The QMGA schedule in a nutshell—plus a letter from your QMGA Board President

By John Carson

QMGA Tournament Schedule for 2017

A description of these events can be found on the QMGA web site
April 8: Opening Day “Superintendents and Professionals Revenge”
May 13: QMGA “Fab Four”
June 10 – 11: QMGA Classic
July 12-15: Lake Classic
August 5- 6: Member/Member
August 19 – 20: Club Championship Qualifying
August 26 – 27: Club Championship Match Play
September 16: “Triple Threat”
October 14: Closing Day “Big Cup Super-Six”
Listed below are two events for men sponsored by the Quivira Golf Pro Shop

March 18: 2-Man “Cross Country”
October 6 – 7: Quivira Cup

QMGA Web Site
All QMGA members are encouraged to visit the web site, No password is needed. Just some of the information available is listed below.
Tournament Schedule and Description
Tee Sheet
Course Conditions
Tournament Results
KC Cup New

A Letter from the QMGA Board President
Members of the QMGA
Lake Quivira Country Club
At the 11/21/16 Annual LQ Membership Meeting held to vote on approving the 2017 Budget – Ballot Item #6 which authorized the expenditure of up to $97,000 from the Long Term Capital Asset Reserve Fund for the following Golf Course projects failed by a vote of 100 in favor and 106 opposed.
Fairway Re-contouring $15,000
Cart Path Replacement $30,000
Tee Box Restoration $30,000
#13 Restroom Roof $ 2,000
Additional Irrigation $10,000
Pond Rehabilitation $10,000
The expenditures listed above that made up Ballot Item #6 involve normal and necessary recurring expense maintenance items which must be done each year just to maintain the quality of our golf course.
It should be noted that golf course related Ballot Item #7, which would have authorized an expenditure of up to $80,000 from the Long Term Capital Asset Reserve Fund for renovation of #8 green, also failed by a vote of 86 in favor and 122 opposed.
On Mon., March 27, at 7 p.m., there will be another LQ Membership Meeting. Your LQ Golf Committee has asked the LQ Board of Directors to put before the community an updated ballot item which will address the need to fund normal and necessary recurring expense maintenance items that must be done each year to maintain the quality of our golf course. The LQ Golf Committee is very aware that this Ballot Item failed last November, so they are only asking for $88,000 (vs. $97,000).
The modified ballot items will look as follows:
Turf Conversion Areas: $15,000  $10000. We are in the 4th year of our turf conversion project in the rough. We have been converting warm season (mainly Bermuda grass) to a Bluegrass/Fescue mix for better playability and aesthetics. Areas on holes #3, 5, 9 and 11 are next on the list.
Cart Paths: $30,000.  Like Our Lake Quivira roads, our cart paths are showing their age and are in need of replacement. The thin overlay that had been done as repair in the past is now crumbling. This money will be used to fix a small portion of the needed areas of cart paths that have deteriorated.
Wall Repair:  $30,000. Several stone walls on the course are in need of replacement. Silt needs to be removed from the pond on #13 and the retaining walls need to be replaced. The wall behind hole #5 green is crumbling and is a potential safety hazard.
Bunkers: $10,000. We are in the final phase of our bunker repair project! A bunker has an expected shelf life of six to ten years, and we have been repairing a few bunkers each of the past five years. The repair work includes; restoring bunker to original grade, replacement of drainage system, installing new bunker liner and filling with high quality sand. The result is a more playable, eye appealing, lower maintenance bunker. This money will help to finish the remaining bunkers on holes 11, 12, 14 and 18.
Additional Irrigation: $10,000 $8000. Replacement of our old, worn out irrigation system in 2007 enabled us to be more efficient and effective in covering our turf. But while the new system is a vast improvement, it falls short in areas surrounding most of our greens. As we convert turf in needed areas, we must first provide irrigation necessary for establishment of healthy turf. The main areas of concern are around the green banks, areas where our golfers expect great turf conditions.
#13 Restroom Roof Repair: $2000.
As you can see, these are normal and necessary recurring expense maintenance items that must be done each year in order to maintain the quality of our golf course.
Two additional items I wanted to make you all aware of:
1. #8 green: Regarding the condition of #8 green and the fact that Ballot Item #7 (which would have secured its renovation) failed, your LQ Golf Committee has decided not to put #8’s green renovation up to a vote again this coming March and will put this off until the 2019 scheduled replacement of greens 3, 4, 5, 8 & 13 (note: these 5 greens were retained and not updated during the golf course renovation project of 2002-2003).
The LQ Golf Committee realizes there is a chance we could lose #8 green again this summer, but at this point this gamble is our only alternative. With this in mind the LQ Golf Committee hopes everyone understands it will take a great deal of effort by Jeff Eldridge and our excellent golf maintenance staff to keep #8 green in a playable state. It could be an issue again this summer.
2. #15 water feature: A long term solution is being looked at in detail right now and we hope to have a strategic plan to fix it within 2 months. Our hope is to put a solution and associated cost in front of the LQ Board this coming fall and then put it to a community vote at next November’s Membership Meeting. Know that your QMGA Board, LQ Golf Committee and QMGA leadership is in complete alignment on being more diligent in making our membership more informed well in advance of any upcoming project requests.
I hope you found this information informative. My ask of each QMGA member is to vote “YES” on the ballot item that will fund the normal & necessary recurring expense maintenance items listed above at the upcoming LQ Membership Meeting set for Mon., March 27, at 7 p.m.
Thank you in advance for your support & confidence.
~ Robert Sanders, QMGA Board President

