Please don’t kill the [QWGA] messenger

By Carol Neill
First, as you read the next article, please remember, I am only the messenger–just conveying the rules set by the Golf Shop and committees. Now that we are near the end of our QWGA season, I would like to pass along some remarks I have overheard and have seen on our course and practice area this season. According to our Lake Quivira Golf Shop, please review these items for next seasons play. The next items are the actual wording from our regulations governing golf clothing for all areas of play and practice, and I quote:

“Proper golf attire, including shirts and shoes, is required at all times on the golf course and practice areas. The following list includes examples of apparel that is unacceptable:
* Proper golf attire is required for all members, their families and guests always on the golf course, the driving range and the practice areas.
* Men’s attire includes a tucked in collared shirt, slacks or Bermuda length shorts.
* Women’s attire includes golf shirts, slacks, skirts, shorts or dresses consistent with current acceptable golf fashion.
* Children are governed by the same rules of attire as adults.
* Lake Quivira is a soft/no spike facility.
* The following examples are unacceptable: t-shirts, denim, tank tops, cargo shorts, workout/gym clothes and swimwear.”
* Please contact the Pro Shop if you have any questions (revised 1/2017)

Please note the last item in bold print. These clothing items are unacceptable for the golf course and all practice areas. The comments I have overheard and have seen are what concern some members. Just be aware of the proper attire when practicing or playing. It will be appreciated.
Now, let’s get back to end of season play. We have three dates for you to mark on your calendar. First, QWGA 18-Hole Closing Day – October 10. QWGA 9-Hole Closing Day – October 11. There will be a QWGA Awards Dinner the evening of the 11th at 5:30 p.m.
Second, Robert Streb, PGA Tour Professional, is hosting a fund raiser golf event benefiting St. Jude Hospital October 9 at Lake Quivira.
Finally, for the ladies who are in City Play aka WGAKC, your Closing Day is October 11 at The National. You may sign up for any of these events in the Pro Shop.
It’s been my pleasure to bring you the monthly QWGA articles this season. Enjoy the cool autumn days before we begin to wish our “snow bird” friends safe travels until spring of 2018.

QMGA announces Club Champions, 3-Man Shamble winners

By John Carson
The Club Championship was a drawn-out event due to rain delays as August 2016 turned out to be the wettest August on record. But all matches were eventually completed. Listed below are the results.
Club Champion, Jackson Foth; Senior Club Champion, Kevin Murry; Super Senior Club Champion, Jim Wise; Handicap Division Flight 1, Ken Noland; Handicap Division Flight 2, Jim Merwald; Handicap Division Flight 3, Jack Carson; Handicap Division Flight 4, John Stewart
The next-to-last QMGA event for the year, The Three Man Shamble, was played in good weather on September 23. Listed below are the results.
Flight 1. 1st T – J. Foth, D. Cox & J. Hoover, 1st T – J. Cotter, D. Bock & D. Sprague; 3rd – G. Gehring, S. Rempel & M. Carroll; 4th – D. Jones, B. Harbour & K. Murray.
Flight 2. 1st T- K. Londeen, S. Yates & A. Griener, 1st T – B. Bailey, T. Layton & E. Marx; 3rd – J. Folsom, C. Sheppard & L. Harms; 4th – L. Gardner, J. Harding & R. Cruse.
Flight 3. 1st – L. Lindelow, B. Wengert & D. Oppliger; 2nd – D. Karley, T. Kliss & C. Gomer; 3rd – R. Bechtel, M. Metivier & B. Cretcher; 4th – C. Fajkus, B. Bowman & J. Dorsey.
Course Conditions
The rough has been aerated and over-seeded. For the best results of the over- seeding, golf cart traffic should be limited to the fairways between the entrance and exit posts.

Photo Club News

By Leslie Treas
All are welcome to join the LQ Photo Club on Thurs., Oct. 5, at the
Nelson Atkins Museum for the photography exhibit:
Dignity vs. Despair: Dorothea Lange and Depression-Era Photographers, 1933–1941
Meet in the Nelson Atkins front lobby at 6 p.m.
We’ll tour the exhibit and grab a bite somewhere fun afterward.

Next LQ Photo Club Monthly Assignment: Natural Light Portraits

The LQ Photo Club gathered in September on Hole #2 to practice slow exposures. Photos by Dieter Kinner.
The LQ Photo Club gathered in September on Hole #2 to practice slow exposures. Photo by Dieter Kinner.
The LQ Photo Club gathered in September on Hole #2 to practice slow exposures. Photos by Dieter Kinner. 

