the project. Motion approved unanimously. Mr. Sestak announced two-thirds of the funds have already been raised towards the project.
Mr. Sestak announced a new select committee has been formed to oversee the Community Center project, and Landy Boling has been appointed to chair the committee. Mr. Boling reported that five proposals had been considered, and after extensive review, he made a recommendation to the Board to approve Lucas Construction as the general contractor, and for the Board to authorize Mr. Goss to negotiate the contract with Lucas Construction. Motion was made and unanimously approved. Once detailed design work is completed, it will be subject to review by the Restrictions Committee.
No action items were reported by the Safety & Security, House or Tennis Committees.
Marketing Committee
Ms. Bowker shared the market analysis completed by Creative Golf Marketing. She stated Creative Golf Marketing has submitted a draft proposal to plan and conduct the member marketing campaign. She and Mr. Goss will be meeting with Steve Graves this week to discuss the contract and start making plans, then will report back at the January Board meeting. Mr. Nelson voiced his concern about starting this early in the year due to all the projects and would prefer an April start.
Finance Committee
Mr. Wilson reported that financial statements have been completed through November and are on track with the forecast shared with the membership. He also mentioned the IT infrastructure at the Clubhouse is scheduled to be upgraded the first part January. Mr. Wilson said Mr. Goss has reached out to our accounting firm to get the audit process kicked off. He continued by saying most of the time at the last Finance Committee meeting was spent discussing the financing needs on the Community Center and Golf Practice Facility. He said Mr. Goss is preparing a monthly cash flow forecast for 2018. It was mentioned that approximately $70,000 has been raised through the Advance Payment option for the Golf Practice Facility. Ms. Bowker inquired on the status of Quivira, Inc. accepting credit cards for payments. Mr. Wilson said they are continuing to research this option.
Golf Committee
Mr. Markley updated the Board on the new Golf Practice Facility saying they have had several meetings with the architect and contractor, and Mr. Goss has been in negotiations with them. They are looking to complete land grading work early next year and plant grass by mid-March so the area will be ready for use in fall 2018. He continued by saying Mr. Goss will be staking the perimeter of the practice range. Also, the Training Facility structure to be built in the area will need to go through the Restrictions Committee for review and approval.
Lake and Residential Committee
Mr. Nelson said the Quivira Foundation has agreed to listen to a grant request for the new Nature Center at their January 19 meeting. Any grant paid out by the Foundation must first be approved by the Board. Mr. Nelson made a motion to approve the grant request and proceed with contacting the Foundation. Motion approved unanimously. Mr. Nelson explained if we are unable to raise the money for the Nature Center, those who have donated will have their money returned. He also mentioned they are working on finalizing the Horse Boarding Agreements.
Restrictions Committee
Mr. Braun said the Committee approved the Beach Pavilion contingent upon the final selection of specific building materials. He said they also approved Mr. Sestak’s home construction project.
Strategic Planning Committee
President Sestak provided the Board with the 2018 Project Calendar, which shows when each of the major Capital and Strategic Projects is scheduled to occur in 2018. Once finalized, this will be sent to Leanna Walters to publish in the Quiviran. Mr. Sestak stated the Committee will change their meeting schedule in 2018 from monthly to quarterly and will maintain a monitoring role on each of the Strategic Projects.

President’s Report – January 2018

By Steve Sestak, President, Quivira, Inc. Board of Directors

I hope that had a very relaxing and enjoyable holiday season. I always find this to be a great time to reflect back on everything to be thankful for over the past year. I also find this to be a great time to think ahead of all the exciting things in store for the New Year. It is definitely a blessed time.
Reflecting on last year, we accomplished many important things at Lake Quivira that will set the stage for the years ahead. Some highlights include:
The recruitment and hiring of a new General Manager
The annexation of the Meadows and Siler Properties by the City
The development and approval of a new Strategic Master Plan
The approval of our Budgets and several Strategic Projects
2018 is going to be a very busy year. To give you some idea of how busy it is going to be and provide some insight on the tentative timing of certain projects, please refer to the 2018 Project Calendar (see belowJ). This calendar includes all major Capital and Strategic Projects scheduled throughout the year, including the anticipated timing when each is planned to be completed.
As we begin 2018, there appears to be a renewed excitement and optimism about the future of Lake Quivira. While I appreciate the many accolades you have given to the Board, its Committees and the many volunteers for their work over the past year, it is important to recognize we would not have gotten to this point without your generous input, guidance and support. It is also important to recognize the real work is still ahead of us as we turn these plans into reality. Your continued support will be essential as we move forward. Our commitment will be to continue to keep you informed and to provide regular opportunities to share your constructive feedback.
Over the upcoming months, we will launch many different projects and begin executing against the 2018 plans and budgets. We will initiate an exciting, new, Membership Marketing Program. We will also kick off the Board Nominating Process for three Board positions to be selected at the Annual Meeting in March. The opportunity to get involved at Lake Quivira has never been greater.

