President’s Report – December 2017

By Steve Sestak, President, Q Inc. Board of Directors

First of all, thank you for the exceptional turnout at the Annual Budget Meeting last month. I cannot recall a recent year where a quorum was reached before the meeting and 90 percent of the membership submitted votes. After many months of preparation, presentation and discussion, the greatest sign of appreciation was the significant number of members who took the time to vote on these very important ballot items this year.
The consensus of the membership is that you expect more at Lake Quivira. By providing better service and more high-demand amenities, the ultimate outcomes are improved member experience, increased membership levels and higher home valuations. You have approved the necessary investments to make these a reality; it is now up to us to deliver the results. This work has already started.
Through the remainder of 2017, the Quivira, Inc. team will be preparing to execute against the new Operating and Capital budgets. The Strategic Planning Committee will be organizing the various tracks of work related to each of the Strategic and Quick Win projects. These will be concerted efforts with each of the Standing Committees to ensure we engage the best minds and the right outside professionals to make the best decisions for Lake Quivira.
It is time to demonstrate to the market that things are happening at Lake Quivira, and, for those who want to share in this exciting progress, now is the time to join. We have engaged Creative Golf Marketing, a leading consultant to the private club industry, to build on this momentum through a creative member marketing campaign. To those who are not members today, join now or risk waiting in line after our membership is full and the cost to join is higher.
Whether you supported a particular ballot item or not, it is time we come together as Quivirans and support the decisions which have been made. There is a lot of work ahead to execute against these plans, and I suspect there will be more controversial decisions to make along the way. Thank you for your support and for the confidence you have shown in your Board and our General Manager to make these plans a reality.

The Mayor’s Report – December 2017

Mayor Olson, wearing a bright red suit, welcoms the crowd  and introduces LQ Volunteer Fire Department members,  past and present. Photo by Dieter Kinner.
Mayor Olson, wearing a bright red suit, welcomes the crowd
and introduces LQ Volunteer Fire Department members,
past and present. Photo by Dieter Kinner.

Wow…the Fireman’s Ball was awesome! We had dozens of current and former firefighters and over a hundred Quivirans. Perfect weather, a great band, killer fireworks and tons of love created a memorable night for all. Many thanks to Brady Lilja, Charlie and Christina Gomer and Randy and Leslie Treas for making this party a success. I would also like to thank Waste Management for their generous contribution to the event. We will miss our devoted fire department and are forever grateful for all they have done to protect and support our community over the last 71 years.
At the November meeting, we had a long discussion about the City of Lake Quivira’s bonding capacity. If passed by a public vote, bonds can be used to finance a variety of public improvements. We learned the state of Kansas allows a city to bond up to 30 percent of the city’s assessed value. Based on this, the City of Lake Quivira could issue approximately 8-10 million dollars in bonds. Although we don’t have any current plans to utilize a bond to finance an improvement, it could be an option in the future.
We are in the first phase of the spillway repair project. Polymer gel is being injected into the base and sides of the spillway. Injections into the base are going well with the voids being filled. There has been some difficulty with the injections into the sides due to the extremely thick concrete. This phase is expected to be completed next week. The overall repair plan will be evaluated based on the success of this phase. Phase two is expected to be completed in 2019 and will likely require concrete work.
I would like to congratulate the winners of the recent city election. Brady Lilja will serve an additional term as a councilman. John Christy will fill Betsy Vossman’s council seat and Ben Kalny will be our new mayor. Ben will appoint a council member to fill his council seat. Their terms start in January.
The next City Council meeting is Monday, December 4. I hope to see everyone there.
See you on the water!

