QMGA scribe speaks of modernization of the Rules of Golf

By John Carson
On March 1, 2017, the R & A* and the USGA* issued thirty proposed changes in the Rules of Golf. These proposed changes have been five years in the making. Listed below is the timeline for the implementation of these rules.
March 1, 2017 to August 31, 2017- Feedback and evaluation
Winter 2017-2018- Review and Approval Period
Spring 2018- Announcement
January 1, 2019- Rules take effect
The proposed changes are mainly to simplify some of the rules and to help speed up the game. One can go on USGA.org to view the proposed changes and make comments on these proposed changes.
2017 Lake Classic
On March 16, 2017 this year’s Chairman for the Lake Classic, Roy Owens, sent out to all members of the QMGA an electronic copy of the application, sponsorship form and an informational letter for the Classic. The Lake Classic will be held on July 12 through July 15. Completed applications are due back to Roy by April 28. If you did not receive a copy or overlooked it, hard copies are available at the Pro Shop. or you can contact Roy at lakeclassic2017@gmail.com.
2-Man Cross Country Scramble
Although there was quite a bit of golf played this last winter, the Pro Shop sponsored a tournament which gave the members a chance to get our early and knock some of the rust off of their golf swings. The day was typical of the fine, unseasonable type days we have enjoyed this past winter. Listed below are the results of the tournament.
1st Flight. 1st Gross (43) – Thad Millard & Eric Dunn; T-1st Net (40) – Jeff Kembel & Kent Noland, Phil Yates & Jeff Welch; 3rd Net (42) – Willie Weems & Collin Weems ; T- 4th Net (43) – Steve Rempel & Mike Carroll, Joe Walsh & Eric Vossman.
2nd Flight. 1st Gross (49) – John Cotter & David Sprague; 1st Net (40) – Larry Lindelow & Bill Wengert; 2nd Net (42) – Brady Lilja & Scott Johnson; 3rd Net (43) – Darrin Karley & Charlie Gomer; 4th Ne (44) – Herb Atwater & Byron Whitaker; 5th Net (45) – Steve Roellchen & Don Gerling.
Special Events. Closest to the Pin #2 – Collin Weems; Closest to Pin # 4 – Joe Walsh; Closest to Pin #9 – Bill Wengert.
* R & A stands for the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews. They have been the governing body when it comes to the rules of golf in the UK since the game was first played in Scotland. Since 1952 they join forces with the United States Golf Association  (USGA) to be the joint governing body that controls the rules of golf, in effect making the rules of golf universal throughout the globe.

Spring is bursting out with golf events for Quivira lady golfers—at LQ and elsewhere

By Carol Neill, cneill@neill.co
It’s already the second day of spring, and that means our Opening Day is not far away. In fact, it’s April 4! If you haven’t yet signed up to play, please visit the Pro Shop and sign up. Start time will depend on the weather, of course. The best way to received continued information for our 18- and 9-Hole ladies will be to join the QWGA website. Haven’t joined yet? Well, what are you waiting for? Go to “qwga.wordpress.com” and sign up. You can also get information on the Quivira Ladies Facebook site.
On May 9, our first big joint QWGA 9 & 18 Hole combined tournament will be the “Big Hole Step Aside.” Play will begin at 2 p.m. with a cocktail party followed by pizza and salad for dinner. Jody McCamish has designed this tournament, and it is guaranteed to be a lot of fun. Sounds like a great time to bring your camera and click a lot of fun, candid photos for our next Quiviran. If you already have photos from our mild 2017 winter, please email them to me at cneill@neill.co. Please include names of people in the photos.
Eighteen Hole ladies, don’t forget regular play days are every Tuesday. Please sign up at the Pro Shop by the Saturday before. We are looking forward to having a great turnout of players this summer and invite any 9 Hole ladies who would like to join us to come along. I promise we don’t bite! We just enjoy playing with our friends and always have an open invitation to all QWGA members. Who knows, you might really enjoy the extra nine holes. We do.
Mark your calendars for the 2017 Pocahontas, member/guest. The dates are June 19-21. It will be a 4-person team again. That seemed to be the most requested format for the most fun. We are about having fun!
The QWGA Board is meeting March 30 to complete the calendar for 2017m which will include all important dates for the WGAKC (Women’s Golf Assoc. of KC aka “City Play”) for Lake Quivira and “Team Play” events. There are eleven clubs participating in WGAKC. Team Play will be organized by Becky Johnson this year, and signup sheets for these events are in the Pro Shop. Look for the QWGA notebook by the computer.
For WGAKC you must have a handicap of 26.9 or below. Halleluiah! There is a Senior division (65 and older) for $5 more. This is a wonderful opportunity to play other courses around the city and meet new friends and playing partners. If you would like to join WGAKC, you must send $55 made payable WGAKC with the following information.
USGA Handicap Index (as of 11/1-16), 26.9 or below
Address, phone #, email address,
Member Club: Lake Quivira CC, plus club charge acct#
Mail all to: Kathy Campbell, 1326 NW 47th St., KC, MO 64116
Opening Day is at Milburn C.C. on April 20
Let’s start off with a positive spring in our step–or rather golf shoes–and try something new! Play on Tuesdays and then sign up for WGAKC or Team Play events. Who knows? You just might get hooked!
Until next month, send me those candid photos, and I’ll see you at the course.