Save the date: Holiday Bazaar and Ladies Champagne Luncheon, November 17-18










By Gayle Best
The Holiday Bazaar tradition continues: This longstanding Lake Quivira event sponsored by Garden Club is set for November 17, 1 to 8 p.m., and November 18, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is free and open to the public, so invite your family friends and co-workers. The Bazaar is situated on two floors of our Clubhouse. Visitors can enhance their shopping experience by enjoying the open bar in the ballroom, as well as the main dining facilities or a buffet casual lunch in the lower level. Friday evening we will have holiday entertainment.
Champagne Luncheon: Garden Club is sponsoring a ladies’ holiday luncheon on both days of the bazaar. This has been a special event for years. You will be met at the door with champagne, festive holiday decorations, followed by a fabulous lunch. Menu and drink details are in process. Call Shannon at the Clubhouse at 913-631-4821 to make your reservations. Lunch will be served at noon both days.
Bake Sale: Our giant Bake Sale is renowned! This also is a longstanding tradition and features delicious homemade baked goods all prepared by our Lake Quivira bakers. Our Bake Sale team will be reaching out to volunteers to bake items for sale. We sell goodies such as cookies, cakes, pies, fudge, cinnamon rolls, along with gluten free and low fat items.
Raffle: Be sure and visit the Garden Club Raffle Booth for a chance to win one of our donated prizes. We are putting together a great selection of donated prizes this year!
Something for the Guys: We will again be encouraging the guys and kiddos to come Saturday morning to visit the Bazaar, shop for Mom, and have complimentary drinks and refreshments.
Volunteers: Besides needing lots and lots of people to bake for our Bake Sale, our Committee Chairs will soon be gathering volunteers to work shifts for the following: Raffle Booth, Bake Sale, Front Door Greeters and Cashiers.
Contact Gayle Best at or 913-481-6269 if you have any questions. Visit our holiday bazaar Facebook page:

October Garden Club meeting will be all about herbs—and what to do with them

By Jeanne McGrath
Hello friends, we have bid summer farewell as autumn has officially arrived, but as of this writing, she has been slow to show off her cool breezes and brilliant colors.   With canning and freezing of late summers vegetables well underway, we also want to savor the last of our garden herbs.
Garden Club welcomes our fall speaker, Lynn Soullier, master gardener, on Thurs., Oct. 19.  We will begin with a breakfast prepared by Chef Michael, followed by our garden club meeting then on to a demonstration by Ms. Soullier on how to infuse vinegar and oil with herbs, to give us the gift that keeps on giving all winter long. Join us as we learn about drying and infusing our homegrown herbs, extending their life to be enjoyed in hearty soups, stews, and salads.
There is no cost for this program. I encourage you to attend. This will be our last meeting of the year, filled with plenty of garden club news, events and schedules. Come early and enjoy coffee, fellowship and breakfast beforehand. If you are not a member of garden club, please join us and we’ll get you signed up.  The year is by no means over! Our holiday bazaar in November, a long standing tradition her at LQ, will be here before we know it . Any questions, please email us at

Ultimate LQ Tailgate Party is an ultimate success

By Teresa Redlingshafer
On the last Sunday in September over 150 LQ fans gathered together at the second annual Ultimate LQ Tailgate Party.  The weather was warm & breezy, we had a great crowd, we made a few bucks that will go to help support the LQ Photography Club, the LQ Saddle Club and LQ Trails, and Whitney Sojka, along with Linda Lilja and two nurse friends provided Flu shots for over seventy people!

Crockpot winners A.J. Delaney, Bridget Vani, Cathy Owen
Crockpot winners A.J. Delaney, Bridget Vani, Cathy Owen
1017 Tailgate Winners 2017
LQ newcomers Taylor Pruitt & Robinn Scholfield took home the coveted Tailgate Trophy









































And the food? Oh My! We had folks grilling all kinds of goodies and over 25 entrants in the Crockpot Challenge!  Everyone who attended had the opportunity to taste all the delicious creations! So who are the 2017 LQ Crock Stars? Cathy Owen’s White Chili was awarded first place, Bridget Vani’s Old Settler Bean came in second and A.J. Delaney’s Jambalaya took third.
LQ newcomers Taylor Pruitt & Robinn Scholfield took home the coveted Tailgate Trophy awarded for their festive tailgate setup, mingling with the crowd introducing themselves and sharing their homemade candied bacon with all their new LQ friends.
Putting on the Ultimate LQ Tailgate Party and offering Flu shots takes lots of work! Thank you to all the kids and adults who attended, donated items and those that came forward to volunteer in any way to make this event twice as big as last year. Thanks friends, for your help in putting on another great LQ event!  Because ultimately what really matters is a courageous spirit and a generous heart.

By Dieter Kinner
By Dieter Kinner









Cathy Owen’s White Chili  2017 Crockpot winner
3 limes (including zest)
1/2 cup tequila
Red pepper flakes
3 16-oz cans of Great Northern Beans
2 lbs boneless skinless chicken breast
2 large onions chopped
5 cloves of garlic chopped
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 (4 oz) cans of green chilies
1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon cumin
2 teaspoons cayenne pepper divided
1/4 teaspoon ground cloves
6 cups
3 cups grated
Sour cream
Tortilla Chips

