Don’t Fall For Pine Wilt Remedy

By Connie Huerter

It seems that, as Tree City chairman, each article that I’ve written has been a warning of some sort.  This one is no different.  This is the latest alert from the state forest service.  It is a heads up regarding a product that is being falsely marketed in Kansas, as a control treatment for pine wilt disease.  If you don’t know about this disease, you’ve certainly seen it’s effects in the dead and dying pines all over the metropolitan area.  It is devastating hundreds of pines with no known treatment at the present time. Continue reading Don’t Fall For Pine Wilt Remedy

Patient Quivirans Urge Informed Vote

On  April 26th, Quivira foundation members will have a chance to vote on an opportunity to purchase the land that borders our east side (the site of the failed development plan known as “The Links at Quivira”).  The vote will be whether to authorize Quivira to purchase the land using a financing plan provided by the undersigned group of Quiviran’s (known as the Patient Quivirans), and if approved would result in Quivira owning the land free and clear in less than  8 years without requiring a dues increase.

The April 26th meeting will begin with the Board conducting an information and discussion session, and presenting their recommendation.   You are also encouraged to call any of the undersigned with any questions you have concerning this important vote.

PATIENT QUIVIRAN MEMBERS (*Denotes manager/member):

Kent & Gayle Best, Larry & Ann Bingham, Brad & Ann Botteron, Bruce & Allyson Braun, Fred & Margie Braun, Charlie & Christina Gomer, Tom & Connie Mullinix, Corky & Phyllis Nason,  *Jerry & Carol Neill, *Chip Newcomer, Leon & GeGe Rieke, Dick & CeeCee Sandifer, Bill & Betsy Shafer, Jon & Christianne Stewart, Lew & Susan Wiens, Jim & Susan Wright, *Tom & Beth Hall.

This resident believes buying the Simpson-Ellis property is in LQ’s best interest

By Wayne Hidalgo
After many years of wanting to acquire the Robertson (Simpson-Ellis) property we now have the opportunity!(Quivira Inc. maintained Mrs. Robertson’s yard at one time hoping she would favor a sale to us.) Why should we buy this property and what should we pay?

Continue reading This resident believes buying the Simpson-Ellis property is in LQ’s best interest