Community spirit and volunteerism – Keys to successful Holiday Bazaar

2017 bazaar putzierBy Gayle Best

I am always amazed at the spirit of giving and community involvement at Lake Quivira. Months before Holiday Bazaar, as vendors are being selected, I often hear feedback from our past vendors that the LQ Bazaar is their favorite vendor event in Kansas City because of the organization and how our community works together as a welcoming team. This was evident again during the 2017 Holiday Bazaar. A huge cross section of Lake Quivira members volunteered this year for one or more of the over 125 positions it takes to support the two-day Bazaar. These positions covered cashiering, back-office accounting, bake sale assistants, raffle sales, greeters, vendor set-up, vendor loading/unloading, and security. Also, over seventy of our own bakers delivered all kinds of delicious goodies Friday morning.
As chair of Holiday Bazaar I am not successful without strong individuals who are leaders of key areas. I would like to recognize them:
2017 bazaar ann and jeanne cashieringLinda Segebrecht, Garden Club Treasurer, was responsible for “the money.” This involved training/organizing cashiers and the back-office accounting team who helped with balancing and troubleshooting of all the sales receipts. Final accounting is still in process, but I can report we were very successful!
2017 bazaar bake saleChristy Heller and Lisa Vedock were outstanding co-chairs of the Bake Sale. They had so much fun last year as co-chairs that they brought their creativity and enthusiasm back again. The Bake Sale was record breaking again with well over $5,000 profit thanks to the huge response of baked goods, along with the silent auction proceeds from multiple in-home Chef dinners and desert-of-the month initiative.
Jeanne McGrath was chair of the Raffle, which had record breaking profits over $5,500. Jeanne did an outstanding job soliciting raffle donations, which included nine raffle packages representing something for everyone. Randy Reed worked closely with Jeanne. Screams were heard during the drawing by the winners of the courtside KU tickets and the Fathers Club Yacht Club cookout!
2017 bazaar luncheon from Lisa CoffmanAnita Link headed up the Ladies Champagne Luncheon again and had great menu ideas which resulted in our Italian Holiday theme. Peggy Hughes brought tremendous creativity to the table with her 26 one-of-a-kind candy bouquets which we will enjoy seeing this entire holiday season. Thanks to Shannon Brown for her oversight and attention to detail. Close to 250 ladies attended the luncheons.
Lisa Walsh worked tirelessly and did an outstanding job organizing and updating our Bazaar Facebook page and keeping our social media flowing. Thanks also to Lisa Phlegar who handled our internal marketing e-blasts.
Kristine Brady provided printed materials for the banner, posters and street signs using designs created by Mary Linda Boling. Also, thanks to Linda Cruse who coordinated this effort.
Christi Stewart rallied the troops and provided energetic greeters with flashing necklaces, creating that first impression at the front door!
IMG_7837After developing the holiday decor design for the Clubhouse, Peggy Hughes was able to see her plans materialize when a group of decor volunteers under her direction turned the Clubhouse into an elegant holiday setting the Monday before Bazaar. I saw many people wandering around the Clubhouse admiring the decor team’s work. Early the week following Bazaar the decor was completed with the addition of beautiful trees and wreaths in the Ballroom. So beautiful and ready for holiday events!
And last, I can’t forget my partner in crime, Riva Noack, who worked side by side with me in the wind and cold as we transformed outside pots and urns from fall to holiday/winter. Special thanks to Lori Keller who gets things ready so we can do our own magic.
A special shout-out to the vendor unloaders/loaders who worked tirelessly: Leo and Dana DeSpain, Dave Jones, Dick and Barb Johnson, Gene Koski, Bruce Rimbo, Ray Reed, Peg Coughlin, Steve Terbovich.
2017 bazaar sherry metcalfOf course, the thanks would not be complete without all the help from Q Inc staff, headed up by GM Geary Goss. Thank you to those with whom we worked closely, including Shannon, Richard, Danny, Lisa P, Sherry, Cindy, Gary A, Lori and, of course, Chef Michael and his wonderful staff.
Thanks to all for your support of Garden Club!

New Year’s Eve at LQ

1217 new years eve party sizedBy Anne Simms, House Committee

Paint the town red: informal: go out and enjoy oneself flamboyantly.
Synonyms: celebrate, carouse, have a good/wild time, whoop it up, live it up, party, have a ball.

