Meeker says $2.2 million is too much for Simpson-Ellis property

What’s it worth? That’s the $2.2 million question Quivirans now face regarding purchasing the Simpson-Ellis property. To answer this question it’s helpful to put the cost in perspective and consider the determinants of its value. Only then can we decide if $2.2 million is a fair price. Continue reading Meeker says $2.2 million is too much for Simpson-Ellis property

Ed Brennan – Candidate for Q Inc Board

Charlene and I moved to Lake Quivira in 1994. Charlene had wanted to move here for some time but I was content living in the older part of Overland Park.  I suggested if we could find a comparable house needing no remodeling, I would be more than willing to look. However, as often happens, my wife won me over. We did move, remodeled before we moved in and remodeled again several years ago. Charlene was right– moving here was one of our best life decisions!

Family is extremely important to us, and we are fortunate that three of our four children and all four of our grandchildren live in the Kansas City area and are able to enjoy the many amenities at Lake Quivira with us, including golfing, boating and fishing..

I was raised in Wyandotte County, attended Bishop Ward High School, Rockhurst College for two years and graduated from Pittsburg State University with an undergraduate degree in business.  I retired in 1994 after 30 plus years of working for the federal government. For the last fifteen years of my career, I headed up the Medicare program for a four state region. My office directed and worked with eleven insurances companies (e.g., Blue Cross/Blue Shield companies) who contracted with the federal government to process Medicare claims. We assisted and monitored these companies to assure compliance with the volumes of laws, regulations and policies relating to their Medicare operations and their financial and budgeting functions.

After about a year of retirement, I was a hearing officer for eight years with an insurance company. Also, I was a consultant for a small medical equipment business and was instrumental in getting it off the ground by establishing office operational procedures and obtaining governmental licenses and approvals.

I have been asked by numerous people why I am interested in becoming a Board member. First of all, I am a firm believer in volunteerism. I delivered meals on wheels once a week in Johnson County for ten years. Ihave been a nursing home ombudsman for the State of Kansas. I currently volunteer at Harvesters one day a week and have done this for the past two years. I have also enjoyed being a member of the City of Lake Quivira Planning Commission for the past year and a half. During the past few months I have attended a number of Quivira Board meetings to get a better understanding of the Board process, committee responsibilities and relationships and functions of both the City of Lake Quivira and the Board.

I believe my career experiences, my work after retiring from my federal career and my Lake Quivira Planning Commission involvement have prepared me to represent you on the Board. I believe I have developed skills and insights over the years to be able to listen carefully to differing viewpoints and to analyze information to work with others in accomplishing a common purpose.

Lake Quivira is our home! My interests and concerns are probably the same as most Lake Quivira members. I want the Lake to remain a safe place to raise our children. I value and want to preserve our green space, our lake with its surrounding natural assets and the uniqueness of the Lake Quivira lifestyle. At the same time, I would like to be a part of a Board that recognizes the need for and the reasonableness of future changes and improvements that will enable our community to continue to maintain Lake Quivira core values. I would like to a part of a Board that assures our community retains our very sound financial position and continues to manage our assets carefully and responsibly.

On March 29, I hope you will consider my qualifications as you vote for the new members of the Board.

Summer Rec 2010 Announcement

By Tiffany Owens, Barb McAnany & Renee Barackman

Hello, all Summer Rec participants and families. We wish to introduce ourselves to you as the new parent coordinators for the 2010 QRA Summer Rec Program. The new parent coordinators are Barb McAnany, Tiffany Owens and Renee Barackman.

There will be a few changes this year on the distribution of the class program guide. We are trying to go green! The Program Guide will be posted on E-news distributed by email from Q Inc. You will still need to download the information and drop off payment, but this will allow us to distribute the information more efficiently. If you don’t have a computer, you may still pick up a copy at the Q Inc. office. You may also call one of the parent coordinators, and we can drop a hard copy in your black box. We are adding new classes, keeping favorite classes and possibly adding a camp style block of classes.

Are you wondering when the new Program Guide will be out? Well, look for it towards the middle of April. Until then, we are excited about taking on this role and look forward to continuing the great tradition of the Summer Recreation Program.

Speaking of tradition, if you or your teen is interested in a volunteer teaching position, please contact Barb McAnany. It’s a fun way to spend your summer and give back to your community. If you are 16 years or older and interested in applying for a teaching position, look for application information in the next Quiviran or e-news.