It’s time to sign up for LQ Ladies’ 9-hole Golf

By Lisa Coffman
Spring is quickly approaching. Time to dust of those golf clubs and start having some fun outdoors with girlfriends. New golfers, I would like to extend a personal invitation to you.
Call the pro shop to join the ladies 9-hole, Wednesday morning golf league. The season cost is only $65. All levels of golfers are welcome, and If you are already a member, I hope to see you back out there this spring.
Opening day is Tues., Apr. 4. Our format will be a “Big Cup Scramble,” with a delicious brunch at the Clubhouse following. If you can’t make Tuesday, We will have the course open for you to “MYOG” (make your own game) on Wednesday with your friends. If you want to have the pro shop help you with a pairing, give them a call any time, and they will be happy to set you up with another player.
I will be hosting our spring luncheon at my home on May 3. This group is a great way to get to know new people and play with your friends in a casual atmosphere.
This year our great pros have put together some awesome scramble events. We usually start play around 8:30 a.m., depending on the format, and it only takes about two hours of your day. There are great prizes and luncheons.
If you decide to join us, don’t forget to sign up on the QWGA website. It’s easy, and you will receive golf league information via e-mail, including information regarding frost and rain delays on play dates. It’s easy to sign up. Just go to the website,, type “join,” supply your email address and click “follow.”
The 2017 9-hole committee chairs are as follows: Chairman, Lisa Coffman; Treasurer, Aline Zimmer; Special Events chairs, Christi Stewart and Christy Heller; Social/recruitment chair, Bridget Vani; Pairings, Pro Shop; Scores/SLN/QLN, Dee Sedler.
Call the pro shop to sign up if you haven’t already.

QWGA—Here are your prelims

By Jody McCamish
1. Returning QWGA members (18- and 9-hole) will be billed automatically by the office in April. If you do not want to be a member this year, contact Joyce Terbovich before the end of March. New members should contact Joyce to be added to the billing.
2. Opening Day is April 4. Starting time will depend upon the weather.
3. The Big Hole Step Aside Tournament for both 9- and 18-hole players will be May 9, starting at 2 p.m. There will be a cocktail party with salad and pizza following the round.
4. The Pocahontas dates are June 19, 20 and 21. It’s a 4-man team event.
5. We are doing Quivira Low Net (QLN) this summer rather than State Low Net. You do not need to be a member of the Kansas Women’s Golf Association to play in the QLN. If you want to play in other KWGA events, let Joyce know so she can add that membership to your bill.
If you are curious about other tournament dates and guest days, you can call the pro shop. When the calendar is finished, you will be able to access the calendar from the website.

Garden Club kicks off new season with Floral Art

By Randy Reed
I am happy to introduce myself as the new Garden Club President. We have a wonderful, hard working executive board and are ready for a great year.
Garden Club is ready to get started with a creative, fabulous program from Andrea Grist Floral Art. Andrea has presented at several Home and Garden Shows and the St. Louis Museum
Andrea will be presenting the basics of floral design with a special focus on local flower growers. We will be making an individual arrangement to take home. More details to follow.
Save the date for this first Garden Club meeting and program on March 30 in the Great Room. Social time and coffee at 8:45, a.m., with a business meeting at 9:00 and program at 10:00. Lunch will be served after the program.
This year, there will be also be some exciting meetings in the evening so the men can join us for the fun.

