Mixed Bowling Spring Results – May 2010

By Norm Steffey

The Mixed Quivira Bowling League ended its spring session of bowling on Monday evening, April 12. The session was followed up by a banquet at the Clubhouse to receive awards, recognitions and hold an election of new officers for the fall and spring sessions for 2010-2011.

The banquet was held Sun., April 18. GeGe Rieke was in charge of the arrangements, as she was last year. As usual, she did a magnificent job. New officers elected were Paulette, Woltman, President; Chuch Fisher, Vice President; Eric Peterson, Secretary; and Joyce Terbovich, Treasurer. Officers replaced were Gerald Wigginton, President; GeGe Rieke, Vice President; and Norm Steffey, Secretary. Joyce Terbovich, with the help of her husband Steve, handed out the awards and recognitions as follows:

Team Awards

1st place – Terbo Chaps (Joyce & Steve Terbovich, Pat & Ron Chapman); 2nd place – Hope (Paulette & Dale Woltman, Linnea & Kerry Affield); 3rd place – Pin Heads (Donna & Terry Williams, Pat & Ted Sandow); 4th place – Wiggin Out (Ann & Gerald Wigginton, Marge & Terry Barnett); 5th place – Wildcats (Helen & Norm Steffey, Woody & Elaine Berry).

6th place – Leftovers (Dolores & Pat Ford, Jane Cates, Carole Haggard); 7th place – Four Soles (Eric & Becky Johnson, Sharon Cormack, Leon Rieke); 8th place – Piranhas (Ed & Charlene Brennan, Don & Joannie Sneed; 9th place – Four J’s (Dick & Barb Johnson, Hal & Jackie Jones); 10th place – Navajos (Chuck & Mary Anne Fisher, Gene & Nancy Hyde.

Individual Achievements (First, Second, Third)

Men High Series Scratch: Steve Terbovich, 674; Ron Chapman, 593; Dick Johnson, 566. Men High Game Scratch: Kerry Affield, 256; Norm Steffey, 225; Ed Brennan, 213. Men High Series Handicap: Pat Ford, 720; Hal Jones, 687; Dale Woltman, 663. Men High Game Handicap: Gene Hyde, 292; Woody Berry, 257; Terry Barnett, 254. Men High Average: Kerry ‘Affield, 192; Steve Terbovich, 185; Ron Chapman, 184. Most Improved, Men: Pat Ford. Men’s 200 Club: Kerry Affield, 256; Gene Hyde, 249; Ron Chapman, 237; Steve Terbovich, 237; Norm Steffey, 225; Hal Jones, 221; Ed Brennan, 213; Dale Woltman, 213; Dick Johnson, 211; Gerald Wigginton, 205.

Women High Series Scratch: Pat Sandow, 541; Nancy Hyde, 495; Marge Barnett, 462. Women High Game Scratch: Helen Steffey, 234; Donna Williams, 202; Charlene Brennan, 189. Women High Series Handicap: Linnea Affield, 661, Joyce Terbovich, 637; Pat Chapman, 619. Women High Game Handicap: Jackie Jones, 261; Barb Johnson, 252; Jane Cates, 237. Women High Game Average: Pat Sandow, 157; Linnea Affield, 149; Helen Steffey, 147. Most Improved, Women: Linnea Affield. Women’s 200 Club: Helen Steffey, 234; Jackie Jones, 215; Linnea Affield, 212; Pat Sandow, 205; Donna Williams, 202; Barb Johnson, 201; Joannie Sneed, 201; GeGe Rieke (substitute bowler), 209.

Team Acnhievements (First, Second)

High Series Scratch: Turbo Chaps, 2071; Fore J’s, 1899. High Game Scratch: Hope, 732; Pin Heads, 718. High Series Handicap: Navajos, 1988; Piranhas, 1923. High Game Handicap: Leftovers, 1139; Four Soles, 688.

Congratulations to all the winners for their prizes, awards and recognitions.

Our thanks go to the outgoing officers for their time and effort given for the past two years.

All the bowling members had a barrel of fun bowling and not taking their scores too seriously. Socializing and having fun is what these league bowlers love to do.

LQ Tennis Club News – May 2010

By Nancy Worthington

Tennis season at Lake Quivira is about to be in full swing! Starting May 17, the LQ Tennis Club summer calendar offers fun activities for players of all skill levels.

Our new tennis pro, Chris Claypool, will be organizing and gathering his staff to run our tennis programs and assist with our clinics, mixers and tournaments.

For the ladies, we will be having clinics every Monday evening at 7pm, beginning May 17. You simply show up and play. KCRC Pro Terry Miller will be back to teach these drill & play sessions, and there will be additional staff on hand if we need two courts. No matter what level of tennis you play–even if you are a beginner–you will enjoy and benefit from these Monday night clinics.

Men’s Drill & Play clinics will be every Tuesday evening at 7 pm, beginning May 18. LQ Pro Chris Claypool will put you through your paces. And like all the other LQ Tennis club activities, these clinics are free with your Tennis Club membership.

Want to play doubles on Saturday morning? As in the past, we have open play for ladies’, men’s and mixed doubles. Check the schedule for the starting time, and just show up and play. Chris will be there to help organize and get games started.

And finally, don’t forget to mark you calendars for our tournaments and mixers. Be sure to save the date of Sat., June 5, for our ever-popular Margarita Mixer.

LQ Tennis Club is all about FUN–and improving our tennis, of course.

“Let’s Play!”

Mendy & Joe Waldreon will Direct Summer Rec 2010

By Tiffany Owens

The Lake Quivira Summer Recreation Program is such a tradition. Hundreds of Lake Quiviran children have spent their summers learning about, music, art and theatre. They have met a few snakes, caught a few fish and maybe even a turtle. They have kicked a ball, thrown a ball and hit a ball. They probably even danced, rolled or splashed their days away. Many can tell you great stories of their summer fun. Continue reading Mendy & Joe Waldreon will Direct Summer Rec 2010

9-Hole Ladies’ Golf – April 2010

By Pat Lee

April is an exciting month for golf. First and foremost the season officially begins The kick off event is the golf fashion show luncheon on April 7th which will set the tone for an exciting year of fun and fashion. Lisa Coffman and her masterful team will once again create a fashion show event both exciting and memorable and too fun to miss. Make a reservation at the clubhouse now. Continue reading 9-Hole Ladies’ Golf – April 2010

QMGA – April 2010

By Gerry Wigginton

Opening day is just around the corner. April 10th starts our spring and summer madness, preceded on April 9th by a dinner, and team selection for the first tournament, following essentially the same format as 2009, with difficult pin placements, and fierce competition as usual. Continue reading QMGA – April 2010