* Remove fat and tendons from the chicken and place the chicken breast in a container that can be covered.
* Zest 1 of the limes and sprinkle the lime zest over the chicken breast. Juice all 3 limes and pour the juice over the chicken breast. Pour the tequila over the chicken and add 1 teaspoon cumin and 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper. Sprinkle red pepper flakes over the chicken and marinate for 3 hours.
* Heat olive oil in stock pot and add onion and garlic, green chilies, cumin, cayenne pepper, and cloves
* Add chicken stock and beans and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for about 1 hour.
* Grill the chicken breast for 5 minutes and pour remaining marinade over the chicken breast on the grill. Turn the chicken breast and grill the second side for 4 minutes. THIS IS REALLY DEPENDENT ON THE SIZE OF THE CHICKEN BREASTS. Grill until chicken breasts are done. Remove the chicken breast from the grill and cut into small cubes.
* Add the cubed chicken and 1 cup of cheese to the chili and stir until the cheese melts.
* Ladle into bowls and serve with remaining cheese, sour cream, and crushed tortilla chips.
* Season with salt and pepper, if necessary.

By Dieter Kinner
By Dieter Kinner

Players try their hand at Poker Tennis

0917 tennis poker tennisBy Christi Stewart
On July 29 the LQ Tennis Club played their second annual Poker Tennis Tournament. Eight ladies dressed in red, white and black played with rotating partners and won cards for each victory. At the end of play, Mary Ball was the winner with a full house and Lisa Coffman was a winner with the most cards! Lianne Terry, who is a rookie tennis player, had the least amount of cards and won a free tennis lesson with Pro Jon Renberger. Overall, the event was a lot of fun for all levels of tennis players.
We hope the men and women of LQ will join us next year!

First Annual ‘Queen of the Court’ Member/Guest tourney

The True Queens of the Court: Champions Nancy Wedel and Bree Honer. Photo by Leslie Treas
The True Queens of the Court: Champions Nancy Wedel and Bree Honer. Photo by Leslie Treas

By Shelley Sneed
On a beautiful, warm Thursday evening in early August, sixteen Lake Quivira ladies each teamed with a guest for the First Annual “Queen of the Court” Member/Guest tennis tournament. The 32 women played six matches of round robin doubles with Nancy Wedel and her partner Bree Honer emerging as champions. Amy Kentfield, creator and organizer of the event, and Mona Ricke were runners-up. The ladies all dressed up as their favorite “queens,” and the winners of the costume contest were Shelley Sneed and Crista McPherson, who were dressed as “Dairy” Queens!
This fall, Lake Quivira will have two ladies TenCap teams competing on Tuesday evenings. This summer was the first time the club had one team participating, and now just months later, is has two! Please stop by courts 3 and 4 any Tuesday evening around 6:30 to see one of these teams representing Lake Quivira. On courts 1 and 2, men’s league tennis will continue through late September.
Finally, the last two Saturday mornings of shot of the day and cardio are August 26 and September 9. I hope to see a big crowd at each!

Queen Runners Up:  Amy Kentfield and Mona Ricke. Photo by Leon Barnes
Queen Runners Up: Amy Kentfield and Mona Ricke. Photo by Leon Barnes
Best Costume:  Dairy Queens Shelley Sneed and Crista McPherson
Best Costume: Dairy Queens Shelley Sneed and Crista McPherson









Wonder-Queens by Leon Barnes
Wonder-Queens by Leon Barnes
Queen of Denial by Leslie Treas
Queen of Denial by Leslie Treas









Queen Anne and Queen Catherine (before the beheadings). By Leslie Treas
Queen Anne and Queen Catherine (before the beheadings). By Leslie Treas
Queen Bees by Leon Barnes
Queen Bees by Leon Barnes


‘Good fishing’ is the word on the lake

By Chris Rone

0917 fishing Summer Rec Fishing Class 2017 sizedThe Summer Rec Fishing Class had a great time and caught some great fish! They caught a 17-inch Largemouth Bass on a top-water popper. The Fishing Club brings out the fish feeder every year, and fills it once a month with Purina Fish Chow. Steve Bock, who teaches the class, contacts us and we time the fish feeding times for his awesome class. It is so fun to watch the kids get excited about the fish feeding frenzy when the feeder goes off.
The scuttlebutt on the docks is all about the growing bass population in our lake. Reports are of healthier, plumper, well fed, and lively bass that are being caught. They are liking the plastic worms, creature baits and other soft plastics. Pumpkinseed, motor-oil, green and silver, and even pink worms have been catching fish. Folks are telling stories of larger bass really fighting hard, making them seem bigger than they are.
The F1 hybrids we have seen are looking great. They are very aggressive and put up a great fight. Please return all F1 hybrids with clipped pelvic fins, unharmed to the water as soon as possible after catching. When a fish is out of water, it is holding its breath the whole time!
With the cooler August temperatures, the lake is staying around 83-84 degrees. Having lots of rainstorms helps, as well.
Happy fishing!
The nice, plump Largemouth bass in the accompanying pictures were caught this month.

Chad Bulleigh's 4 lb. Largemouth
Chad Bulleigh’s 4 lb. Largemouth



















Geof Gehring mega-bass selfie
Geof Gehring mega-bass selfie



















Kurt Rone snags a 4.5 pounder
Kurt Rone snags a 4.5 pounder