Letters to the Editor – October 2017

We would like to publicly thank Geary, Mark, Shannon, Chef Michael, Richard, along with Brenda and Frank from Security, and all the wonderful staff at Lake Quivira. We hosted our daughter Bailey’s wedding, cocktail hour and reception at the Clubhouse several weeks ago. The Quivira team didn’t miss a beat with the quality of venue, food and service provided.
As Lynn was completing a few finishing touches an hour before the ceremony, she felt something give in the back of her dress. She asked Shannon if she could check her clasp thinking it had come undone. Shannon calmly handed her the clasp that had broken, grabbed the seat cards from her and said she would take care of them, and sent Lynn on her way to repair her dress. At about the same time, Steve received a phone call from Mark (wisely not Lynn at that point in time) and said they needed to think about executing a Plan B. Mark and Geary diligently watched the radar as rain moved into the area. Nobody panicked. The staff quickly pulled cushions and tablecloths off the patio prior to the brief shower. Afterward, they wiped down the chairs for the wedding guests, not once but twice, and quickly replaced all the items on the patio. Shannon had the procession lined up and ready to start right on schedule. Amazing! The blessing of the slight cool front left us with a comfortable temperature for the wedding and cocktail hour and a beautiful overcast sky at sunset.
The cocktail hour was enjoyed by the 300 guests with a well-staffed bar and roaming, delicious appetizers. The quail eggs with sweet bacon were the hit of the hour. Afterward, the crowd filed up to the ballroom for Chef Michael’s delicious, perfectly-prepared dinner, executed nearly flawlessly and with timing the Kansas City Symphony would appreciate. Champagne was poured and delivered in time for the toasts at the end of the meal. The wedding cake and ice cream were ready to serve shortly thereafter. Seating and the entire meal service for 32 tables was executed within an hour and fifteen minutes! All hands were on deck–even Sherry and Lisa! A timely, warm, late-night snack was gobbled up, and guests continued to dance and enjoy the open bar refreshments with little to no wait. Thank you, Guillermo, Latonya, Bruce, Jasmine, Liz, Morgan, Penny, Danny, Joanna, Tyler, Amanda and anyone else we might have missed. Your well wishes and service were greatly appreciated.
From the initial meeting with Shannon, to the tasting with Chef, to the final run-through meeting, to the seamless execution throughout the night, we could not have been happier. There was clear and constant communication on both sides. Shannon provided invaluable advice in several areas for the evening. Mark was engaged as well in meetings and planning. It was tremendously clear to us that the Lake Quivira staff gave 110 percent They interacted with guests throughout the evening. We really felt the love and warmth from the staff, family and friends who helped celebrate Connor and Bailey’s nuptials that night. They couldn’t have had more fun, and we could only be happier if the evening was free.
Next time you have an opportunity to host an event, please consider the clubhouse. There are those nuances that you can’t put your finger on exactly, but you know it comes from the heart of people who care and do their best to make your event relaxing, enjoyable and successful. You knocked it out of the park for us, Lake Quivira. Thank you!
~Steve and Lynn Sestak


Thanks to Teresa and Geof Gehring for their hard work putting together the 2nd Annual Tailgating Party. Looks like it was a perfect day for a great party.
We are especially appreciative of their making the Lake Quivira Trail System one of the beneficiaries of the proceeds. This summer’s storms were hard on several of the trails and bridges, so we’ll put the money to good use.
~Mike Cooper, Chairman
Natural Resources Committee

LQ PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB extends a huge thank you to all who supported the 2nd Annual Tailgating Fundraiser for LQ Clubs. A generous donation was made from proceeds of the event to support expansion of the next LQ Photo Club Exhibit in the clubhouse. The theme will be Travel Photography. Be sure to look for it this fall!
~Leslie Treas