0118 board Project Calendar sized black

Ladies Bible Study to begin new session in new year

By Dana DeSpain
The Ladies Bible Study will begin a new study Tue., Jan. 9, at the home of Tina Mullinix, 580 Lakeshore Dr. West. It is a casual, interdenominational group of neighbors and friends meeting weekly to learn more of what it means to live a Godly, purposeful life. We begin at 9 a.m., but there is plenty of freedom to come and go whenever is the most convenient in busy schedules.
On January 9 we will begin a new DVD series by Priscilla Shirer entitled “The Armor of God.” It is a seven-week study aimed at growing spiritually by digging deeper into Scripture and to expand our understanding of prayer.  Study guides are optional for $12.99 plus tax and can be purchased our first day together. After the DVD, there is discussion time which is a fun time to share and interact.
We would love to welcome some new faces as we start a new year. Questions? Call Dana at 268-9576 or Tina.

Letters to the Editor

Quivirans provide 800 warm coats for kids through donations to Lake Quivira Ministry

0118 letter biron christmas store sized blackThank you Lake Quivira !
Once again dozens of members of our Lake Quivira community joined in the effort to provide over 800 coats for children this 2017 Christmas season. Cross Lines Christmas Store served 435 households which included 2,014 people! It was a busy week, but so well worth it!
Thank you for choosing to be part of this heartwarming initiative. Somewhere there is a child keeping warm by wearing the coat you helped provide. This is truly the gift of love.
I will be starting the buying process for next year soon, so if you still want to give a donation, it will be appreciated. Please make checks to Lake Quivira Ministry with “Coats for Kids” in the memo line.
Thank you,
~Teresa Bironm Lake Quivira Ministries

Bell Ringers raise record amount for Salvation Army

Lake Quivirans, you’ve done it again. The Salvation Army Bell Ringing on December 7 set a new record, and I have nothing but praise for your generous giving.
The Lake Quivira Men’s Bible Study group has been meeting at Lake Quivira for 20+ years, and we consider this particular event with the Salvation Army to be the highlight of our year.
I would like to thank the following Quivirans who were bell ringers: Jim Wright, David White, Frank Brown, Corky Nason, Gerry Watts, Dick Rippey, Mark Bainbridge, Harry Stewart, Joe Bartels, Bob Lee, Leo Despain, Kevin Grine, Steve Sestak, Gene Koski, Randy Treas, Leon Harms and Mark Logan.
In addition to our bell ringing, the Bible study group has other events. As always, we welcome any men at Lake Quivira to join our meetings. We meet the second and fourth Friday of each month at 7:30 a.m., usually at the Clubhouse, except in the first part of January.
In closing, I thank you all for the great forthcoming of gifts. We all look forward to being of service to you as a group in the next year.
~Corky Nason

Quivirans blessed through ‘Christmas In Song’

We want to share with everyone how incredibly blessed we were on Friday, December 1, when we attended the Christmas In Song program at the Lake Quivira Clubhouse. What a special evening showcasing the unbelievable talent here in our own community.
Alison Borberg was amazing. Her stage presence and vocal ability left us speechless. She was joined by the talented duo of Maddy Terril and Alison’s daughter Annie. Add to that violinist Rachele Jones and pianist Yona. We can’t seem to find enough adjectives! Capping off the cast of talent was the remainder of Borberg family playing drums, bass, keyboard and even reading verse. It all made for a very special evening.
This was the third annual Christmas In Song show at Lake Quivira and the first one we were fortunate enough to attend. It is our sincere hope not to miss another one in the future, and we encourage everyone at Lake Quivira to mark your calendars and not miss this blessing of the Christmas season at Lake Quivira.
Thank you to all who performed.
~Bruce & Toni Rimbo



LQ Photo Club members learn to take better indoor portraits

By Leslie Treas
The LQ Photo Club met in December and enjoyed a guest presentation by Randy Braley, professional photographer. He specializes in architectural photography, professional portraits and lifestyle photography. The take-home points of the educational session on Taking Better Indoor Portraits include the following:
* There is a difference between taking a picture of a person and capturing a portrait of who they are.
* A successful portrait comes more easily when you, the photographer, establish some kind of connection with the person. Not all portraits are “all smiles,” especially if that’s not the personality of your subject.
* Natural light generally is the ideal.
* External lighting will produce better results than built-in flash. Often, light from more than one source (reflectors, speed lights, strobe) produces a more interesting portrait.
* Shadows add dramatic effect and artistic quality to photos. Use them to your advantage.
* Practice makes perfect!
We had such a good meeting discovering how much there is to using external flash. that the group later gathered in the clubhouse ballroom for a pop-up, practice session with external flash indoors.
As the Clubhouse is closed in January, the LQPC January meeting is cancelled. All are welcome to join us Tues., Feb. 13. at 7 p.m., in the LQ Clubhouse Great Room.