On New Year’s Eve, Lake Quivirans will Paint the Town Red as we kick up our heels and count down the hours to 2018. The House Committee invites one and all to don their favorite red attire and gather at the Clubhouse for a celebration befitting the end of a year that promises exciting changes in the days ahead for our community.
Fine dining, sparkling libations and music to make you move and dancing ’til the cows come home await party attendees. The House Committee and Staff have creative ideas to keep revelers in the pink as they celebrate in red.
From 7 to 8 p.m., champagne and cocktails will be served in the Great Room Piano Bar with passed appetizers and music provided by Suzanne Hern. Then it’s up the stairs to the red-trimmed ball room for a three-course gourmet dinner designed by Chef Michael.
Dance the night away to the music of The Suburbans. Returning for an encore presentation, they will be playing a broad selection of music, requested by the House Committee, that is sure to appeal to a wide variety of toe tappers and multi-genre dancers. For those who enjoy a quieter venue and the opportunity to chat, the Piano Bar will reopen in the Great Room following dinner.
To top off the evening and welcome in the New Year, Chef Michael will offer a late-night snack of waffles and chicken garnished with black eyed peas for good luck.
Tickets are $75++ per person until December 22 and $100++ per person December 23-29. Gather your friends to create a table of any size, or choose to be placed at an open table to meet new friends. Vegetarian options are available, and most dietary restrictions can be accommodated. Bottles of champagne and wine may be pre-purchased to be ready and waiting at the table.
Call Shannon at the Clubhouse at 913-631-4821 to purchase tickets, organize your table, pre-order wine and to make dietary requests.
For New Year’s Eve, don’t stay home and be blue over missing a great event. Paint the Town Red at the Lake Quivira Clubhouse. Whoop it up, party, have a ball and start 2018 with a flamboyant bang!

Series of budget review meetings offered prior to Annual Budget Meeting

In order to properly prepare you to vote on each ballot, a series of Budget Review Meetings have been scheduled to review each budget and answer any questions. Each of these meetings will be held in the Clubhouse Great Room on the following dates I times:
• Wednesday, November 1, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
• Saturday, November 4, 9 am – 11 am
• Wednesday, November 8, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
• Saturday, November 11, 3 pm – 5 pm
• Wednesday, November 15, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
All members are encouraged to attend at least one of these meetings. This is your opportunity to understand what is included in each of the proposed budgets and how each of the proposed dues increases was determined. All questions are welcomed.

A Summary of the October 24 Board Meeting

President Sestak opened the meeting and invited attending members to share comments and questions.
Leanna Walters requested permission from the Board to have historical copies of the Quiviran digitized and posted on Once digitized, the documents would be preserved and accessible from their website for searches. The Board thought digitizing the papers was a good idea, but requested some time to think through implications of public access to these documents.
Mayor Olson stated the repaving of a section of Renner Road would begin October 24, and work on the spillway would begin on November 16. Another large item pickup is scheduled for November 4, and that evening will be the Fireman’s Ball. Mayor Olson will develop a list of what is and what is not acceptable for the pickup, and the list will be put into the black boxes.
New Business
Mr. Sestak stated the main topic on tonight’s agenda is the Operating Budget. Each Department Head presented their proposed operating changes for 2018 to improve member experience and address past service deficiencies. Mr. Sestak explained these sorts of improvements will result in increases to the Operating Budget next year. The Operating Budget will continue to be reviewed and refined this week. The Finance Committee is scheduled to meet on October 31 to approve the Operating Budget, then it will be reviewed with the members at a series of Budget Review Meetings starting on November 1. The Operating Budget will be approved by the Board of Directors at the Special Board Meeting scheduled for November 10, then sent to all members for additional review prior to the Annual Budget Meeting.
The Annual Budget Meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 27 starting at 7 p.m. in the Clubhouse. Meeting packets and ballots will be sent to all Foundation Members at least ten (10) days prior to this meeting, and advanced voting will begin on Monday, November 20.
Committee Reports
President Sestak asked each committee chair to keep their reports short and focus on action items only. No action items were reported by the Marketing Committee, Finance Committee, Golf Committee, House Committee, and Tennis Committee.
Lake and Residential Committee
Mr. Nelson presented a dock site licensee guide and asked the Board to review it. This comprehensive guide will establish some important guidelines for dock site maintenance, floating dock maintenance, boat mooring, and winter storage. The final document will be easily accessible, i.e., on LQ website, for members to be able to access and review.
Restrictions Committee
Mr. Braun made a motion to have additional text added to an existing rule under Construction Regulations, Site Grading and Surface Water. The text would give the Committee more authority to request a professional drainage study and other analysis to ensure proper storm water management when improvements are made to residential properties. Motion approved unanimously and will be posted in the Quiviran for any member notice and feedback.
Safety and Security Committee
Ms. Walker spoke on the broad range of dog issues. Mr. Goss stated we will follow and post the Ordinances of the City of Lake Quivira regarding dogs and encourage the people to call the City regarding any violations.
Strategic Planning Committee
President Sestak noted the recent Member Meetings were very well attended. The next step is to put the finishing touches on the Master Plan. This plan will be presented to the Committee this Thursday for approval, then sent to the Board of Directors for review. Approval of the Master Plan and the proposed 2018 Strategic Projects will be sought at the November 10 Special Board Meeting.
Mr. Braun inquired which projects would be included on the ballots for the Annual Budget Meeting in November. Mr. Sestak indicated that the projects would include the Community Center and the Golf Practice Facility. Additional ballots are required for the Beach Pavilion and the Nature Center since these structures are located on Dedicated Areas.