Learn more about Lightroom at the March Photo Club meeting

0317 photo club ron bower 1
By Ron Bower

By Jim Regan
The Lake Quivira Photo Club held their monthly meeting on Wed., Feb. 15. Club members gathered to see Ron Bower demonstrate the best methods of labeling, sorting, and backing up digital photographs using the Adobe Lightroom software.
The photo club meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Clubhouse. Friends, family and new members are welcome to join the fun to share ideas and hone their photography skills. Next month’s topic will again be Lightroom, in which Ron will show members how to bring ordinary photos to life using the editing capability of the Develop module. Join us!

By Ron Bower
By Ron Bower

Bush Honeysuckle Eradication Day – Saturday, March 25, 9 a.m.

Bush Honeysuckle Eradication Day
Saturday, March 25, 9 a.m.
Stables Silt Pond
Individuals, families, groups welcome

0317 hydra classical photo bw sized

By Ernie Block

Bush honeysuckle is taking over the silt pond surrounds adjacent to the stables.
Early in the development of The Quivira Trails, the bush honeysuckle surrounding the stables silt pond was identified as a priority for removal prior to its spreading out of control. For those who may not be aware, bush honeysuckle is an aggressively invasive plant that steals nutrients before native plants which support the ecosystem indigenous to an area begin their growth cycle. Think of pollinators in search of native wildflowers and finding instead a carpet and curtain of bush honeysuckle. Furthermore, it deprives us of the views over the water which are part of the enjoyment of the trails in that area.
Eradication is way too much to handle by those who have carved the trails system and the small trails work crews, and time is of the essence. We are asking for your help.
The honeysuckle is a hydra, of sorts; whack one stem and many new sprout in its place. The cut needs to be slathered with a herbicide to kill the plant. So here’s the plan:
Cut Crew: will use loppers and small chain saws to cut the bush
Paint Crew: will apply the herbicide to the stems
Removal Crew: will drag the brush to a central area
Bring gloves, long sleeves, heavy loppers, small chain saws. Students, bring your community service forms. We will have drinking water available.
View an excellent overview video of the importance of what we are dealing with by visiting
~Natural Resources Committee

Outdoor Pickleball in February? Why Not?!

By Teresa Redlingshafer

Photo by Deb Fajkus
Photo by Deb Fajkus







Over thirty LQ Pickleball fans dropped in to courts 5 & 6 on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in February. Several people came just to learn how to plan and left looking forward to the next opportunity to play.
Are you, too, looking for the next opportunity to play? Join the March Leagues at Chicken n Pickles in North Kansas City! See notice.
For more information on their March Leagues and to register, go to:

0317 pickleball league poster


Mothers Club Calendar of Events

Dates and times are subject to change – please check your email or the Mothers’ Club Facebook page for the latest information. Additional details will be provided closer to the event dates.
Tue., Feb, 28 – Instead of our monthly meeting we will be preparing and serving dinner at the Ronald McDonald House. Social gathering following the meal.
Tue., March 28 – Monthly Meeting, 7 pm social, 7:30 pm meeting – Clubhouse
Sunday, April 16th – Kids’ Easter Party – Clubhouse
Fri., Apr. 28 – Ladies Hamburger Mary’s Hambingo social gathering – replaces April meeting
Tue., May 30 – Monthly Meeting, 7 pm social, 7:30 pm meeting – Clubhouse
Sat., June 10 – Co-Ed Summer Kick-off Floatilla and Beach Bonfire social event
Sat., June 3 – Harvesters Kids door-to-door food collection project
Tue., June 27 – Monthly Meeting 7 pm social, 7:30 pm meeting – Clubhouse
Mon., July 3 – 3rd of July Fundraiser at the Sailing Dock
Tue., July 4 – 4th of July Parade and Beach Games
Sat., Aug. 12 – Ladies End of Summer Floatilla – replaces July meeting
Tue., Aug. 29 – Monthly Meeting, 7pm social, 7:30 pm meeting – Clubhouse
Sat., Sept. 9 – Co-Ed Night at KC Royals social event
Tue., Sept. 26 – Monthly Meeting, 7 pm social, 7:30 pm meeting – Clubhouse
Tue., Oct. 31 – Kids’ Halloween Party at the Sailing Dock –replaces October meeting
Sat., Nov. 4 – Co-Ed Bonfire at LQ Campgrounds
Tue., Nov. 28 – Monthly Meeting, 7 pm social, 7:30 pm meeting – Clubhouse
Tues., Dec. 5 – Mothers’ Club Holiday Party – Replaces December meeting
Sun., Dec. 10 – Kids’ Holiday Santa Party – Clubhouse
Tue., Jan. 30 – Monthly Meeting, 7 pm social, 7:30 pm meeting – Clubhouse
Sat., Feb. 10 – Semi-Annual Casino Night Fundraiser – Clubhouse