Ladies Bible Study to begin new session in new year

By Dana DeSpain
The Ladies Bible Study will begin a new study Tue., Jan. 9, at the home of Tina Mullinix, 580 Lakeshore Dr. West. It is a casual, interdenominational group of neighbors and friends meeting weekly to learn more of what it means to live a Godly, purposeful life. We begin at 9 a.m., but there is plenty of freedom to come and go whenever is the most convenient in busy schedules.
On January 9 we will begin a new DVD series by Priscilla Shirer entitled “The Armor of God.” It is a seven-week study aimed at growing spiritually by digging deeper into Scripture and to expand our understanding of prayer.  Study guides are optional for $12.99 plus tax and can be purchased our first day together. After the DVD, there is discussion time which is a fun time to share and interact.
We would love to welcome some new faces as we start a new year. Questions? Call Dana at 268-9576 or Tina.

LQ Photo Club members learn to take better indoor portraits

By Leslie Treas
The LQ Photo Club met in December and enjoyed a guest presentation by Randy Braley, professional photographer. He specializes in architectural photography, professional portraits and lifestyle photography. The take-home points of the educational session on Taking Better Indoor Portraits include the following:
* There is a difference between taking a picture of a person and capturing a portrait of who they are.
* A successful portrait comes more easily when you, the photographer, establish some kind of connection with the person. Not all portraits are “all smiles,” especially if that’s not the personality of your subject.
* Natural light generally is the ideal.
* External lighting will produce better results than built-in flash. Often, light from more than one source (reflectors, speed lights, strobe) produces a more interesting portrait.
* Shadows add dramatic effect and artistic quality to photos. Use them to your advantage.
* Practice makes perfect!
We had such a good meeting discovering how much there is to using external flash. that the group later gathered in the clubhouse ballroom for a pop-up, practice session with external flash indoors.
As the Clubhouse is closed in January, the LQPC January meeting is cancelled. All are welcome to join us Tues., Feb. 13. at 7 p.m., in the LQ Clubhouse Great Room.

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By Leslie Treas
By Becky Johnson


9-Hole women end year on high note at Top Golf — Next Year: Pocahontas!

0118 qwga photo










By Aline Zimmer

The Nine Hole Women golfers ended the year with a holiday outing at Top Golf on December 13. In 2018 Robin Kistler and Lisa Coffman will co-chair the organization, Christi Heller will continue to chair special events, and Aline Zimmer will continue as treasurer. Save the date for the Pocahontas tournament, scheduled for September 11-13, which will have a nine-hole flight for the first time.

QMGA board elects 2018 officers

By John Cotter
The following QMGA Board members were elected as officers for 2018: President, Robert Sanders; Vice-President, Dave Jones; Treasurer, Kevin Londeen; Secretary, Randy Cruse; Committee Chairman, Scott Yates; Social Media Chairman, Kevin Murray.
John Cotter was elected to write The Quivirian monthly news article, and Tom Drysdale and Don Cox are QMGA Board members at large. Robert Sanders, Don Cox and Dave Jones will represent QMGA on the Standing Golf Committee. Scott Strohm is the 2018 Lake Classic Chairman, and Mike Noack will be the 2019 Lake Classic Chairman.
QMGA dues will be increasing from $85 to $100 annually effective January 1, 2018.
The annual appreciation dinner for the Pro Shop and Golf Course Maintenance Staffs will be Tue., Jan. 9, 2 at 6:30 p.m. at the Shawnee Herford House.
Don Cox reported the Golf Committee’s top priority for 2018 is to fix the creek beside Hole #15.