Proposed Rule Change: Construction Regulations Site Grading and Surface Water – Community input welcome at the November 28 Board Meeting

Motion: The RCARB chairman requests board approval of the following rule change (additional text shown in bold italic type below existing rule)

Quivira, Inc. Rules & Regulations Chapter VI
Residential Construction, page 3

7. Site Grading and Surface Water
The construction grading and final grading of the site for building or improvement shall be accomplished and permanently maintained in such a manner so as to control the flow of surface water and prohibit, in so far as possible, its entry onto adjacent private property in other than designated or controlled water courses. The owner shall be responsible for providing drainage and siltation control during construction.
Quivira, Inc. may require, as evidence, that the work for which the building application is approved will not cause the surface drainage to change in a manner that would adversely affect surrounding properties, watershed, streams or the lake, including but not limited to, a drainage study signed and stamped by a registered engineer so certifying.

Annual Budget Meeting – November 27

Annual Budget Meeting
Monday, November 27
7 p.m. in the Clubhouse

Meeting packets and ballots will be sent to all Foundation Members at least ten (10) days prior to this meeting, and advanced voting will begin on Monday, November 20.

President’s Report – November 2017

By Steve Sestak, President, Quivira, Inc. Board of Directors

The 2018 plans and budgets will soon be completed and approved by the Board. It is then up to you to decide. Do you support these plans and budgets? Do you agree to the level of dues increases required to fund them? In the coming weeks, you will receive the ballots, and advanced voting will begin. The Annual Budget Meeting on Monday, November 27 at 7 p.m. is where final voting will occur and when results will be tallied and announced.
I am sure you have already started to form your opinions. I expect there to be a high number of e-mails and black box mailings circulating the community. That is your right, but please keep the comments “above the belt” and “inside the gate.” I hope the advanced information provided on the various budgets has allowed the time you need to make a more informed decision this year.
To summarize, the Board is proposing the same level of Capital Dues increases as in recent years. A more substantial increase is being proposed for Operating Dues to catch up from the lack of increase this year and to address a number of service problems which have impacted member experience. There will also be ballots for several high-priority, Strategic and Quick Win Projects identified from the Strategic Planning process conducted over the past several years.
For some of you, this might be viewed as doing too much too fast. For others, it is not doing enough and more needs to be done. Regardless of your personal views, please recognize everything in the budgets is there because it is important to a group of members. It might not be to you, but what’s important to you might also not be to them. Hence, the challenge of coming up with plans and budgets which capture the interests and needs of our diverse membership.
There are some very important decisions to make this year, and the “majority of quorum” will decide each ballot. Whether you support a particular ballot or not, please take the time to vote. After the votes are tallied and the outcome is determined, the Board will know the consensus and set its direction accordingly. It all comes down to what you want Lake Quivira to be.