Please don’t kill the [QWGA] messenger

By Carol Neill
First, as you read the next article, please remember, I am only the messenger–just conveying the rules set by the Golf Shop and committees. Now that we are near the end of our QWGA season, I would like to pass along some remarks I have overheard and have seen on our course and practice area this season. According to our Lake Quivira Golf Shop, please review these items for next seasons play. The next items are the actual wording from our regulations governing golf clothing for all areas of play and practice, and I quote:

“Proper golf attire, including shirts and shoes, is required at all times on the golf course and practice areas. The following list includes examples of apparel that is unacceptable:
* Proper golf attire is required for all members, their families and guests always on the golf course, the driving range and the practice areas.
* Men’s attire includes a tucked in collared shirt, slacks or Bermuda length shorts.
* Women’s attire includes golf shirts, slacks, skirts, shorts or dresses consistent with current acceptable golf fashion.
* Children are governed by the same rules of attire as adults.
* Lake Quivira is a soft/no spike facility.
* The following examples are unacceptable: t-shirts, denim, tank tops, cargo shorts, workout/gym clothes and swimwear.”
* Please contact the Pro Shop if you have any questions (revised 1/2017)

Please note the last item in bold print. These clothing items are unacceptable for the golf course and all practice areas. The comments I have overheard and have seen are what concern some members. Just be aware of the proper attire when practicing or playing. It will be appreciated.
Now, let’s get back to end of season play. We have three dates for you to mark on your calendar. First, QWGA 18-Hole Closing Day – October 10. QWGA 9-Hole Closing Day – October 11. There will be a QWGA Awards Dinner the evening of the 11th at 5:30 p.m.
Second, Robert Streb, PGA Tour Professional, is hosting a fund raiser golf event benefiting St. Jude Hospital October 9 at Lake Quivira.
Finally, for the ladies who are in City Play aka WGAKC, your Closing Day is October 11 at The National. You may sign up for any of these events in the Pro Shop.
It’s been my pleasure to bring you the monthly QWGA articles this season. Enjoy the cool autumn days before we begin to wish our “snow bird” friends safe travels until spring of 2018.

QMGA announces Club Champions, 3-Man Shamble winners

By John Carson
The Club Championship was a drawn-out event due to rain delays as August 2016 turned out to be the wettest August on record. But all matches were eventually completed. Listed below are the results.
Club Champion, Jackson Foth; Senior Club Champion, Kevin Murry; Super Senior Club Champion, Jim Wise; Handicap Division Flight 1, Ken Noland; Handicap Division Flight 2, Jim Merwald; Handicap Division Flight 3, Jack Carson; Handicap Division Flight 4, John Stewart
The next-to-last QMGA event for the year, The Three Man Shamble, was played in good weather on September 23. Listed below are the results.
Flight 1. 1st T – J. Foth, D. Cox & J. Hoover, 1st T – J. Cotter, D. Bock & D. Sprague; 3rd – G. Gehring, S. Rempel & M. Carroll; 4th – D. Jones, B. Harbour & K. Murray.
Flight 2. 1st T- K. Londeen, S. Yates & A. Griener, 1st T – B. Bailey, T. Layton & E. Marx; 3rd – J. Folsom, C. Sheppard & L. Harms; 4th – L. Gardner, J. Harding & R. Cruse.
Flight 3. 1st – L. Lindelow, B. Wengert & D. Oppliger; 2nd – D. Karley, T. Kliss & C. Gomer; 3rd – R. Bechtel, M. Metivier & B. Cretcher; 4th – C. Fajkus, B. Bowman & J. Dorsey.
Course Conditions
The rough has been aerated and over-seeded. For the best results of the over- seeding, golf cart traffic should be limited to the fairways between the entrance and exit posts.

