Tennis Talk – August 2017

By Jon Renberger, LQ Tennis Pro

The tennis courts have continued to remain very active this summer as the Junior Tennis League and Summer Recreation programs concluded their seasons in mid-July. The kids playing JTL overall as a group won 65 percent of their matches played, and the level of dedication to weekly practices and sportsmanship in competition was just tremendous. Equally successful was the Summer Rec tennis classes, which primarily emphasized fundamental elements of the volley, groundstrokes and serve. The kids improved daily and developed a love for tennis. The future of Lake Quivira tennis continues to look bright! The youth/adult tennis tournament took place on July 1, and 46 players enjoyed a wonderful day of competition. The results of each division follow:

 10 and Under
1st Place – Sammy VanZante / Mary Ball; 2nd Place – Lily Kalny / Robin Kistler; 3rd Place – Bennett Taylor / Christi Metivier.

0817 tennis 1st Place - Sammy VanZante and Mary Bruening Ball 10 and under sized
10 & Under First Place – Sammy Van Zante and Mary Bruening Ball
0817 tennis 2nd Place- Lily Kalny and Robin Kistler 10 and under
10 & Under 2nd Place – Lily Kalny and Robin Kistler
0817 tennis 3rd Place - Bennett Taylor and Christi Metivier 10 and under bw sized
10 & Under 3rd Place – Bennett Taylor (right) and Christi Metivier
















12 and Under:
1st Place – Eli Kalny / Adam Kistler; 2nd Place – Elliott Coulson / Shelly Sneed; 3rd Place – Jack Bichelmeyer / Jon Bichelmeyer.

0817 tennis 1st place - Eli Kalney and Adam Kistler 12 and under sized
12 & Under 1st Place – Eli Kalney (right) and Adam Kistler
0817 tennis 2nd place- Elliott Coulson and Shelley Sneed 12 and under bw sized
12 & Under 2nd Place – Elliott Coulson and Shelly Sneed
0817 tennis 3rd Place - Jack and Jon Bichelmeyer with Pro Jon 12 and under bw sized
12 and Under 3rd Place – Jack (center) and Jon Bickelmeyer (right) with Tennis Pro Jon Renberger
















13 and Over
1st Place – Sarah Gay / Sam Gay; 2nd Place – Kate Kowalik / Kevin Kowalik; 3rd Place – Olivia Lecuru / Mike Cooper.

13 & Over - Sarah and Sam Gay with Tennis Pro Jon Renberger
13 & Over 1st Place – Sarah and Sam Gay with Tennis Pro Jon Renberger
0817 tennis 2nd place 13 and over Kate and Kevin Kowalik bw sized
13 & Over 2nd Place – Kate and Kevin Kowalik
0817 tennis Olivia Lecuru and Mike Cooper 13 and over bw sized
13 & Over 3rd Place – Olivia Lecuru and Mike Cooper

The ladies Tencap team also finished their inaugural season, highlighted by Amy Kentfield being recognized as a Champion Captain for the summer. The winners were selected by a vote of others in their division based upon good sportsmanship, warm and friendly hospitality when hosting, gracious and appreciative behavior when a guest at another club, respect for others on and off the court and a cheerful and fun-spirited demeanor. Congratulations to Amy, Mary Ball, Lisa Coffman, Christy Heller, Robin Kistler, Lynn Sestak, Christi Stewart, Leslie Treas, Lisa Vedock and Nancy Wedel for representing Lake Quivira with such class.

LAKE QUIVIRA COMMUNITY MINISTRY: The Little Church with the Big Heart

Roy Worthington
Roy Worthington

By Barb Prater
Do you know someone who has “re-upped”? Roy Worthington has done just that for Lake Quivira Community Ministry, serving as Lay Leader for a second term (instead of the usual, one-year term). In his role as Lay Leader, Roy helps ministers Ira DeSpain and Pam Bauer Nolan carry out and coordinate the activities of the congregation.
Roy’s primary role is communicating with the congregation about weekly services, special services and special events. In the past twelve months Roy has helped coordinate a LQCM lake-wide picnic, organize a group Facebook page to which are posted various pictures of the congregation’s services and activities and coordinate special services for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. He worked with the Christmas Eve Coordinator to help plan and implement the Christmas Eve service, which 200-250 Quivirans and guests annually attend. This fall he will assist with the annual LQCM Anniversary Celebration Breakfast and Service.
Roy spent 38 years in Manhattan, KS, where he was president and owner of Charlson and Wilson Bonded Abstracters, Inc., a real estate law/title/escrow business. Roy received a BA in 1967 from University of Colorado, Boulder, and a Juris Doctorate (JD) from Washburn University School of Law, in 1973. He taught real estate law in the College of Business at Kansas State University for over eighteen years and lectured in real estate principles for various professional organizations. He is a veteran of the United States Air Force, serving in the Strategic Air Command from 1967 to 1971. Business skills, life experiences, communication expertise, love of family (wife Nancy, grown kids, grandchildren), strong faith, devotion to country and a great sense of humor – all sum up our Lay Leader, Roy Worthington.
August Services – Rev Ira DeSpain will be speaking all month except August 27.
August 6: Genesis 32: 22-31 – “Wrestling”
August 13: Genesis 37: 1-28 – “Family Stories Part 1”
August 20: Genesis 45: 1-15 – “Family Stories Part 2”
August 27: Exodus 1: 8–2: 10 – “Born with a Rusty Spoon in his Mouth” Pam
For more information, contact Roy Worthington, 913-962-4557, or
Check out our Group Facebook Page under “Lake Quivira Community Ministry,” which contains our message and photos of our activities. Any of our Facebook Page members would be happy to add you to our Facebook Group.