New members always welcome at LQ Photo Club

By Jim Regan and Leslie Treas

April Meeting

At the April 11 meeting, Jim Regan will demonstrate various methods of photo presentation using the Lightroom Slideshow module. Friends, family and new members are always welcome to attend the 7 p.m. meeting in the Lake Quivira Clubhouse.

Field Trip?

As the field trips that our group have taken together in the past have been a ton of fun, as well as a great, hands-on way to learn to take better photos, there is much interest in doing this kind of thing again. Many of you remember the overnight trip we took to photograph the Konza Prairie in the Flint Hills with Bill Thomas (owner of Crick Camera Shop and instructor at KC Art Institute). He has offered to take our group on another trip somewhere. If we want to do it (in June), where should we go?
Overnight photo trip ideas: Train, van or carpool to Hermann, MO, picture-book, 19th century German village about two hours from KC
Local field trip ideas:
Somerset Vineyard and Winery in Paola offers wine tasting tours and often have music and other special events. They also serve tapas and other light fare.
Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, 179th and Antioch, a 300 acre park with many photo opps.
* 13 gardens with more than 1,700 species of plants;
* Trails that traverse rocky bluffs and bottomland paths;
* 180 acres of prairie, home to native grasses and wildflowers;
* Fauna, including birds, dragonflies, deer, snakes and other wildlife;
* Formal and informal educational activities.
Please reply with your ideas!  leslie.treas@icloud.com

Garden Club plans evening meeting for April: Create a Mosaic

By Jeanne McGrath
Get your creative juices moving, and join the Garden Club on Wednesday evening, April 12,on a field trip to Steve Hess’ From the Summers Garden, 8601 Barkley, Overland Park. The workshop will begin at 6 p.m. and last until 8 p.m. Steve will masterfully instruct us on creating a concrete mosaic stone piece featurings pieces of copper, marbles, old coins, bottle caps, shells or just about anything you want to put in your collage. You may bring items from home or select from the studio. Either way, it’s going to be a lot of fun. Garden Club hubbies are welcome too. The stones range in price from $35 to $50, depending on size. These mosaics will be a lovely personal addition to your garden, dock or outdoor space.
We are featuring several evening events this summer to accommodate our working ladies. Be on the lookout for more interactive events throughout the coming summer.
After the planting of hundreds of bulbs by our diligent volunteers last fall, I see the tulips popping out of the ground. It won’t be long before LQ will be in full spring bloom. Take time to enjoy our beautiful grounds. Thanks to our gardener, Lori, for getting all the flower beds ready for our annuals. Watch for the May planting date to be announced, and please think about volunteering your time and talents.
If you have not joined Garden Club, please consider it. Dues are only $15 a year or $25 for a family membership. Besides planting flowers around our grounds and sponsoring the pet immunization each year, Garden Club sponsors the ever popular Pontoon Crawl in August, and our Holiday Bazaar in November. With money raised from these two events, we gift to our community each year an improvement not included in the city’s budget. This past year, we added the outdoor lighting to the patio and the up lighting on the Clubhouse exterior.
You don’t have to have a green thumb, or even your own garden. We do lots of fun activities that anyone would enjoy. We have fun learning about what our good earth will produce for our visual and edible pleasure.
Enjoy this early warm weather. Spring has sprung!

Swim Team seeks donations to defray cost of pool rental for swim meets

0417 last years Swim TeamBy Alexis Thomas
For those who call Lake Quivira home, the water represents a rich tradition of bringing people together, whether it be for a special event at the clubhouse, a beautiful sunset enjoyed on a boat, or a refreshing dip on a hot summer day.
Among these long-standing institutions is the Lake Quivira swim team. Since the 1960s, the swim team has been practicing and competing at the lake every summer. It has become a highlight for many of the kids who live at the lake, as well as a community-builder that taps into the pride many feel about living here.
What many may not know is that in order to compete with other local swim teams, the Lake Quivira team must commit to “hosting” competing teams in a regular swimming pool rather than the lake. The expenses for renting the pool for two meets add up to $500-$1,000 for the season. Without this commitment to renting an off-site pool, the Lake Quivira team would not be in a formal league, which would impact the long-standing tradition of the swim team.
“What sets us apart is our unique set-up here at the lake,” said Whitney Sojka, who is heading up the team this summer and has two boys and a daughter on the team. “The kids get to practice close to home and enjoy the natural beauty that the lake has to offer, all while having a great time practicing for competitions. We are reaching out to the community to support the team and keep it afloat.”
For those interested in participating in the swim team this year, informational day is at the LQ Clubhouse on Sun., April 23, from 1 to 3 p.m. Kids 5 to 18 can participate, and the team welcomes all levels of swimmers.
Swim team will officially start practice on May 30 at Lake Quivira Crescent Beach. Swim meets will take place on June 9, 16, 23 and 30, and July 7. The season will wrap up with an awards ceremony and swim league/fun day at the beach on July 14.
Please consider an online donation: www.gofundme.com/lake-quivira-swim-team OR drop a donation in the black box of Whitney Sojka (490 Navajo Lane West)