LAKE QUIVIRA COMMUNITY MINISTRY: The Little Church with the Big Heart

By Barb Prater
Do you love to sing “Joy to the World” or love to hear Handel’s great music swelling in a beautiful place? “And heaven and nature sing, and heaven and nature sing … Let all their songs employ; while fields and floods, rocks, hills, and plains repeat the sounding joy ….” This beloved hymn was written in 1719 by Isaac Watts and incorporated some ideas from Psalm 98:4-9. Many of us have sung this hymn for years but never paid any attention to the words.
0118 lqcmThis past Advent season, several members of Lake Quivira Community Ministry gathered in each other’s homes to ponder our study book, All Earth is Waiting, Good News for God’s Creation at Advent by Katie Z. Dawson. Dawson serves as lead pastor at Immanuel United Methodist Church in Des Moines, Iowa, with a background in communications, religion, and physics.
Most Advent studies remind us of our busyness and the surrounding commercialism leading up to Christmas. In their two-fold purpose we are beckoned first to prepare for the arrival of a tiny infant Christ (from the Greek word adventus); the second reminds us of our anticipation of Christ’s return (Greek word parousia). This 2017 Advent study, led by Rev. Pam Bauer Nolan, fulfilled that two-fold purpose and so much more by exploring the familiar themes of hope, preparation, joy, and peace. Author Katie Dawson had us reading scripture and exploring these themes while connecting them to the idea that all of creation–the heavens, the universe, the world, the rocks, the animals, the people–long for Christ’s coming.
If you have ever studied ecology or environmental science, you would see and read some familiar references and citations to natural disasters, man-made catastrophes and economic concerns seemingly more important than humans, animal-life or plant-life. Even though it seems overwhelming to a lot of people, there is good news. “The very Spirit of God has entered our lives so that we can . . . honor the image of God in our lives and to practice dominion over this world. We are called to imitate Christ and to enter deeply into the realities of this world and to bring healing and restoration wherever we walk. We are called to live humbly and to give of ourselves so that others–all others, including animals, plants and the soil we walk on–might experience life . . . All the earth is waiting for us to make room for the presence of God to dwell in all of creation.”
Have you heard heaven and nature sing God’s praises?
Rev Ira DeSpain and Rev Pam Bauer Nolan bring a bright spot to Lake Quivira.
January 7 – Genesis 9: 8-17; Mark 1: 4-11 “Water” Ira (Meeting in the home of Paul Welcome, 530 Lakeshore West, instead of the Clubhouse)
January 14 – John 1: 43-51 “Hit the Road” Ira
January 21 – Jonah 3:1-5 “A Changed Mind” Pam
January 28 – Deuteronomy 18:15-20 “A Prophet’s Magin” Pam
Many blessings to you. For more information, contact Roy Worthington, 913-962-4557,

Take the 2nd Annual LQ Polar Bear Plunge!

1217 polar bear nearing the water bw gs
2017 Polar Bear Plunge

By Aline Zimmer
Ever wondered what the lake feels like on January first? Of course, you haven’t! But come out anyway to ring in the New Year like a polar bear. What better way to wake up your senses and shake off any weariness from the night before than to feel the cold sand underfoot and the even colder water as you take the plunge. We had 27 brave souls last year and collected over fifty food items for Harvesters.
When: January 1, 11:00 a.m.
Where: LQ yacht club to start, plunge from the beach
Why: Bragging rights
Who: All hardy souls and interested onlookers

We’ll be collecting canned and boxed food for Harvesters, so whether you take the plunge or just want to watch the foolhardy bears, bring an item of food to donate, and be sure to have warm clothes and thermos of coffee or hot chocolate to warm yourself afterwards. Event will be cancelled if the water is iced over or if there is lightening or a snowstorm.
Contact Aline Zimmer with any questions.

LQ members approve Beach Pavilion to be funded through Mothers’ Club fundraising and The LQ Foundation

1217 beach Pavilion Rendering Option B-1 sized




By Jennifer Wood
As one of the many exciting initiatives passed on the 27th of last month, the Beach Pavilion is one that will bring a much-needed amenity to many at Lake Quivira. The pavilion project has been designed and proposed by Mothers’ Club and is being funded in whole by the Mothers’ Club fundraising efforts, in concert with generous matching support from the Lake Quivira Foundation.
The permanent beach pavilion, which will replace the temporary white tent that comes in each summer for Summer Rec, will sit just to the south of the current tent location, and immediately behind the playground on the beach. The pavilion will be a permanent architectural structure, designed to complement the other permanent LQ structures in the immediate vicinity. The footprint of the structure will be similar in scale to the temporary tent, but will bring year-round use to the beach site.
Use of the pavilion will be available for all members and will be functionally operated by the Country Club. While details are still to be resolved, it will be an additional amenity facility that can be scheduled and reserved for events through the Club and open to any members when not reserved.
The pavilion will be a welcome, year-round addition to the beach area and certainly a benefit to the kids of the LQ Summer Rec program.