Hot, humid temperatures were par for the course at QMGA Lake Classic


Winners of this years Lake Classic were (from left) Kevin Murray and  his guest, Casey Harbour. Runners up were Robert Weems and  his guest Tucker Weems.
Winners of this years Lake Classic were (from left) Kevin Murray and his guest, Casey Harbour. Runners up were Robert Weems and his guest, Tucker Weems.

By John Carson
Although the temperature highs were not as high as some past years, there was plenty of humidity. Kevin Murray and his guest Casey Harbour were the champions and are now proud owners of green jackets. The runners up were Robert Weems and his guest Tucker Weems. Third place went to Bill Wengert and his guest Vance Stauffer.
Flight winners were as follows: Flight 1 – Kevin Murray and Casey Harbour; Flight 2 – Eric Vossman and Blake Olney; Flight 3 – Mike Noack and Randy O’Shea; Flight 4 – Bill Wengert and Vance Stauffer; Flight 5 – Robert Weems and Tucker Weems; Flight 6 – Colin Ashby and Steve Larkin; Flight 7 – Geof Gehring and Chris Gehring; Flight 8 – Scott Strohm and Bruce Strohm; Flight 9 – Charlie Gomer and Chuck Gomer; Flight 10 – Gene Koski and Matt Kornfeind; Flight 11 – Phil Caballero and Wayne Johnson; Flight 12 – David Prather and Bill Mahood.
The Par 3 Derby Winners were as follows:
Flights 1 thru 6. 1st – Jim Ericson and Brad Mickens; 2nd – John Cotter and Billy Meyer; 3rd – John Emanuels and Steve Brown.
Flights 7 thru 12. 1st – Dave Blakenship and Geno Huenint; 2nd – Phil Caballero and Wayne Robinson; 3rd – Geof Gehring and Chris Gehring.
The Putting Contest Winners were as follows:
Flights 1 thru 6. T-1st – Thad Millard and Cary Bourque, Steve Hull and Mike Eichenauer; 3rd – Kevin Murray and Casey Harbour.
Flights 7 thru 12. 1st – Jeff Welch and Joel Plaas; 2nd – Dave White and Mickey Stewart; 3rd – Ed Markley and Craig Scherzer;
The Chipping Contest Winners are as follows:
Flights 1 thru 6. 1st – Kevin Murray and Casey Harbour; 2nd – Robert Weems and Tucker Weems; 3rd – Kevin Londeen and Eric Londeen.
Flights 7 thru 12. 1st – Charlie Gomer and Chuck Gomer; 2nd – Steve Roellchen and John Prince; 3rd – Whitey Kuhn and Rick Miles.
The QMGA would like to thank Head Professional Tom Aikmus and the pro shop staff, Golf Course Superintendent Jeff Eldridge and his staff, The Club House Manager Mark Allen and his staff and all the volunteers from the QWGA and the QMGA, whose combined efforts which made the Lake Classic come together and make the event a success.
A special thanks to this year’s Lake Classic Chairman, Roy Owens, for all his work and worry for such an event as the Classic.

QWGA Lake Classic Derby. LQ Classic Photos courtesy of the Pro Shop,
QWGA Lake Classic Derby. LQ Classic Photos courtesy of the Pro Shop,

Dock Tour, sponsored by Garden Club, highlights 11 docks

By Gayle Best

Mary Beth and Steve Smith’s dock
Mary Beth and Steve Smith’s dock

It was the hottest day of the year–sunny with clear skies and, fortunately, a welcome, warm breeze as LQ members and guests visited eleven dock stops. With tour map in hand, and a brief story about each dock written by the dock owner, attendees visited each site to see the beautiful plantings, furnishings, decor and improvements made to the site. Every dock had its own personality and story. The LQ spirit, pride and enthusiasm each dock owner had for their own dock was outstanding. As the sun lowered, a social gathering was held at the Yacht Club.

Bridget and Mark Pereira’s dock
Bridget and Mark Pereira’s dock

Thank you to Bridget Vani and Dianne Fowler, who organized the creation of two Adirondack chairs painted by Summer Rec kids. The chairs were showcased at the Fowler dock with silent bids. Thanks also to the team spirit shown by Riva Noack and Kierstin Millard, who helped plant and stage the dock owned by Curtis and Amanda Frazier after Amanda ended up in the hospital most of the week.
While every dock has a story, here are some interesting things we learned from the tour:
The Hogueland/Stephens original dock was the site of the first LQ pontoon crawl, which included the closing of Lakeshore West and poker tables in the street.
We all thought Annie and Thomas Brown had installed an outdoor TV in their newly renovated dock site; however, we learned that inventor Thomas designed a clean sign wave solar system that powers the boat lift, safety stair lights, rotisserie, music, fans and more. A long way from the site that was nothing more than grass and weeds.

Amanda and Curtis Frazier’s dock
Amanda and Curtis Frazier’s dock

Initials of long-time and respected LQ golf pro Andy Dever’s family are carved into the Fowler’s concrete.
The Pribyl site is an assortment of native plants, which is not only beautiful, but also hold the soil in place during heavy rains. The plants also self-seed and play host to pollinating butterflys.
Harold Ensley, well known 1950’s TV Sportsman personality, used to catch the big ones from the Best dock.
The Vedock site is a wonderful 1940’s stone boathouse and one of a handful of original fishing docks whose vintage charm was preserved during their 2013 renovation.
Did you know there is a private, sandy beach area on the east side that was overgrown and unused until the Hughes took charge? It is now a gorgeous area enjoyed by five owners.

0817 dock tour Will Vani painting chair
Kids from Summer Rec helped paint the Adirondack chairs for the silent auction.