0118 boy drinking by leslie sized bw
By Leslie Treas
By Becky Johnson


‘Last Call’ for the LQ Fire Department

0118 fire department










Email from Chief Mark Stephan to the LQ firefighters on December 22:

Our informal get together is back on for the evening of December 29th @ 8 PM at the fire station. At 10 PM Johnson County Dispatch will announce that we are officially “out of service” and thank the department for 71 years of service. I will then give a final radio transmission acknowledging our retirement. . .
We will not be toned thereafter for any event on the 29th of December and beyond.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. ~Mark


Just a friendly reminder that dog tags may be purchased at the City Hall during regular business hours, Monday-Thursday 8:30-5:30 p.m. The fees are as follows:
$15 for the first dog in each household.
$25 for second dog.
$50 for third and each additional dog in household.
These fees are due and payable on or before May 1.
Please provide a copy of the vaccine shots from your animal clinic.
Penalties on overdue license fees are:
$10 for each dog registered within 10 days following the date required.
$25 for each dog registered within 30 days.
$50 for each dog that is registered within 60 days of required date.
$100 for each dog that is not registered within 60 days of the date required

Mayor’s Report – January 2018

My Mike Olson, Mayor, City of Lake Quivira

It is hard to believe that 32 months have gone by since I started my tenure as Mayor. When I look back, I am overwhelmed by the accomplishments of the governing body during this period.
For three years straight, we finished the year under budget. We accomplished this without compromising our operations or raising taxes. People always say there is no such thing as efficient government. Those people have never been to Lake Quivira!
The following are the top 10 improvements of the past 32 months:
1. Annexed the Meadows and Siler Properties – We successfully annexed the Meadows and Siler properties from Kansas City, Kansas. The City of Lake Quivira now controls over 50 acres of land that is owned by Quivira Incorporated, but was located in KCK. No fees were paid for the land transfer and there is no promise of future development. This annexation might be the most significant development since our City was formed.
2. Formed a Mutual Aid Agreement with Shawnee – On December 29, 2017, our volunteer fire department will cease operations. They proudly served our community for over 71 years. We were able to negotiate a favorable agreement with the City of Shawnee that will provide our city with professional fire and medical services at a fair price. I can’t thank Chief Stephan enough for his service and assistance in making this deal happen. Closing our volunteer department will be an adjustment, but it is in the best long-term interest of our community.
3. Appointed a Full Time Police Chief – Chief Grenier was the part-time chief when I started my term. We made the decision to increase his position to full-time. I have lived here my entire life and can state with certainty, that Fred is a perfect fit for our community. He worked to shape a police department that fits the spirit of our community. The department is professional yet welcoming to our families at the lake.
4, Created the City Administrator Position – Erin Lecky has served as our City Treasurer for several years. Shorty after I took office, I suggested that we expand her position to more of a city manager rather than just an accountant. The results have been spectacular. The position allows Erin to network with other city managers, keeping our city in the loop on changes that could help or hurt our operations.
5. Established Fred Braun Day – Two years ago, we started the Fred Braun / Community Clean-Up Day. It’s been a great success. Citizens of all ages work together to collect trash and beautify our neighborhood. This fun and rewarding event is a wonderful tribute to Fred and the Braun family in recognition of the many contributions they have made to the community.
6. Improved the Fireworks Shows – Three years ago, we contracted with a new fireworks company and went from a good show to an epic show. Expect this trend to continue!
7. Hosted Police Appreciation Day – In 2016, we designated an afternoon of lake fun and lunch to recognize Lake Quivira’s finest and their families. The event was lots of fun and will take place every other year. I hope you can join us for the 2018 event.
8. Completed Phase One of the Spillway Project – After years of agonizing over the integrity of the spillway, we got down to business and did a complete evaluation. We recently completed phase one of the project and I am pleased to share that it came in $70,000 below the $250,000 budget. Phase one involved sealing off leaks under the spillway. Phase two will likely take place in 2019 to include a significant amount of concrete repair and replacement.
9. Completed Infrastructure Improvements – Over the last few years we have repaved a majority of Renner Road. The guardrails on the dam and on the horse stable pond dam have been replaced with wooden rails that are both attractive and safe. Other improvements include the new retaining wall by the gas station and the new curbing around the island at the intersection of Quivira Lane and Holliday Drive.
10. Reinstated Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance – We proudly reinstated saying the Pledge of Allegiance as we begin our monthly meetings.
I would like to thank Council Members Ben Kalny, Brady Lilja, Bruce Rimbo, and Dave White for all they have done for the City. I would like to send a special thanks to departing Council Member Betsy Vossman. For 11 years, her leadership has been outstanding. Please reach out to these individuals and express thanks for all they have given to this community.
Additionally, I would like to acknowledge my appreciation to the City staff, including Clerk Diane Newton, Treasurer Erin Lecky, Attorney Ellis Rainey, Building Officials Tim Perkins and J.R. Biron, Police Chief Fred Grenier, SMAC Representative Jamie Prybl, Judges Mark Logan and Dan Parker, all of the members of the City Board of Zoning Appeals, and Chief Mark Stephan.
I welcome Mayor Ben Kalny and Councilmembers John Christy and Gayle Best. I am confident they will continue to improve the City.
I can’t express how much I have enjoyed the privilege of serving as Mayor. I have always viewed Lake Quivira as my home, not my country club. As the world changes around us, I hope we can continue to maintain the small town community that made this place great.