Community spirit and volunteerism – Keys to successful Holiday Bazaar

2017 bazaar putzierBy Gayle Best

I am always amazed at the spirit of giving and community involvement at Lake Quivira. Months before Holiday Bazaar, as vendors are being selected, I often hear feedback from our past vendors that the LQ Bazaar is their favorite vendor event in Kansas City because of the organization and how our community works together as a welcoming team. This was evident again during the 2017 Holiday Bazaar. A huge cross section of Lake Quivira members volunteered this year for one or more of the over 125 positions it takes to support the two-day Bazaar. These positions covered cashiering, back-office accounting, bake sale assistants, raffle sales, greeters, vendor set-up, vendor loading/unloading, and security. Also, over seventy of our own bakers delivered all kinds of delicious goodies Friday morning.
As chair of Holiday Bazaar I am not successful without strong individuals who are leaders of key areas. I would like to recognize them:
2017 bazaar ann and jeanne cashieringLinda Segebrecht, Garden Club Treasurer, was responsible for “the money.” This involved training/organizing cashiers and the back-office accounting team who helped with balancing and troubleshooting of all the sales receipts. Final accounting is still in process, but I can report we were very successful!
2017 bazaar bake saleChristy Heller and Lisa Vedock were outstanding co-chairs of the Bake Sale. They had so much fun last year as co-chairs that they brought their creativity and enthusiasm back again. The Bake Sale was record breaking again with well over $5,000 profit thanks to the huge response of baked goods, along with the silent auction proceeds from multiple in-home Chef dinners and desert-of-the month initiative.
Jeanne McGrath was chair of the Raffle, which had record breaking profits over $5,500. Jeanne did an outstanding job soliciting raffle donations, which included nine raffle packages representing something for everyone. Randy Reed worked closely with Jeanne. Screams were heard during the drawing by the winners of the courtside KU tickets and the Fathers Club Yacht Club cookout!
2017 bazaar luncheon from Lisa CoffmanAnita Link headed up the Ladies Champagne Luncheon again and had great menu ideas which resulted in our Italian Holiday theme. Peggy Hughes brought tremendous creativity to the table with her 26 one-of-a-kind candy bouquets which we will enjoy seeing this entire holiday season. Thanks to Shannon Brown for her oversight and attention to detail. Close to 250 ladies attended the luncheons.
Lisa Walsh worked tirelessly and did an outstanding job organizing and updating our Bazaar Facebook page and keeping our social media flowing. Thanks also to Lisa Phlegar who handled our internal marketing e-blasts.
Kristine Brady provided printed materials for the banner, posters and street signs using designs created by Mary Linda Boling. Also, thanks to Linda Cruse who coordinated this effort.
Christi Stewart rallied the troops and provided energetic greeters with flashing necklaces, creating that first impression at the front door!
IMG_7837After developing the holiday decor design for the Clubhouse, Peggy Hughes was able to see her plans materialize when a group of decor volunteers under her direction turned the Clubhouse into an elegant holiday setting the Monday before Bazaar. I saw many people wandering around the Clubhouse admiring the decor team’s work. Early the week following Bazaar the decor was completed with the addition of beautiful trees and wreaths in the Ballroom. So beautiful and ready for holiday events!
And last, I can’t forget my partner in crime, Riva Noack, who worked side by side with me in the wind and cold as we transformed outside pots and urns from fall to holiday/winter. Special thanks to Lori Keller who gets things ready so we can do our own magic.
A special shout-out to the vendor unloaders/loaders who worked tirelessly: Leo and Dana DeSpain, Dave Jones, Dick and Barb Johnson, Gene Koski, Bruce Rimbo, Ray Reed, Peg Coughlin, Steve Terbovich.
2017 bazaar sherry metcalfOf course, the thanks would not be complete without all the help from Q Inc staff, headed up by GM Geary Goss. Thank you to those with whom we worked closely, including Shannon, Richard, Danny, Lisa P, Sherry, Cindy, Gary A, Lori and, of course, Chef Michael and his wonderful staff.
Thanks to all for your support of Garden Club!