Tom Watson Hosts 19th annual ‘The First Tee of Greater Kansas City’ event at Lake Quivira Country Club

(left to right) Tom Watson; Tony Tappan, Vice President, The First Tee of Greater Kansas City;  Brigette Chirpich, Executive Director, The First Tee of Greater Kansas City; Tom Aikmus, Head Golf Professional, Lake Quivira Country Club
(left to right) Tom Watson; Tony Tappan, Vice President, The First Tee of Greater Kansas City; Brigette Chirpich, Executive Director, The First Tee of Greater Kansas City; Tom Aikmus, Head Golf Professional, Lake Quivira Country Club

By Lauren Mezzacasa, Communications & Office Manager
The First Tee of Greater Kansas City
Golf legend, Tom Watson, hosted The First Tee of Greater Kansas City’s 19th annual “A Day for Kids” golf tournament and clinic at Lake Quivira Country Club Tuesday, September 26. This event is a fundraiser to benefit “The First Tee of Greater Kansas City.” This youth development organization teaches young people positive values such as honesty, integrity, sportsmanship and confidence while using the game of golf as a tool. This year the event was a sell-out, and Mr. Watson noted that the participation at Lake Quivira was the biggest yet for The First Tee of Greater Kansas City’s event. For more information on The First Tee Greater Kansas City go to http://www.thefirstteekc.org/.
The participants who donated to the cause dear to Mr. Watson began their fun filled day at the driving range where Mr. Watson demonstrated his driving and chipping skills. He also answered golf technique questions explaining via show and tell.  From there the participants ventured out to the golf course to play an 18-hole shamble and where they also had the opportunity to play with Mr. Watson on hole #8.
Furthermore, sports legend and former Lake Quivira resident, George Brett, was one of the event’s participants. It was truly a memorable occasion for all who attended.

Fireman’s Ball to mark end of 71 years of volunteer fire service at LQ; everyone is invited!

By Becky Johnson
Mayor Olson by Becky Johnson

By Mike Olson, Mayor, City of Lake Quivira

For 71 years, our community has been privileged to have a volunteer fire department. This tradition will come to an end at the end of 2017. To honor our past and current firefighters, the City is hosting a Fireman’s Ball on Sat., Nov. 4. Everyone is invited. The event kicks off at 6:30 p.m. with drinks and a buffet dinner (the cost is $27/pp). Firefighters and their significant others will be guests of the City. Please RSVP by October 25 via email to clerk@lakequivira.ks.gov. If you cannot attend dinner, you are encouraged to join us on the patio at 8:00 for a recognition ceremony, fireworks and an epic party with a live band and cash bar.
Next, I need to ask for your assistance on a few issues. First, PLEASE respect our very liberal dog ordinance by picking up waste–the problem is most evident on Lakeshore and the soccer fields–and do not let your dogs run wild.
Second, while I am inspired by the use of the recycle dumpsters, PLEASE put yard waste only in the yard waste dumpster–no plastic bags, lawn chairs, boxes, construction waste. Gary Anderson, Leanna Walters, Bruce Braun, myself and likely others have had the unpleasant task of fishing out these items. Also, please break down cardboard boxes to allow more room in the recycle materials dumpster. Styrofoam cannot be recycled.
* Large item pickup is November 4.
* The next Council meeting is November 6 at 6:30.
* I look forward to seeing everyone at the Fireman’s Ball!

Lake Quivira Triathlon 2017: an individual, team and community celebration

The Lake Quivira Triathlon is an amazing event that combines a healthy purpose with camaraderie and family togetherness. Lake Quivira itself is a special place but when you have exciting events integrated into its natural resources it creates an unrivaled experience.
Having attended the event five times, I have had fun watching it grow from 70 athletes to a cap of 120. With up to 400 people involved, including family, friends and volunteers, it’s one of the biggest events at Lake Quivira.
My full gratitude goes to Mendy Jarman, Annie Noland, Dave Schieffer and so many others for making this fun and memorable event a reality.
~Thomas Brown

By Mary Linda Boling
By Mary Linda Boling













By Becky Johnson
By Becky Johnson











Dieter Kinner
By Dieter Kinner











By Ron Bower
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Jim Regan
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By Jim Regan
By Jim Regan

Photo Club News

By Leslie Treas
All are welcome to join the LQ Photo Club on Thurs., Oct. 5, at the
Nelson Atkins Museum for the photography exhibit:
Dignity vs. Despair: Dorothea Lange and Depression-Era Photographers, 1933–1941
Meet in the Nelson Atkins front lobby at 6 p.m.
We’ll tour the exhibit and grab a bite somewhere fun afterward.

Next LQ Photo Club Monthly Assignment: Natural Light Portraits

The LQ Photo Club gathered in September on Hole #2 to practice slow exposures. Photos by Dieter Kinner.
The LQ Photo Club gathered in September on Hole #2 to practice slow exposures. Photo by Dieter Kinner.
The LQ Photo Club gathered in September on Hole #2 to practice slow exposures. Photos by Dieter Kinner. 

Welcome! By Aline Zimmer

Robinn Scholfield and Taylor Pruitt

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Taylor and Robinn are Kansas natives who met at K-State where they dated for three years before drifting apart for the next twenty-seven years. They reunited and have been married now for four years. Taylor is semi-retired, was previously a manager with the Federal Aviation Administration and now helps Robinn with her business. She owns Bravada Wigs and Extensions in Overland Park, a specialty store offering extensions and addressing solutions for thinning hair and medical conditions.
Collectively they have three children. Jordan is a sales manager with Collabera, an IT recruiting firm in St. Louis. Jacob is a software engineer with Honeywell in KC and Kelsey is with a PR firm in Las Vegas. At home are Tank, a mastiff boxer mix, and Boo, a Lhasa Apso.
Taylor was first exposed to Lake Quivira a few years ago when he brought his mom out for a wedding reception. As this summer approached they considered joining LQ as country club members to take advantage of the golf and water amenities. As they discussed it, daughter Kelsey pulled up a listing for a house in LQ, and the seed was planted. Between July 1 and Labor Day they sold their home in Overland Park and purchased their new one. That was one well-nurtured seed that quickly grew to fruition!
Taylor enjoys golf, cooking, fishing and helping his mom who lives in town. He is active with the Overland Park Chamber and completed their Leadership Overland Park 2017 Program. Robinn also likes golf and fishing, as well as paddle boarding. She’s involved with Johnson County Young Matrons (JCYM) and helps to raise money and volunteer her time for six charities in Johnson County. They both enjoy travel, the more exotic and off the beaten trail the better. They honeymooned in Croatia and Taylor has run with the bulls in Pamplona. They’ve been warmly welcomed here and feel they know more people’s names in six days than they knew in six years in Overland Park. They’re already plunging into activities like the LQ Tailgate Challenge at which Taylor’s candied bacon was deemed the crowd favorite and took the trophy! Welcome to the Lake, Taylor and Robinn!

Lauren and Tyler Lawrence

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Tyler and Lauren are both from the KC area. Tyler attended Shawnee Mission Northwest before going to KU, where he was a quarterback for the football team and played in the Orange Bowl. Lauren was a student at St. Thomas Aquinas, then played basketball for the Oklahoma Sooners. Now she is an English teacher and basketball coach at Shawnee Mission East, while Tyler is an attorney for a firm in Corporate Woods that specializes in medical malpractice litigation.
They are a young family, with Addison, their busy 14-month-old son, and Kennedy Rose, born September 14 and just five days old when we met. It was the children who were the impetus for the move from the West Plaza area to LQ for the lifestyle and amenities.
Lauren intends to learn golf and join the Thursday Ladies’ golf league. Being an equestrian, she hopes to have a horse at the Saddle Club in the future. Tyler enjoys hunting, hiking and fishing and has been known to fish in the lake before work. Both are avid sports fans who attend college football games and follow the Chiefs, Royals and Sporting KC. Addison loves the golf cart and takes daily rides with mom and dad to the stables and beyond. Blair, aka Queen B, is their loyal cat who follows them from room to room. Welcome to the Lake, Lauren and Tyler!